Patrol Abroad Epilogue

By Captain Gaul

That’s it, folks. It’s over. This story was a very large undertaking for me, and I hope you all liked it.

I better wrap everything up nice and neat now; I’ve never been good at writing epilogues, so I’ll just put it all in bullet points.

>No need to wrap up Captain Gaul’s story—it keeps going on.

>Miss Li Robbins is, as of the end of this story, currently dead, murdered by the chancellor—but as we know, people in the CT universe don’t have to stay dead. Gaul’s been such a good sport, it’s not really fair to leave his fiancee dead; I’ll take care of that in another story.

>Moe and Chi aren’t leaving, either…they’re still working for Magus. Captain Gaul still is, too…but between that, working as a reality author agent, and trying to clear his name in Guardia, he’s kind of busy.

>Chancellor Randini is dead. Quite dead. Whether you thing Gaul was justified in shooting him or not is up to you; in the meantime, Gaul now has a murder charge among the various things he must clear from his name. Anyway, I doubt anyone will miss the Chancellor, and a new one will be hired; and yes, it is a rule that all Guardian Chancellors must be bastards.

>Kefka and Leo escaped back to their own dimension. Gestahl was a bit peeved at the loss of troops, but he got over it. He always does.

>King Guardia was more than a bit angry when he finally got back. He and Judge Connel are looking at Captain Gaul’s record to see what they can do to let him come out of exile; with no chancellor, it should be easy.

>Ray eventually got back to his dimension, too, and surprised Reno by returning from his mission. Eventually, he became a Turk, though not a very good one.

I think that takes care of everybody. Well, it’s getting late, so goodnight folks.


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