Valhalla Chapter 1


By Chocobo Goddess

Thanks for checking out Valhalla! I usually don't like to explain things before you read them, but I make some references that you may not be familiar with.

The fic is called "Valhalla". In Norse myth, Valhalla was the land of the afterlife, where brave warriors would go when they died. It was a place for them to fight all day, recover, and party all night, only to start it all over again in the morning. For a warrior people, this was the ideal! Fight til you drop, battle it out on the field of war, with no consequences.

I pictured Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts as being very much like that. I mean, it couldn't just be Sora who gets to fight, right? And if all the worlds are overlapping and stuff, why not warriors from all walks of life?

Knowing me, this fic will center around Sephiroth's role as Ultimate Hidden Boss, the guy who you really should be about level 100 to beat. It's only fitting. And he appears earlier in the fic than he does in the actual game, since you can't even unlock him until you're almost done with the game. Ha ha, author's discretion.

Opposite Seph is an original character, Ellie. She's the resident healer, the person who gets to patch everyone up when they're done beating each other to a bloody pulp. If anyone even BREATHES Mary Sue, I'll set Sephiroth on you. And my army of Chocobos.

Please also watch for cameos by characters from other Final Fantasy games and Disney movies. They're just need to look.

So imagine, if you will, Olympus Coliseum...on the night that Sora first tries to fight Sephiroth...and manages to get in a lucky hit...

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