No Wish To Be Alone Chapter 12

Something Different Oh, My!

By Chocobo Goddess

The moment Cloud turned away, the General drew his love into his arms. His fingers began to loosen her braid, tugging the ribbon from the end and freeing the interwoven pieces until her hair poured over her shoulders in a shining torrent. He cupped the back of her head and brought her mouth up to touch his. "Beautiful girl," he murmured, tracing the line of her chin with one finger, "I need you."

"I know," she replied, returning the kiss.

He moved until her back was pillowed on the grass and he lay over her. He propped himself up on his arms, letting his own loose hair spill down on either side of her face. "I’m sorry for acting like an ass."

She giggled. "I’m very certain those words don’t pass your lips very often, love, but this is the second time you’ve apologized to me." He kissed her again, longer this time, and when he pulled away, she was gasping.

He lowered his head to nibble her ear. "We can talk later, you know," he breathed, enjoying the feel of her hands running through his hair.

"No, love, we need to talk first. This is important." She reluctantly pushed him away. He still loomed over her, grinning evilly. "No! Oh, you are impossible."

"I thought I was irresistible." His teeth gently raked the side of her neck, then trailed a line of short kisses over her throat to the other side. "Hmm, how convenient, you already took off your jacket. Are you sure you want to interrupt this to talk?"

"No, I mean yes!" She glared up at him, but couldn’t keep a straight face and burst out laughing. "I suppose a better word for you is intractable."





He looked thoughtful. "Yes, actually, I agree with that one." He kissed her deeply as she smiled. Without warning, the kiss grew serious, his mouth devouring hers as his hands caressed her narrow waist. She ran her hands up along his wonderful arms, twining them about his neck and in his hair again, trying to drag him even closer. When he pulled away, he was still so close their noses touched. He let her breathe a few times, then began again. His hands started to move upward, fingers under her back, his thumbs just barely grazing the outer edges of her breasts. She moaned into his mouth, half wishing he would keep going, half trying to come back to her senses. The Planet wasn’t helping much.

Right choice, it said, good choice…the passion reds were whirling in her mind like bolts of silk thrown to the wind.

Gods and Planet both, the sane half of her mind said, I thought I was supposed to talk with him first!

An amused shrug. So this happens first. Pleasant, yes?

That’s not the point. Oh, gods, he’s kissing me harder. Oh, my, this is wonderful.

Suddenly, she no longer felt the grass on her shoulders. She opened her eyes to see the familiar crystalline blue of Inside. Only this time, she wasn’t alone.

He stood before her, looking mightily confused.

Oh, my, she thought again, Now this is unexpected.


AN: Yes, I know this one is short, but that was too perfect a place to stop. I happen to have been home all week with laryngitis, so I've had lots of time to write! I thought I’d leave you all with this little tidbit. Don’t worry, another chapter will be up very soon, probably later today! *wark*

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