No Wish To Be Alone Chapter 15

Jenova's Next Attempt

By Chocobo Goddess

Oh, this was too perfect.

The little chit was off talking to her Planet, and apparently when she did so sometimes, she left her body unguarded. Right now, it rested peacefully, emptily in the arms of her lover.

Jenova’s son.

The creature cackled mirthlessly. It had been days since she’d been able to contact the man. Something about the valley they had hidden in made it difficult for her to keep in mental touch. She resolved to never, ever let him out of her sight again. Sending a simple nightmare to the girl had drained much of her power, and she had had to wait for almost a week before they were within range to try again. She realized now how much of a distraction the girl was. Simply put, she had to go.

Jenova knew that the girl was still an innocent; her friends still distrusted and hated Sephiroth. This could all work out beautifully! She would ruin the girl and get her son back, all at one fell swoop…Carefully, she sent a mental projection into the girl’s body.


Must tell you something about Cetra, child. Have waited too long.

What is it, dear Friend?

Remember dream he had of you? Wings?

Of course! She laughed lightly. He has that dream a lot.

Reason for dream…the voice cut off suddenly.

My Friend?

Something is not right…

What? She leaned her back against a smooth crystal. She glanced over at her body, safe within her beloved’s arms.

Then, her physical body stirred.

Confused, the girl looked down at her dream form. A sense of dread came over her, just as the Planet let out a terrible scream. Blackness and fury, righteous anger directed at something…the something that now inhabited her body. Something terrible, dangerous…




Jenova opened her eyes and looked around carefully. There was only one person standing guard, the "altered" one with the claw. "Sleep," she whispered, pointing one finger at him.

Vincent yawned, then noiselessly tumbled to the ground. Jenova smiled, then trailed waved her hand in the direction of the others' tents. "Sleep…all of you, just in case." She looked over at the handsome man sleeping beside her, one arm flung over his eyes, the other curled protectively around the body she had borrowed. "Not you, however, my son…wake up."

He felt soft, sweet lips brushing against his, felt her leaning over him. He smiled and pulled her beneath him, chuckling. "Ah, what’s this? Can’t sleep, hmm?" He opened his eyes and gazed down at her. Her smile was…possessive? Calculating? Evil?

A jolt went through him. This isn’t right…something…

At the same time, a jangling warning burst into his mind from the Planet. WRONG!! NOT-HER! NOT-HER! A confusion of black anger and blood. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!

The girl lying on her back looked amused. "Something bothering you, my son?"

"Jenova!" he hissed her name like a curse. "What have you done to her?!"

"Nothing…yet," she purred, gliding her hands over his chest. "She was off communing with her Planet for a while; I’m just borrowing her body." She looked down at herself. "Hmm, it is attractive, isn’t it? I can see why you like it so much."

He tried to pull away, but suddenly her hands were on his arms, holding them in an iron grip. "I don’t want you going anywhere just yet, my son. I have been trying to talk to you for days. Are you saying you’re not happy to see your mother?" Her eyes looked hurt, her mouth pouting. "Come here, give us a kiss."

"You bitch!" He glared down at her in disgust, which made her laugh. His beloved’s laugh. "How dare you! How dare you desecrate her body like this?"

She smiled, a dark, secretive smile. "I told you, I’m just borrowing it for a while. But what would you think if I said that you were the one who would be, how did you put it? Ah, ‘desecrating’ it? How do you think she’ll feel when I let her come back to her senses, just after you’ve taken certain liberties with it? She won’t realize that it was my doing, and you can claim what you want…her trust will be shattered, it will be too late. She’ll finally see you as the ‘monster’ all her friends say you are."

He blanched in horror. "You wouldn’t. I won’t."

She giggled again. "I have the power to make you do it." She arched seductively against him, one hand still holding him down, the other trailing down over his chest, his stomach…lower… "Mmmm…you see? Even if she’s not around, you still like this pretty little shell." Suddenly, her voice and expression changed to one of innocence, a light blush appearing on her cheeks. "Oh, Love, please…I want you…," She sounded so much like herself…

Oh, gods, this isn’t happening! Delicate hands roamed over him, the beautiful face looking so much like his love…was Jenova still there? Was this, perhaps, his love come back to her senses? He stared at her, hypnotized by the deep green eyes that enticed him, invited him to do anything he desired. He fell further under her spell, his own hands now pulling her closer, his lips murmuring her name as he bent his head to kiss her…

Not-her!! NOT-HER!! The Planet’s scream cut through him like a sword. Coming back to himself, he realized in horror that he had been about to—to—

It cannot hear. It does not know of Inside! Your love is Inside! Must help!

How do I get her back? He thought desperately as the beast he despised wound his lover’s hands into his hair. Help me! Planet, help me!!

The black, angry flames were swept away by two words: Kiss her.


NO. Think she-who-loves-you. Not-My-Child will flee. It cannot fight a strong Bond.

Think of her…Aeris! Aeris!! AERIS!! He closed his eyes and focused all his being, his anger, his fear, his passion, into one furious, burning, perfect kiss.

Jenova opened her eyes in delight. He’s falling for it! Oh, wonderful! Now, if I just…what? What is this?! A thread of gold spun past her consciousness. Before her mental sight, it thickened, as other threads joined it, until it appeared as thick as heavy rope…and still, it grew, and spooled past her. She suddenly saw her carefully-worked spell disintegrating before her…something echoed in her mind, a voice calling out in the darkness…


Jenova screamed.


She was huddled in a corner, Inside, watching her body slowly seducing his. She saw the images flickering above their heads, the ones above hers showing jealousy and anger, hatred for her very existence. She realized what had happened. Somehow, Jenova had gained control of her form while she spoke with the Planet and her lover slept. She saw what her enemy had planned; hoped beyond hope that he would be strong enough to resist. The images above his head were a confused turmoil of disgust and desire, fear and pleasure. The moment the Planet’s voice had cut through the spell, though, she gained an extra measure of hope.

Immediately, she leapt to her feet, screaming his name until it her throat was raw. She screamed, sang, cried, spoke, whispered, just his name, like a mantra of love.

And suddenly, she was back in his arms, weeping, clinging to him, surging upward to meet his passionate assault on her mouth. Both of them were drenched in sweat, hair dripping from the exertion. He broke away abruptly, roughly putting his hand beneath her jaw and forcing her to look up at his eyes. They searched hers for what seemed like hours, and she crumbled under the fierce scrutiny. He breathed a heaving sigh of relief as she buried her head against his chest and sobbed.

His arms circled her, hugging her tightly, just as she wrapped her own around his broad torso as much as she could. Around them, the effects of the sleeping spell were wearing off. Vincent was first to wake, to see from the light in the tent that they were holding each other and weeping as though they thought they would be torn apart. Alarm crossed his features, and he rushed to their side. The others were coming out of their own tents now, as well, shaking their heads groggily.

"What happened?" He swept in beside them. The girl was in near-hysterics. They both looked like they’d just fought a battle. The rest of the group stood by the door, everyone talking at once. He motioned for silence and asked again. "Sephiroth, what happened?"

"Jenova came." He spat the words out as if they tasted bad. "She took over Aeris’s body and—," he didn’t finish the sentence. Instead, he held her more tightly, rocking her gently. Sweeping the limp hair from her forehead, he whispered, "Oh, love…I fought her, I’m so sorry, I almost…,"

"I saw you," she interrupted, ignoring the others, "I was Inside. I could see what she wanted. She wanted me to hate you. She thought you would come back to her if I sent you away." She hiccupped. "I—I heard you calling my name. I felt the Bond grow. I think—I think it hurt her, somehow. She can’t break it, remember? N-not directly." She pressed closer to him. "I screamed so you would hear me."

"I heard you. I felt you come back." He kissed her temple.

Cloud was confused. "What are you talking about? Jenova was here? Why didn’t we know about it?"

Vincent caught his eye. "She used Sleep on us. I think she tried to use Aeris to get at Sephiroth." He fixed his red gaze on the couple. "Do you think she’ll try that again?"

"No," they said in unison. They looked at each other, then both looked back at Vincent. As one, they shook their heads. Vincent sighed wearily.

"Then the two of you, rest. We’ll all keep watch for the rest of the night. We can figure out the rest in the morning."


They slept until the sun rose high in the sky. Both were totally exhausted by the battle of wills; it had left them drained and aching. He was the first to wake, and decided to let her sleep while he made plans with AVALANCHE. As he stood and stretched, he tentatively thought, Planet?

The barest mental touch, soothing to his bruised mind. Here.

Watch over her while I talk with the others?

Gentle green, the shade of his eyes. No need to ask. Already am.

Feeling sheepish, the thought to himself, Of course. I feel stupid.

Do not. The green rippled. Glad you think of her first.

I don’t know if I can get used to this. Talking with you, I mean.

Will. Have already. Good thing.

Right…He suppressed a shudder at the thought of what might have happened last night if he had not heard its warning. Umm, Planet?

Can call me Friend.


Am your Friend. She says ‘dear Friend’…only ‘Planet’ when angry. A definite sensation of laughter.

He smirked. Kind of like a mother using her child’s full name when he’s in trouble?


Then, my Friend, I thank you. Even if no one else believes me, I love her. I would never hurt her. I think you know that. I don’t think I can hide anything from you. And I want you to know that I am grateful to have you on my side.

Thankful to have you, as well.

He caught the meaning behind the thoughts. I could have been on the other side. I was, and I am glad to be here now. I can’t magine life without her.

Peace. Serenity. Go talk. Will keep her safe.

With a lighter heart, he went to his lover’s friends.

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