No Wish To Be Alone Chapter 3

Matters Well In Hand

By Chocobo Goddess

I need you. The words echoed in her mind, repeating themselves over and over again. I need you. I need you. Had she actually heard him say that to her? Oh, gods and Planet both, what was I doing? What was I about to do?! She closed her eyes, trying to clear her head. She heard him curse under his breath, and then his weight was gone from the bed. She struggled to sit up. It was somewhat difficult, for she still heard the Planet’s encouragement, though a whisper now, and her head felt foggy.

He is the one. Right, right, right. Yes.

Stop it! She sent. I need to think clearly!

A soft mental caress, an apology.

I’m not mad at you, dear Friend. I just need to think about this. She watched him picking up the items he’d hurled at the door with Apportation. Somehow, she knew he was frustrated and angry, confused, but none of it directed at her. She stood shakily. "Can I help?" It felt strange to talk; her lips were still a bit swollen. They felt like she’d been humming for hours. Her neck ached somewhat in a few spots.

He paused, not looking at her. "No, just get our things. We’ve got a lot to do."

She pulled on her boots with a small sigh. She bit her lip out of habit, wincing at the soreness. He looked at her then, and they both stood still. She could read his mind so clearly from the expression in his eyes.

Desire. I need you. He nearly fell to his knees in front of her, but a lifetime of military discipline and childhood torture had taught him that showing emotions meant showing weakness. Confused by the depth of feeling he had just encountered, he fell back on years of hiding behind an arrogant mask. He grinned coldly at her, the warm smile from earlier replaced by a familiar smirk.

Her face coloured. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She knew she had seen something, but then his eyes had clouded over.

He raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe. "It’s quite obvious that you’d be no challenge whatsoever if I decided to continue our little game later. You want me just as much as I want you, if not more. So it’s only a matter of time," he said carelessly.

How dare he? How dare he make light of this? She burned inside with sudden fury. How can he act like it was nothing special? "A matter of time before what?" She asked.

In two strides he crossed the room and pinned her against the wall, one arm on either side of her body, his face dangerously close to hers. "Before you beg me to do that again, sweetheart. Only next time, I won’t stop." Her eyes flashed. Unaware of the danger he was in, he added with an evil little smile, "Feel like trying your luck right now?"

She tore her gaze from his. "You bastard. I nearly thought you actually cared."


The early morning crowd down in the main room of the inn looked up at a loud noise from upstairs. The innkeeper’s wife saw one of the doors open, and the two guests who had arrived last night came out. What a pretty couple! She thought, Both of them so striking! Too bad he doesn’t appear to be in a very good mood. She smiled at the lovely young woman with dark green eyes. The girl smiled back, requesting some food for the road. The man was scowling darkly at the back of her head, but she seemed oblivious. For a moment, the innkeeper’s wife thought about warning the girl, but when the young man coldly plunked down the gil for their stay, she saw what looked suspiciously like a red handprint on the right side of his face. He seemed to be unconsciously arranging his silver bangs to cover it. She hid her amusement from him, winking at the girl when he looked away. The girl merely curled her lips upward slightly. The older woman suddenly felt much better about the situation.

Yes, indeed, it looked as if the girl had matters—shall we say, well in hand.

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