Chrome Spark Chapter 5


By Chris Homer

(I've given up on the ratings idea now and the list of characters because it can get confusing. Just a summary will do now.)


The Turks have rejoined with Tseng being found alive, resurrected by Lelin. AVALANCHE and the Turks defeated Chromer, Lelin and the Jenova that Lelin created. However, Chromer has escaped with his father and it all starts there.....


Tseng woke up from a long sleep in Mideel. Blinking and unblinked, he reliased this was the best sleep he had had since Sephiroth killed him. The cell in the reactor had not been the most comfortable as well, but he knew there was another reason for his slumber.

He looked next to him. Elena was still sleeping, but had a smile on her face. Tseng grinned. He had been a Turk since he was 18. Now, he was 30, and for 10 years had been chasing a girl named Aeris. However, that ended when Sephiroth slained him. Now, as he looked at the 27 year old woman next to him, he wondered why the hell did he not see this?

He bent over and kissed Elena on the cheek. Elena stirred. Tseng didn't remember much of what happened last night, but he had a feeling he better not say too much.

Elena woke up from her sleep and smiled at Tseng. "Morning, Tseng." she replied.

Tseng returned the reply. Elena smiled at him. She couldn't believe he was alive. Despite being a veteran in the Turks, he was still young, and had a boyish charm about himself. He brought her into the Turks, and for a long time, they had been good friends.....until that incident.

Sephiroth. She had a new reason to live. Not just because of Tseng, but to get revenge on the person who killed Tseng in the first place. If that means killing Chromer too, sorry, bub, that's the way it goes.

Elena got dressed as did Tseng, back in their Turk uniforms. "So, what do you want to do today, Elena?" said Tseng.

"Simple." she said. Tseng looked at her in concern. She said that with a distinct edge in her voice, meaning that she was ready to murder someone. "I'm going to get a new weapon, and then, I am going to shove it up Sephiroth's as..."

"Whoa! Hold on there, what the hell are you saying?" said Tseng, a bit more worried.

"Sephiroth was the sick bastard who killed you. He may be in another body, but I never forgave for this. I will destroy him." said Elena, and attempted to walk out.

Tseng blocked her. "Are you crazy? Sephiroth has his and that boy's power at his control. You'd never survive!"

"Then I guess there is only one thing left to do." said Elena. "As much as I think this will piss Reno off, I think we need to continue with AVALANCHE."

Tseng looked at her but didn't say anything. Elena continued. "The Highwind is back online, I'm going to join them. You don't have to.." she said sadly.

Tseng looked at her. "I told you before, I hold no vendeta with AVALANCHE now. You can count me in, I want revenge as well."

Tseng and Elena both smiled. "Let's kill the bastard!"


Jessie was still in a coma from shock over the rape incidents that Lelin had procured on her. Barret had never left her side. Marlene had fallen to sleep, and Tifa had gone to help Cid, but Barret stayed.

Jessie injuries were quite severe. Internal bleeding in various parts of the body, damage done to her sexual organs, lack of blood, outward bruising, and of course, mental damage. Who would know what kind of affect it would have on her?

A knock on the door.

Barret ignored it at first, but when he turned he was surprised to see who it was.

A woman, in her middle ages, although the young side of it, in a pink dress, similar to Aeris, and brown hair. Barret immediately recognised who it was.

"Elymra." said Barret.

Elymra couldn't believe it when Aeris had been brought back to life. However, contact was hard. So, dropping Aeris off at Wall Market, she, Elymra, along with Barret and Marlene had spent a lot of time with her. Barret felt a bit guilty at shouting at Aeris in the Gold Saucer, his frustration over the Corel situation was a bit uneasy. However, Elymra was like a mother to Marlene, and had often babysat for Barret at various times.

But still, Barret was surprised to see her here.

"How did you get here?" said Barret, not sure what to say to her.

Elymra shrugged and sat down, picking up Marlene. "Cid actually picked me up in the Highwind. He had fixed it, Vincent gave me a call on the PHS if I wanted to console you about what happened, as I know what that is like. My husband died when he went out to war, and my adopted daughter was my only life. Then, when she.....died......" Elymra stopped to shed a tear of the horrible memory, I really thought, that's it. But I looked at your adopted daughter, and I thought, Barret. You and me are the same. So, I decided to come to you."

Barret smiled. He and Elymra did have a lot in common. Both had adopted daughters, and had suffered great personal anguishes and tradegies. Barret wouldn't admit it, but he reminded her so much of his decased wife.

Elymra hugged Barret, tears flowing out of both of their eyes. They turned to look at Jessie, the only surviving member (apart from Barret and Tifa) of the original AVALANCHE. By hell, Sephiroth is gonna pay.


Tseng and Elena had shopped around for weaponry and materia powerful enough. They knew they would have to master it, and probably get a good chance to if they faced Lelin again. They had both bought a Winchester shotgun, as it was the most powerful weapon in Mideel they felt they could handle. Perhaps Vincent could let them have the Outsider or Supershot ST later on if they became chummy again.

Materia wise, they had stocked up big time. Basic magic and restore magic was their main priority, none of the fancy stuff that Cloud and co had, but it would do the trick.

The two Turks hated to swallow their pride, but to get revenge, they had to join. Slowly, they walked to the Highwind.


Elena groaned. That was Reno's voice.

"Hey, you two. Where the hell are you going?" said Reno.

"None of your business." said Tseng.

"Look, Tseng. It's great that you're back and everything, but the Turks are a team. We decided to remain together last night, and now you seem to be taking off in an airship, with THEM!" said Reno.

"Look, Reno." Tseng retailiated. "It's just personal stuff. We want to destroy Sephiroth once and for all. He killed me for crying out loud, can't you respect that?"

"Are you mad, Tseng? The bastard will kill you, even if you had the help of them! You've got to be the maddest moth.."


That was Rude.

The veteran Turk of 36 years of age touched his shoulder.

"Let it go. AVALANCHE or no AVALANCHE, they must do what is right."

He turned to Tseng. "I'll come too. Here." Rude passed them a summon materia each.

"Thanks Rude." said Tseng. "Well, are you coming?" said Tseng.

"BAH!" screamed Reno. "Suit yourself." said Elena.

The three Turks walked towards the Highwind, not sure what to say. Reno stood there, cursing in three languages.

"Do you think he'll come?" said Rude.

"In 3.....2......1...."




Cid had fixed the Highwind the night before. He didn't mind the late nights, he enjoyed the work. He usually got a snooze in the airship anyway. Vincent or Cloud could fly it almost as good anyway.

He looked around. Reeve was talking to Aeris and Tifa in a corner. Sitting on the steps was Vincent and Lucresia, looked like to be mediatating. Yuffie was sparring with Heici in an open field. He didn't know where Cloud or Zack was. He knew where Barret was, and hoped that Elymra might at least help him clear his mood. Red was right next to him.

Of all the members, Red had the biggest vendetta to Sephiroth at this time. He had caused the destruction of his home town, the scholar king of the world. Red had shown his frustration in the reactor, and Red was so normally calm in battle.

Cid let these thoughts go by when he saw the Turks coming towards him. One hand was on his spear, but he waved it off, as the Turks had recently helped them out in battle.

"Relax, Cid. We are not here to fight. We are here to help." said Tseng.

Cid relaxed. Elena spoke. "We want to get that mad bastard as much as you do. And that other git named Lelin deserves to die as well."

"This doesn't mean we like you." said Reno. "But, for once, the Turks will swallow their pride and fight to the death for you."

"That young man that Sephiroth has possessed, if we kill him, we are sorry, but it may be the only way." said Rude.

"Bullshit." said Cid. "Why don't you talk to Aeris, without trying to kidnap her? She can remove the spirit, or Chromer can even do it himself, but it would almost certainly kill him."

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, as much as we don't want to (Actually, that should be rephrased much as I don't want to, it was Reno talking), we will join you to help you. Truce?"

Cid hesitated before replying. "Truce." Reno and Cid shook hands.


Cloud was busy trying to find where Chromer had got too. His only clue was a trail of advanced DNA caused by the powers of the psychics. He had phoned everyone he knew that may have seen them. Priscilla in Junon, The Chocobo Sensei, Chocobo Billy, Esther and Dio in the Gold Saucer, North Corel, no luck, until he got to Godo of Wutai.

Now, he knows what to do.


Cloud's best friend walked to him. Since his return, they had been talking almost non-stop, along with Aeris. Despite the problems with Jessie, they had found each other, and now, probably won't let go again.

"Yeah, bud?"

"Help, bring up the others. We've got a date with destiny."

Zack smiled. His friend could be serious, but he wouldn't trade him, or Aeris, for any other.


Cloud and Zack appeared at the Highwind and was surprised to see the Turks talking to Aeris. Reeve had gone to talk to Yuffie and Heici who had finished sparring. Cloud decided to voice himself.

"ANYONE DROP 5000 GIL?" said Cloud.

Everyone quickly turned to him. 'That worked' he thought. Zack snickered.

"Sorry about that, but I had to get your attention. I have found where they may be heading. Godo was meditating on the top of the mountains when he saw two figures in his mind heading towards the Northern Crater. Seems common sense, this is where Sephiroth gains his most power, plus some of his toughest enemies."

Murmurs went through.

"We are going to go to the Northern Crater. Anyone who wants to back out now it is fine. This may be a death battle."

Nobody said a word. Even the Turks. Cloud was getting better at this.

Then Tifa spoke up.

"What about Barret?" Tifa said.

Damn! Cloud forgot about Jessie. He felt a bit guilty now in not seeing her that much.

"Tifa, go to Barret and stay with him. It is probably smarter if you stayed anyway, just in case, something happens."

"Don't say that Cloud." said Tifa.

"We need backup now. Hey, we'll go to Wutai first and pick up Godo. He may tell us more, and he could help us in our battle."

Yuffie looked a bit wary. Godo and Heici together may spark off their own war.

"O.K, let's move out." said Cloud. He may have sounded confident, but this may be their last battle.

Cloud, Zack, Cid, Vincent, Lucresia, Heici, Reeve, Cait, Yuffie, Red, Aeris and the Turks went in whilst Tifa waited outside.

"Good luck guys." she whispered, a tear dropping.


Barret and Elymra had been talking breifly but now they were focused on Jessie. Marlene had woken up now and was talking to Elymra. Barret was holding a hand of Jessie's in his good arm.

Tifa then walked in.

"Do you need any more company?" she said.

"Sure, sit down, girl." said Barret.

Tifa then told Barret what had happened, and that they were off to kill Lelin. Barret was a bit angry about not going with them, but Tifa reassured him that he wasn't in the best state. It would be for the best anyway.

Elymra was worried too after hearing this. Aeris had already sacrificed herself once, to happen again would be torture. She cuddled Marlene a little more, and tears began to form.

Tifa looked calm, but inside she was a wreck. Red, Aeris and Cloud had suffered greatly from Sephiroth and she was afraid of what that might lead them to do. Not to mention the Turks. Would they be a help or a hindrance. Well, at least she was off Reno's stares.....

What the hell was she thinking of? Jokes at a time like this? She may never see any of her friends again.......


The Highwind was still a busy place. Despite Barret and Tifa not on board, they had the Turks and Lucresia, and also soon to be, Godo.

Cloud stared out as Cid took the control. Cid had put it in cruise control, probably too tired to increase the power. Cloud looked for an area to drop before entering Wutai. Beside, shouldn't be too difficult just picking someone up.

When Cid found a suitable spot, he landed, Cloud went out to find the veteran warrior. Nearing his fifties, Godo was slowing down in his techniques. However, he was still a formidable foe, his Omni change was affective and had powerful cure and attack materia, so he would be a useful asset.

A few minutes later, Cloud hadn't returned. 15 minutes after that, still nothing. A little bit of worry was coming about. Cid was smoking his head off.

"Where the hell is that boy? Surely, it don't take that long?" said Cid.

"Actually, it might. It is a long walk to the pagoda." said Yuffie. "Wait another 5 minutes."

Cid cursed, but did wait. But 5, and yes, 10 minutes after, no Cloud or Godo.

"That does it. Yuffie, Heici, come with me. Zack, stay here, and be commander. Let's go and find that dumb-ass!"

Before anyone could protest, Cid had practically dragged the two young ninjas out of the Highwind.

Tseng looked up, just noticed Heici.

"O.K, Aeris. Talk. Who is that and what have I missed?" said Tseng, towards the young Cetra.

"O.K. Here goes." Aeris replied.


Yuffie led the way towards the pagoda. Cid was surprised that it was quite far, unless you ran, and his old legs weren't prepared to go the distance.

Yuffie got to the pagoda first, followed by Heici. When Cid entered, Yuffie had her shuriken out, her eyes in fright. Heici brought his fists out, a look of sheer hatred. Cid hadn't saw him the first time, but he knew who it was.

"Don Corneo."

The mohawked pervert from the slums had returned.


Don had Godo trapped in a corner with some sort of wire. Cloud was in another corner, his sword out, but unable to do anything. The wire was attached to an explosive linked across Godo's chest.

"How the$%!* did you survive?" said Cloud.

"HEE! HEE! It's easy really. As I fell, I grabbed one of the edges of the Dachao rock. True, it was slippery and I fell, but I survived as the fall was shortened. I had a broken ankle and nose, but nothing too permanent. Later, I began to learn the healing arts to cure my ankle, but it only increase my lust, and my need for revenge for the people who did this to me. It was you, who first ruined my chance with a ridiculuous cross-dressing routine, and then, when I tried to grab that one,those men in blue shoved me off the cliff. Well, now, I've got revenge by going to blast this man to bits......unless........"

"Unless what?" said Heici, his fists glow.

"Unless you give me all your women now!" said Don.

"No way!" said Cloud.

"Then prepare to die, Godo!" said Don, and his thumb edged closer to the dynamite button.

"Don, wait!"

That voice stopped him. It was Yuffie, who hadn't said anything until here.

"I'll take his place. Me for my father."

"Godo, you are her father? Well, this makes it even more interesting. Although you are young, that makes you more energetic and saucy. I will accept. BUT, no tricks, otherwise I lose a fine creature. Got that?" Corneo concluded.

"NO, YUFFIE! I WILL NOT LET YOU!" said Heici, his anger being unleashed.

"Please Don, let my father go. Please." Yuffie said, in tears.

"YES, DONE!" Don removed the explosive wire from Godo and grabbed Yuffie by the arm.

"Oh, before I go? I have a question." said Don. "What is the chance that I let you go unscathed? Big chance, slim chance, or non-existent?"

Cloud scratched his head, knowing what was going to happen. He drew his sword.

"Oh, you catch on quick!SLASH!" He grab Yuffie and ran off, Yuffie visably in tears. However, Don didn't noticed two things that she did. The first was she pressed something on her PHS, and secondly, she did something to the explosive wire.

But the others were having a problem with the beast just emerged from the cliff, obviously a beast that Corneo either found, created or trained. He had razor sharp claws, look like a large wolverine, smaller than Red, but had a look of death upon him. He didn't however, use magic, this may be helpful.

Cloud ran at the beast, called Slash, and Cloud kept slashing, trying to finish him off as quickly as possible. However, Slash moved with inhuman speed, and repeatedly knocked Cloud over. Heici and Cid moved in trying to attack, but the speed was too quick. Slash jumped and prepared to destroy Heici's insides.

Suddenly, he stopped, and landed. His skin was glowing grey. Heici turned to see his one time ancestoral adversary, Godo, holding a manipulate materia. Godo concerntrated.


Godo cast a lightning based pyramid on the beast. The beast screamed in pain, as the blast affected him. Slash was alive, but barely. He ran to lick his wounds, but was caught in a twisted squeal as Cid plunged the Venus Gospel through his body. He fell down lifeless.

Heici dusted himself up, as did Cloud, a bit embarrassed that a small beast almost killed them. Corneo obviously just planned for it to be a distraction, and it had worked. He cursed himself.

Heici was talking to Godo, and told him that he was grateful. Godo smiled. He did like Heici, although never friendly with his family, he and Yuffie had a special kinship between them.....


"God, not now, my friend. My daughter. That monster....he...."

Cloud thought out loud. In the battle with Lelin, Yuffie had shown her true colours of the warrior. Now her nobility had been shown quite well. He only hoped that she had a plan. Cloud wished Red was here, he could easily follow the trail.

Cloud gave a signal for the 3 warriors to start the search, which they obliged. They had to find her........


It was about this time that the remaining Highwind members were getting a little worried. Aeris, usually calm, was pacing up and down, Red looked set to tear anything apart, Reeve and Cait were fiddling about with buttons, even the Turks were started to pace. Only Vincent and Lucresia didn't move, deep in meditation.

"Somethings gone wrong." said Reno, stating the obvious.

Aeris gave him a 'you know it, I know it.' look, it seemed since she had been ressurected, her sweet nature had lessened slightly, hanging around with the likes of Cid, Cloud and Barret did take it's toll on the young Ancient. As she was pondering what to retaliate to Reno, a beep on Reeve's PHS went.

"Hello?" said Reeve.


"Hello?" Reeve said again, but a bit louder.

Through bated breath, a voice whispered "God sake, help me!"

Reeve froze in shock. That was definetly Yuffie's voice. Reeve's tracer was put on the PHS, and he started to exit the Highwind.

"Where are you going, oh Shinra-master?" said Reno, a second later, dirty looks from the remainder of the Turks.

"Yuffie is in trouble, I don't know where, what or why, but I'm going to save her ass. Anyone with me?"

"Heh. Cloud couldn't handle the brat! Heh, she is AVALANCHE'S responsibilty, not ours." said Reno, a smirk on his face.

"I'll go, Reeve." said Red.

"I will too." said Aeris. She looked at Vincent and Lucresia. "Best leave them. Someone has to watch the plane."

"I'm a bit more concerned about watching Reno." said Reeve, under his breath, arming his staff. Cait hopped along behind him, as Aeris and Red dismounted the Highwind, going to where the tracer would lead.


Don Corneo had taken Yuffie to the scene of the crime the last time here, the Dachao cliff which almost killed him. However, he had got what he wanted, and was making sure that the prize wouldn't get away this time.

He had practically dragged Yuffie away, he was so full of pride that he never noticed Yuffie stealing the detentation device or phone Reeve on the PHS.

At the mountain, Corneo got a gun out. He pointed it at Yuffie.

"Tie yourself to that tree. Drop that weapon of yours, otherwise I lose an interesting specimen." said Corneo, more of an edge to his voice.

Yuffie, a bit frightened, dropped the weapon and proceeded to the tree. Now she knew he had a gun, could she blackmail him with the device? Perhaps she could stall him until Cloud and co came.

She slowly went to the tree, very slowly, and Corneo was getting a little pissed off.

"Hey, can't you hurry up, ya bitch. I am not a patient man, and I can't wait forever!" he screamed.

"Oh, yeah. Like I really want to hurry up, so you can rape me. Beside, something as small as that probably could never get inside me!" she said.

Don felt the anger waying inside of him. He pointed his gun, and pulled back the click.

"Get there, or I will shove more than myself into you!" He said, getting to the point, and with some degated anger as well.

"O...K....S...sir." Yuffie went, faking fear, again, trying to stall time. "Oh, there may be one thing you may want to know about, first." said Yuffie.

"Like, you are single?" mocked Don.

"No." Yuffie replied. "That if you don't stop this crap in a minute then I am going to blow you 6 miles through Sunday."

Corneo laughed. "Ha! Ha! A spirited young girl. And how, pray tell, can you do that."

Corneo eyes widened as Yuffie went into her outfit, and revealed the detenator device. Corneo was even more shocked when he reliased he was still attached to the explosive. I think the phrase was 'Oh shit.'

Corneo applied more pressure to the trigger. "You even graze your finger on the button, and I will blast you into the netherworld, where you belong." His look in his eyes proved he meant it.

If Yuffie showed any fear, she didn't show it. "Oh yeah. Look at you, you humping weenie. I don't think the phrase 'Get a life' even applies to you, because the way you look, you couldn't even enter a Disney cinema without raising suspicion!"

Corneo was really raging now. "That does it.!" Corneo pulled out a materia, and flashed it at Yuffie. Yuffie, unprepared for this, found herself wanting to move to the cliff. Shit! A manipulate materia. Yuffie wished she had the HypnoCrown now, as it could reverse the affects as well as increase it. She was fighting extremely hard to avoid being thrown, but still had the device, and if Corneo shot, her finger would have pressed it. However, she was edging towards the cliff, and she felt the increasing desire to cry out.

Corneo laughed at the situation above him. Maybe I should just blast her, he thought. Or maybe I should....

His thoughts were interrupted by a cold feeling in him. In fact, he was freezing. "Aggh!" he screamed, as Heici's ice materia took affect, as he, Cloud, Cid and Godo appeared. The impact of the materia made Godo drop the manipulate materia. Yuffie stopped but then reliased she was going to fall. She slipped, Heici screamed, reliasing he wasn't going to make it.

Suddenly, a hand shot up on Yuffie. She made a grab for it, found the grip to be quite strong. She looked up, it was Reeve.

"Miss me?" he said.

Yuffie gave a smirk as she was hauled up. But then, reliasing what had happened, he hugged Reeve, and tears came out of her eyes. Reeve just put a hand on her shoulder, and held her tighter. For once, Yuffie had no intention of stealing any of his materia, just a comfort would do.

Don was trapped. Aeris and Red pulled out from behind a rock. Red was snarling like an animal with rabies. Don would have been happy to see Aeris, except for the fact that he would be dead soon. Cait was also there, his fists ready to pound anything into sight.

"Well, Corneo. It appears the mouse has been trapped." said Godo.

"Godo, you freak. I don't know how you found me, or how your cute friend did as well, but I don't give up that easily."

Corneo knew he had no chance, but instead, threw an Echo Screen around him. The gang was coughing and spluttering, and when they looked again.....

"Corneo....he's gone." said Red.

"Oh, bastard. He's going to be around to be a nuisance to us all again." said Cid.

"Not necessarily." said Aeris.

"Why not." said Cloud.


They turned. Yuffie had also gone, and had left the detenator button on the floor.

It was personal.


Don was chuckling to himself. He was thinking about how clever he was in escaping that situation. He felt annoyed about not getting a chance to enjoy himself, but at least he was alive.


He turned, and there she was.

"Not again."

Yuffie had her shuriken out, staring at that and at Corneo at the same time.

"Well, my dear. I will make you my bitch, now, or else I shall decorate that wall behind you with a coat of brain." said Corneo, his gun/revolver emerging again.

No answer.

"And as I remove the explosive during the smoke, you can't blow me up. So, unless your throwing reaction is better than my blast reaction, and it isn't, you better hand yourself to me." he said.

Still no answer.

Corneo was wondering what she was doing, but Yuffie was concerntrating on her shuriken. Suddenly, a glowing ray was emitted from the shuriken, and getting brighter.

Corneo was now getting worried. His hands were slipping on the trigger. "I warned you!" he screamed, and fired.

Nothing. The beam had protected her. Corneo fired again. Still nothing.

Suddenly Yuffie opened her eyes. She had neevr used this attack on a being so pathetic, but this guy was a menace to everyone, besides, after what he did to her, she would enjoy this painful death.

"ALL CREATION!" she shouted.

From the shuriken, the beam enlarged. Corneo's eyes widened with fear, and was probably pissing his pants. That would be the last thing he would remember.

The beam was released, right through Corneo. He never stood a chance. The impact blew him off the cliff, but he had died before he was even thrown on.

Yuffie fainted from the power she released, reliasing she hadn't used it in a while. Oh well, at least she got some practice in, oh, and killed the most mohawked pervert in the entire living existence..........then she passed out.


When Yuffie awoke, she was back in the Highwind. Godo and Heici were looking over her.

"Hey there, daughter." said Godo, putting a hand on her's. "You haven't been practicing have you?"

"Oh, cut the lectures." said Yuffie, still tired.

"You saved my life from that man, and have got rid of a menace unknown to the existence. Thank you." Godo hugged her.

Yuffie was a bit crushed from the much larger man, but shrugged it off. Heici bent down, and touched her shoulder.

"Hey, kid. You'll be alright. Hell, I never knew you could do something like that!" said Heici.

"Neither did I, until the battle with the Turks in the sunken ship." said Yuffie. "By the way, are they still here?"

"Yep. Everyone is still here......except..." said Heici.

"Except?" said Yuffie.

"Well, Red was getting more and more depressed about Cosmo bein destroyed, so they dropped him and Reeve at Cosmo, so they could start rebuilding. Reeve is going to hire some of his Shinra workers to help in the situation, and also from Junon, The vice-mayor Hart is sending some of his best staff as well."

Yuffie yawned. "Have you called Tifa?"

"Yes. Barret is still worried sick. Jessie hasn't improved. Elymra and Marlene are worried about us. Tifa wishes she was there when you kicked Don's ass......"

Heici stopped. Yuffie had fallen asleep. Heici smiled. At least this would stop her airsickness. Heici didn't know why he did this next action. He bent over and kissed Yuffie on the forehead.

Heici hoped she wouldn't wake up. She didn't. Breathing a sigh of relief, he turned back to the main area.

Outside, Godo had watched. As much as Heici's parents had caused him grief, Heici himself wasn't a bad person. He hoped that his daughter wouldn't be too foolish though, she was still only 17, Heici at 23.

Godo smiled and returned, leaving his sleeping daughter in peace.


The remaining people in the Highwind are now, Cloud, Cid, Aeris, Yuffie, Heici, Godo, Vincent, Lucresia, and the Turks. Cait had gone with Reeve and Red, and Tifa and Barret were in Mideel. Cloud wondered if they could defeat Sephiroth with this crew, but smiled. He had confidence in his group.

He turned to Godo. When they had returned to the Highwind, Godo had explained everything. He said that he saw two figures in his mind, heading towards the Promised Land. He had contacted Cloud and waited so he could confirm his thoughts. But whilst he was meditating, Corneo caught him on the neck with the wire, after using some sort of knockout gas on the other pagoda gods. He attached the explosive, and the rest, as we say, is history.

Cid was flying like a madman, trying to get to the Promised Land as quick as he could. It may be the last time he saw the world as he knew and liked it, plus the last chance to fly his beloved Highwind.

Without warning, Vincent snapped his eyes open from his meditation.

"Danger is near. We are nearing Sephiroth." said Vincent. From this, he nudged Lucresia. She also started to rise. (By the way, Lucresia's weapon is a crystal which she can create, and shoot at her enemies. It is very sharp and very accurate.)

Their proclaimations had been correct. On the horizon, the dark cloudy area of the Promised Land. Aeris and Cloud shuddered, remembering what had happened the last time they were there.

"Brace yourselves people, we're going in." said Cid.

The Highwind flew to a halt, as they were about to do battle once more.


Chromer and Lelin were in the Mako Pit, drawing on their power which had been drained in their last battle, with Zack and Cloud. Lelin sensed that there was trouble.

"My son, and my friend, are they near?" said Lelin.

"They are, and they will perish, my father and my mentor." said Chromer, although the voice was strained.

"I see Sephiroth. Your influence is working wonders." said Lelin.

"Indeed, the power from this boy's body, along with my own, will make us unstoppable." said Chromer, but in Sephiroth's voice.

"Shall we destroy them now, or wait?" said Lelin.

"Let's wait. Hopefully, the vermin that live here will finish them off anyway." said Chromer/Sephiroth.

Both laughed wickedly as they waited their enemy.



Well, the plot thickens, and the battle will soon commence. More members in, but more out as well. Will that weaken or strengthen or heroes chances?

In the next chapter.......


Jessie awakes from her near death trauma. Whilst this is going on, the battle between Sepiroth/Chromer and Lelin is taking place. However, the creeps do an Ultimate Weapon on them and bugger off. However, they give them a challenge they simply have to win. They need everyone's help as well, as it will take the Antarctic?

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