Chrome Spark Chapter 8

Coming Home

By Chris Homer

Summary: Lelin and Chromer have arrived at the Cetra paradise. Aeris has contacted everyone and are waiting outside the hospital for Barret to arrive. However, an unknowing stowaway will also join....


Barret rushed outside to where the Highwind was waiting. It looked like evryone was ready, despite the few hours of sleep everyone had tried to get.

"Looks like we need an injection of caffiene." said Barret.

"An injection? More like an overload!" went Tifa.

"The next person who wakes me up between the hours of 6 and 9 am, I will shove my spear up that persons ass!!" said Cid. Cloud gave him a deadly look but smiled netherless.

"O.K, is everyone here?" said Cid. A tired nod from everyone, including the Turks, and Zack as well, plus Reeve, Red and Cait who picked up Red and Aeris from Cosmo.

"Good." said Cid, and everyone started to board the plane.

"How come you were last out, bro?" said Cloud to Barret. "Usually, you're the first one ready for an adventure!"

"Had to hold Jessie down with a sledgehammer! The girl's as stubborn as ever, wanted to come to give that pervert a real piece of her mind. I told her, she may freak out, and she ain't strong enough, so I basically ordered her to stay. I didn't wanna do it, but she ain't gonna get her ass killed again, and that's the bottom line." said Barret and walked into the Highwind.

Oh, yee of little brain, when will he learn? Rule number one, never trust women.


Jessie had gotten dressed and had put her belt on. It had three materia attached to it. She had no weapon, but hopefully with the BAHAMUT ZERO materia that was given to her by Cloud, (unknown to Barret though) she wouldn't need a weapon. She sighed, wondering 'why the hell was she doing this?' She was nowhere near 100%, and probably knew that Lelin would probably freak her out, but her strength had made her pull through the worst anguish.

She knew she had to make her move rather quickly, as the Highwind was going to take off any second. She was still wondering how she was going to get out without being seen or chopped to bits by the propeller, but she would worry about that when the time came.

She tiptoed out, hoping not to be seen, when....

"And where do you think you're going?"

Jessie sighed and cursed under her breath. Shit, Barret would have to leave 'sentries.' However, they lay in the form of Elymra and Marlene. Jessie's curse became a smile. Barret and Elymra had been getting close, she knew that, and she already sensed a motherly feel for this woman, even though Elymra was only 8 years older than she was.

"Elymra, please, I want a piece of that %$£!er's mind. You understand what he tried to do to me!" said Jessie.

"I know, but Barret warned me you would try and pull a stunt like this. Sorry, girl, but you have to rest." said Elymra.

A cheeky knowing smile came from Jessie. "Say, shouldn't you and Marlene be getting some sleep as well?" said Jessie.

"Oh no. Not falling for that. We had a few hours sleep beforehand when we...heard...." Elymra realised that she was losing her consciousness. Marlene had already dozed off. Elymra wondered how she had got so tired. She looked at Jessie, who was smirking over the Seal materia she had in her hand, casting Sleepel. Elymra looked like she would shout, but her tiredness kicked in. In the end she just said;

"Just kick his ass then." And with that, she fell down onto the bench, unconscious.

Jessie sighed. She didn't want to do that, to obviously a good friend of Barret and AVALANCHE, but she wanted to give Lelin a piece of that intelligent mind of hers.

She quickly tiptoed out of the hospital, hoping that she wouldn't have to use the Seal or the Exit materia which she had too soon. Two materias that Barret had but didn't use much, had given to Jessie just in case. But the ZERO materia given by Cloud may be just the thing she needs to give a wake up call to her attacker.......


Jessie cursed in almost every known language known to man when she saw the Highwind just out of sight, flying towards the North. Damn! Now how in the hell was she going to get her revenge, currently her strongest emotion.

Jessie pondered and pondered, and suddenly, remembered her weakened state. She hat to sit down, and then fell to sleep again.

But she was only asleep for about 10 minutes, because in that sleep she had thought of something. With what strength she had, she went over to the Mayor of Mideel.

The Mayor was one of the first people who had seen her after her real awakening. The Mayor had been at hand to offer anything towards AVALANCHE and the young woman, as they had removed the evil beneath the area in the form of the volcano/reactor, and he seemed to like Jessie, as the mayor was not only a recgonised offical, he was also a dab hand with the electronics department, and since no-one (apart from perhaps Cid and Red) that she knew was able to talk about her former job, she was happy to talk technics with someone who knew her 'language.'

She was practically running to the mayor now, despite her weak state, she hoped that her friendship plus the power this man had may be the only way she could get to the Cetra paradise.

She soon came to the Mayor's house, on the outskirts (suburbs) of Mideel.

Two soldiers halted her immediately, but when the Mayor came out after hearing a bit of arguing from the three of them, he recognised who it was and smiled.

"Let her in." He said. "She's a friend, and member of AVALANCHE."

The guards said no more after that and let Jessie pass. The Mayor, whose name was Recid, shook hands with Jessie, and they went into his house, rather modest, and high culture, but he was a simple man, and when the job of being Mayor was at it's toughest, he knew what to do.

"So, what can I do for you, my dear?" said Mayor Recid, a bit surprised to see her, after he heard that AVALANCHE had took off, not to mention she was supposed to be in hospital, but said nothing.

"I came here to ask a favour." she said simply.

"And that would be?" said Recid.

"Can you take me to the Northern Cave area, where there is supposed to be a hidden area. My friends are there, I wish to be with them as well." said Jessie.

The choice of words gave a bit of confusion in the man's head. He knew this girl was stubborn from a joke Barret gave to him, but he also knew she was in no condition to find a proverbal madman. He was about to say something, but Jessie automatically read his thoughts, and beat him to the punch.

"I know what you're think, and you're right, but I have to do this. The man who attacked me is there, and I have to shove a bolt of lightning right up his ass." They both laughed at that, but the Mayor's face returned to a blank look.

"My dear, this man is dangerous. I could take you via my helicopter, but I don't want to be responsible if you get hurt. I wouldn't want to see that. There is no one else I can match wits with you, besides, I need to beat you at chess." He finished with a smile.

"Hey, no contest." grinned Jessie.

"Aw, come on, best two out of three?" said Lecid.

"Nope." she said.

"Aw, you're no fun." he replied, causing another outburst of the giggles. Jessie decided to use that charm of her to work.

"Please Lecid. I need to do this. I have something which will kick their butts three ways from Sunday. I really need this. Please?" she said, looking at him with sorrow.

Lecid tried his hardest to look away and resist, but he couldn't. The girl's timid charm was too much for the 40 year old mayor. He smiled.

"O.K." He resigned, and went to pick up the phone. "But don't blame me if your ass gets killed."

"How can I blame anyone if I'm dead?"

"Good point." Lecid started to dial.


The Highwind was packed to the max. The usual crew were there, consisting of Cloud, Tifa, Cid, Barret, Red, Vincent, Cait, Reeve, Yuffie (hurling as usual) and Aeris. Along with them, they had picked up Heici, Zack, Tseng, Rude, Reno (reluctantly), Elena, Lucresia and Godo. This was going to be a battle with the word 'force' written all over it.

Lets see how each of them is taking it........


Cloud, Zack and Aeris were together, looking out of the Highwind as Cid was piloting it. Since Zack had returned, he had became good friends with everyone in AVALANCHE, but he was more talkative to Cloud and Aeris rather than anyone else. As Cloud was his best friend, and Aeris was very close to him, it was natural that htese three would be together.

Zack was talking to Aeris as Cloud watched the sky fold around them.

"You know, Aeris, I never knew about your Cetra heritage. I knew there was something special about you when I met you for the first time, but I didn't know how special. You are unique, Aeris, the only living Cetra on the planet. I never realised how much I missed you, though, for the person you are." Zack smiled at the young Cetra ahead of him.

Aeris smiled back. "You know Zack, we were close back then. What do you think of me now?"

Zack smiled. "More beautiful than ever."

Aeris made a gagging face. "That is the worst line ever!"

Zack made a fake dagger. "A shot to my heart. Wah!" He squealed sarcastically and ran to the corner. Aeris giggled. Hanging around with people like Cloud and Cid had made her lose her 'serious' edge, and she was beginning to enjoy herself. She was acting more....human by the days.

Cloud had witnessed everything of them two. He smiled too. Zack still liked Aeris, but Cloud knew that he did too. He felt a pain as he looked at Tifa talking to Cid and Reeve at the controls. 'Oh god, I hate this sort of thing.' He decided to forget about it and concerntrate on the mission.

But he couldn't. The pain could be too big. What if they got killed? What if he got killed? He would probably never forgive himself if he saw Aeris die again, or if Tifa was slashed again by Sephiroth. If they die, I'm taking Sephiroth to hell with me.....


Cid was not pulling any wild stunts this time. (Apart from when he wanted to annoy Yuffie) This time the look on the veteran pilot's face told volumes. After the war, he had married Shera, and had hoped to have a happy life ahead. However, not too long after the wedding, the Ci'an materia was back in business, and he had to help, and now, Sephiroth had inhabited a young man and was trying to make him kill Aeris. He looked at the Turks whilst thinking of this, remembering how they have tried to hound the young Cetra's life for as long as he could remember. He shrugged it off, and concerntrating on getting to the hidden glacier.

Tifa had also noticed the conversation between Zack and Aeris. Tifa smiled, but at the same time, an empty feeling went in her stomach. A slight, ever so slight feeling of jealously went through her. Again, she tried to shrug it off, but found it difficult. She was perhaps Aeris' best friend, but the rivalry betwen them was never brought up. Despite Zack's return, she didn't fell sure.....

'Oh, suck it.' She was being stupid, and why was she being so selfish. Aeris was her best friend, she couldn't let friendship go against love?

Or could she?


Just by Tifa, Reeve was fiddling with some controls on Cait. Since the war, Reeve had been training to become a regular fighter for AVALANCHE. His martial arts lessons from Tifa and Materia mastering from Godo and Yuffie were certainly coming handy. He had packed his staff and gun with him though (In Part 1 of Tifa vs. Aeris I will explain all the new characters limit breaks in the Prologue, Godo/Jessie/Tseng/Reno/Rude/Elena), and was a bit nervous, especially after fighting Chromer before, but shrugged and continued to work.

He wanted Cait's AI program to make him function more like a human, his own thinking and his own doing. So far, his knowledge of electronics wasn't showing, and he had only grown partly successful, he could fight independantly, but not 'know' and 'think' like a human. He wondered if Jessie would be up to it, and could help him out.

He smiled at the thought. How many good looking girls could AVALANCHE have. Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie, the Turk Elena, even Lucresia wasn't bad, despite her gothic appearance. And now, Jessie. Reeve smiled. At least they had a couple of things in common, their electronic background, and they both hate Shinra's guts.

With those thoughts in mind, he went back to work, cursing the fact that Cid never flew the damned thing straight.


Barret was in a corner on his own, trying to sleep. He knew that there were two chances of that. None and none at all.

Barret sighed. He had almost lost his aggressive nature when Jessie had returned, but as soon as he saw the Turks it had came back. Nothing like a Shinra suit to fuel the fire, as we say. (Probably not.)

He had watched the surroundings. The fact he had noticed Tifa's slight chance of mood, and Aeris' more human standing, wondered if the two would soon enter battle. He knew that they both liked Cloud, in fact, practically everyone does. Except Cloud himself.

At this, he started to think of Elymra. He couldn't believe what he said in the cafeteria, he practically asked her to marry him. But as a good sign, she didn't get too embarrassed or bawl his head off. That did make him wonder. The feelings between them were getting stronger, and of course, there was one thing that they both had in common which they both loved.

Marlene. The adopted daughter of Barret meant more to Barret than life itself. If she died, he would not rest until he killed the bastard that did this. Which is why he couldn't believe it when he actually brought Marlene with him on the Highwind. He was also surprised with Reno's protection. At least, he did have some good in him.

He looked at Aeris. With Marlene his adopted daughter, and Aeris Elymra's adopted daughter, what would that make him if he and Elymra did tie the knot? He shook his head, it was way too early to start messing with things that even remotely meant thinking.

He flicked open his PHS, hoping to call Jessie or Elymra. As he dialed, all he got was static. He then noticed one of the wires had been cut. Now, who the hell would do a thing like that?

Out the corner of his eye, and unknown to him, Cloud had a smirk on his face.


Vincent and Lucresia were in one corner of the room, attempting to meditate. However, even they felt a bit anxious. Lucresia in particular. She was about to, in a way, see her son. She would hear his voice, and wondered whether to cherish or fear the moment.

Vincent sensed her pain and touched her shoulder.

"Lucresia, everything is going to be fine. Sephiroth remember, was put into madnss by Hojo. Nothing that will occur is your fault." He said, with his usual coolness.

"I know, but I never got to see him. I probably still won't, but I just don't know how I will react." she said.

Vincent sighed. "At least you will get to feel emotion. After what Hojo did to me, I rarely got to do that. And the only emotion I could do, I could never express as Hojo kept me away. The emotion of love. For you."

Vincent said that with so much sincerety, that near him, Red was shedding a tear. Vincent almost blushed, I think even he didn't expect to say that.

Lucresia smiled, for perhaps the first time since she was brought back to life.

"It's O.K, Vincent. What Hojo did to me as well, the same can be applied." Lucresia held out her hand. Vincent took it, and for the first time that anyone can remember, they both smiled, at the same time.


Red had been listening to the conversation of Vincent and Lucresia. It made him realised that almost everyone had changed around him. He particularly thought that Aeris and Yuffie had changed a lot, but almost everyone in the room had a aura of goodnes inside them. Well, perhaps not Reno.........

Red was ready to rip out Chromer's chest plate to destroy the Black Emerald. It was either that, or Aeris could remove it from Chromer's soul, the evil. There was another way if Chromer could release it himself, but that was unlikely.

He wondered if he could forgive Chromer for what he did to Cosmo. No, of course he could, it wasn't Chromer. It was Sephiroth. He had brough enough pain on everyone's life, and now, Red joined the waiting list of people who wanted to kill Sephiroth. The list was very long, not surprisingly......


Yuffie, Godo and Heici were in the cockpit, trying to take Yuffie's mind off the flying, trying to talk to her, almost anything to avoid mopping the floor again.

Heici and Yuffie were getting close. Yuffie didn't know that Heici had kissed her when she was unconscious from using the All Creation on Don Corneo. Godo wanted to tell her but wasn't sure how she would react. Either an explosion of anger, or......was there a second choice?

Yuffie's life before the war was nothing but an attempt to get Wutai back to greatness, and the way to do that was get materia. However, now she was back with her friends, she didn't want to do that anymore. Her father was well in charge (despite him being here) of the work, and Yuffie had become good friends with Tifa and Aeris, as well as Reeve. (Who was Heici's best friend, so Yuffie and Reeve got to know each other quite well) Yuffie smirked at the thought, she had a crush on Reeve, but she was 17, he was around 30, the words, 'no chance' , came into mind. Heici on the other hand, was in his early twenties, young, rugged, had a cute school boy look. However, they had been close friends and wondered if her feelings would ruin their friendship. She remembered when he left for SOLDIER, and the kiss he gave her outside the train station. She felt her cheek, where the mark had been, 3 years ago. She sighed, and then remembered about her feelings for the airship, and resumed the position.


The Turks were actually on top of the airship as the breeze flew through her heads. They didn't really want to talk with any of the members of AVALANCHE, rather just keep to themselves.

Elena and Tseng were together, as expected. When Tseng's memory returned, and even when it hadn't, two things were on his mind, The Turks and particularly Elena. Remembering he owed her a dinner that day in the Temple, and wanted to take her out again. But this time, bigger. He had a ring in his pocket, but decided to give to her if they were both alive. He was mad, he thought, but he thought it would be the right decision. He loved her so much, even though they had know each other for just 3 days now after their return.

Elena, on the other hand, was concerned about the danger ahead of them. She was worried what may happen to them if all didn't go according to plan. To tell the truth, she was scared. But a Turk never showed her true feelings on the line of duty, despite working for their enemies.

However, Tseng, had reminded her that there was no Shinra, so stop rehearsing those credoes. She had to smile, and wondering if they would be together forever. She hoped so, but just getting back, she didn't know when he would be up for it. It didn't matter, they were back together, and she couldn't care how long it took.

Rude was as usual, quiet. Like Elena, on the inside, he felt fear. But that face of his was emotionless. Rude was the oldest member of the Turks, and felt like he was a fatherly influence to the youngest member.

Reno. The most immature, spineless, drunken person most people would have the displeasure to know. But when it came to a fight, there was very few people you would like by your side. This man knew his stuff.

Reno, however, was also scared. He never fought anyone as powerful as Sephiroth. He had fought that Jenova that had been created, and when he saved Barret's ass. He wasn't sure why he did it. Perhaps, because of his daughter, Marlene. Reno did have feelings, and young children deprived of his parents was something he did not like. For you see....

......he was one himself.


A loud call from Cid woke everyone up from whatever dilema they were imagining.

"Guys, the area that Cait described is just ahead!" Cid screamed at the top of his voice, making Tifa's ears pop a bit.

Soon, everyone, including the Turks were watching the area.

"It's beautiful." comment Aeris. Almost everyone nodded at the glacial beauty the ice cap possessed.

"Now, to get inside." said Cid, looking at Aeris.

Aeris smiled. To get in, Red had found out, you had to be of Cetra blood. Somehow, Chromer got in and did the special chant. Although he wasn't of Cetra blood, his power of the Ci'an, plus Sephiroth's Cetra connection, has got he and Lelin in. Aeris closed her eyes, and meanting some chanting in a language no-one had ever head of before. Most likely the Ancient Cetra language.

She opened her eyes. Almost as soon as she did, the glacier moved slightly, but efficiently, to the left, and opened like a door. Aeris smiled.

"It's time to check upon what the paradise could have been like." said Aeris.

"And to hope in hell that a couple of assholes don't destroy it." said Reeve.

Everyone nodded at that comment.

"Hold on to your hats people. We're going in." said Cid.

The Highwind moved into motion.


"How much farther to go?" said Recid, to the driver of the helicopter.

"Not much." he simply replied. In fact, as he said that, the glacier, open, was in view.

"Hurry!" said Jessie in the back. "It might close. The gang may be in trouble." she said, excitement and fear in her voice.

"Rastmov! Get a move on. Light speed, post haste!" said Recid.

Without another word, Rastmov flew the helicopter like a bolt of lightnig, passing through the glacier easily.

"See, Jessie. That was bullshit, it never closed on us." said Recid.

Jessie laughed and hugged the Mayor. "Thank you. I won't let you down. I won't get my ass killed. Promise." And started to walk away.

"Hey, Jessie." Recid said.


"I like you a lot. You've got a whizz mind and a cute face. Don't get it killed, O.K?" said Recid.

"Mayor!" she said, blushing.

"True." said Rcid, with a smile. He waved her on, as Jessie gave him a sarcastic snort. Recid went back into the helicopter......

.....just as the glacier shut.

Recid turned but Jessie was already out of sight. He was trapped.

"Oh, shit."


If Cloud didn't know about the mission ahead of them, he would have just sat down and enjoyed the view. The Cetra paradise was just extraordinary. The amount of forest area and exotic plants and fruits were more than the rest of the planet combined. The scent in the air was enough to make your head clear and your mouth water. Aeris smiled.

"It's just like Ifalna told me." she whispered, barely audible.

Everyone was enjoying perhaps their last few moments on the planet. Even Vincent seemed to have lost some of his icy composure. The area was indeed magnificent. However, Cloud had to wake everyone out of their trance to shove them ahead, following the path. Aeris was leading, sensing the whereabouts of the father/son combo. The plan was to destroy Lelin and to knock Chromer out so Aeris can remove Sephiroth's spirit out of Chromer's body. They didn't want to kill him, he seemed a good ally, but if that was what had to happen, they would.

At times, Cloud and Zack had to chop down some of the vines. Aeris had told them that Lelin had a chest plate like Chromer. If that was removed and destroyed, Lelin would die. Chromer, however, would not suffer the same fate, although he would lose his materia powers, as his physic energy would protect him, but it would make him very weak.

In the lead, Aeris with Zack and Cloud, covered by Barret, Cait and Tifa. The rest were backpeddling, Cid having the jostle them forward, particularly the Turks.

In the background, Jessie was being very careful not to be seen. It was a problem though, as most of the area was open ground. However, the area had aroused her too, the reason why she hadn't heard the crys of Recid and Rastmov.

She had only one thing on her mind. Revenge on the sick bastard which tried to screw her life.


Revenge is sweet as they say. Not in this case when the two men are 7 foot and probably shave with a brick.

Lelin smiled at his son fighting with his mind. Lelin had an influence on his son as well which made it even harder. He used an Manipulate materia to make the pressure harder.

Inside the body of Chromer Barbarus, he knew one way to escape but never spoke it. He could use a discharge on his body, flowing through him, but it needed another person to increase the strength. And he needed someone strong enough who may can contain the evil. Sephiroth would have no place to inhabit, and he would have to vanish.

But if he did that, he and the person who he connected with may die.

Was that a risk he needed to take?

Yes. Definetly. He has caused a lot of death, it will be a godsend if he died again.

A deep breath as the group known as AVALANCHE, along with the Turks, made a steady entry towards the two men.


Jessie had trailed a long way behind now to avoid being seen. She was almost caught twice, once when she had to sneeze from her illness and secondly when the PHS rang. Damn! She forgot to remove it. It was Elymra, Jessie quickly shut it off, making a note to apologise to her if she got back.

If, being the right word.

She was a long way back now. She held the BAHAMUT ZERO materia like it was her life. It may be the key to destroying Lelin. She made another mental note to thank Cloud if she managed to use it.

Cautiously, she strode forward, and then she saw the gang.....

......directly opposite two men.


"Well, nice place to have a climatic battle, eh?" said Lelin.

"Yeah, I never thought morons like you had any taste!" said Barret.

Lelin looked at Aeris. "Very beautiful, and a Cetra. No wonder my friend wants to kill you to return to the earth again. Which, my dear, will happen, after we kill you."

Aeris held the Princess Guard out. "Don't bet on it."

"Oh, but we will. I have another surprise for you." said Chromer (Sephiroth). "You see, I have another Jenova enity to show you."

"Another?" screamed Cid. "Shit, how many lives does this thing have?"

"Jenova cannot die. In me, it is always reborn. My true mother gave me life, and I will with her too." said Sephiroth.

"Not true." said Vincent. "Your mother is right here, Sephiroth. She was the one who bore you, thanks to Hojo."

Lucresia stepped forward. "Sephiroth, I am your mother."

Sephiroth laughed. "You may have given natural life, but I never lived until Jenova was born into me. And now, try these for results!"

Sephiroth put his hands forward and concerntrated. A glow came out of them.

Suddenly a figure materialised. It looked nothing like Jenova, expect for the two tendrals in her hair. It was a female figure, with white hair, black eyes, a purple body suit, with two slimy arms, and powerful legs. Cloud looked at this 'woman', was this really Jenova?

Suddenly, the woman dashed around in inhuman speed, knocking everyone over. As soon as she stopped, she let out a scream so loud it shook everyone's ears. It was definetly an attack, as it was causing pain to everyone. They wondered if their heads exploded.

Then, a crystal came out of nowhere. It slashed Jenova's hand, and it screamed in pain, as green blood flowed from it.

Lucresia looked at it. "You took my son away from me. I won't let you get away with this!"

Sephiroth smiled. "Such wit and gumption. I hope that JENOVA COMBAS has a good time occupying you. Shall we destroy them now?"

"Anytime you are ready." said Lelin.

Cloud grabbed Tifa.

"Listen, Tifa, you and me, we'll take on Jenova, with whoever wants to help. Zack, you take a group and attack Lelin, Aeris, you have to defeat Chromer."

Cloud turned. "MOVE OUT!"

Cloud, Tifa, Lucresia and Vincent took on Jenova, hoping it would be the easy target. Rude also attacked Jenova. Zack took Cid, Barret and Reno, along with Godo, Elena and Tseng to face Lelin. Aeris took Red, Reeve, Cait, Yuffie and Heici to face Chromer/Sephiroth.

It has begun.


Jenova Combas had obviously gone to the same martial art school Tifa went to, but had her incredible powers along with it. Her first attack came in the form of a flying kick aimed at Cloud, and then, a green glow came over her and she zoomed at 10 times her original speed, hitting Cloud in the chest full on, the force of a zeppelin hitting him.

Cloud almost passed out from the blow, and normally would have, but the adrelin rushing into his head from the fight revived him and resumed his position.

Lucresia could not be expected to attack her son, so she focused on the 'thing' that had controlled her son. Her crystals, combined with Vincent and Rude's shots, were giving Jenova a difficult time. Jenova countered when her fist shot into the ground, causing a Quake effect, flooring everyone except Tifa, whose balance was excellent.

As Tifa was the one standing, she ran to Jenova before she could execute another attack. First the fury of punches, the flash kick, the sweep kick with water, the german suplex, the rising uppercut with water, the somersault slam, and the final heaven. Added to that was that Rude had cast Bolt3 on Jenova as well. It was obvious they wanted to finish Jenova off as soon as possible.

However, Jenova still lived. She had no cure powers, but she had massive attacks powers. She raised her hands and chanted. Cloud ran to attack, but stopped as her body was covered in light.

Suddenly, she brought it down. The huge fury of light shone over them, trying to burn them into a crisp. However, the 5 fighters remained. Barely.

Tifa cast Cure3 on everyone, and Rude hit Cure2 on everyone for good measure. Rude readied himself and used his Grand Spark attack. Meanwhile, Vincent and Lucresia had turned into the Chaos beasts.

Cloud and Tifa high-fived each other as they went into a combo attack.


Cloud ran and jumped towards Jenova. Jenova, not fully prepared for this, was watching Tifa who had the Kjata materia out. A beam from it hit the sword and the impact was tremendous. Jenova was freezing, frying and burnt all at the same time.

The Double Chaos was also attacking Jenova with powerful slashes and jumping fists. They hit the Chaos Saber as well, practically finishing Jenova's energy, they hoped.

However, Jenova was stronger than she was ever before. Her martial art attacks were extremely deadly. She cast Ultima on everyone and Shadow Flare. She was weaker though, so her attacks became stronger.

She hit her Sonic Scream attack again and huge blue skull fireballs came out of her mouth, as well as slashing at anyone who came too near with her tendral hair, all of her attacks doing excessive damage.

Cloud was pissed off long enough. He held a materia.


The knights of the round materialised, each of them hit with a different power, each of them doing massive damage. Jenova didn't even get time to do a final Countdown attack. The attacks were too much, these were too powerful. She faded, and her green alien figure melted into a goo, which repulsed everyone.

Tifa fell down, spent. Vincent and Lucresia were also very tired, Rude seem cool, but sweating. Cloud was quite out of breath, that was harder than they thought.

God knows what the others had to face.......


(NOTE: These two battles happened at the same time as the Jenova battle. Where there is an asterix, is where Jenova was defeated. It will be near the end of the section.)

Lelin was near 7 foot, and despite being over 50, he was a very dangerous opponent. Cloud had put Zack in charge as he had faced Lelin before, so knew what to expect.

With him, Zack had a formidable back-up. His main two attackers with him were Cid and Barret, with Reno behind. On the sides was Elena and Tseng, with Godo alongside Reno.

Lelin smiled. "Well, Zack. I brought you life back, and now, I will rid it off you too. Along with your friends." Lelin smiled. "DEATH THORUS."

Suddenly, a knight, like an Odin look a like, came out of nowhere. "This is a very powerful knight which I created from a mixture of Odin and Bahamut power. Enjoy."

"Zack, you Cid and Barret deal with this pervert. We'll handle this!" said Elena, who, like Tseng, hated this man, the main reason why they faced him. Reno wished that Rude hadn't helped Tifa but he was just praying for his life now. Godo stayed with them to defeat the Death Thorus that Lelin had created.

The knight attacked with accuracy, his sword striking all four of them repeatedly. The Turks realized that this knight would use Odin's physical power along with Bahamut's holy magic, and knew this would not be an easy fight.

Elena and Tseng had quickly mastered their materia and was blasted away with the Winchesters, casting Bolt3, Fire3 and Ice3 in quick succession. Reno stayed back to cast cure and use his Neo Turk Light and Pyramid attacks. However, he broke out of the pyramid, and continued trying to impale them with his spear. Godo repeatedly cast Trine to wear him down and Cure3 to himself or any of the Turks when things got rough.

"Well, Lelin. The Turks may be a real pain sometimes, but they've got the spirit." Barret smirked.

"Shame your spirit will soon be leaving your body." said Lelin.

Lelin cast a huge fireball attack at the three flawing them all. Zack quickly used a megaelixir and raised a materia.

"Giga Flare!" he shouted.

"Judgement Bolt!" came from Barret.

Cid used his Highwind command to command the Highwind above them, and shoots 18 missiles on Lelin. The Bahamut and Ramuh attacks followed quickly. When the dust cleared, Lelin was still standing.

"You did good. You fight well. But to what avail?" Lelin stated. He cast Odin and Neo Bahamut on his enemies, doing hefty damage. None of them had cure, Reno and Godo did, but Zack had a few megaelixirs so used them. He hoped they wouldn't run out.*


Aeris looked at her savior on the outsider, and her mortal enemy on the inside.

"Chromer. It is you. Fight this madman." she whispered.

"Aeris......please....kill" Chrome stated, and then, in Sephiroth's voice shouted. "Like a lamb to the slaughter. Come my Ancient, you wish to die, now?"

"You enslaved this boy's mind, you killed me, I think that covers it. No wait, you destroy Red's town, tried to destroy Cloud, disrepect your real mother....hmm..."

Yuffie threw her shuriken with inhuman speed whilst Aeris was trying to think of more things up. Reeve pulled out his Mako Gun and started to fire, shooting powerful blasts of fire and lightning at the man ahead of them. Cait had sensed the stats of the two combined, looking for weaknesses. He decided to use the enemy skills, using Chocobuckle, Shadowflare and Pandora's box in quick succession. Red looked like murder.

"Sephiroth, you destroyed my town and my loved ones. You can't be allowed to live!" he gnarled.

He rushed into Chromer, hitting him five times with the powerful Earth Rave. Sephiroth chuckled.

"Don't you realise that you cannot harm me. You are doing the boy's body damage, but not my soul. You haven't a chance." Sephiroth cast Super Nova whilst at the same time, 'Chromer' cast Earth Gale, one of his psychic attacks.

Aeris smiled and cast Fury Brand. Before the attacks connected, Chromer was hit with Cosmo Memory, All Creation, A Summon From Cait (Kjata), Reeve's Materia Enity attack and Heici's level 4, Brandish Death, a multi hit Bolt Fist attack, ending in a very powerful 15 hit combo.

However, the attacks still hit, as Chromer was still alive. The wind attack knocked them well back, and the Super Nova was awesome. Aeris quickly healed them all, but Chromer healed himself as well. Aeris' plan in trying to remove the soul from Chromer's chestplate wasn't going too well*.


(By now, the people who faced Jenova have recovered and are wondering what to do.)

Cloud and co had finished surveying the mess layed before them and looked around. The two nightmares were still alive, and the Turks were battling with some unknown knight creature.

Rude looked at the people he just helped with a look which meant he wanted to say something.

"Go ahead." said Tifa. Rude nodded.

"Oh, Rude......" Tifa started. Rude turned as he went to help his fellow Turks. "Thank you."

Rude smiled and hurried to his friends.

"Now all we've got to worry about is those two." said Cloud. "Tifa, you and I will help Aeris, Vincent, you and Lucresia help Zack."

Everyone nodded and bumped their fists together in some recognition, and hurried out of there.


By now, Chromer was starting to edge the battle. His powers combined with Sephiroth's powers were almost unbeatable. Yuffie and Aeris had had to cast their combo 'All Cure' spell a number of times to stop the gang dying. Cait had just attack using the three bar summon from his slots, using Hades, Odin, Bahamut, Shiva and Alexander in quick succession. Reeve had just used his highest power shots from his gun, and Yuffie and Heici had summon the Wutai Beast again. However, Chromer's Wall, Regen, Haste and Cure3 spells were getting a real pain in the ass. Not to mention the Sephiroth spells cast, including Super Nova and Dein, whilst Chromer's sickle was being a real danger.

Suddenly, Reeve noticed movement. He smiled as he saw Cloud and Tifa run to them, running at Chromer with full force. Tifa was still running but Cloud had gotten ahead of her.

Suddenly, he started slashing repeatedly at Chromer. Barely a second later, Tifa came in and started to punch like crazy, followed by her multi-hit Limit Break, whilst Cloud was slashing like crazy, before leaping high into the air, for one final big hit. BANG! OMNIFINISH.

Chromer/Sephiroth were really stunned, but before a time to react Cloud held out a materia.



Rude rejoining the Turks was the best thing that could have happened. The group had renewed vigor and moved into their traditional battle line, with Godo acting to cure anyone, whilst attacking when he got the chance.

Reno and Rude were the main attackers, but acted on the side, with Elena behind them. Tseng, was at front, casting his newly mastered materia on this Death Thorus, Demi did a lot more damage than expected, it was a shit that this was the materia that Tseng really hadn't bothered with.

Reno and Rude continually used nightstick and gun, using attacks like Grand Spark, Neo Turk Light and Pyramid on the Death Thorus, although it seemed to have little affect. Again, they powered up their weapons and high-fived each other.

"TURK JUSTICE!" they both cried.

At the same time Elena somersaulted over them and joined up with Tseng. Tsengs gun glowed. Elena smiled.

"RAVEN BOMB!" they shouted.

Godo in the corner watched as these two spectacular attacks came into play.

As Tseng and Elena parted, Rude charged up a blast, similar to the Big Shot from Barret from his gun. Same thing was happening to Reno with his nightstick. Then, both of them fired.

The two blasts interlinked to form one massive shot. The ray hit the Death Thorus in the chest stunning him.

This left Elena and Tseng to finish them off.

From Tseng's gun and his fire materia, he created a fireball, like from his hands, enlarging it and let fly. Elena cast her Heart spell. The heart cast over the fireball and also shot into the chest of the Death Thorus. The confusion of the spell along with the pain shot into the chest made the Death Thorus attack itself. Elena smiled at the manipulative spell she cast in that attack, as they watched the Death Thorus cast the spear attack on itself, it's last act before dying.

Godo looked at the four Turks, exhausted. He cast Cure3 on each of them.

"Well, that was a stretch." remarked Reno, looking at the bloody mess laid before them. Elena looked like she was gonna retch.


When Vincent and Lucresia got to the people fighting Lelin, they were having a few problems, so any back up would have helped. Zack was doing his attacks with a well time plan, using his defensive magic when he got the chance. However, Lelin had gotten more powerful than last time. Lelin's fireball attacks, plus his ice dragon and electric torpedo attacks were extremely damaging. Even when Lucresia changed into the Chaos beast things hadn't improved.

Suddenly, Godo appeared and cast Trine and Magic Hammer on him. The Trine spell caused a pain on the inside and the Magic Hammer weakened his magic attacks by forefold.

Vincent turned to see his former comrades the Turks running to face Lelin. Actually, Tseng and Elena went to fight Lelin, Reno and Rude were running towards Chromer, but then also watched as Cloud was holding the Kinights Of The Round materia above his head.

Once again, the 14 knights materialized and attacked powerfully and effectively. Yuffie was ready to cast Leviathan but stopped as Chromer started to back off, still alive somehow. Chromer was holding his chestplate. Aeris started to walk to him, her wall spell and regen was obviously a back up plan.

Lelin noticed this as the pain went through his body. "NOOO!" he screamed. He looked at the enterage who had been distracted from the summon Cloud had cast. Lelin snarled.


Lelin's hands created a string of lightning in his hand. In the middle of the lightning was a pyramid. Suddenly, the pyramid got larger. And larger.

The pyramid was soon the size of Lelin and in it was a wind blowing. Suddenly, the wind got more forceful. Now, Zack and co was brought back to reality, but it was too late.

The gale force winds was knocking them over, and soon the power of it was rising them in the air. Lelin planned to throw them off the cliff, and they fall to their deaths. He rose them higher.......


Lelin stopped, knowing that move. He shrieked as the huge dragon known as BAHAMUT ZERO rose high above him, before he couldn't see him. What happened next he wish he couldn't see. The huge flare connected with him, blasting him with full force. He shrieked in agony, thanking god that his chestplate wasn't destroyed, otherwise he was a goner, it was the only thing that came alive.

An attack like that should have removed it though, he was extremely weak. One good attack may finish him.

But who the hell threw it? He had no thoughts of curing himself (idiot), and his enermies were floating the air. (Although they had returned to the ground by now.) He looked.......

......and saw a familar girl with an extremely furious look on her face.


Everyone, including Aeris and even Chromer stopped to look at Jessie. Barret looked like he was partly going to explode with rage, and partly going to explode with fear. Either way, it didn't help. Jessie was here, and was mad.

"O.K, asshole. You wanted me normally, you got me. But the bitch is gonna bite!" she shouted, the intensity in her words showing. Cloud noticed many people flinch under that last sentence.

Lelin looked stunned. His weak state never expected it to come from the girl that he thought he had destroyed, mentally and physically. Chromer looked, and his control started to loosen, his sickle held in his hands, Aeris had turned her back on him.

Lelin smiled. "It does not matter how good you look, you really did something you shouldn't have done. You made me mad......"

He turned away from them. Then turned slightly back to them.

".....and it is not wise to make Lelin Barbarus MAD!" With that last word, a flaming skull came out of his hands, heading towards Jessie, who was motionless, paralysed with fear.

Suddenly, of all people, Rude dived in the way and blocked the shot with his chest, to avoid it hitting Jessie.

Jessie screamed at the 36 year old Turk, but he was another person who had befriended her when she woke up. She had a bit of a talk with him, he said that he could be trusted, and damn, there he proved that. Maybe at the cost of his own life. Jessie kneeled down and cradled his head.

Reno was incessed. He held out his nightstick.

"MOLOTOV SPECIAL!" he shouted, angrily.

A huge fireball emitted from his nightstick. It hit Lelin directly in the chest.

Lelin's strength was fading completely. His chest plate was red hot. Suddenly, it literaly flew out of his chest. Lelin screamed, if that got destroyed, he was finished.

The chestplate was flying over everyone's head, but then came to a Jessie's feet.

Jessie saw it, looked at Rude, unconscious, and put her foot over the chestplate.

"CRACK!" A slight smashing, it caught Chromer's attention of his father introuble, hestitating on the final blow to Aeris' neck.

"NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" shouted Lelin and Sephiroth together.

She looked at Rude. Crying, she shouted "This is for Rude and my friends!"

"CRACK!" her foot connected again with the plate.

"NO, GIVE THAT BACK!" Lelin shouted.

"This is for all the pain you cause me!" Jessie shouted, smashing the plate another part. Lelin was right by her now, but the rays from the plate were blinding him, making him unable to get to her.

"And this.....this is for you!" she shouted, with one word, a word Rude taught her. "DASVIDANYA!"

With a final smash, her foot connected with the chestplate, and it exploded.

A huge scream emitted the Cetra paradise, as a skylight emitted around Lelin. His skin was lessening, and a skeletal figure was started to form. Soon, his skin shrivelled up and his bones crumbled into decay.

Lelin was history.

But Chromer?


Chromer looked at the carnage, or rather, the lack of it from Lelin. His father was history, destroyed by a mere girl. Half of him wanted to kill her but the other half wanted to applaud her. It was then Chromer quite literaly erupted, or rather, Sephiroth did.

"You little sneak! My mentor Lelin tried to finish your life, so you decided to return the favour. I hope this satisfies you!" And promptly blasted Jessie with an Ice blast from his prong gun.

"Jessie!" screamed Barret, and a hurt Rude. Reeve was the first one to get beside her. Jessie had no armour, no weapons, just a belt and a few materia.

"HA! HA! This girl will soon return to the will you." he said, pointing the gun at Aeris.

"No, Sephiroth!"

That voice was Chromer's, and once again, they were fighting themselves. Chromer would not harm the Ancient, but Sephiroth was trying to control him. However, with Lelin dead, the increased manipulation he caused has diminished, and Chromer was trying really hard to fight it.

"Stop it you bastard!" Chromer was on the verge of tears. "I won't let you harm more human life. You have no regard for it, and have let me take all the pain, all the worry, and regret. Stop this crap! STOP IT, SEPHIROTH!"

"Ah, but there is no hope for you. You cannot break the curse!" said Sephiroth.

Chromer was about to say 'Yes, I can.' , but Aeris spoke instead. "I can, asshole." she said.

A stunned audience, including Sephiroth, looked at Aeris. No-one had ever heard her swear before, or for that matter look pissed off, but Aeris was fuming.

Sephiroth however cackled. "I don't think so." A wave of his hand saw a flash of light, and Aeris felt like a ton of bricks had hit her on the head, as she passed out.

"Aeris!" screamed Tifa, and caught her as she fell, tears flowing.

"HA! HA! HA!" screamed Sephiroth, and started blasting energy from Chromer's body to everyone. Reno tried to attacked, but was K.Oed, as was Yuffie and Heici. Everyone was trying to revive them or attack Chromer, but the power was coming in full force.

Suddenly, Chromer used his last words of voice to Tifa.

"Tifa........grab me. You.....can contain.....this evil......only you......can stop this....."

Tifa was quietly sobbing when she heard Chromer's voice. Tifa looked up at the face of Chromer, pleading her to attack him. To grab him. She had no idea what he was up to, but he hoped his good side stayed, and whatever he had in mind would work, because before she knew it, she was running, her fists outstretched, ready to attack.

Sephiroth's control was trying to force inside Chromer's mind, but the power of the darkness emerald wasn't enough to keep Chromer 100% manipulated without Lelin's influence.

Tifa ran to him, anger and blood on her mind. Chromer winked at her, but Sephiroth wasn't sure what he was going to do.

The attack between the two minds couldn't focus on Tifa, allowing Tifa to strike with an open palm. She jumped and hit a flying roundhouse to the chestplate. Tifa was hoping to destroy it, but Chromer whispered "No, with this plate, I can rebuild what I destroyed." Tifa understood, and promptly hit him with a double arm punch to the upper throat/chin area.

Chromer was down, but not out. Tifa when behind him and grabbed him, his arm and her's linking, as Chromer had said.

"Sephiroth, your evil ends now!" he screams, and concerntrated. "Tifa, you will survive this, but I may not. If I don't, tell Aeris....."

"What are you DOING?" screamed Sephiroth, but in Chromer's mind, not by voice.

"I am destroying your evil influence." Chromer thought back.

"NO! YOU CAN'T!" he screamed.

"Only one pure of mind, body and soul, with the strength of a tiger could survive what I may do. Tifa Lockheart is one of these people. I was honoured to meet a warrior with all the top capabilities, not only fighting wise, but personality wise." said Chromer.

His body started to glow black. Tifa started to worry, but held on tighter.

"Sephiroth, my father was under a spell to help you and destroy AVALANCHE. He screwed with Jessie, he attempted to use Cloud's best friend to destroy us. He was a monster, and cannot be described under the same name as him. I renonce that name, and I renounce you as well." Chromer body was getting darker.

"NO! I GAVE YOU POWER, POWER NO-ONE COULD EVER DREAM OF!" said Sephiroth, again, in Chromer's mind.

"I already had power, the power of friendship." said Chromer.


"Goodbye, SEPHIROTH!"

Chromer outstretched his wings, and a full fury of black substance omitted from his body, in a gas-like form. A final scream inside Chromer's body passed out of his, but the reaction of it blasted into Tifa, making her fly into the rock on the Cetra paradise.

Speaking of Cetra's, Aeris was still unconscious, and Cloud and Barret had tried to help her, using Life spells and elixirs. But when Cloud saw Tifa fly, her body passed out as well and Cloud screamed at the sight.

Vincent saw it and grabbed Tifa. Then he looked down.

Chromer was on the floor, unconscious. Has the nightmare ended?

Vincent, as a afterthought, grabbed Chromer as well.


Both Tifa and Aeris lay unconscious, next to each other, back in Mideel. Chromer was also there, people were wary in case he flipped out though.

Yuffie, Reno and Heici were conscious, but badly hurt. All of them suffered temporary blindness, and bad burns, but nothing a few nights bedrest wouldn't cure.

Rude was suffering from compressed ribs, and was having trouble breathing, but was all right. If the flaming skull had hit Jessie, it may have been a different story. Jessie, was actually all right after the attack from Chromer, she had only a few burns on her face.

After they recovered everyone, they had left the paradise, just with the very essense of Aeris there. Cloud helped with the chant as well, one of Mako could exit and enter just as a Cetra could. Recid and Rastmov also left back for Mideel in their helicopter, checking on Jessie and the other unconscious people.

Cloud hadn't moved from the room where Tifa and Aeris had been kept.

"Please....don't let them die....." With tears and emotions Cloud thought he could never show. "don't let my two angels fly away......"

Tears flooded from Cloud's body onto both cheeks of Tifa and Aeris.

The door opened. It was Barret and Cid.

"Hey, Cloud. Do you want to be left alone?" said Cid.

Cloud wiped his eyes. "No guys. I need the company. "

Cid and Barret, along with Marlene stepped to him. Since they returned, Barret had wanted to be angry with Jessie, but couldn't as she practically saved their asses. Besides, Elymra was watching over her and all the other sicknotes. Barret was just as concerned for the two girls as Cloud was, although he was better at not showing it. However, a tear definetly fell out of his eye.

Cid was, as usual, puffing a cigerate, trying to keep himself breaking down. He didn't want to lose any of his friends, they were his life now, apart from Shera. He couldn't imagine life without any of them.

"Cloud, nothings gonna happen." said Barret, and put a reassuring hand on Cloud's shoulder.

Cloud din't look convinced.

"Barret's right you know. Chromer said Tifa could absorb that affect, and Aeris, well, she cannot die again. I mean, she was in her land, for Christ's sake. Surely the Cetra would keep her alive?" said Cid.

Cloud nodded, but tears were still visible. "It's just, this is the third time we've had to defeat Sephiroth. With Meteor, Lifestream and all that, I thought it would be over. Then the Turks attack Nibelheim, then the Ci'an is released, and Sephiroth attacks, and then attacks again but inside another it all too much?" he ended.

"I don't know Cloud....." one voice started.

"....but why don't you just shut up and enjoy what we just did!" ended the other.

Cloud turned around...... see both of his angels sititng in their beds, none the worse for wear, and smiling at him.

"Who....what.....why?" stuttered Cloud.

"Well, that just leaves where and when!" said Aeris.

Cloud's face told the whole story, his tears of sorrow turned to tears of happiness and relief, and ran and hugged both of them. All three of them were crying and Barret felt a few tears coming out of his face. Marlene and Barret ran up to them and weaseled in on the hug. Even Cid felt a few tears come out of his eyes as this reunion came about.

After a good long minute, the hugging ceased.

"Are you alright girls?" said Cid.

"I'm fine." said Aeris, "but it was Tifa who had the worst of it."

"I feel fine, but I think you better see where Chromer is. I think he may be the one to explain what happened." said Tifa.

As if on cue, Tseng rushed in. "Guys, he's awake!"

A look on each of the gang's faces, read the words 'Uh oh!'


Chromer sat up in his bed, wondering around the world around him. He blinked and unblinked his eyes repeatedly, and then reliased something.

He felt his heart. He looked inside himself.


The evil had gone.

Sephiroth had gone. The realisation of the matter made the near 7' man cry. It was odd to see the man who had gone through more phases of destruction than a Jerry Springer special cry, but there you go.

In there watching him however, were the Turks, and Red on the outside. Chromer suddenly felt embarrased about his tears of relief, but felt no real shame about it, to be removed of one's evil is something to cry happily about.

"I guess we should introduce ourselves." said Tseng. "We are the men and woman...(winking at Elena)...formely known as the Turks, formerly working with Shinra, but we are now an independent organisation. "

Chromer looked at him weird. "Tseng.....aren't you supposed to be dead?"

Tseng laughed. "How many times has that question been asked, Reno?"

" thirty."

"It's a long story, thank's to your father...." He stopped catching the expression on Chromer's face.

"My father.....Lelin...dead." he whispered.

"I'm sorry...." started Tseng.

"No, that's all right. He was power mad, and evil. I would never love a father like that." He remembered something. "Is Tifa alive?"

"I don't know. She's in the next room. I'll go check." said Tseng, and left the room.

And when he returned, a barrage of questions came his way.


Chrome explained that he had literaly discharged hmself. He concerntrated on the Ci'an Darkness emerald and the powers in it. He used it in a reversal attack, design to kill someone by flowing an evil power flux inside his/her body. However, only 1 in a million could survive it, warriors of the highest capacity, warriors of good mind, body, power and soul. Chromer felt it in a few people, one was Cloud and two was Tifa.

He didn't want to risk using it on Cloud, as infused with Mako, it may have a disasterous affect, like with himself. So, he used it on Tifa.

And she lived. The relief on Chromer's face spoke volumes.

Sephiroth was gone from his system. But from Tifa's? He would hope in the best that the chance, slim as it was, of Sephiroth surviving, wasn't true.



Elymra and Elena were in the cafe talking about nothing in particular. Since everyone had returned, a lot of friendships between Turks and AVALANCHE had been going on. The Turks had no grudge against them, even after the reactor/plate attacks. Bygones be bygones they say.

Amongst those friendships was Elena with most of the females, particularly Jessie and Elymra. Reno was good friends with Marlene, although the rest of AVALANCHE, he didn't like that much, Yuffie kept plaguing him occasionally and Reeve was a friend of Reno's in the first place. Rude was getting close with Jessie, the two of them were really bonding well. Rude also talked to Tifa and Cid a lot as well. And Tseng had linked well with Cloud and Barret, as the respect between the two groups grown larger and larger.

Elena was mixed up in these thoughts when Tseng tapped her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, miss? But can I have a word with you?" said Tseng.

"Why?" she said, but with the childish giggle which made Tseng's face broaden with a huge smile.

"Oh, just wanted to walk." said Tseng.

"Oh, come on. There has got to be more to it than that." said Elena.

"No honest." said Tseng, holding his hand. "Come on. Please?" He said that in that way that made all people, men or women obey at once, and yes, he had the puppy dog expression on him as well.

"Don't do that! That's cheating!" Elena said. "All right." Elena grabbed Tseng's hand and walked out of the cafe area. Unknowing to Elena, Tseng gave a wink behind her back, as Barret came out of the shadows to talk to Elymra. Barret smiled. He knew Tseng had a reason for dragging Elena away too. In fact, it was for the same reason that he wanted Elymra to be alone now.

He walked up to her, Marlene tagging along for the ride in her favourite place, Barret's shoulder.

Elymra smiled at the two of them approaching. "Hi, Barret." she said, walking to him, and kissing him on the cheek, and Marlene on the nose. Marlene giggled.

"Hey, 'Myra. Just wanted to ask you something....." said Barret.

"Yep?" said Elymra.

"Well, I don't know how to say this...." said Barret.

"Yep?" repeated Elymra, a tad more impatiently.

"Well, you see...."

"Daddy wants to marry you!" said Marlene, blurting it that out. Barret put his hands to his face. "Marlene!" he groaned.

"Sorry daddy, but you were taking too long!" she giggled. Elymra also giggled, but was also a bright red.

Barret shrugged and picked out a ring, a diamond sparkle ring. Elymra gazed at it. Barret picked out a lovely ring. How could she say no? She loved him as much as he loved her, and they both loved Marlene. What more could they want?

"Well, my daughter got to me first, but I will try again. Elymra...."

He didn't even get to finish the sentence. Elymra, with a jump which shook off her age, jumped into Barret's large body with a hug. She whispered "Yes, I will." and kissed him on the cheek and on the lips. Barret smiled. At last, somethings were going right, as Marlene weaseled in on the hug as well.

It was then cheering came. They both turned to see Aeris, Cid, Cloud, and Red, cheering them.


Elena heard the commotion of a cheer from where she last was. "What the hell was that?" she cried out.

Tseng smiled. "Oh, nothing. I got you away from Elymra, so Barret could propose to her. I take it she said yes!"

Elena groaned. "Why didn't you whisper it to me? I would have gone quietly." she said.

"Because you wouldn't have realised my intentions." said Tseng. Tseng dropped to one knee and pulled out a ruby ring.

"Elena, since you've joined the Turks, I could hardly think of you. Then, when I couldn't think at all in Lelin's hideout, the first thought I remembered was you. You brought out all the memories in me, the life in me, and the purpose inside me. Elena Braithwate (a made up second name), will you marry me?" Tseng finished.

Elena eyes filled with tears and a huge smile erupted on her face. "Yes, yes I will! I WILL!" and she ran to Tseng hugging him, a bit too powerful, as they both fell to the floor.

"OOF!" groaned Tseng, as he slipped the ring on her finger. "Thanks...Elena....but please....will you get off?"

"No!" said Elena, and with that, kissed him, long and passionate. Tseng didn't mind the weight now and wrapped his arms around her, hoping to make this moment eternal.

A loud hooting and shouting nearby brought him back to the present. He let go of Elena to see Vincent, Rude, Reno, Yuffie and Chromer cheering him on.

"Way to go boss!" said Reno, giving a wolf whistle to them, jeered on by everyone else.

Tseng and Elena got up. "Hmm, shall we kill them?" said Elena.

"Yep." said Tseng, and with that, they dashed after the mob, the mob running and screaming away from them.

A PA Announcement went : "Quiet please, people are sick!"



Chromer had fully recovered from the blast and was ready to leave. However, there was two people wanted to see before he rejoined AVALANCHE.

He saw the first one. Red XIII. He headed to him.

"Red, listen. I know what I did at Cosmo. I am going to do more than enough to help rebuild it." he started.

Red stared at him. What?"

"I would like to rebuild what I destroyed. With my powers, I could easily rebuild it with a couple of weeks, especially with Reeve's helpers." Chromer stopped and smirked about when Reeve apologised to Chromer about not trusting him. As he prepared to shake his hand, he pushed him over Heici, who ahd bent down behind him. He would get revenge for that.

"I will also use my Life Infinity spell to recover the people I killed in your Canyon. I am eternally sorry for what I did. I am sorry, Nanaki of Cosmo Canyon. Please forgive me."

Red looked at him. It wasn''t him. It was Sephiroth. And now, he was practically offering to do the work of the Canyon. Red smiled, and held out a paw.

"I accept your offer, and you have my forgiveness. It wasn't you, it was the power of darkness, thanks to Sephiroth. Friends?"

"Friends." said Chromer, and held out a hand. They shook.

As Red turned, Chromer sighed. The one things the darkness emerald had given him was power. If he had it, his Life Infinity spell could work on everyone who had died. But without it, it would do the bare minimum, but would bring life. He though Red's guard deserved it.

O.K. One down, one to go.

Aeris Gainsborough.


He found the young Cetra also packing away. Tifa had already left for Kalm, with Barret and Cloud. Elymra was now also joining them. Aeris has just finished packing, unsure where to, when Chromer made his entrance.

"Hi, Aeris." he said, emerging himself from a corner.

"Hello, Chromer." replied Aeris.

Chromer sat by her on the bed. "Listen, Aeris. I am extremely sorry, for trying to kill you and your friends. I don't know what possessed me...."

"You know it was Sephiroth who possessed you." interrupted Aeris. "But you lived through. You even had a chance to kill me at times but failed or even willed to stop it. You couldn't do it to me, could you?"

Chromer blushed. The beautiful Ancient was making this difficult. "No, I couldn't."

"Why?" said Aeris, as innocent as ever.

Chromer stood up. "Why do you think, beautiful?" and gave her a wink and left the room, going to head for Cosmo Canyon.

Aeris felt herself blush. Chromer liked her, but then again, she thought, who didn't? She chuckled at the thought. With Cloud, Zack and Chromer, along with other people who care for her, she was finding things difficult.

Aeris sighed. "Mother, you were right. I am lucky. Lucky to have so many friends who care for me."

He walked out of the room, ready to mount the Highwind.... go to Cosmo Canyon.



This part was long, I meant it to be. I wanted to tie out many of the loose ends before my next story.

Elymra and Barret? Think about it, they both love Marlene and hey, why not? Tseng and Elena was pretty obvious, but now?

I'm sorry, there were three characters who I couldn't convince myself they died. Zack, Jessie and Tseng. Three survivors dying so easily. Couldn't believe it, didn't believe it, brought 'em back. End of story.

Aeris has a few opinions hasn't she? What about Jessie and Rude? I brought Jessie back so that another love interest could be involved. I want someone for Reeve as well, either Jessie or Aeris (after Chromer dies: damn, given away something now), and Reno to perhaps go with Yuffie. Zack may be let down consdirably, but despite the age difference, something may happen to Priscilla as well. (Another Mako/Jenova plot coming here!)

I hope you enjoyed it. Any comments, rants, raves, questions, etc, write to me on the usual adress.


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