Mako Crossover Epilogue

By Chris Homer

Since the huge adventure with some of the most famous games characters of all time, the following things happened;

Cloud and Tifa got married. As did Barret and Elymra. Their love had been graduated since Barret allowed her to come with him. Marlene was ecstatic, her two favourite people were together. Tifa surprised everyone by making Rude the best man. Rude and Tifa had become best friends since him saving her. But Cloud wasn't jealous or anything.....oh, no.

Red continued his quest of knowledge, with Vincent assisting him. Vincent had found a home in Cosmo, his knowledge was helping him increasingly. Elena of the Turks frequently visited him as well, as a relationship seemed on the agenda, as meeting Julia seemed to remove most of Vincent's icy daemonor.....

Yuffie had most of the materia and returned Wutai to a form greatness. Apparently, she and Reno were spotted together......

Jessie and James remained in AVALANCHE and the pokemon craze did take over. They soon became rich and resided in the Costa Del Sol mansion. Soon gyms were being erected, and real tournaments came about, but James nearly always won (unless he didn't enter) He and Jessie also came closer.....

Cait and Reeve became the new president of Shinra, the Turks becoming bodyguards and many of his friends earning a pretty penny from jobs, including Cid and Shera, as the space program was being re-organised, and they were made head and deputy. Cid also became Reeve-s vice-president. Cid and Shera married later in the year.


Chun-Li and Ryu got married. They became the greatest male and female fighters on the planet.

Sagat retired from fighting and began teaching his Muay Thai in his temple, now dojo. He lost his image as a tyrant, and became a peace loving man, respected and admired by students and everyone alike.

Ken and Eliza continued their relationship with their baby Mel. Sakura came between both families, babysitting for Ken and enjoying company. Sakura had many young men try to hit on her, but she gave them a real beating, become junior champion of the world. She soon found a man, young Dan Hibiki, who was a poor fighter in comparison, but Sakura began teaching at a young age, and they soon fell in love.

Guile returned to Jane and Amy, wife and daughter. He began the memorials of Charlie and other deceased pilots thanks to Bison, after avenging them. Chun-Li also did a similar idea.


Ash ranked 3rd in the Pokemon League, defeating Gary to decide the last spot, and as in the top three, he became a Pokemon Master (NOTE: KEEP AN EYE OF MY NEXT FANFIC, POKEMON LEAGUE). Misty became a water pokemon master and entered the following year in the tournament, ranking third, but Ash won it and became a Grand Master. In later years, they would get married and Misty would become a pokemon nurse.

Brock joined up with Susie and they opened a breeding school. Brock later married one of his friends, Rebecca ( the girl from the Hitmonchan episode) and other people joined the breeding school, such as Lara Laramie and Duplica.

Pikachu was as cute as ever, and he and Wigglytuff made peace and became best of friends. Togepi and Golduck became the joint strongest pokemon along with Ash' Pikachu and Brock's Ninetales in the world.


Julia and Jin lived in harmony in the Mishima Mansion. They had used much of the money to help peoples lives, including some of their friends, such as King, Eddy Gordo and Lei WuLong.

They rescued Michelle Chang, who lived with Jin and Julia and Meowth in luxury, but peace. Meowth never forgot Jessie and James but stayed loyal to Julia, just asking for one thing. If he starts to evolve knock him out!

Both Jin and Julia, as well as Ling and Hwoarang got married. Hwoarang joined with Forest Law in a dojo, starting a new life, and thanks to Jin, Ling got her amusement park.


And my friends, is where this fanfic ends........

THE END (It is this time!)

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