Materia Chaos Chapter 5

By Chris Homer

A Final Fantasy 7 Story - All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia, Sepiroth.....blah, blah, blah......all property of Squaresoft Inc.

All rights of the characters- Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Tails are property of Sega and America.

The characters, Chromer and Heici are of my own creation and cannot be used without permission. (I'll say yes, but ya have to put it on!)

Rating: PG-13 (slightly intense swearing, plus slight feeling of sexual ectasy (very very brief, and it isn't really even bad!))

Author's Note: My final part of my first major story. I hope you enjoy the ending. In this story, you will see Sepiroth battle against Chromer, and the spells that Chromer uses you may not know about (most from the game Psychic Force by Acclaim and taito) so if you want to find out more, write in.

NOTE: The songs 'Aeris Rebirth' and 'My Friends' are my own creation and they cannot be used without authorised permission. (In other words, you have to ask, and they cannot be used to be sold..yah, yah, yah.)

Cast of characters (in order of human appearance)

Sepiroth (spirit/human)
Aeris Gainsborough (spirit/human)
Vincent Valentine
Lucretia (spirit)
Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockheart
Sally Acorn (STH)
Sonic Hedgehog (STH)
Bunnie Rabbot (STH)
Antoine (Antony) D'Coolette (STH)
Miles Prower (STH)
Chromer Barbarus
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind
Red 13
Cait Sith
Yuffie Kisaragi

Starts in the 'other side'.......

Sepiroth let out an evil cackle. This was just too perfect. Cloud was the eventual winner, and would bring back Aeris with the power of the Element Emeralds.

But when he concerntrates that power, Aeris will appear, but then she was metamorphosise into Sepiroth. He would literary burst through her and kill her, before aniliating Cloud.

Only one clause. If Cloud destroyed Sepiroth a second time, then he would die and the soul he possessed (Aeris') would return to her, and she would live. But he reliased that Cloud was weak, and probably had no intention of healing himself, so losing would be very unlikely, nigh on impossible.

Only one stage to be completed now then.

He walked up to Aeris. Sepiroth gleamed at her, and concerntrated. His body turned into an etherial wind, and tried to gain access into Aeris' body.

However, Aeris was also concerntrating. Sepiroth couldn't understand, Aeris was trying to reject the power of Sepiroth in her. But he knew she couldn't last forever.

Eventually, after almost 30 minutes, Aeris' will gave up. Sepiroth's form had entered Aeris's soul, and as soon as they were back on the real world, Sepiroth would escape.

Poor Aeris. She couldn't do a thing now. If the spirit could, she would have sobbed uncontrollably, but all she could do now was to return to the surface, only to die again.......


Vincent's thoughts in the waterfall were of Lucretia. After having a rest, his anger of Lucretia's betrayal towards him had subsided, but the lies of letting Sepiroth take over her were unbearable for him. The scars once again opened and they bleed and hurt quite as much as the first time.

Suddenly, Lucretia Ancient thoughts entered his head.

"Vincent, I am sorry for what trouble I have caused you. My will was not strong enough to counter Sepiroth's willing thoughts. Aeris was much stronger than me, but he has just entered her soul. Lord knows what's going to happen, but she will die if Cloud resurrects her. Sepiroth will live, my son will prevail, and there is nothing we can do about it. I.......I'm sorry, Vincent. I'm sorry."

Vincent's eyes, slightly moist, snapped open. He had to warn Cloud, but how?


Cloud, for his part, had been very calm. His thoughts of resurrecting Aeris had been a mixture of happiness and sorrow.

The sorrow was for what he may have to do? He may have to heartbreak her as soon as she came out, the kiss he gave Tifa had an adverse affect, and he sighed.

In the Gold Saucer, he remembered the 'date' that had been given by her. During the gondala ride, he did seem to fall in love with her, but when she died, despite his avenging on her death, the feelings gradually subsided for her, and became more emerged towards Tifa, especially during the Lifestream.

Now, if he brought Aeris back, would those feelings return, and which one would he choose?

Gradually, he made his way towards the main area of the crater, via the teleportation from the Ci'an emeralds, where he faced Sepiroth once.....

......he was about to face him again?


"How in the hell can we get to the Promised Land?" said Tifa.

"We can go in the Highwind." said Vincent.

"But this is not the time to see personal feelings through Vincent.....although I don't to see Cloud die.....anyway, Cid is asleep." said Tifa.

"Why don't I nudge him?" said Vincent.

"Sorry, Vincent. But let's face it, even in the Highwind, we cannot defeat Sepiroth in our condition, and neither one of us is a good flyer."

"I am."

Tifa and Vincent turned to see who said that voice. It was Sally Acorn, the ground squirrel who nearly killed Vincent in the last battle.

"I have seen a bunch of adventurers who have risked their lives for a just cause. After I was in control of such power, I wondered if anyone would beat me. But I know now, it is the power of the heart which makes a warrior victorous. NICOLE has the knowledge of magic spells, so I can help you defeat this Sepiroth character. So, Tifa, I'll help you get to this Promised Land." said Sally.

"Same here." Pipped in Sonic.

"As will I, sugar." Pipped in Bunnie.

"I will go as well, my princess." Added Antoine.

"You can count on me too, Sal." said Tails.

Tifa had a look of surprise and delight on her face. She didn't expect the 5 Mobians to help, but now reliased that they were a noble race, a race of warriors, like themselves, who would stop at nothing until their rights of peace had been preserved.

She went up to Sally.

"Thank you." she said and hugged the princess squirrel. Sally, much smaller than Tifa, just smiled and patted her on the back.

Soon, Sally was on the Highwind, the four other Mobians had all been given materia secretly stolen from a pouch near a sleeping Yuffie. Vincent prepared the Death Penalty, as Tifa stood on board.

"Everybody ready?" screamed Tifa.

"YEAH!" shouted everyone.

"Lets go kick some ass!" she said.

The Highwind slowly rose in the air. Sally had never flew a helicopter, but had flown space travel which was more technologically advanced, so how hard could it be?

The quick burst of speed rising almost made Sally fly out of the window. The other Mobians were a bit disjointed as well.

She had a sense of dread shown on her face.........


Cloud was getting closer to the crater. The monsters that were there, such as the Mako Dragons had gone now, seemingly without Sepiroth, the Mako power within the Promised Land was fading. However, Cloud wasn't sure.......

Before he knew it, the crater was ahead of him. The beaming light of the crater shone upon him, and in the middle, was a pillar of light, the darkness emerald ahead of him.

He raised the shield of emeralds. He needed to concerntrate on the emerald and visualise what he wanted, but in that, he sung a song, called 'Aeris Rebirth' which he had prepared almost since she died. His singing voice was calm and cool, as the words flew out of his mouth.......

(P.S: If you want to sing it, the rhythm to Aalyiah's 'Are You That Somebody' is probably the closest)

If my love runs right through within,
My love has not been seen,
I'm sure it's not a sin.
The girl beyond is more than what she's worth,
So get out from that gurth,
Give her her rebirth.

I feel that I am that somebody
Who loves that real somebody
Who works with some nobody.

But that's not true, I work with everybody.
I'm love with that somebody,
But elsewhere everybody

Seems to wonder where I seem to come at,
My love has deep impact,
And that is quite a fact,

But my love is really for the best,
Keen for my success......
(Deep breath)
Bring back

The crystal shield began to glow........


The portal from the 'other side' began to open.

Aeris felt her body began to reform. However, she knew she would only have this feeling for a few seconds.

So, she made the most of it......

.....and weeped openly, crying out the words, 'Cloud I'm sorry.' several times.


In the Highwind, Sally was maneovering towards the Promised Land. Thanks to Tifa's directions, they were there in 20 minutes. Bunnie and Antoine were holding each other. Sonic was holding his stomach, whilst Tails seemed to be in some sort of chant.

Vincent walked over to the cub.

"You know......I think I should thank you guys.....for not arguing about what you had to do, without paying with your lives. You showed guts, and a lot of you should have won.....except for the hedgehog who was a pleasure to defeat." He grinned as Sonic scowled at him.

"Tails, I want to give you something."

In his pocket, he held a gun.

"This is a gun with materia energy. It is set on the spells, Fire, Ice, Bolt and Cure. Just select the range and the materia and fire. Fire is yellow, Ice is Blue, Bolt is Green and Cure is Silver. This will help you in the re-abilitation of your country."

Tails was speechless.

"Thank you, Mr. Vincent." The 14 year old said.

Vincent smiled. Bunnie touched him on the shoulder.

"We outta apologise too, for making such a deal of it. We thought all humans were bad, you guys however stood up to a cause, and we are glad to have been apart of it. We know we may die against this Sepiroth, but we know now not to fear all humans now." Her Southern accent dying a bit.

Her robotic hand shook with Vincent's metal hand.

Sonic looked a bit guilty as Antoine also apologised and shook Vincent's hand. He looked like he was going to say something when a scream from Tifa came.

"Oh my god!" she shouted.

The portal was big now, and fully in view below the Highwind, was Cloud and the emerald.

"God damn it, we're too late. Sepiroth, that mother......he's gonna kill Cloud. We can't let the bastard get away with it!" she said.

"Sally, take us down. Everyone get into battle." said Tifa.

The Highwind moved steadily down.


At first, Cloud wondered if anything had done everything right, at first, nothing.

However, suddenly, a cool breeze encircled the portal area, and then, the beautiful and delicate features of Aeris Gainsborough came to feature.

Cloud felt his heart beating and his breath caught. He whispered one word. "Aeris."

However, she reply, in tears, 'I'm sorry.'

Cloud wondered what she meant, but then she slumped to the floor.

"Aeris!" Cloud screamed, and ran over to her, holding her tight. She wasn't to die now, not now!

"She's dead."

Cloud turned around. He knew that voice. He never wanted to hear that voice again. But he heard it.

His worst fears conformed. Sepiroth.

The warrior famous for his black robes, grey hair and the infamous Masamune sword, gleaming in his right hand. With a swing, he knocked the emerald shield out of his hand, and it ran to some side.

"Wh....what...the...hell...has....happened?" stuttered Cloud, in shock, more than fear.

"What's wrong? No welcome back poster? No cake. Sheesh, you are a miserable so and so, it's like you didn't like me or something!
In answer to your question, my soul simply went into Aeris' body. When you brought her back, I was released into the world and was human gain, living off Aeris' live force. She is dead, my friend." he snickered.

Cloud drew his sword. "Bring her back, you bastard, or I'll tear off that head of your and put 7 tons of shit right through it."

"Tut. Tut. Tut. Such language. The only way to bring her back is to kill me." said Sepiroth, very calmly.

"I've done it once, I'll do it again." said Cloud.

"But that is when you had friends, and magic, and full strength, and seeing as you have none of that.......SUPER NOVA!"

Cloud froze as those words came to his ears. He couldn't move as the display of the Super Nova attack came about. His materia was froze in his pockets, and he couldn't bring out a cure in time. The huge fireball evolved around him and he flew back into a wall, barely alive. He didn't have the strength to bring a hand to his materia.

Sepiroth walked over to him. His Masamune by his side.

"It's a shame a warrior like you should go to waste. How about you join me? Together, my friend, we would be unstoppable. We would raid the power of each contentent, killing everyone until we were made in charge. You could control human life. Refuse.....I think you know this part." His Masamune pointing at Cloud's heart.

Cloud could hardly speak. However, he managed to get two words out.

"F%$* you!"

Sepiroth smiled. "Such spirit for a dying man. Shame. Oh well, blood spill is never much for me. In fact, I feed on it. Say hi to everyone I've killed when you get up there!"

He raised his Masamune high above his head.

Suddenly, Cloud felt himself get stronger. He didn't know why, but he felt great. As he saw the Masamune, he rolled out of the way, with renewed strength.

"What in the name of Slovakian buggery is going on?" screamed Sepiroth.

"Is this thew****r you were on about? Sorry, man, but I'm afraid we have to destroy you!"

That voice was Sally. Sepiroth turned to see Tifa and Vincent, along with 5 creatures who he knew nothing about.

What had happened, was that the Highwind had landed beyond the two warriors. As he saw them, the death was about to happen. Tails had blasted a cure ray from the materia gun on Cloud, allowing him to roll out of the way.

"I don't know who you are, but you little pests will die trying to fight me!" he screamed.

Sally cast Ultima from NICOLE. Sonic cast Fire2, Bunnie cast Bolt2, Antoine cast Demi2, and Miles cast Ice2. It seemed to have little effect on Sepiroth, even when Miles (Tails) kept changing rays with the gun, careful not to use cure on Sepiroth.

Tifa had ran up to Sepiroth, intending to give him a scar like he gave her that fateful day in Nibelheim. She rushed with her downward punch, somersault kick, sweepkick, back slam, uppercut and flip slam combo on Sepiroth, whilst Vincent had changed into Chaos, and was savagely attacking Sepiroth.

However, Sepiroth remained relatively unfased. His Masamune attacks were swift and deadly, and he used Super Nova twice on the 7 of them.

By now, Sally, Antoine and Tails had fallen. Tifa was barely alive as well, and Chaos was running out of power. Sonic had used his cyclone attacks on Sepiroth, but even at his speed Sepiroth had struck him with the Masamune several times, and was on his last legs. Bunnie looked the freshest, her steel was as strong as the Masamune, and had cast Bolt2 several times, but didn't seem to phase him much.

Cloud then hit the Omnislash on Sepiroth from behind, fully renewed. It made Sepiroth fall, but then he cast Cure3, practically ruining all their work.

His SuperNova attack hit again, with just Vincent, Cloud and Bunnie standing now. Sepiroth had seemingly got stronger, drawing power from the Ancients when he was on the 'other side', and had all Aeris' lifeforce as well.

The Masamune then cut through Bunnie's metal arm. She grabbed at the stump, but couldn't put it back on.

Vincent had cast Revive on Tifa and Sally, as Sally kept casting Ultima and Meteor on Sepiroth via NICOLE.

Suddenly, a sickle hit Sepiroth from behind.

"Aggh!" Sepiroth fell down as his back started to bleed. "What the f..."


He knew that voice. He turned around, and saw a young male, tall staring over him.

"Chromer. No."

"AVALANCHE. Glad I could meet the people who kicked this guys ass the first time. Now it's my turn. Leave.....except for the one named Cloud Strife."

"But.....we have fallen people. Sepiroth will kill us..." started Tifa.

Chromer raised a hand. "Full Revive Special!"

Suddenly, a green light shone over all of the good warriors. The dead bodies had become alive and renewed. Bunnie's arm was reformed. The bleeding and bruises had vanished.

"Go. Leave us."

"You can't make us....."

"BAPTISM DESTINY!" screamed Chromer.

A white light shone over everyone except Cloud. Suddenly, they all vanished.

Cloud raised his sword. "What the hell have you done with them?"

"Easy Cloud. They are back at the waterfall, along with the Highwind. I teleported them back. As for you.....SLEEPEL!"

Cloud then reliased he didn't have any protect magic. He slowly fell to sleep. Chromer cast Wall on Cloud so he wouldn't get hurt.

"Well, Chromer, son of Lelin. You've come to destroy me."

"You were the one who made my father corrupt with power. His influation with Hojo and Jenova was how they created you. He was the one who created the Mako infusion, only for Hojo to diplement it. He became famous and then crazy with power. You and him made a great team. He is still alive and still creating evil thanks to you. But my psychic is much more powerful than you. You haven't got a prayer."

"I remember you saying that after I was damaged at the reactor in Nibelheim. You attack me, and I scarred that pretty face of yours. Daddy couldn't help you and now that scar will be opened again, as I defeat you, once more."

"We will see Sepiroth."

Sepiroth attacks with his sword. Chromer parried the blow with his sickle and started to attack. The sickle was powerful, and Sepiroth reliased that he meant business. However, the long Masamune meant that Sepiroth stayed back and attacked when Chromer made a mistake. Sepiroth hit him a few times, but Chromer had healed himself as well.

Sepiroth cast Demi3 on Chromer, but he seemed unaffected. Seph was a bit disraught with that. he cast Bolt3, Shadow Flare, and then Super Nova, but Chromer still looked none for ware.


Chromer chuckled."My Nian Barrier protects me from practically all elemental attacks, including your materia powers. You will feel the power of the Mako infusion, the Ci'an materia, and my psychic energy....NOW!"

Chromer cast his Onibidama attack first. Sepiroth felt the lightning go through him, but remained unfased. Chromer cast Gravity Infinity on Sepiroth, again unaffected. But then.....

"TELEDIST CHARGE!" he shouted, Chromer flew into the air, his body flowing with electricity, he flew in a torpedo towards Sepiroth, and his body felt the force of the attack. Sepiroth clutched his rib, his wall did nothing about that.

"ASTEROID BELT/SATELLITE FALL!" Chromer shot a barrier of meteors around him. Suddenly, one by one, the meteors hit on Sepiroth. There were 6 in all, and Sepiroth was weakened.

"GUARD PHEONIX!" The modified spell of the Pheonix Summon as the bird rose from Chromer, and went into Sepiroth's body. He felt the flame inside him and even though it wasn't a strong atack, it still stunned him.

"PERFECT WORLD!" Remembering that his comrades suffered with this, he cast the time freeze spell on Sepiroth. Sepiroth felt the white light around him, as his limbs started to go stiff. He couldn't move anything but his head, and he said a few words which made Chromer shudder.

Chromer was tired, but he knew that the PW wouldn't hold him for long. 20 seconds max. But now the chance to destroy Sepiroth. He breathed in.


The combination of the wind attack, with the gracity/darkness attack was his most powerful move. If he couldn't destroy Sepiroth with this, he couldn't do anymore.

The female goddess of wind rose and blasted Sepiroth with a gale force wind. Then a blast of blackness hit Sepiroth. The effects was like 1000 bullets carve into Sepiroth. This attack made Sepiroth fly straight into a rock. As he hit, Chromer heard the spine snap. His body was practically carved in lines.

His blood was in a pool. Sepiroth was cut to pieces. Suddenly, he fainted, and the black soul floated away. However.....

Sepiroth's last stance was to throw the darkness emerald (still on the pillar) at Chromer into his diamond chest. Chromer, who had picked up the emerald shield, and the darkness emerald absorbed in the shield. Chromer screamed, but no-one would know what would happen......yet.

Suddenly, movement in the corner of the eye caught Chromer's attention. The brown haired girl was starting to move, and stand. Chromer, despite his tiredness, smiled. He quickly cast something at Cloud.

Cloud stirred from the Sleepel spell. As he rapidly blinked his eyes, he saw the same movement Chromer saw. Cloud gasped.

"Hello Cloud." said Aeris, a beautiful smile across her face.

Cloud rushed over to Aeris and hugged her, tears coming down both of their eyes. Cloud smelt the musk of Aeris and he felt all tingly in the lower areas. The warmth of her body was giving him euphoria in his head. However, it vanished when Chromer walked up to them.

"It's great to have met you two." said Chromer.


"Yes, he is dead, and his death will not spoil anyone else live. The emeralds are absorbed in my chest and Lucretia is back alive as well. They were the cause of her death, and with them absorbed, she can live on eath again." said Chromer.

"Oh, thank you!" said Aeris, still hugging Cloud.

"Looks like we came a bit late." said a voice.

He turned around to see Cid, Red, Cait, Yuffie, and Vincent, holding Lucretia. Barret and Tifa ran over to the two. Tifa hugged both Cloud and Aeris, and Barret crushed Aeris in his big mass as he weaseled in on the hug.

"How the hell did you get here so fast?" said Cloud, to Cid.

"Ask him!" said Cid, pointed at a body near Red.

By Red, there was Reeve, and an unknown human by him, giving stern looks at Chromer.

"Erm......" stammered Chromer.

"O.K, just leave us behind so you can get crippled by Sepiroth." said Heici, slightly sarcastic.

"When your spell wore off, our first thought was to go to the Promised Land. But then I decided to go to the waterfall. We got there via Heici's Gold Chocobo, and we told them all who we were...." (here, Yuffie smiled at Heici) .....and we got on the Highwind to get back. It somehow got here via a white light, along with your furry friends...."

"O.K! I didn't want you to be involved. Satisfied?" said Chromer.

Reeve and Heici looked at each other with a smile.


Suddenly Chromer was blasted with two bolts of his rear end!

"YEOW!" Everyone laughed, particularly Reeve.

Chromer smiled. "O.K, I earned that. I won't piss you off again." said Chromer.

"Heici asked if he could join AVALANCHE along with Chrome-boy." said Yuffie.

"How did you know him?" said Cloud.

Yuffie blushed. "Well...." Luckily, Heici saved her.

"It doesn't matter now Cloud. So, what do you say? I'm a member of SOLDIER's research, before I became a ranking soldier. I stole info from the Turks however, and used it for the emeralds. However, Chromer now has them, and they have stopped all the harm they have caused...." He looked at Lucresia and Vincent, holding each other.

"Well, Chromer destroyed Sepiroth, and is Heici any good?" said Cloud.

"Good?" said Chromer, Tifa and Yuffie together.

Cloud laughed. "Well, let's take a vote. All who want them in, say I."

It was practically unanimous. Cloud laughed again. "O.K, you're in. We could sure use the company."

Aeris was still held in Tifa's arms. "It's great to see you back, Aeris." said Tifa.

"Thanks, Tifa." said Aeris, and held Tifa tight.

Cloud smiled at the sight, and then that forlorn feeling in his heart about the two girls clicked again. However, now, just enjoy the sensation, he felt.

Vincent then smiled, releasing Lucretia. "Just a second."

Vincent released a portal from his typoon/shadow flare materia, and then falling out of the sky.......was 3 bedraggled Turks.

"Ow! What the f*** happened?" screamed an angry Elena.

"They happened!" said Reno.

"Well, let's take it out on....them." He slowed, reliasing that there was more than 3 members of AVALANCHE.

"Well, now we've made our point, perhaps...Heici....can you show them the exit?" said Cloud.

"Just what I wanted." said Heici. Without a glance, he flew at the Turks, and hit a multiple bicycle kick on each of them, 10 hits on each in the face. The Turks fell back bedraggled.

"Now, if you want a 10000 volt punch in your chests, I'd suggest you would leave." said Heici, whilst laughter emerged behind them.

The Turk ran off. "You'll pay for this!" Elena screamed.

"Well, I'm kinda broke. Take a cheque?" said Heici.

Murmurs from the Turks as they ran off, laughter even louder behind them.

"Come on, old and new members of AVALANCHE. Let's go home." The Highwind headed for Tifa's bar, situated now in Kalm, with seasonal residences at Wutai and Costa Del Sol.


At Vincent's Waterfall, Vincent opened up a portal to Mobius.

"Well, Vince, Great to have met you guys. It seems like a nice place to live, but I sure wouldn't want to visit here!" said Sonic.

"Er, I think thats a bit mixed up, Son." said Tails.

Sonic looked deep in thought. "Damn it!"

Vincent stiffled a chuckle. He shook hands with Tails, who thanked Vincent for the gun. He went first. Sonic and Sally, husband and wife, held each other as they waved goodbye, as did Bunnie and Antoine, their engagement hopefully will turn out right.

Vincent held on to Lucretia.

"I hope we turn out like they did." said Lucretia.

Vincent looked deep in thought.

"After what has happened, I'm sure nothing worse can happen." He said, still holding her.

I have a feeling not to hold your breath..........


Aeris sat down on a rock in the edge of Costa Del Sol, The sea was perfect, and the sunset made the area looked beautiful.

Aeris never felt this sensation in a long time. She felt that her life was going to come back.

Quickly, she sung a song that her mother Ifalna, taught her when she was a young age. It was called, 'My Friends'

(If you want to sing it: Tune From 'Looking Through Your Eyes' by Leane Rhymes

"I see my heart, float like the wind
Telling me, don't try to strive.
But now the truth is, I don't try to laugh,
What I want for this life."

"I see my world, my heart is one.
Knowing my life, is burning like the sun.
As my love burns, straight for my friends,
My life was returned by surprise,
Right through my eyes.

My friends, I know who they are.
Meeting them coming from afar.
Cloud, Tifa, Red, that what they said,
Barrett and Vince, the dark star.

Then there is Cid, a girl called Yuffie,
Joined by some new friends, I real want to see.
My heart as it flow, as it descends,
My feelings are true....

True to my friends."

She finished, perfectly, a tear and a smile on her face.

It was good to be back.



Well, that's it. The end. Aeris is back, Sepiroth is destroyed. Two new allies and a few old kinships returning.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please write what you think, particularly towards the songs, as I hope to become a songwriter.

Chromer's spells are new, but if you want to learn more, we know what to do. Write in at the usual adress.

My next story, Chrome Spark, will be a bit later coming, as I am returning to college and I'm on holiday for a week. But I hope you can bear the wait.

By Christopher Homer.


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