The Choice Chapter 24

Above and Below

By Chris Homer

Juppo had finally got contact with the Hero. He had been getting extremely worried, thinking the worst.

"Everyone, the young Master is giving us a transmittion!" he said.

Almost everyone rushed in, Slyvinia, Tenegaar and Hix had zoomed in in second, followed by the Kobolds, Humphrey and Camille and Gremio, (who had been slightly later than the rest, for what reasons I'll let you decide). It wasn't long before everyone had crowded round Juppo, who, being one not of thin figure, was being crushed.

"Guys......I.......can't.....breathe....." he stutered.

"Like anyone noticed anyway...hee...hee....!" Krin smirked, before getting decked by Hix and Tenegaar.

"SHUT UP!" they said.

They move away quickly, so Juppo could at least breathe, and that they could hear whats going on.

"O.K, go ahead!" Juppo said.

"Juppo....guys....bad and good news so far. The bad is that we have come no closer in stopping this Advocat or this Rasputin. Windy is here too. They are powerful, and have these demons to possess, plus we haven't found Kirkis and company, yet." The Hero droned.

A groan went through the crowd, as Tenegaar held onto Hix a bit tighter.

"The good news is that we have a few other helpers. Crowley had the same idea as us and has arrived here (a gasp went in the crowd before Juppo shushed them). Plus, we've defeated Flik and Viktor, and they won't cause us any more trouble. Getting them back to normal may be trickier, though. We've saved Sheena as well." he said.

"We split into three groups, I'm with Sydonia and also now the ninjas of Rokkaku and Eikei, who had been captured, but escaped, and are with us now......"

A serge of static went through the system.

"Sir, Master, we're losing you...."

"I guess talking between dimensions isn't exactly perfect.......oh, well, we'd better get moving, we've got to get going, we've gotta date with death. Hope we return."

And with that the system went off.

Juppo moaned.


Hix and Teneggar went outside the village, by the river.

"Please, don't let them die.......they saved us, and this is what they get?" Teneggar screamed.

"Ten, please...." Hix said, now more calm than eccentric.

"No......why does death be with around us..." she drew her knife. "Even me, I could have been the subject of a vampire, why is my life cursed, why is yours?"

"Ten....." Hix said softly.

"I'm too young to die like this, these tragedies, all these hurts, it's just not fair, It's not...."

"Ten...." Hix turned her face and stroked her cheek, a look in his eyes way beyond his years.

He kissed her on the lips, softly.

"Teneggar, I love you. If I can't say it now, when our lives are in danger, I'll never can. But before a possible armaggedon, I'll say it. I love you."

He kissed her again, this time holding it. Tenegaar couldn't believe it now, but hugged him back and kissed him as well.

They held each other into the dusk, before she said it back.

" you, young warrior...." Teneggar spoke, tears in her eyes. All of the tragedies went to the back of her mind as she hugged the young love in her arms.

At least, for the time being, peace was among them.


Camille went to sit by Gremio, and kissed him on the cheek.

"You know, before the world ends, you still owe me that cash!" she said and kissed him again, on the lips.

Gremio smiled and kissed her back. He had been attracted to her after the inn meal, where he accidentally added the wage bill a bit, but now, it looked like it didn't matter.

Gremio scooped her up in his strong arms.

"I can't pay you back now, well not financially." he said with a smirk.

"Oh, well, how?" Camille inquired playfully, flicking his hair.

"You'll find out." Gremio said.

But inside Gremio was worried, they admitted their love hearing upon possible armaggedon, but despite the teasing, he felt this could be their first and last time together.

Sighing, he put those thoughts out of his head, and concerntrated on the girl in his arms, the girl he hadn't expect to hold, especially after cheating death once.

But he'd better get the chance. What were the odds of cheating death twice?


This was a break from the main plot, to show a couple of the on/off romances that were in the game or earlier in the fanfic. It may be a bit naff, but I had to bring them back into it before the end of the fanfic.

Is it gonna be an armageddon, a sad end? Most likely (damn, that was a spoiler).

The conclusion is going to happen, just a few chapters to the end......


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