The Choice Chapter 3

Oh Elf!

By Chris Homer

The surprise since the war ended was now the surprise reconcilliation between the elves, the dwarfes and the kobolds. A lot of them had been involved in the current rebuilding of the Village of the Elves.

Kirkis looked at his home, being beautiful returned to it's former greatness. He had a lot to thank for, since joining the team, he was a regular member, his deadly aim and his fire magic had been a great help towards the Liberatio Army. But he had help.

He looked lovingly at young Sylvinia who lay by his side sleeping. As soon as the rebuilding was completed, he was going to marry Sylvinia in the Elven tradition, and he was going to invite everyone he knew, so practically everyone that was in the Liberation army would be there.

He had decided on certain things, such as best man was his new best friend Rubi, who had been welcomed in with young arms. Stallion would be the 'vicar' as his memory was as fast as his feet, he knew all the Elven traditions as well as anyone. His maid of honour would be Valeria, now a meditator with the Elves. His ring bearer and flower girl was definetly Hix and Tengaar, they had become good friends since joining, as they were young like themselves and Sylvinia got along with them quite well. They were a cute young couple as well, and hoped that they hadn't gone up to too much mischief.

He smiled. He may be young, but he had many responsibilites, as almost a chief of the Elves now, although the dwarves still were suspicious of him. The Kobolds however, were much more friendlier than before. Fu Su Lu unfortunately left them but not before doing many helpful jobs for them, mainly carrying the heavy stuff for the rebuilding, Kuromini was now the Chief of the Kobold Village but his influence helped in the rebuilding, many supplies and money were used for their new found friends, and Kirkis couldn't thank him enough. He would have wanted Kuromini as the best man, but a best man who could scare the living daylights out of anyone, well......

And Gon. He was a hard worker, he had been friends with them for a long time now, his warriors skills were improving and in spar matches had often bettered both Kuromini and Fu Su Lu.

Yes, Kirkis thought to himself. Life was good.

His thoughts were interrupted by a young girl awakening next to him.

Kirkis smiled and bent down to kiss her forehead.

"Morning, Sylvinia." he said, as the young girl awoke.

"Morning, handsome." she said giggling. Kirkis felt a blush, Sylvinia loves embarrasing him, particularly at instances which he preferred weren't applicable.

He looked up at the huge tree where the elves once inhabited. Stallion was rushing around as he usually does, whilst as usual, Kuromini and Gon were arguing about something, usually erupt in some kind of brawl but hey, that's what the Kobolds liked to do.

Kirkis put an arm around Sylvinia and smiled at his young wife to be. He looked at the horizon and saw three young figures appearing. His smile grew even wider, as he recognised the first two instantly, being Hix and Tengaar, holding hands, but the third he hadn't seen in a long time, but he was young in a blue outfit, and he recognised him immediately.

"Maas! Good to see you!" Kirkis replied and stood up.

Maas smiled back. The young blacksmith was not happy with his blacksmith work, as he was inexperienced compared to the other blacksmith's, Moose become Master Blacksmith, succeeding Mace, whilst Mose is now working in Gregminister, Meese he had worked with for a while in the Village of The Dwarves, but realised his work as a blacksmith was history. He returned to Kouan to continue with his studies, but his youthful mind wished he was elsewhere. Suddenly, Hix and Tengaar came into town and they visited him. He followed them here, after telling him about the wedding. He had to smiled at that.

"Same to you. I hear from these two you are getting married." he said to Kirkis.

"You bet!" chirped up Sylvinia. Kirkis groaned again whilst the youngsters laughed.

Maas told Kirkis what he had been up to, and now that he was no longer a blacksmith, he felt he could do something here, he wanted to stay in contact with Hix and Tengaar, as his new found friends, in fact, he felt like touring the world, experience life a bit more. He wondered where Templeton was whilst thinking this.

Kirkis showed pleasant introductions to everyone and soon all of Kirkis' friends were around a table for a pleasant drink, Kirkis, Sylvina, Hix, Tengaar, Maas, Kuromimi, Stallion, Valeria, Rubi and Gon all around the table, the elves drinking a special elven tea, Tengaar had some soda with her which she shared with Hix, Maas had a flask of hot tea which Valeria shared and the Kobold drank water.

This scene reminded some of the better times Kirkis had during the Village of the Elves before it was destroyed. However, his new found role with the Liberation Army had given him a new lease of life which he hoped would never be tarnished.

However, he had a feeling that it would never to be...........


Later that night, Kirkis slept in the camp with Sylvina whilst he made sure others had been prepared for other people. He wondered why everyone was being brought here all of a sudden. The wedding most likely, but the restoration of the Elven kingdom was not full yet, and besides surely there would be more people coming......

His thoughts were interrupted by a scream in a neighbouring tent.

Kirkis got up. Stallion was already out and in to the tent, which was Valeria's.

Soon everyone was there. Rubi was trying to console her, whilst Stallion was talking quickly trying to find out what was wrong.

Kirkis stepped forward, as a groggy Sylvina stayed back.

"Valeria, what's wrong?" he said.

Valeria looked like she had seen a ghost. It took them about 10 minutes of goading, calming and soothing before the woman was calm enough to explain everything.

"I had a nightmare..." she started. A scoffing Kuromini was about to say something but Kirkis gave him a look which could have turned him to stone.

"......I had a nightmare, where the clouds were turning dark, and lightning blasting out, and the elves and myself were all outside. Then, from the clouds, a....a...demon...a huge black as black itself....came, with a nightmare rider upon it.....and it started to kill up, murder us.....slaughter us....the agony, the blood, oh, it was terrible!" She cried again, Rubi holding her close.

"Shh...shh." he calmed. "It's only a nightmare."

"NO!" she screamed. "That's not all. As I layed down to die, I saw a woman....angelic look, but eyes like demon spawn, holding Kirkis up by the head, smiling evilly before sticking some sort of staff right through his head. As I saw her grinning, I saw who itwas. It was that magician that you faced Kirkis when you saw Barbarosa...."

This time, it was Kirkis' time to stammer. It can't be, she fell from the castle, she couldn't have survived.....

And yet.....

Has she......

Nah, it was just a nightmare.

Yet, Valeria looked so scared, was it a nightmare, or a prophesy?

Has Windy returned?


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