The Choice Chapter 30

Final Destiny

By Chris Homer

The Hero, in a last act of strength scooped up Kasumi in his arms, his side losing blood but walked to the light.

In front of him, was a middle-age woman, with a kind face and smile.

"Leknaat....." he said.

She nodded, but something was different. She seemed younger and more familiar to him.

"Yes, despite your sacrifices, you have done it. The Dark Seers are destroyed, my sister die, I live in peace, as do Hellion and Luc." she said.

"I guess at least you lived." Hero said in a rare moment of humour.

"Yes, I know, but there is something you should know." she said.

Hero looked at her and was shocked.

The familiarity was now, well, familiar to him. The smile face, the kind soul, but it couldn't be?

Yet there was the Mc Mark, on her chest, now visible.

"M..M...Mother......." he said.

Leknaat nodded.

"Yes, son." she said.

"Mother!!!!" she cried and in his last strength, released Kasumi and held Leknaat in a last act of love. He had waited a long time for this day. He never thought it would happen just before his death.

As they finished, and tears came in their eyes, Leknaat explained quickly, as Hero scooped up Kasumi, getting heavier by the second.

"My name isn't originally Leknaat. It was Wendy, sister of Windy. However, I was not always a Seer. My Seers ability only came about as I was 20. I was learnt to possess this power of the Light Seers, but was never originally a member. All the stories I told you were partly false. I was never sent down to the Ryoshu. My sister alone was, which lead to the control of them, with just her control, I didn't do anything. I didn't even believe I had these powers."

"At 20, I met a young man named Teo McDohl. We met and became skilled lovers. After a year, I gave birth to you. It was a few days after that when.....I....was...taken."

"W..what?" The Hero said, losing blood and getting weaker.

"Windy took me as well as I was at my weakest point. But I didn't give in. My last words to your father were to look after him, train him, love him, and don't give him a name. I don't want to see his face as a name that I wouldn't love him by. I told him to just called you the Hero, and that I would love you forever."

"That's why I was never given a name....." the Hero whispered.

"Now, at least, I get to see you one more time." Leknaat/Wendy said.

"But this world....."

Leknaat shook her head. "Your ashes and others will fertilise this world. Myself, Hellion and Luc will rebirth this planet, and grow human seeds. As they grow from the strength of this new planet, they will mate and reproduce. This world will be one again. Your spirits will strengthen this planet and become a better one."

She looked at Kasumi, dying in his arms. "This young one is strong of will and spirit. You two would have made a good couple. Your blood will be the first to form."

Leknaat circled droplets of blood in humanoid shapes.

By them, was a younger version of both the Hero and Kasumi.

"These two will be the first to survive under my care, and will grow and strengthen, as will the rest of the ashes and blood on this earth. Yours will be the strongest, think of them as your children."

The Hero looked at Kasumi and gave his last smile, coughing off blood.


"Neither. There is no heaven or hell. This is a new world where you live. Where the grateful dead reside. Jeane protected you with a shield spell, only she knew of it as part White Seer as well.....her power saved you so I could see you living, one last time."


"I can create life, but can't renew it. Besides, your time on this earth ended. You saved us, depsite what you think, and you'll enjoy this world. All your friends are there waiting for you."

"My friends?"

"Yes, Cleo, Pahn, Kirkis, Sylvinia, Valeria, everyone......even your Father is here."

"My father......"


"How could I speak to them all?"

"Time means nothing in this world. Neither do enemies. Barbarosa is looking forward to speak to you as well."


Leknaat smiled.

"It is time, son." she said.

The Hero nodded, and walked on into the blue light with Kasumi in his arms. His last bit of strength being used.

"One last thing mother....." the Hero said.


"Do you want to give me a name now before you die?"

Leknaat thought for a bit.

"No. I'll stick with the Hero, because that is the most appropriate name I could ever give you."

The Hero smiled, this time his last living smile.

"Remember, I will be watching you, and your 'children.' Good luck, son."

The Hero nodded, his strength fading.

And walked into the light.



That's it. Over. Death had become them, and they are ready to enjoy it.

Yes, I made it like this, and I hope that it didn't depress anyone too much.

It has been a bitch to write, I kept putting it off, but it's finished. I'm never doing another one again!

Well, my FF7 work is to be continued, my crossover has been completed, but I've got other works to do as well now!

Well, thanks for putting up with me.

Chris Homer.


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