The Choice Chapter 7

Achieve One's Ken

By Chris Homer

Fuma entered Rokkaku to see Kasumi giving a lecture that any teacher would have been proud of.

"Now, I'm only gonna ask one more time, Kage, what the hell is he on about?" she said, for about the fiftieth time.

"I keep telling you, I don't know." Kage replied for the fiftieth time.

Lepant half mused and half cursed of the verbal confrontation between the two ninjas. It was amusing to see the young girl wiping the floor with Kage, but Lepant's head was still aching from the Shrike Rune and he was still angry with Kage.

Fuma was as confused as anyone, but quickly intervened.

"Hey, what's going on here, and why is Kage tied up like a turkey?" he replied.

Kasumi turned to the third ninja of the clan. "We have quite a situation here. Lepant claims that some ninjas similar to Kage attacked he, his wife and son......"

"It wasn't Kage, Lepant." said a female voice.

They all turned around and were surprised by the voice. It was a very pretty young girl who although didn't participate much in fighting was a very valid member of the Liberation Army.

"Jeane, what are you doing here?" said Lepant.

"To help you." She flicked a teleportation stone to Lepant.

"Say, isn't that....." said Lepant.

"Sheena gave it to me before we left. It was his, but he felt he didn't need it. He gave to me as a bond, as we became quite good friends. I must admit however I didn't enjoy the bloodshed that we spread, but as it was my rune power which helped in that, I can't help but feel a part of it. After we split, I returned to Antei to continue with my work, but after a while, I became bored, and yearned for excitement. My rune sense, or my ken if you will, however, sensed trouble, and I found out that you were involved. I teleported to Kouan to try and find you but you were gone. I couldn't sense where Eileen and Sheena went, but I sensed you were here. So, here I am....."

Lepant went quiet.

"Those men who attacked are part of the former Black Seers, also known as the Shinju Tribe. Many of your former adversaries are trying to stop them. Lepant, Kage is totally innocent."

Lepant suddenly felt guilty, and if Kage had any feelings, a smirk would have appeared on his face.

Kasumi went to cut both men's ropes.

"How do you know all this anyway?" said Kasumi.

Jeane sighed. "I already told you, I have a sense rune, it enables me to know when things are happening." She drew something out of her pocket. "I said I hated fighting, but if it means stopping this hatred then I will." She put on two claws, small but sharp on her wrists.

Kuma scoffed slightly. How does this girl think she could fight?

Apparently, Jeane could read his thoughts. "Oh, by the way, I've brought a friend round."

Kuma suddenly knew how as Eikei showed up, with a big grin.


Eileen woke up to the pain of a stinging blow to her face. The back of her head was screaming in pain, but the slap was the icing on the cake.

The man that knocked her out was standing over her, with a devil's grin on his face. However, she could only see his eyes, nose and mouth as the rest of his head was covered in black.

"Well, nice to see you awake, member of the Liberation Army." he smirked. He jerked up her chin and made her look deep into his red evil eyes. She shook with fear, and it was obvious that wsa what this demon wanted.

Eileen broke her fear and looked for Sheena. He wasn't around.

Apparently, the man knew what she was thinking. "Your son is fine, at the moment. However, our subtle influence may change him into a warrior worthy of my father Advocat." This man was pure evil, what was he doing to her son?

"You monster!" she spoke out for the first time. The man retaliated with a hand over her head. Before long, she had fell asleep.

"Sweet dreams, you could be my eternal bride, if my sidekick allows it." he smirked. "Neclord, how goes the preparation for the reunification of the Stars of Destiny?"

Neclord appeared, as gothic and blood thirsty as ever. His crimson cape was hung around him and his era of darkness shrouded him as strong, if not stronger than before.

"Rasputin, sir, Lepant is in the island of ninjas, along with a few other members. Many of the members are going to the newly restored Village Of The Elves. It would be a perfect place to find more potential warriors and brides, eh?" she smirked with a blood lust.

Rasputin smirked as well. "Well, now that Viktor is with us, you don't have to worry about that sword. Resurrecting you could be the best thing I have done, with my father's power over the tribe and our combined strength, nothing can stop us!"

An evil laugh came over them.

"So, who's your pick?" Rasputin asked.

Neclord smirked. "Well, Tengaar is still one of my favourites, so juicy, but that general Sonya could be a good choice as well, if she wasn't so tough. What about you?"

"I think that Valeria, Cleo or the one we've got, Eileen are great potentials. Warrior wise, that Hero is a person of integruity, as well as Eikei and Fu Su Lu, so powerful. The General's too, are tough."

"It's like choosing candy out of a store. So much to choose and so little time." Neclord finished.

They both laughed manically.


So, what's the character list. Maybe I'll end up using 108 characters anyway. Sheesh!

So, which females are going to be the equivilent to Viktor and Flik. I'm open to suggestions.

Usual adress to write to me.


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