Setting the Scene:

The setting is one month since the death of Lelin and apparently Sephiroth. Things have been a buzz since then. The rebuilding of Cosmo Canyon has been a high priority and the damage Chromer did he has been helping to rebuild. Red is there, as was Reeve and Aeris, but they are currently in Kalm, Aeris is joining the list in the many people in Tifa's martial art training. The wedding of Tseng and Elena is a few days away and surprisingly members of Avalanche have been invited. Barret and Elymra married privately, Marlene couldn't be happier. Cid and Shera are as expected in Rocket Town, as is Yuffie and Godo in Wutai. Heici is with Tifa helping her out in Kalm, Cloud is also there, whilst Barret and Elymra are in Elymra's old house in the slums, but Barret has revamped it so it is a very comfortable living for them. Vincent and Lucresia are also in Rocket Town, unknown what they are doing. Zack is in Gonganga, reliving his family life. The Turks are now working for Reeve, but Reeve's priorities for them are different from their past work. Jessie is with Elymra and Barret, trying to get her life back on track.

P.S: By the way, I forgot to add in my last story about the final part which may be similar to a recent movie. If you've watched the movie 'Anastasia', the bit where Jessie killed Lelin is similar to the bit when Anya kills Rasputin. So sue me. I'm 18 years old, and I have a soft spot for animations, does that make me a wimp? (Er, probably.)

Tifa vs. Aeris Chapter 1


By Chris Homer

A month after Chrome Spark

"How's it going, Red?" said a familar voice.

Red XIII, otherwise known as Nanaki looked at Chromer, with about half of the forest in his arms. Since Chromer was brought out of his control, he had been apologising to Nanaki so many times it made Nanaki's head spin. Chromer had kept his promise in the rebuilding of Cosmo Canyon, and his powers had help a lot. He even brought back the people he killed using his Life Infinity spell, but it seemed that Sephiroth's influence had also given him more power. He had to rest continually and could only do it on one person before casting it again.

Chromer struggled with the load he had on him. It had been a month since he had started work, and already, the canyon was blooming again. There was one particular flower, however, he wished was here.

Aeris had gone to Kalm and was practising very vigorisily with Tifa and Reeve, along with Heici and Cloud in her, well, 'school' of martial arts. Chromer considered going himself, but felt he had to undo all the damage he had done.

Chromer sighed and put the logs down. Red nodded. "That'll do, my friend. You and the Canyon have been doing a terrific job, the place is fulfilling it's destiny once again."

"Just wanted to undo all the misery I caused you, which I am extremely so..."

"I know. I know." Red was tired with the amount of times Chromer had apologised for his actions, and one time too may he had replied that it wasn't him, it was Sephiroth. Chromer retreated slightly, because if he apologised once more, he had a feeling Red would use those claws of his to tear through his gut.

Red smiled. "Listen, I'm going to go to Rocket Town later. Cid and Shera have invited everyone around to prepare for Tseng's wedding to Elena. He and Tseng seem to get along well."

Chromer also smiled. "In a month, Reeve has employed him and Cid in a high tech development scheme for Midgar. They do have a lot in common, tall, ugly and foul mouthed...hmmmmm." Red stuck a sock in Chromer's mouth.

"Watch that tongue or I'll rip it out." said Red, in a rare case of humour. Chromer spat it out in disgust.

"Hey, am I invited?" said Chromer.

"Sure, why not? You need a rest. By the look....(Red Sniffs)...and smell of you, you seem to have been working for a month." said Red.

"I have." Chromer said simply.

"Oh right." Red replied, slyly.


Reeve hit the wall for what seemed the umpteenth time in this contest. Given his new position at the former Shinra corporation, he got a rare chance to resume his training with Tifa. Given the alternative, which was laze about with hours of paperwork, he would have taken this option, particularly who he was fighting with. However, his opponent was much tougher than expected.

Reeve wiped the sweat off his brow and swung an overhead punch on his opponent. The competitor grabbed it, Reeve swung with the other arm, but was also caught. The person then hit a kick right in the torso, before quickly hoisting Reeve over her shoulder in a double arm suplex, releasing it.

Reeve hit the mat hard, and stood up again. Aeris, his opponent, had been training with Tifa almost non stop since she arrived two weeks ago. She, Reeve and Chromer were in Cosmo, with Reeve and Chromer apologising for their former hatred towards each other, Reeve had helped in the rebuilding and development of Cosmo, then he returned to Midgar, so he had to make the runnings of the world. Aeris left, realising despite her Cetra spirit, she was relatively weak in hand to hand, so she decided to train with Tifa. Amazingly, she picked up many of the techniques really well, although against Tifa, Tifa won convincingly without being touched at times. She had also learned the wrestling techniques applied from Chromer and Heici, and thus, a nice bushido style of martial arts came into place.

Reeve was getting better, but Aeris seemed to be one step ahead of him. He decided to go for the Shinra Driver. (Rock Bottom) He had to lure Aeris into a clothesline or a forearm shot. He could counter and deliver.

Reeve stayed on the defensive waiting for an opening, as Aeris attacked. She was careful not to waste any free chances, but then, her arm swung rather foolishly too wide. Reeve took advantage by grabbing her arm, setting it over his shoulder, his handon her back, ready to let the momentum slam her down.

He lifted the 100 pounder up, but what he got was unexpected.

Aeris, in mid lift, somersaulted backward, landing on her feet. Reeve not expecting that, didn't see the torso kick hit him in the chest, then Aeris grab his head, jumping and slamming it down. (NOTE: X-Pac's finishing move for WWF fans, for non-fans, an inverted face slam) Quickly, she grabbed him before he fell down, hit a DDT, then a high kick into the chest whilst he was down.

"O.K, Aeris, let him up, you're killing the poor guy!" said Tifa, watching, and awarding Aeris the victory.

Reeve got up after a hand from Aeris, Reeve accepting it, and was lifted up.

"Hey, Aeris, I never knew you tough!" The only words that Reeve could say. They were true enough.

Aeris smiled. Her nature had lessened and lessened and she loved to kick butt, but she still had her sweet side as well.

Heici applauded Aeris from that display. "Hey, girl, glad you used the wrestling techniques I showed you. That X-Blaster/DDT combination was awesome!" Aeris was blushing now of the praise.

An entrance from Cloud broke up the praise.

"Hey guys." Cloud said, good naturedly, "We've got to be at Cid's by 7.00. Tommorow is Tseng's wedding, you know we've been invited?" He looked at Reeve. "What the hell happened to you?"

Reeve looked at him with blood shot eyes, then pointed at Aeris. Aeris, trying to look innocent, and failed.

"Oh, so Tifa, she's kicking ass as bad as you are now." said Cloud.

Tifa responded with an open palm to the face of Cloud, who fell on his prosterior.

"HEY, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" said Cloud.

"Just keeping you on your toes!" said Tifa, with a wink.

Cloud shrugged off that, and went back to his original idea. "We've got to be there at 7.00, neither Tseng or Elena wanted a bachelor/bacholerette party so everyone's getting at Cid's place for a get together. Are you going to come, or are we still gotta hate the Turk's guts?"

"Don't be silly." said Tifa. "Reeve had changed things since Tseng returned, haven't you Reeve?" Reeve, still a bit dishaveled, glared at the beautiful warrior, but he finished off whatever she was going to say.

"Cloud, the Turks work for me as an ally of Avalanche. They cannot harm a member even if they tried, I'd fire them on the spot or worse. Secondly, Tseng and Cid have been working well together, so there is some friendship or at least respect between the two parties. Third of all, if we don't go, I think Cid and Tseng will kick our asses in."

"That part I can agree with." said Cloud. "Well, Red has just called, he's coming, as is Chromer. They've put a hold on the Cosmo redevelopment. Apparently, it is going quite well."

"Do you trust that Chromer?" said Reeve, still not sure of the man who possessed Sephiroth, despite apologising to him.

4 foul glares enriched upon him.

"O.K! O.K! Sheesh!" Reeve finished.

"What about the others?" said Aeris.

"I'm about to give them a call. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go, but it seems you do, so...." He left the room, flicking up the PHS and making some calls.

Reeve and Heici left, Reeve having a towel, and Heici talking some nonsense about how nice it would be if Yuffie changed her ways. (Some hope!)

Tifa and Aeris also started to leave, when Tifa bent down and held her chest. Aeris turned to her friend, concerned.

"Tifa, are you all right?" she said.

Tifa looked at her, a brief flame in her eyes, but it quickly subsided. "I'm fine, Aeris. Such a bit of chest burn. I've been having them for a number of weeks now, recently getting stronger, but I'll shrug it off."

"Are you sure? If it's bad, I'll stay here and help you. Can I use some of my healing arts on you, maybe it will help." Aeris said.

Tifa shook her head. "As I said, it's only a small pain. I'll live." Aeris helped her up as they left the room, Aeris still not fully convinced, but if Tifa said she was all right, then she was, Tifa was one of the toughest people she knew, especially after she survived that black hole attack from Chromer, only one in a million could have survived that.

Aeris shrugged it off and followed Tifa out of the room.


Jessie was sweating from her training inside the gym that Barret had installed in Elymra's house. The money Barret had was huge, his battles, plus his investment in Corel, which, during it's rejuvination thanks to Reeve, had proved quite worthwhile.

Since her attack of Lelin, and her recovery, Jessie was going to become a full and adapt Avalanche member, like she was before, but she was in training. She had planned to train with Tifa, one of her best friends, but her sessions were so fully booked it was unbeliavable. She however, would get private tutoring with the rest of Tifa's friends, but she wasn't sure she was 100% ready for hand to hand combat.

She had been mastering materia of course, and with influence from Barret, Cloud and the Turks, Jessie had been able to train at the Battle Arena in the Gold Saucer, thanks to Dio. She used this to master her materia, plus train with her weapon, which was given to her by Aeris, the Wizor Staff. Quite effective for her, light, good at long range, and quite effective when it connects. Jessie had put on 10 pounds of muscle whilst in training, but looked as good as ever. Still under 30, Jessie was getting some looks from many of the male crowd whilst she trained.

One of those was Rude of the Turks. Rude had been a real friend since she recovered. They had spent a lot of time together, at the Gold Saucer, training, playing games at the Wonder Square, Barret was a bit wary of Rude, but shrugged it off after Reeve had assured him that he would not hurt a member of Avalanche. Jessie liked the man a lot, despite his age and his lack of hair on his cranium, he was decent looking, and could protect her easily. Both were interested in electronics as well, Reeve having offering her a job to help out in the electronics division of the new Shinra.

Sighing, she returned to her workout in the new gym. The door opened, and Barret and Marlene walked in.

"Hey girl." said Barret as a sweaty Jessie in a purple jumpsuit sat down for a breather. Barret smiled. She looked quite good in it, but Barret was taken.

As if on cue, Elymra walked in and put an arm around her new husband. Despite their age, they looked like a teenage couple the way they acted sometimes. Usually, Marlene had to straighten them out, no easy job for a now 5 year old girl.

Jessie smiled at them, scooped up Marlene in her arms. Marlene sniffed.

"Hey, you're all slippy." she said. Jessie laughed.

"This one is a real know it all. Have to keep an eye on her." She whispered to Marlene. "You better keep an eye on them as well."

Barret lunged at them, as Marlene giggled. "I heard that!" He playfully swung at his daughter, before lifting her up onto his shoulder. Elymra giggled.

"Now, now, dear, is that any way to treat your daughter and your friend?" she said.

"Hmm, the way they treat me......yep." He finished and tickled Marlene with his good hand, Marlene giggling all the way. Unfortunately, Jessie tackled Barret on the legs, her aided strength trying to force Barret down. Elymra joined in, as did Marlene. Eventually, the three of them forced him down and crushing the massive man.

"Ooof." he screamed, as the PHS rang. He quickly reached. "Y'ello?"

"Barret, it's Cloud."

"Hey, Spike? How's it going?"

"Quite well. Just phoned to see if you and the family are going to the party at Cid's?"

Barret groaned as he saw the three girls emerging on him. "Well, the family is a bit on top of me at the moment..." He never finished the sentence as they all started to tickle him. Cloud's PHS was muttered with laughter.

"What was that?" Cloud replied.

"YES. I' there. See ya!" He shut it down, as the welcoming wagon struck upon him.....


Yuffie was at the Dachao Statues in Wutai, meditating. Despite the obsessive nature of the young ninja, at times, there was nothing she wanted more but peace. Her mind would be clear from all her problems, and with her recent ordeal with not only Lelin, but Don Corneo, she came up here regularly to relax.

Yuffie, now nearly 18, was coming to her freedom, she could do whatever the hell she wanted, not that she didn't anyway, but at least now, (apart from the stealing) it would be all legal.

However, she wondered what she wanted in life. Her best friend, Heici, had returned after nearly 4 years of hardship, and she wondered if he was a friend, or more than a friend? Rubbing that thought, she concerntrated.

For about an hour, her mind was blanked. She was totally at peace. Nothing would disturb her.

Which is surprising, because about 5 seconds later, the PHS rang.

Yuffie's eyes snapped open, groaning that her peace had been disturbed, and she knew she would never get into that state again for the rest of the day. She flicked the damn thing open.

"Yes, alive and pissed off, speaking." Yuffie replied.

"Yuffie, Heici." Yuffie smiled, her earlier pain removed with the voice of her best friend.

"Hey, Zangan master. How is it in Kalm. Kicking it with the best of them?"

"Yep. Aeris has just kicked Reeve's ass, and he's none too happy."

"Aw, shame, I think he's kinda cute." she said. After a few second her expression changed from a sarcastic smile into a guffaw. "Hey, I was kidding!" Whatever Heici said was not put in the best expression.

"So, what are you phoning for, really?" she said.

"You coming to the party at Cid's place?" he said.

"Sure, wouldn't miss an opportunity to get drunk and disordely!" she said.

"You aren't supposed to drink, you are still 17." he finished.

"Just you stop me!" And with that, she turned off the PHS.

She stood up and looked at the overhead view of Wutai, towards the massive mountains, finishing at the gorgeous sunset. She looked on.

"One day, Yuffie Kisaragi will rule that sunset....."


Reno and Rude battled off in Gonganga, as Zack watched on. The two Turks had arrived in Gonganga to pick up Zack at Reeve's request. Tseng and Elena were already in Rocket Town, and Reeve had just phoned them to remind them if they were going. As they were near Gonganga, they asked if they should pick up Zack. Reeve said yep, so they did.

Zack, along with many of the members of Avalanche, had let bigones be bigones and became friends with the Turks, particularly Tseng, as he was quite chummy with Aeris. They were on their way, when Reno asked Rude a weird request. He wanted to fight him. Rude was puzzled, but Reno just wanted to see who was the best Turk, and taunted him in his usual smart-ass way. Rude agreed, Zack would 'referee'.

The two Turks squared off, fending each others blows quite easily. Neither had their weapons out. They matched each other hand for hand, blow for blow, until Rude's right hook was blocked, Reno somersaulted back and hit an uppercut to Rude's chin, drawing blood from the mouth.

Rude spat the blood and ran at Reno. Reno was ready to smash him, but Reno split, and hit a punch in...well....there. Reno dubbed over, and smiled.

"Dirty play. I like it!" He whipped out his nightstick. Rude whipped out his gun almost at the same time.



The two Turk attacks cancelled each other out as they paced each other again. Reno swung with his nightstick, Rude attempted to block it with his gun, but it was disarmed. Reno swung again, but Rude kicked the weapon out of his hand, and once again, they were unarmed.

"Let's just finish this!" Rude screamed.

Reno lunged forward. "TURK RULE CLOTHESLINE!"

He stepped into a 3-point stance, a Red XIII style cross appeared in front of him, and he lunged at Rude, his arm outstretched, aiming for Rude's neck.

At the last second, Rude ducked. Reno stopped, not sure what was going on, but found out that Rude had grabbed him and was concerntrating.


Rude's head shone as bright as the sun, the light was too bright, Reno couldn't see. Rude smiled and just flicked Reno with his finger. The temporary blindness meant he couldn't do bug all so he fell.

"Winner, Rude." Zack said simply.

Rude cast cure quickly before the affect became too irratic and he held out his hand.

"You O.K?" he said.

"Bastard." Reno said, but with a smile, and accepted it. "Never seen you do that attack before, pretty affective. Mind you, if I hit that clothesline, your head would have been removed from your body."

"Yeah, right." said Rude.

"I don't know what your arguing about because I would have kicked both your asses!" Said Zack, as they were heading to Junon, the only way to get there without the Highwind.

Zack last word was "ARGGGGHH!" before two heavily armed Turks were running after him with his head on a platter being their only thoughts.


In Rocket Town, Cid and Shera were looking as the two soon to become newly weds were sitting together on their couch talking.

"Reminds me when we got together." said Cid, an arm around the shoulder of Shera.

"Yeah, I know." she said.

As soon as they had defeated Sephiroth, Cid had returned to Rocket Town. He thought about looking at the rocket site, but stopped and turned to Shera's house. He walked in. Shera was shocked when he came in. She was about to ask him a barrage of questions, despite the way he may treat her, when Cid leaned at her and kissed her on the lips.

Shera didn't know if this was the Cid that had left the house, but Cid said to her that he was sorry for everything and thanks for saving his ass on the rocket.

Now she knew this wasn't the Cid she knew.

Cid sensed her thoughts and filled her in about everything.

For 3 months since then, they lived together, before marrying. They were definetly a genuine article, before Cid decided to form his army, with Barret in tow. However, since everything has occured, they have scrapped the idea, although the former army is now working for Shinra's force, along with Cid. However, he knew that without Shera, his life wouldn't be worth living.

Cid's mind portrayed back to the present when Shera tapped him on the shoulder.

"What are you thinking about....hey!" Shera finished when Cid lifted her off the ground.

"You." he simply said, put her down and kissed her. Holding her hand, they went outside, so not to disturb the peace. Besides which, the place would soon be amok, it wouldn't hurt to have a few moments of peace.


Elena and Tseng snuggled on the couch.

"I can't believe it. A day from now, and I'm gonna be an old married lady." said Elena, as Tseng kissed her on the head.

"Well, you ain't old Elena.....and half the time you won't be a lady, but...." said Tseng, before Elena hit him in the face with a pillow, her face as red as a beetroot.

"Tseng!" she shouted, her face still blushing.

"Just telling the truth." He kissed her on the lips, for a long time, deepening the colour. "I love you."

"I love you too." Elena said, and they kissed again, for a very long time.


Vincent and Lucresia watched outside as the two couples expressed their feelings in their way.

Vincent looked at Lucresia. Despite their closeness, he had never kissed her. Her feelings were still amix from her 'death' and despite her more outgoing nature, like himself as well, the fear inside her from what Hojo did to her may want her to be more careful in her wellbeing.

"Are you O.K?" said Vincent.

Lucresia woke from her trance and looked at Vincent.

"Yes, thank you. Just some bad memories."

Vincent looked at her. "Hojo?"

Lucresia shuddered. Vincent read her like a book. He put his proper arm around her.

"Look, it wasn't your fault, it was Hojo, and Jenova. Put your mind back into the state I knew it was. My life has changed since I joined Avalanche, I am a free person. Why can't you either?"

Lucresia looked at him. She pulled his arm away from her.

"I'm sorry, Vincent, but I cannot free myself from such sins. It was me who created the monster which almost destroyed you and the world. I cannot continue my life with a sin like that. I'm sorry."

With that, she walked off, tears in her gothic eyes.

Vincent mumbled.



Cid saw the first guests enter, mainly friends from the town, such as workers, friends of Shera's, relatives of Tseng and Elena, it wasn't until a bit later when the first of his friends showed up.

"Red! Good to see you!" Cid shouted. Shera smiled and patted the creature on the head. Red smiled.

"Thank you." he said.

Chromer emerged as well, a bit wary of his past actions and what Cid might do to him.

Instead, Cid shouted "Hey, you mad bastard! How are you?"

Chromer smiled. Any reservations he may have had vanished. "I'm fine Cid. And you, Shera?" Chromer had been filled in with everyone that he hadn't met as soon as he had recovered from the last adventure.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking." said Shera.

"Come in, come in. The party's just starting." said Cid.

Almost as soon as they entered, Yuffie came.

"Hey, old man. Long time, no see!" she said.

"Old man? Why you little...." But despite that, he smiled. "Surprised to see you, squirt." He said.

"Hey, why so surprised?" she said.

"Well, I thought that wedding parties were out of your league. That league being the league of annoyed little ninjas!" he said.

"Ah, shat ap! I'll talk to Shera, someone with intelligence." she said.

Cid grunted, as Shera and Yuffie walked into the house talking.

"Brat." mumbled Cid under his breath.

Soon, the Turks and Zack also came. After they entered, just before 7, when Cid was worrying, Barret and his family, plus Jessie came, along with Tifa, Cloud, Aeris, Heici and Reeve.

After a few seconds of non-intelligable cursing, Cid welcomed them in. Cid couldn't resist having a pop at Reeve, saying how a girl beat him, and Reeve gave him one of those looks which said 'Don't mess with me.' Enough said.

Soon everyone was here. 7 o'clock.

The party has begun.


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