Tifa vs. Aeris Chapter 10


By Chris Homer

Yuffie, Chromer, Heici and Cait had just arrived upon the crater to see Cloud in near tears, he was raising a materia, trying to cure her but didn't know how to do anything in a situation like this.

Chromer ran up to Cloud. "What's happening?"

Cloud barely managed to respond. "Sephiroth....."

Chromer kneeled down by Tifa and put his hands on her head. A feeling of pain went through his body. Chromer gritted his teeth and concerntrated.

A green light emitted from Chromer and it covered over Tifa's head.

A look of confusion went between Yuffie and Heici, but Cloud had a look of pure terror, and yet, a glimmer of hope as well..........


Sephiroth was ready. His masamune whirled in the air, like Cloud had done many times, and prepared to slam it through Tifa's chest.

"Forgive me Cloud!" he laughed out loud and proceeded.

Suddenly, Tifa popped up. She kicked the masamune out of his hand, flying out of the limbo world.

Tifa nipped up, full of energy, after she had 'passed out.'

What had happened was Chromer had come and cast a 'Revifify' psychic spell. This was a combination of cure and revive, but it could be specified to affect all or a specific part of the body. So Chromer's spell focused on the mind of Tifa's, trying to revive it. And by what just happened, it obviously worked.

Tifa ran at Sephiroth, swinging a punch.

Sephiroth blocked it, but Tifa sent a double pivot kick his way, and a thrid kick to the chest, falling Sephiroth.

Tifa had to keep him down otherwise she could never get out of this hell.

She ran, attempting a flying kick, but Sephiroth teleported. Tifa looked confused as a punch hit her on the side of the head.

Tifa got up (Chromer still has the spell on to protect her) as Sephiroth laughed at her.

"This is not the real world, Tifa, this is your and my world, and I can do what the hell I want."

With that, Sephiroth waved a bar of pure energy at Tifa, hitting her on the chest. She screamed in pain.


"Aggh!" screamed Chromer.

Heici went to help him as he dubbed over, his chestplate glowing, in almost pain.

"Sephiroth is using more power than I can block out. We need the others here!" he screamed.

Cait sent a message to Reeve via his sensors whilst Yuffie raised a materia.


About 100 yards away, Zack spotted the bolt spell that Yuffie had cast.

"Somethings happening!" he screamed to Mia and the Turks. "Come on!"

They were tired but they knew that something was going on now.


Cait opened his eyes. "Reeve is quite a way back, but he is hurrying as fast as he could!" he said.

Cloud looked like thunder. "We need Aeris now, otherwise Tifa's gonna die!" he screamed at Cait.

If the cat could, he looked at Cloud in fear. "We.....we're...we're trying the best Cloud, they've all had to face some Jenova thingys"

Cloud turned away. He didn't mean to snap at Cait, but he was showing signs of worry and fear which hadn't been seen since Aeris was killed by Sephiroth. And now, he was going to take Tifa away as well......

Suddenly, Cid and Red stirred, as well as Vincent coming by them, carrying Lucresia.

"Wh....what the hell's happening?" said Cid.

Vincent layed Lucresia down.

"We need to remove all the Jenova within her. We have to use the same technique for Tifa...otherwise....." Vincent looked down in sorrow.

Red growled in tiredness. "We have to save them."

They all nodded.


Tifa couldn't hold the barrier that Chromer had desperately tried to create for her. Tifa was relying on her incredible agility to avoid all the attacks that Sephiroth.

Sephiroth raised a hand and like a magnet, his Masamune returned to him. He swung it in thin air, showing his incredible technique.

"You see Tifa, I can do anything within your mind." he smiled.

Tifa huffed. She had tried to visualise techniques to use on Sephiroth, so how come she couldn't use any of them?

Sephiroth sensed what she was thinking.

"You don't have the strength, I have the most control over you now, Tifa, you can't do a thing about it, except to die in a horrific way." And with that, a beam shot from the Masamune straight at Tifa.

Tifa couldn't dodge forever as it avoided her, but Sephiroth made the beam return like a boomerang. It struck Tifa in the back.

Sephiroth laughed out loud as Tifa fell down, panting heavily............


Zack came over the hills to the crater, along with the Turks, and a young woman that the others didn't recognise, except for.........

"Mia! MIA! Is that you?" screamed Heici.

Mia, despite the situation had to grin. "Yep, it's me. Good to see you Heici."

They had to resist the urge to hug each other, because the situation by them was critical now. Tifa was panting heavily and sweat was appearing on her brow. Chromer was down, hurt, his energy spent trying to help her.

Yuffie asked who was the girl, but Zack gave her a 'I'll tell you later.' Mia looked at Tifa.

"Is that....." she said.

Rude nodded grimly. Mia bowed her head.

Zack looked at Cloud. "Listen man, we can stop this now, if we protect her. Come on, we've got to help her!"

Cloud was about to snap, but then thought. What an idiot! It was natural to be upset over a very close friend, but he realised he could act as a shield with the Jenova cells. After all, wasn't the plan originally? Instead of moping over her, he could have helped her.

Cloud nodded and went to Tifa. He held one held, tightly, as Zack held the other one. Chromer hadn't recovered yet, so they had to hope and pray............


Tifa felt hot fire come on her neck as Sephiroth placed the sword on her throat. Tifa calmly waited for death to come around her.

Sephiroth then made a foolish mistake. Instead of slicing the neck, he raised the sword ready to decapitate her.

In that second, Tifa felt a rush of power. She whispered "Cloud...." before deftly moving out of the way of the killing blow.

Tifa rushed up and rushed at Sephiroth, her fist aimed for the chest. It connected, sending Sephiroth sidestepping (hey, aliteration, I'm getting good at this!) a few paces back.

Tifa felt her original self back in her body. That was a start. Whatever Cloud had done, she was feeling her old self again. 'He cares for me....'

Sephiroth wasn't going to let her reminince about her past or future because he didn't want her to have one. His sword swung in an arc and a huge boomerang like blade came out and went for Tifa.

Tifa avoided it by ducking, sidestepping and jumping over the blade. Sephiroth was getting a little mifffed by Tifa avoiding the attack. He recalled the weapon and shot down a meteor attack.

Tifa dancing away, avoiding the meteors, and something of a smile came over her face.

"I may not be able to unleash anything, but you can't kill me now! Cloud won't let you!" she said, in a bit of a triumph.

Sephiroth smirked. "We shall see."

And with that, attacked with a Super Nova on her mind.


Tifa seemed to dub over as the pain went through her, as well as Cloud and Zack. They resisted the urge to scream, but it was plain on their faces that something was happening.

Chromer decided that saving her life was more important that his physical welfare so he ran and concerntrated with his psychic shield once again.

Cloud gritted his teeth. "We are not going to let him beat us now! Never!"

Slowly, both he, Zack and Chromer closed their eyes and concerntrated.

He never heard the words from Cait.

"They're coming....."


Tifa was scarred from the super nova, and didn't know how long she could hold out. It seemed Sephiroth could unleash any attack he wished. Tifa's eyes were filling with tears, as pain was slumping in her head.........

Suddenly, the pain was gone again, as he felt the flow of energy from earlier flow through her again. She also felt the strength that Cloud had seemingly given her. A voice told her;

"Materia....use the magic...."

Tifa didn't know what it was telling her, but she concerntrated on a spell in her mind.

Sephiroth went to strike but felt a pain through him as a cold chill through him, as Tifa's ice spell went to affect. Sephiroth stepped back as Tifa opened her eyes, seeing Sephiroth's hand over his chest, feeling the pain.

Tifa smiled. It had worked! She could use magic now, could she defeat him now?

She concerntrated again, as Sephiroth attempted to strike again, but felt an even stronger chill as Shiva enveloped over him and her diamond dust crushed his warm body into ice.

Sephiroth couldn't help himself but scream in pain.

"Aggh....what.......what the hell?" he screamed at Tifa, but he felt fire, ice and lightning attack his body as Kjata attacked.

Sephiroth fell down in pain as Tifa opened her eyes.

"I can use power here, Sephiroth! My friends have given it me, and you will pay!2 she concerntrated on the Knights of The Round.

Sephiroth looked in awe as the knights came about and struck him with attack after attack after attack. Sephiroth dubbed over.

Tifa looked at him with triumph, but then heard him laugh.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! So, you can use magic eh? Unfortunately for you....(he cures himself)...so can I, and so much more."

Sephiroth smiled as the same thirteen knights materialized but instead of striking, surrounded Tifa.

Suddenly, one struck, but stayed visible. Tifa screamed in pain as the others followed in. She jumped, somersaulted over them, but Sephiroth was in the way. She concerntrated on a spell.

Suddenly, a Zolom style serpent emerged as the Knights looked on. A vortex came about, sucking the knights into obvilion. Tifa dubbed over in exhaustion.

Sephiroth smiled. "Very good Tifa, you've proved a good fight, but I wish to end this now."

He threw his sword at Tifa.

Tifa, with life-saving reflexes, avoided the sword, but it turned in mid-air, and flew toward her again. Tifa had to dodge again, but she was too tired to do it forever. The sword seemed to have a mind of it's own and it was ready to carve Tifa into obvilion.

"Cloud....help...." she said.


Cloud felt a shiver of fear enter his body. All of them had been getting considerably weaker, but they had to get through this. Otherwise.......

The others were sitting down, knuckles white with fear, and very upset and concerned looks were all around the camp.

Rude was just as concerned as anybody but a movement not far away from him caught his attention. He turned, his gun ready.

But relief flooded his face as he saw who it was.


The girl came out, obviously tired, but smiled at Rude. Behind her, Barret, Aeris, Reeve, a young girl which most recognised and a young boy entered.

The shock that Priscilla was here almost sent a rage through them, but the situation was more drastic than worrying about a young girl's safety. Another young girls life was on the line here.......

Barret talked to the Turks and the others about Priscilla and Lucas whilst Aeris went over to Tifa.

"Am I too late?" she said, worriedly.

Cloud didn't stir as Zack spoke for her.

"Aeris...." he said unsteadily, obviously still in pain. Recovering he said "No, but we need you now.

Aeris nodded. She went by Chromer.

"If I can help Tifa defeat Sephiroth, can you use your power to remove him?" she asked Chromer.

Chromer nodded. It would mean losing all his powers, but as it was his fault that Tifa had this problem in the first place.

Aeris was about to instigate her power when Vincent spoke.

"Get her out of here.....we need her......Lucresia....." he said.

Aeris nodded and concentrated.

A white light came over her. Her hands brought along her sides. Chromer grabbed one and Zack grabbed the other. Cloud, after hesitation, grabbed both Chromer's and Zack's. The white light grew larger and enveloped all of them.

Suddenly, the light was so bright that Cid and Red had to cover their eyes. Even Vincent, who's vision was excellent, couldn't see what was going on. All he knew, was that he hoped it woudl save Tifa's life..........


Tifa was getting weak from all the dodging. She prayed to the gods that they would be some way she could defeat this monster. But Sephiroth's power in her own mind was more than she could handle.

She backflipped to avoid a point black shot at her, but realised that she had nothing left. She kneeled as the sword was straight ahead of her, 30 feet away.

Tifa knew it was over. She closed her eyes...

Suddenly, a surge of power flowed through her. But it wasn't like Cloud or Chromer's power. This power felt refreshing, but at the same time powerful.

A voice told her, 'Strike the sword.'

Tifa felt like whatever was going to tell her that was nuts, but after seeing the sword heading toward her, she had no choice. Her fist shot out.

Tifa thought her next movement would be falling down toward death. Instead, her next movement was to look at shock as her fist smashed into the invincible Masamune, and it smashed as easily as glass. She wasn't the only one. Sephiroth's mouth had twisted in shock as well.

"What the hell...." he started to say but stopped as he saw Tifa look at him. The look was one of anger, but also of confidence. Sephiroth suddenly felt an emotion which was unnatural for him.


Sephiroth quickly shot another blade attack.

Tifa heard the same voice tell her ' Hand out in a block.'

Tifa obeyed and her hands went out as if to block the attack. The blade connected with her hands, but she felt no pain. Her hands glowed white and instead, she shot a huge power ray like attack at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth gasped as the attack hit him in the chest, the power surging through him like an electric shock as powerful as the entire US's power.

Sephiroth felt weasy and started to blast hopeful attacks at Tifa, but Tifa was also blasting shots of power, which were destroying Sephiroth's and was hitting him as well.

Tifa realised that the same power that Sephiroth had she now had. She could do almost anything.

She raised her foot and crashed it on the 'ground' (As in her mind, it isn't really ground, but hey). Cracks emerged as fires of hell erupted, the cracks focusing around on Sephiroth. He suddenly felt very afraid.

Tifa flew 30 feet across and struck Sephiroth with a foot and a barrage of fists. From the fists, she shot her somersault kick, waterkick, and dolphin blow attacks. Sephiroth was dazed, as he fell through one of the cracks.

Surprisingly, Sephiroth recovered quickly as he lept up, but he saw Tifa throw something at him. It was two balls of light.

The balls headed towards Sephiroth. Sephiroth tried to stop them, but something was stopping them from being destroyed. A look of realisation came from him.

It was from the Cetra. He couldn't stop it, the Cetra wouldn't allow it.

The two balls hit him on each hand. Sephiroth flew 20 feet back and ended up stuck, unmoving, on an limbo object similar to a wall.

Sephiroth looked at Tifa, looks which could have killed him, were most likely, about to..........


"She breathing better!" screamed Priscilla and Yuffie practically together, in glee.

Aeris' concerntration sent a message to Chromer. Chromer nodded in understanding.

The shield from Cloud and Zack protected both them and Tifa as Aeris and Chromer concerntrated........

Chromer's plate of energy suddenly glowed around him and was removed slowly from his plate and entering Tifa......


Tifa let rip for the most powerful Shamatu she could muster. Her hands cupped together as she prepared to finish Sephiroth off.

The Shamatu was forming, but weirdly. It was glowing many different colours, and it was growing much larger than a regular Shamatu fireball.

What was happening was Chromer's Xi'an materia power was emerging into her spirit. From her spirit, she creates the Shamatu. So, Chromer's power was enveloping the fireball and was becoming extremely powerful.

Tifa couldn't believe the power which was surging through her body, she felt like she was going to pass out, but the power was also reassuring that she would win.

The fireball had grown around 8 times it's normal size, almost the size of Tifa herself. Sephiroth saw the attack in horror and couldn't do a thing about it. The Cetra had made sure about it.

Tifa, finally, released the fireball. Instead of being released in a normal fireball, it was released in a huge beam of power, heading towards Sephiroth.

The power of the Ci'an materia entered Sephiroth's body. Sephiroth screamed as bones disintegrated, muscles burst, veins contracted and blotted, skin shrivelling. The power was unbelievable.

Sephiroth gave a scream. "NOOOOOOOO....!"

It was cut short by his body disintegrating..........and then, exploding in a frazzle of Cetra light, Ci'an power and a surge of electricity.

Sephiroth was gone.

Tifa had done it.

Her friends had done it.

The power from the attack......

She promptly fainted, unconscious, but alive.


Aeris screamed as did Chromer. Zack and Cloud felt pain go into them....

And then...gone.

They looked up to see Aeris barely conscious, Tifa whimpering in a sleep.

"We did it!" Chromer exclaimed, clearly weak and exhausted, but happy nonetheless.

Cloud's emotions came out all at once. He hugged Tifa to the limit, despite her being unconscious, although the emotion did make her wake up slightly.

"Cloud....." she said, smiled, and promptly fell asleep again.

Cloud gently took her in her arms, as Zack took Aeris in his arms.

A huge cheer went through everyone, even Vincent, who was still worried about Lucresia, and relief and happiness spread through them.

Unfortunately, fate always attacks hope.

The crater suddenly felt a tremor. This brought everyone out of their trance. Rocks were moving as whatever evil remained here was attempting to have the last laugh on the subject.

"LANDSLIDE!" screamed Barret.

"Er, what about Avalanche?" Reno said in humour, but found himself running away as well.

The landslide was turning into a earthquake tremor as powers, perhaps of Mako, the plane, Sephiroth, or whatever, created rocks falling down as well as trees falling and destruction covering the area.

Cloud and Zack ran as fast as they could, even though they had to carry the two girls. Chromer was weak, but had to keep up. The rest were just running as fast as they could.

Chromer felt his weakness coming from his lack of Ci'an. Did he have to rely on it, and was it now gone, he would not be able to be any use again?

A rock fell ahead of him. He sliced it with his prong gun.

He looked at it. Maybe not...... he continued to run.

The rocks were coming down hard. Priscilla was having problems keeping up, but Lucas kept ushering her along. Mia seemed to have no problems as well, keeping up easily with her former partner Heici.

Suddenly, Jessie fell. She screamed as her ankle fell across a tree branch, which was thicker than it looked.

Barret heard the scream, but was too far ahead to see what happened. But what he did see was a huge rock heading to the area where the scream came from. Barret yelled "JESSIE!" but he couldn't do anything about it.

Then, he saw Rude running the opposite direction, jumping and somersaulting over rocks.

He saw a rock heading towards the fallen form of Jessie.

With a war cry, he leapt 10 feet into the air, and in the same movement, loaded his gun with a grenade shot, and blasted it at the rock in one movement.

It connected, showering Jessie in rocks, but much smaller, and hardly any struck her. However, her ankle was still in pain.

Rude looked at her in remorce. "Jessie, get up!"

Jessie looked at him. "I....I can't...."

Rude looked at her. "Yes, you can." he said, very measurely.

Jessie looked at his glasses. Suddenly, Rude removed them, and Jessie saw green eyes staring at her. It was almost hypnotic.

Rude held a hand, as more rocks fell. Jessie took it and stood up, still in pain. Rude saw that she couldn't run, so he lifted her up on his shoulder. Jessie didn't protest, and Rude hardly lost a step, and caught up with the stragglers, which were Chromer, Priscilla, Lucas and Reno.

Chromer cast Cure on himself, hoping it would help. It gave him more energy, but he could not keep up with the others. Miles ahead were Red, Tseng with Elena not that far behind, Yuffie, Mia and Heici, with the others in varying distances. No real damages apart from Jessie had happened.

The Highwind was coming slowly into view now, and Cid, who was in the middle of the pack, picked up the pace, surprisingly fit for his age and smoking addiction. He caught up with Elena, but he was no-where near in catching up with the beast with four legs named Nanaki.

Red entered the area first, but saw that the Highwind area was also in trouble as well. Rocks were pouring from the cliff area, and Red had to do something.

He cast Wall around the plane, and then around himself and the next people which entered, which were Cid, Tseng and Elena. Mia followed, then Heici, Yuffie, and then Vincent, carrying Lucrecia.

Then came Cloud and Zack, carrying Tifa and Aeris respectively. Reeve, Barret and Cait came next, then Rude with Jessie, then Chromer, Reno, Lucas and an exhausted Priscilla.

"Why the hell did I come here?" she thought, but not out loud, realising they weren't out of the woods yet.

Red's quick thinking made sure the damage was minimal to the ship and to themselves. Cid ran quickly, trying to avoid the rocks.

"Come on, let's head back to Rocket Town quickly. We can regroup there!" he screamed.

The others quickly followed suit. All tired, but entered quickly. Cloud and Zack had to pass the girls to Cid so they could climb up, Jessie however managed to climb up. The rest quickly entered. Despite the much larger party, there was lots of room for everyone.

Cid went into the pilot's seat, feeling the rocks connect. He knew that Red's Wall wouldn't protect it for long.

Cloud raised a materia. The ultima spell was cast and the rocks quickly vanished into dust.

"NOW CID!" screamed Cloud.

Cid knew he wouldn't have a better opportunity and started the engines. It slowed at first, but quickly speeded up and the airship started to move.

But then the rocks returned, and one headed towards the propeller.

Cid screamed, but Red shot his Cosmo Memory at it. The blast of fire burst it.

Cid remembered to thank Red again, but now he had to get out of here.

The engines sped up, and the airship moved more efficiently. Suddenly, they were airborne!

And they were out of here!

They had done it.


Tifa and Aeris were resting in the chocobo holder in the Highwind. It wasn't the best circumstances, but they just needed to rest.

Cloud had been pacing outside as soon as they had been rested. The others were just as upset but played like they were calm. Inside, they were a war of nerves.

Chromer had told them that his power had gone to remove Sephiroth, and the process had been a triumph. Sephiroth had been defeated.

Despite new faces and old faces returning, it was practically death's silence as they hoped that Aeris and Tifa would recover.

Cid was driving over the sea, heading to Rocket Town. He hoped Shera was alright. She had been hurt when she attempted to battle Jenova, but was alright. However, she had been queasy recently, he hoped that it wasn't serious. He cared for his wife deeply more than anybody in the world, but today, his focus was down the ship, and that Tifa and Aeris were alright.

Cloud paced more outside, sweat on his brow. He couldn't take it anymore.

He looked inside......

....and saw both Tifa and Aeris smiling at him.

Cloud's mouth opened and dropped, but was soon replaced with a huge grin. He ran by them and hugged both of them to his limit.

"Cloud......I'm so sorry for what I've done....." were Tifa's first words, but Cloud was too busy hugging her. Aeris had to smile. The once heartless soldier was performing emotions too exaspearting to contain.

"Sh...sh...Tifa, it wasn't you, you know that. Just rest." he said in his most calm and soothing voice, making Tifa feel much better.

He turned to Aeris. "Thank you so much, you saved her and us.....thank you, Aeris." he said.

Aeris smiled at him. "No problem." she said.

Suddenly, a flash of insight went over Aeris' face. "Cloud could you leave for just a moment, I wish to talk to Tifa, alone." she said.

Surprise went in Cloud's face, but nodded. "Yeah, I'll go tell the others you're all right." he said.

As soon as Cloud left, Aeris turned to Tifa. "Are you alright?" she said.

"Yes, thank you Aeris, it was you wasn't it, who gave me that power." she said.

"Yep, although Chromer gave you the power to destroy him." she said. Tifa nodded, making a note to thank him later.

"But I want to ask you something." Aeris said. Tifa nodded again.

"When are you going to tell him?" she said.

Tifa looked a bit confused at Aeris, but seeing the look Aeris was giving her, she realised what she meant.

"What....what do you mean?" she said, faking forgetfullness, but faking it badly.

"Don't play dumb with me. I felt it, you love him. Your love is like a ocean drowning an island. And he loves you too, I felt it whilst we connected." she said, no anger in her voice, more happiness.

Tifa blushed, not sure how to reply. How was Aeris feeling through this?

"But....don't you like him?" Tifa said, hiding a possible hurt in her voice.

Aeris thought for a moment. "Yes....but not like that. I was attracted to him as I met him, but after I saw you, I realised that you two are destined together. Despite all the things happening, I knew that your love for him was 10 times stronger than mine could ever be. I love him as friend and that is that. Now go to him!" she finished, humour in her voice.

Tifa felt a sigh of relief inside of her, but was still precaurious. "But, I don't....."

"Aw come on. He loves you, you love him, what's the problem?" Aeris smiled.

Tifa sighed. "I guess none."

Aeris held her hand. "Tell him, when he comes back in." she said.

As if on cue, Cloud walked in, the smile not removed from his face.

"The others are overjoyed. They all want to see you now. Do you want them to come in or do you want to rest a bit more?" he said.

"They can come.....but first can we speak to you, Cloud?" said Aeris, still holding Tifa's hand.

"Sure." said Cloud.

"Cloud, when we connected to save Tifa, I felt the conflicting emotions between the two of you. I think you know what I mean. I want you two happy, and I don't want to be in the middle of any problems that you have. So...."

Aeris placed Tifa's hand into Cloud's. Both looked at each other with a hint of embarrassment, but Aeris smiled.

"You belong together." she said, smiling still.

Cloud looked at Tifa's hand, and then at Tifa. Her beautiful face, her eyes, the nose, the lips, every part was beautiful. He wondered how he didn't see it before?

Then he looked at Aeris. That was why. His bodyguard nature to her had attracted him to her and he didn't see Tifa as who she was. But now, she sees Tifa as who she is, a wonderful girl, who saved him in the Lifestream, who was caring, cheerful, optimistic, and godamn beautiful.

Tifa looked at Cloud, her childhood friend. They hadn't seen each other much as children, Tifa had many boys with attention to her. But she only wanted to speak to Cloud. Which is why she was upset after he left for SOLDIER. But now.....was Aeris saying he was her's?

Aeris looked at both of them and nodded, still smiling.

Suddenly, Cloud pulled Tifa to her feet and hugged her tight. Tifa returned the hug tenfold, as tears dropped on them as Cloud kissed her forehead.

Aeris sighed. It was right. It was destiny.

And it was her destiny to make Cloud see it her way.

And again, she smiled.


After a number of cheers, hoorahs, hugs and the rest, they left Aeris and Tifa to finish their rest. But Tifa never knew if it was possible to feel this good. Cloud was hers......

She looked over at Aeris who had fallen asleep. Her supposed rival was the one had made it like this. Any bad blood which had been between just evaporated into nothingness.

Tifa lay down. It would be a while before she got any more rest..........


A seemingly long time later, Rocket Town was upon them. Aeris and Tifa seemingly both refreshed left the Airship, full of joy and vigor. Jessie had to be taken to the local hospital to see for any injuries.

Cid, Jessie, Barret and Rude went to the local hospital to check her in.

Cid waited around. He didn't like hospitals, that was a fact. There was something about them which had a mystery which didn't settle with him. Maybe the fact that death surrounded the white walls was one of the reasons.

Jessie was taken in into a room, whilst Barret and Rude helped her along. Barret still wasn't trustworthy of the Turks, but he admitted that Rude was the one he trusted the most. His calm nature was the complete opposite to Barret, but his security and air of authority made him a commanding figure. He was almost as tall as Barret, and built quite well despite being quite thin. Plus the fact that Jessie liked him, and that was enough for him. Rude had saved her on the landslide, that had to tell him something about trust.

As Barret and Rude disappeared, Cid was alone and bored.

Or was he?

He heard a squeal of delight in one of the rooms nearby. He recognised the voice very clearly.

"Shera?" he said.

A bit louder he repeated the name. From a room a few strides away from him a voice replied "Cid?"

Cid rushed to the room, afraid if anything has happened to his wife. However, the squeal he heard wasn't one of pain.

He entered. A doctor with a traditional white coat was standing over Shera, who had a beaming smile on her face.

"Who is this man?" the doctor said, concerned.

Shera smiled. "My husband" she said simply, smiling. The doctor nodded.

"Are you all right......" he was caught off guard by Shera leaping on him and giving him a big passionate kiss, holding it on for a while.

"Hey, are you all right? What was that for.....I'm not complaining, but what brought it on?" Cid said.

Shera stood by him and whispered something in his ear. Cid's eyes widened in surprise before a big smile hit his lips before almost collapsing.

"Shera?" he said, recovering.

Shera nodded.

Cid whooped for joy. "I'm gonna be a dad!" he screamed, hugging Shera to his limit without harming her. Shera returned the hug with bright red cheeks.

The doctor smiled. "Well, I guess I'll leave you be." he smiled.

As he left, Cid smiled. "How long?"

"Three weeks into. That was the reason I was feeling sick." she said.

"This is too much, Sephiroth's ass has been turned to dust and I'm going to be a father!" he said.

"What....you killed him finally?" Shera asked.

"Yep, it's a long story, but long story short, Tifa is fine, Lucrecia is now fine (Aeris removed the last ounce of Jenova within her after recovering, Vincent was just as joyous as Cid is) and we kicked Alien ass!" he said.

Shera kissed him on the lips. "Not bad for a day's work?"

Cid caressed her on the hair. "No....I suppose not....."


Jessie was under attention to see if her ankle had broke, or it just been sprained. The doctor had used the X-ray and came back with the results, as Jessie, Barret and Rude were now sitting down, awaiting.

The doctor entered and brought the results. "Well, Miss Halberd, the good news or the bad news?"

Jessie sighed. "Better give me the bad news first, doc." she said.

The doctor opened an envelope. "The bad news is that a bone has definetly fractured within the ankle." A groan emitted from Jessie's mouth.

"The good news is that it is not too serious. A blast of cure materia every day for two weeks will rest it up and you'll be as good as new. You won't be able to walk though until then." he said, finally.

Jessie nodded and thanked the doctor. Barret sighed whilst Rude remained quiet.

"I suppose we better thank ya. I just wish we could get a discount for saving the world." Barret grumbled, despite the fact that he, along with the other members of Avalanche had more money than most people in the remaining world, because of their exploits in their first adventure.

The doctor smiled. "I'll see you in two weeks." and shook the three people's hands.

Barret left. "Come on, you two."

Jessie smirked. "Yes, dad."

Rude pushed the wheelchair for Jessie which she was now in. Jessie enjoyed the ride. Rude promised her he would help her anyway possible. Jessie told him he had already done enough in saving her life, but Rude shrugged, saying that he owed her for saving him from Lelin.

As they left, they saw Shera and Cid leave. Barret scratched his head, wondering what that was all about.

Jessie however saw the huge smiles on their faces, and knew immediately what that meant.

"I'll put it this way, Barret. They weren't in for the same thing as me, and yet, you might get a new member of Avalanche, except to keep Marlene company." she said.

Barret smiled.


Lucresia was just recovering from her Jenova extraction.

"How you feeling?" Aeris said, just outside the Shinra rocket.

"I feel....fine." Lucresia said simply.

Aeris smiled, stroking the hair. The gothic feel seemed to be finished within her, and she looked 10 years younger. She definetly looked better if that was an indication.

"Listen, Aeris.....I'm....I'm sorry for what I did. I should have listened. I thought I could convince my son that he was wrong and stop his madness. I was wrong. A sadness in her voice. Aeris put a hand on her shoulder.

"I now know.......that my son cannot change. The scars are too deep for wounds like that. So, I'm....I'm glad my son has been destroyed. Does that make me a bad person?" Lucresia asked.

Aeris shook her head. "Sephiroth was a man driven to madness by what Hojo did, so really was it his fault? But what he was doing was evil, we all knew it. If we hadn't stopped him....."

Lucresia smiled, a rare one. "Thank you. Thank you all. Not just for riding the evil within me and the world, but for showing me that life is better than remaining in a waterfall. That is a gift I'll never be able to repay. Thank you."

Aeris smiled.

"What about Vincent?" Aeris asked.

"First, I've got to forgive him for the way I treated him. And secondary, I'm going to show him a way how to forgive him." she smiled again. Aeris also smiled as Lucresia walked away to Cid's house.

Aeris shook her head. "Humans....oh wait, I'm half-human. Darn."

With a little laugh, she also headed towards Cid's house.


When Cid returned and told them the news, a huge applause from everyone, including the Turks, consequently meant that Shera was the head of attention for a while, before tiredness set in with many of the people. Cid had thanked Red for his part in saving their lives, which he accepted, before lying down by the fire, a bit lonely, but at least warm.

Tseng and Elena were talking quietly in a corner.

"What are we going to do about our wedding plans?" Tseng asked.

Elena smiled and kissed him softly on the lips. "We'll work everything out. We can get married later, just for now, let's just rest from that activity known as saving the world."

Tseng smirked as they kissed again.

Reno looked over them. He teased both Tseng and Elena about this 'marriage crap', but the truth be told he was jealous. His life had been near hell as a kid, and seeing two people devoted to each other sparked jealously within him.

He saw Rude talking to Jessie, and Barret in a corner. Again, jealously emerged. Jessie and Rude were getting closer by the second, and Reno, whilst nothing really against Jessie, he wished Rude was here talking to him, he was that bored.

Reno smiled. 'Oh well, might as well get drunk, like I'm not used to it.'


Barret was talking to Rude like they were old buddies, and in more than one sense. The two of them were the oldest in the room, and yet they were perhaps two of the toughest men on the planet. And yet, they both had a soft side.

Barret thought of Elymra and Marlene, at home, at the newly developed Corel. It was one of the first cities to be changed thanks to people like Reeve, who was talking to Aeris, Vincent, Zack, Chromer and Lucresia. Corel was now a much better place to live in than it ever been. Elymra had been a godsend for him, along with Marlene, and with Aeris and Jessie returning as well, it was almost too much for him.

Jessie yawned, obviously tired. "I'll think I'll hit the hay." she said.

Barret smiled, but she was going to have a few problems getting to the inn and the steps.

Rude obviously thought the same thing. "It's O.K, I'll take her."

Barret smiled. "Thanks Tu....I mean, Rude." He had thought of the Turks as a name, but knowing Rude now, he didn't think he was that bad as mentioned.

"Besides, I've got a wife and a daughter to go home to. This world-saving crap takes a lot out of a man, don't ya think?" he said.

Rude and Jessie smiled. Rude helped her onto the wheelchair, and after a bit of maneovering, got her out.

They went into the inn and Rude paid. However, they couldn't manoever the wheelchair up the steps.

Rude smiled. "No problem." And with that, scooped Jessie up in his arms and gently went up the steps.

However, half away up, something stirred in both of them. The gentle feel of her arms over his neck and her body in his arms, her scent enrapturing him made him feel all euphoric.

With Jessie, the stare in his face showed a man with compassion. She removed his glasses again and saw those same hypnotic and yet, beautiful eyes.

They both snapped at the same time, and kissed, deeply. Rude deepened the kiss, finding so much passion within her. If they was any more desention between himself and Avalanche, it was now severed with the sweet young woman in his arms. For Jessie, this man was a Turk, a member of the organisation which once killed her, but it wasn't him, and he didn't know about it. Besides, the man was incredibly captivating, and whilst tall, was gentle and kind, and Jessie knew that his life was one she wanted, as they deepened the kiss.

And outside, Barret was watching. A year ago, he would have rung Rude's neck. But times had changed, and so had they.

And so as he left for Corel, instead of a curse, he smiled at the situation.


Reeve, Vincent and Lucresia were busy praising Zack, Chromer and Aeris. Cloud would have joined them but they didn't know where he went.

Vincent had been given his 'apology' as she entered. She gave him a more human kiss that he or she had given out before. Vincent felt his feelings continue to deepen as Lucresia's change was now apparent as he looked over her. A few 'whoos' from the crowd however had put him out of shock and gave everyone a fake 'threatening' look, which they innocently raised their hands and went back to getting pissed.

Chromer felt changed. His power was gone. Would he be the help that he had been?

He shook his head. He was still a member of Avalanche, and he was still more than able in a fight. But his main strength had gone? Did he have to rely upon it.

Hell no. He closed his eyes, smiling.

"I'm proud of you."

Chromer opened his eyes. That voice, was so familiar.

"Edele?" he whispered. Luckily no-one noticed.

Where did that come from? That musical voice........but that was a long time ago.....

Chromer sighed. One worry gone, but another one seemed to start.........


Heici and Mia had been talking almost non-stop since they recognised each other. Yuffie felt a bit left out, but decided for once to butt out of other people's lives.

Mia reminiced about their past, and Heici told Mia about his failed stint as a SOLDIER, but left and met up with Chromer. And now, they were in Avalanche.

Priscilla and Lucas went to talk to Yuffie, and she accepted the company.

When everyone got together, all the new people introduced themselves. Most knew Priscilla anyway, and Barret had accepted young Lucas as a potential warrior. However, after this, they were both going to Junon back, but not for a spanking, for a hero and heroine's welcome.

Mia however, had been accepted by the Turks and Zack as a terrific warrior. Many were skeptical but when they heard that she was a Zangan warrior, most changed their mind. Mia wanted to tell Tifa where Zangan was and that he was coming, but she couldn't find her.

Saying that, they couldn't find Cloud either............


Tifa and Cloud were sitting outside Rocket Town looking at the nearby ocean view.

"It is beautiful." said Tifa.

Cloud nodded. "I still think you are the most beautiful view I could have." he said with a smirk.

Tifa blushed. She slid an arm around his waist and she plopped on his lap.

"Well, what do we do now?" Tifa asked. "Is it all over?"

Cloud didn't have an answer to that, but he said. "I hope so. As for what we do......"

Cloud put her face to his. "Maybe this will do."

Cloud and Tifa tipped their faces towards each other and kissed, hungrily and passionately. Tifa had been waiting god know's how long for this, and was savouring the moment. The feel, the touch, the exuberance from the kiss.

It lasted for her practically forever. However, much to both of them, they broke off, both needing air.

"Whoa!" said Cloud. Tifa smiled. "Not bad."

Cloud humphed. "Not bad....is that all you can say?"

Tifa smiled. "Try this." And she kissed him again, more sweetly, as Cloud wrapped his arms around her, enraptured within the moment, losing themselves in their love.

Their problems may have elevated for 20 years, and fighting for the last 2 years, but for Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart, at that moment, all was right with the world.......



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