Tifa vs. Aeris Chapter 4

Outbreak of Terror

By Chris Homer

Story So Far: Tifa has escaped, trying to avoid as much pain that Sephiroth may cause her, and to other people. Having arrived in Nibelheim, Sephiroth is hoping to awaken an army of monsters from Hojo's creations, however, someone is there to spoil the party. Meanwhile, the others are desperately searching for her.......


Red had the scent of blood on his trail. True, to his species, it was a nature or an instinct to track, usually for prey. However, this prey would take more than a tranquiliser to calm it down.

The group had been searching for almost an hour. They had followed the track of blood to where it stopped, and since then, which was half an hour earlier, they have tried to find where she was. Her scent was definetly weaker, but Red still had a firm hand on the trail.

The group which consisted of all the remaining members of Avalanche and the Turks, plus random people as well which had helped them, was starting to get a bit wary. Cloud suggested she may have gone to Midgar via Costa Del Sol because that is where Hojo's lab was, thus, Sephiroth could concuct many creations from there and lord knows what to Tifa, Red suggested Cosmo as a weak point from their last battle, it would be easy to start base there, Barret suggested Fort Condor because of their armies and supplies, it would be easy to get strength to strength, but as they were arguing, Aeris dubbed over, clutching her head.

"What is it Aeris?" said Cloud, concerned, kneeling over.

Aeris felt tears emerging once more. "I....feel....her....pain." she simply said.

"Who, Tifa? whispered Cloud, as the group formed over him. Aeris nodded.

"I feel.....agggh" she screamed. Cloud had to hold her steady as she practically collapsed.

"It looks like Sephiroth's influence is affecting her in the same way as it's affecting Tifa. When the madman is possessing her, a friend, she feels the pain of her as well." Chromer said simply.

Cloud looked at Aeris, resolve in his eyes. "Can you feel where it is hurting?" he said, holding her as not to make her scared.

Aeris couldn't say anything, but just looked at a particular direction.

Cloud followed her eyes, and nodded.



Lucresia stood in front of Tifa, a dark gothic stare in her eyes at the young woman which her son had possessed.

"Son, what are you doing?" she simply said.

"Nothing, I'm just taking my rightful place as ruler of this universe." 'he' said (Tifa said in but in a Sephiroth like voice.)

"Sephiroth, I am your mother. Why are you doing this?" she replied.

Tifa/Seph looked her over. "As I told you once before, you are not my mother. Jenova was, she gave me true power, you, are nothing, but a useless valve which created me. Your power is nothing to me." he replied.

Lucresia with tears of sorrow but with a look of anger carried on her veteran, if still, beautiful face. "Please son, stop the madness. Please, for the sake of humanity, we're begging you." Lucresia had to take a deep breath to realise the intensity of her words, like Vincent, she felt more aspects of her humanity return to her. But she said to Vincent she felt responsible for help create the monster called Sephiroth, and to make sure she felt better, she felt she should find him.

When she left Vincent, she hid in the back room of Cid's house in meditation, she didn't want any part of human kind at this moment. When she heard a crash, her eyes snapped open. She saw Tifa totally anhialiate Tseng, Elena and Cid, before facing a surprise end to Yuffie and Heici. Lucresia knew that wasn't Tifa, it was Sephiroth, she felt it, like Aeris, felt the evil around the area. So, whilst they were all distracted, she snuck out and waited outside, hoping for an opening.

She didn't need one. Tifa smashed out of a window and ran. Curious, for her sake and evertyone else's, she decided to follow. This may be the only chance she would get in trying to stop Sephiroth, even if that meant killing the body he was possessing.

She transformed into her version of the Chaos beast and slipped silently into the air and into the shadows, keeping an eye on her as well as making sure she wasn't spotted.

When she got to Nibelheim, she had a feeling that the mountain was where she was heading, so she landed in the main entrance and headed towards the Jenova sit, knowing this was where it started.

She was right.

(Back to the now)

Her thoughts were interrupted by an evil laugh from the person ahead of her.

"You fool! You really think I would give in to some pitiful begging? I am all-powerful, and you ARE NOTHING!"

With that, Tifa spun and swung a back fist, catching Lucresia in the nose, making her fly without the power of a Chaos Beast.

As he hit one of the genetic creators, she almost blacked out from the pain. It seemed Sephiroth's influence was making her stronger, as it did with Chromer. Lucresia's anger rose once more and shot many crystals from her hands at Sephiroth/Tifa.

Tifa easily avoided them by doing a back flip, avoiding all of them. She laughed at Lucresia, taunting her. Tifa went into a crouch, and into a spin, in a Shokotan manuevre known as the Hari-chiban, or the Cherry Blossom Kick, involving a spin on the ground, and multiple kicks impacting the opponent's legs.

Lucresia doubled over, trying to avoid the pain, but it was no use. She screamed in agony, and she had already become the Chaos Beast to get here. She tried to shoot more crystals, but Tifa either avoided them, or had cast Barrier, not even wasting powerful magic.

Soon, Lucresia felt that she hadn't got any energy to shoot any more crystals. With one last look at her 'son', she saw a fist connecting with her head, possibly the last sight she may see. She closed her eyes.........

Tifa admired her handy work, without too much effort. She looked at Lucresia.

"You were a fool, 'mother.' I should kill you now but you may be of some use to me, if you were part of Hojo's schemes, as you did create me." Tifa scooped up Lucresia, hoisted her over her shoulder, and made her way up the steps, perhaps to the stairs of hell...........


By now, everyone was tired. Trying to get to Nibelheim on foot took it's toll, and no-one had a Chocobo Lure materia. Ironically, Tifa had that, and they had left the Highwind back at Rocket Town.

Everyone was probably about to pass out but sudden resolve just made them go further. Aeris cried out again.

Again, Cloud went over to her, and after the usual questions, this time she said "Lucresia........Tifa.....got..her.....got...to...save....her..."

Vincent's hears purked up. A twinge of fear hit his soul. Lucresia is there, Sephiroth? 'Oh sh...'

"We've got to get to Mt. Nibel now before the freak totally destroys her!" Vincent screamed, not realising the amount of emotion in his voice.

After everyone got over fainting from the shock, and Vincent was trying hard not to blush, Cid spoke up.

"Hell, he's right. If Sephiroth is going to Mt. Nibel, he could easily use Lucresia as one of his creations." he said, the urgency of his voice showing how desperate this situation was becoming.

A lot of the people were almost asleep, including Cloud himself, but he knew he had to carry on.

"Come on! No time to lose." he said, but Aeris was still having pains. Zack and Reeve both offered to help her, so they held her in between themselves, practically dragging her to the mountains.

"Sephiroth, you will pay....." Cloud and Vincent mouthed together.


Tifa dropped Lucresia in the Jenova Chamber, and began attaching various wires to her, Lucresia still unconscious.

"You were always a loner. Now you attempt to go to the outside world and what happens to you, you are about to become the rebirth of Jenova!" she laughed evilly.

Hooking wires and various computer electronics to the already mangled body of Lucresia. Tifa touched her face.

"My mother.....hah! Well, might as well make you into some use. With a little power infusion, you can become my real mother, Jenova!" Tifa laughed with incredible power, and began re-attaching various wires to various parts of Lucresia's body.

Tifa hummed evilly to herself as she set out to work. The 'real' Tifa however was screaming on the inside, wondered why her body was doing such an insane act. She repeatedly told Sephiroth to stop it, but she couldn't control herself. She used every muscle, every vein in her body to try and force herself away from Lucresia, trying to stop this act before it was too late.

But it was no use.

The button was set. Her finger grazed it.



Tifa/Seph turned around to see Cloud heading towards her, a look of despair read cleanly across his face.

Tifa spun aound and growled as Avalanche and the Turks headed towards her. Vincent was last, and saw Lucresia strapped down to the Jenova Chamber. He drew out the Death Penalty. His anger submerging, he wasn't thinking straight, he seemed to forget that it was really Tifa in front of him, not Sephiroth.

"What the hell have you done to her?" he screamed.

"Well, Vincent Valentine, your friend is about to become the second most powerful person on this planet, after me of course. I am about to insert a Jenova infusion into her, thus, making her become Jenova rebirth, as her cells from Hojo will spark off the ignition and cause automatic metamorphisis, and there is nothing you can do about it." said Tifa/Seph.

Vincent aimed the weapon at the controls at the chamber.

"No closer and no tricks. With a flick of this switch I can change her into more monstrous ways than you could ever imagine. And if you destroy it, the button can lead to another energy pack in the back where you can't get it." she said.

Vincent was livid with rage. "YOU F....."

Not only were the group in shock from this display of emotion from Vincent, they were even more shocked when he fired........at Tifa.

Cloud screamed, knowing they had a plan, but Vincent's anger was obviously more than he could take. He closed his eyes.

When he opened them, Tifa was not only alive, but had a smile on her face. With her left hand, she held an item.

The bullet Vincent fired. How in the hell did she....

Cloud felt relieved and yet afraid at the same time. Tifa tutted and shook her head.

"Oh dear, looks like someone will have to pay for that moment of insolence." He/she turned to Lucresia. "Oh well...it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it." The switch was grazed again.

With amazing agility, Red lept as far as 15 feet where he was from Tifa, to pounce on her to avoid the end of Lucresia. Quickly the Turks drew their weapons, ready to back up Red. Everyone else were more cautious.

Suddenly, Tifa flipped Red onto his backside, with great strength over a beast over 300 pounds. Tifa jumped into the air and prepared to drive her fist into Red's head.

Cid suddenly jumped in the way and hit her with the blunt end of his Venus Gospel. Tifa fell back, but turned in mid air and landed on her feet.

"Look, this exchange has been fun, but I've got a resurrection and an army to re-create!" She pulled out a materia.

"Tera Flare!"

The huge dragon of Neo Bahamut appeared above the whole party, and for the Turks, they had a feeling the end has come, at the hands of the evil known as Sephiroth. However, the others, with the acception of Shera, Heici and Chromer, looked relatively calm.

Tifa/Seph noticed this and looked at them.

"Why the calm state? Don't you know you are going to fry like bacon?"

When he/she looked up again, Bahamut wasn't there, and the others were as healthy as ever.

Barret smiled.

"Did you really think we would leave our materia unprotected in the wrong hands?" He shot a quick glance at Yuffie. "So, whilst Bahamut was unloading, it went back into the materia. Recently, Reeve, Rude and Jessie have put a system on our materia and put a lock-on on Cait. If something goes wrong with our materia, or it is used against us, Cait automatically activated the lock-on system, enabling the materia useless. So, all of the materia that Tifa has is now on automatic lock-out. So, go piss up a rope, Sephiroth!" Barret finished in triumph.

Sephiroth didn't reply, instead, his arm put apart and a huge sonic wave unleashed from Tifa's arms, flooring everyone.

"Hmm." Seph seemed to be in deep thought. "It seems we have a new martial technique within your arsenal which is pretty powerful, why not we use it now?" Sephiroth suggested to himself.

Yuffie heard this and gasped.

"Heici, remember the Shamatu technique Tifa taught myself and Aeris?" she said to Heici, whilst still on the floor.

"Yes?" Heici said slowly before being enlighting in sudden realisation. "She's not going to use it on us?"

Yuffie turned as Tifa's hands started to glow. She nodded grimly.

Tifa's hands started to glow green and the glow became larger and larger. The power was coming from her use of materia, plus her own chi.

The glow was at full strength now. She smiled and released it at the party.


The fireball heading towards the party came in a powerful line, running through everyone. Heici, Aeris and Yuffie seemed to shrug some of it off, but the others crouched in horrendous pain.

Tifa sighed. "O.K, back to my original plan." And proceeded to press the switch.


The green eminity flowed inside of Lucresia at a force rate of 60mph. The change in her was already showning as her gothic paleness turned into an alienated green, almost like a modern Gorgon.

Her flesh was becoming more twisted, and more muscular. Tentacles replaced her hair, and wings emerged from her back, wings that Satan may have created, a full 5 feet in length each and all with deadly spikes.

Her face grew ugly teeth and her chest bore the enity of materia, the ultima materia.

Before long, the entire body had been revolted, and Lucresia was no longer there, instead....

....the rebirth of a monster.

Tifa smiled at the snarling creation just behind her.

"Destroy them." she simply said.

The Jenova looked at the band of travellers armed and dangerous, although struggling after being hit by Tifa's Shamatu technique. Jenova roared and flew into the air. Yuffie flung her shuriken whilst Chromer hit materia blasts from his prong guns. Before long, everyone who could strike was focusing their attacks on Jenova. Cloud, Zack and Aeris were the ones trying to stop Tifa, as they had the power inside them, either Jenova based or Cetra based. However, Tifa's combined power with Sephiroth was almost unstoppable. Time after time he/she utilised sonic wave attacks and chi blasts from both arsenals.

The Jenova meanwhile was simply blasting the remaining members with huge flares of fire, which was extremely powerful. It obviously wasn't doing much else, just content to blast them. Vincent was the only one not attacking. He had pleaded with Cloud just beforehand, but Cloud was still pissed off at him for attempting to kill Tifa, it was a 'see how you like it' kind of life.

Vincent refused to shoot at Lucresia, but didn't stop the others as they were attacking with weapons and materia. Heici and Yuffie joined hands and concerntrated.

Above the Jenova, a Bahamut/Leviathan monster appeared. He powered up a huge blast of energy over the whole area.

After the flare subsided, whilst the group of adventureres seemed to be as fit as a fiddle, Jenova looked burned and scarred. It was screaming, and some of it's tangled flesh was a real mess, with green blood pouring in some areas.

Jenova blasted another ring of fire followed by an Ultima. The Turks had the sense to cast defensive spells over themselves, but the rest were unfortunate as most of the defensive spells went to Tifa or Aeris, and they were having problems of their own.

The four Turks put their hands in a cross.

"Rude's strength....." said Rude.

"Reno's mobility....." said Reno.

"Elena's knowledge...." said Elena.

"And Tseng's leadership...." said Tseng.

"WE BECOME TURK UNITED!" they all shouted.

A glow of materia came from all their hands. From Reno it was fire, from Rude it was earth, from Elena it was lightning, and from Tseng it was ice. The materia glowed together and it formed a pyramid like shape. The pyramid hurled towards the Jenova.

The combined power of the mastered materia went into the jenova's body, as first fire burnt the Jenova's vody, followed by a deep freeze, it was then shocked, before being brought down to earth with a shaking.

Jenova was now on the ground, and Tifa/Seph noticed this.

Tifa was defending well against the remaining members, Zack, Cloud and Aeris. They needed Chromer to help them remove it, but he was having problems with the Jenova. In any case, Tifa was whipping their asses for them to worry what to do.

Despite the fact she couldn't use the materia she had, the attacks of chi and sonic blasts were extremely powerful and thus, didn't give Cloud and co and chance. Primarily, Tifa had been focusing her attacks on Aeris, but the girl didn't seem to be fased that much.

At that point, Aeris cast Planet Protector on her party. Suddenly, Zack and Cloud felt renewed and ran at Tifa. Again, Tifa attacked without mercy but the invulnerability shields Aeris had cast had made her attacks futile. Zack and Cloud grabbed whilst Aeris chanted a Sleepel spell.

"Chromer, now!" screamed Cloud.

Chromer heard the call and ran to help them. Jenova was still fighting despite the Turk Rule and Wutai Flare attacks. It seemed that it was drawing on an aided power. Cid had clobbered it with Big Brawl and Chromer had blasted him with Jyubakusatsu attacks (Magic Sign Blast) but the Jenova was obviuosly healing itself in some way.

Chromer went, wondering if he should sacrifice his powers for this girl. But he should, after all the trouble he caused. He closed his eyes....

Chromer then felt a huge pain in his side. Looking down, he saw a glowing blast on his thigh. It was burning....like acid......

Oh shit. Chromer passed out, not wanting to see what happened.

"Oh, shit! Now what's happened?" said Cloud. Aeris quickly went over to cure him before any permenant damage came about. Meanwhile, the Jenova was returning to the chamber, to recharge. The damn thing had cast Wall on itself and was easily fending off attacks. Jenova had used some sort of force field on the party, unabling to do anything whilst he recharged.

Well, not everyone.

Shera was at the back of the party and the force field hadn't come as far as her. She moved to the side, careful not to be caught in the force field which was invisible, and looked at the chamber.

The power pad had a spare pack in the rear, which was activated if blasted, so no good there. She looked around for anything......

Yes! There was a chain above the chamber, hooked onto some planks. The planks had barrels on it. If she shot at the hook onto the chain, the barrels, which were huge had to weigh around 800 pounds at least, and solid steel.

She took aim with her shotgun, and fired at the hook, as accurately as she could.



The next thing Jenova knew was a lot of screamed and fire. It quickly escaped death, but the thing knew that the fight was over. Not only had the chamber been destroyed, but some of the other chambers where Sephiroth was going to create his army were being damaged as well.

Unfortunately for the group, Sephiroth was faking the Sleepel. He/She woke up, hit a back fist into bost Zack and Cloud before knocking their heads together with unearthly like strength.

As they fell down, wondering which truck hit them, Tifa walked up to Aeris.


"No way, what have you done to her?" Aeris replied.


With that Tifa lunged at Aeris. Aeris quickly sidestepped it, knowing that she was no match for either Tifa or Sephiroth in a one on one, had to rely on her magic to stop him.

Sephiroth cast Angel Whisper in Aeris, bringing her down to her knees. Immediately, she cast Pulse of Life on herself, and everyone around her.

Tifa could see her friends coming to attack her. This madman would not rest until either she or Aeris was dead, if not dead physically, then dead psychologically.

As everyone came about, Tifa/Seph shot a huge sonic wave on everyone, knocking everyone back a good 20 feet, before focusing back on Aeris.


Tifa ran in, starting up her combo with her usual flare of punches. But as the first punch connected, something didn't seem right.

Her punch was supposed to connected with flesh, but instead it got stuck about halfway. She looked up.

Instead of Aeris, stood a huge Cait Sith, and inside was Reeve and Aeris, along with Jessie.

"Try this out!" Reeve simply said.

He ran and hit a huge moogle fist upon Tifa's head. The power and pain ws excuitiating! Tifa knew she couldn't take much more of this combined power, and another fist came down on her stomach, knocking her back 10 feet like a baseball player when connected with that change up.

Jessie, Rude and Reeve had made some more AI modifications to make Cait more....well, human. Also with his slot machine attacks, they had removed the All Over and Joker Death, and included modifications for the rest, such as the giant Cait now could fit over 5 people for more power, and the Toy Box unleashed a powerfuil materia. The toy soldiers now had more powerful weaponry, and they had added a W-Summon to the Summon attack so it unleashed two summons for the price of one. Pretty good work altogether.

Tifa looked at Jenova, weak as god knows what.

"O.K, you've won this round, but there will be others!" she said.

She screamed in an alien language, but the words sounded a lot like Hell's Gate, and before long, both she and Jenova vanished.

Vincent fell down to his knees.

"LUCRESIA!" he screamed, bashing the ground with his metal claw. And before he even knew what he was doing, tears were forming in his once inhuman red eyes. He fell to the ground.

Cid saw him. He did something he or some of the others had never done. He put an arm around him.

"Hey, man. Don't crack up now. We need yaz. Calm down." He never thought he would comfort this man, he was perhaps the toughest and unemotional (that's for damn sure!) of the bunch, and yet, here he was, feeling the emotion of heartbreak and revenge flowing in him like a burning desire.

Vincent quickly calmed down, a bit embarrassed from the emotion he showed so obviously a minute ago. He stood up as nothing had happened.

Zack got up and saw Aeris coming out of the huge Moogle. Reeve and Jessie stepped out a moment later.

"Are you all right?" Zack asked.

"Yes, fine. Thanks to Jessie, Reeve and Cait." she smiled at Reeve, and whispered thank you to him. Reeve blushed at the beautiful woman in front of him, he tried hard to force it back, but he couldn't help the colour in his cheeks.

"It's...all right." he replied, sheepishly.

Rude went up to Jessie.

"Looks like my first job for Reeve worked." Rude said.

"Yeah, guess it did!" smiled Jessie.

Rude smiled also and looked at her. He was 8 years Jessie's elder, and she was an original members of the organization he was have supposed to have despised, but he realised that the side he should have despised was his own side. The Shinra had lied to practically everyone, including the Turks, and he felt bad for being led so easily. But now.......

Jessie looked at the surroundings.

"I come back from the dead for this? Trying to be blown apart. I should have stayed in the afterlife." she said, half jokingly and half serious.

Rude only seemed to hear the half serious bit because he looked at her with a serious face.

"Don't say that. If you hadn;'t come back, I wouldn't....."

Jessie hugged him with huge force. Rude tried to squeeze out, but then she kissed him on the cheek.

"I know. I'm joking. Anyway, I better see what carnage has been left. Se ya later." she said, giving him a wink whilst she went to Barret.

Rude sighed happily. He didn't know when he felt this good.


By now everyone was trying to pick themselves off the floor. Of everyone, Shera was the most damaged. Her save may have saved them all, but her backslash made the fire pracically dehydrate her, whilst the others were protected by the force field.

Cid immediately tried to revive her, but mouth to mouth didn't work, even if it was enjoyable.

Saying that, it was weird that she repeated the process a few seconds later. Looks like she was all right, then. A couple of cure spells later and voila! Good as new.

Chromer's acidic side was not so painful, Aeris cured up most of the damage, but he was still extremely hot and sore. Otherwise, no harm done.

The rest of them just had some cuts and bruises easily cleared up, Aeris was exhausted, and Cloud and Zack had huge bruises from where Tifa slammed their head's together. It hadn't been a good day.


"So, what do we do now?" said Reeve.

In truth, Cloud didn't know. When Tifa and Jenova had disappeared, his first reaction was to scream her name, but the throbbing in his head made him think otherwise. Now that he had plenty of rest, he wasn't sure what the hell he was going to do.

Tifa could be anywhere.

Of course, it was Red (the bloody know it all) who came up with the idea, which was effective enough, but a bit too simple (well for Red anyway!).

"It seems logical that Tifa could be anywhere on this planet. So simply, we split into groups, search about in the neighbouring towns, and see if anyone has seen their forms. Once we find them, he PHS each other and meet in a meeting place of designation."

Cloud thought it through. He was a bit worried about having certain people maybe going a bit too far (Looking at Vincent) but shrugged. At the end of the day, it was all they had to go on and he didn't have a better idea.

"All right, Red. So who's going and where?"

"There are literally four main areas, the northern continent, where the North Crater is, and it is probably the odds on favourite of where Sephiroth may go." said Cid. "You have the eastern, and western, plus the area where Cosmo and Gongaga us, plus the western continent, and the southern of Mideel."

"So, once again, who's going and where? Cloud repeated.

This was a bit tricky. It was dangerous to put them into small groups, otherwise they could be destroyed if Seph and Jenova caught them. However, it would be more discreet round a larger area.

"O.K, let's try this. Myself and Zack have to be members of seperate groups, and one of them has to have either Aeris, Vincent or Chromer, so we can try and stop Tifa. Unlikely we will until we all get together, but it is just a shot. So, let's sort this out."

"It is obvious I think that the Turks should go together. They can work together as a well focused unit. Reeve, you take Cait and Jessie, and someone else....Barret. Yuffie, Heici, take Cid and Vincent, leaving myself, Zack, Aeris, Red and Chromer to deal with the majority of the problems."

"Hey, I thought you needed one of each to make certain of no problems." said Yuffie, not fond of having Cid on the journey.

Cloud sighed. She was right.

"O.K, um......Zack, do you mind going with the Turks?" he said.

"Hell, no. Someone has to keep 'em in line." he said with a smirk.

"O.K, Vincent, Cid, can go with Red and myself, whilsy Yuffie, Heici can go with Reeve, Cait and Chromer, which leaves, Barret, Jessie and Aeris." Cloud didn't like the sound of the last group, only three and only Barret was a half decent fighter.

He was just about to volunteer someone when Reeve piped up.

"I'll go. Cait can manage without me. Heici knows how to work Cait if anything happens, so I'll go to make things more even." he said.

Cloud smiled.

"Cheers Reeve."


Everyone gathered at Costa Del Sol for the meeting point where some of them would be taking off. It was decided that Cloud's group which consisted Cid would stay in this content to go in the Highwind to go to the Northern Continent. Yuffie's group would stay put and survey this area and the western continent. The Turks would look at Cosmo area and go to Mideel via the new ferry built thanks to Chromer's influence on the city, whilst Aeris' group would travel to Junon and via buggy and chocobo, would travel all of the eastern continent and the Cetra shrine, the location of the Temple of the Ancients.

Cloud's group had already said their goodbyes and took off. Yuffie's group also went, as they didn't have far to move, except via the Tiny Bronco, courtesy of Cid. (Although Yuffie wasn't too keen) However, the Turks with Zack and Aeris' group would be heading for the eastern continent.

It was good for them as Rude and Jessie saw each other once last time perhaps, however Barret intervened on anything going on, Jessie made a note to scold him, if she would be alive that is. Shera had returned to Rocket Town, claiming a stomach illness, although Cid thought she just wanted to get out of it. Mind you, she was badly burnt.

So, the journey begins.


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