Tifa vs. Aeris Chapter 6

Turkish Delight

By Chris Homer

As mentioned in last part, each chapter will be based on one of the four groups. This is continuing with Group 4, and also, we will look in with how Zack is handling the Turks in group 2.

OOPS! Huge blooper, wonder if anyone noticed it? I said that Lucas' father was called Loki, but I kept calling him Dyne because of the election. Idiot! Oh well, I'm gonna leave it as Dyne now, easier to remember.

O.K, here we go.....


"What do these spores mean?" questionned Reeve.

"Basically, this alien enity which you call Jenova, is leaving spores to grow among the dullen life of the planet. They will grow to evolve into alien replicas of Jenova." Dyne finished.

"Shit! We can't let that happen. We've faced enough of the bleeders already, how many of these things can there be?" Barret asked.

"Do you really want to know?" said Jessie.

"Y....yes?" said Barret, Jessie's tone of voice making him have second thoughts.

"Near 100,000." she said, as cooly as she could.

It was rumoured later that Rocket Town made an offical complaint of too much noise from the Junon area, particularly on one outburst......


"How in %$£! are we going to destroy all of them, and where the hell are all of these mother...." Barret cursed.

"Barret, Jenova has unleashed them in major sections of the planet. I fear that we can not get rid of them all. They evolve quickly, within 48 hours. From then, they create a coating to avoid being destroyed by physical means. You can use magic, but it is very time consuming and energy draining, you could never destroy them all. In current form, a form of anti-poison will kill them, but to kill all of microscopic spores, nigh on impossible." sighed Dyne.

"Well, this sucks!" Priscilla said.

"Well, I'm open to suggestions." Reeve said.

"Can you search the planet with these gizmos for alien poison?" Barret asked.

"Well, yes, but even when you know where they are you cannot destroy them at once, it would take forever and you have to rest." Dyne asked.

"What about Chromer?" pirked up Aeris. "He's got power, perhaps he could help."

"Well...." Barret looked at his PHS. "No, I don't think his power is used for this velocity. Besides, with him in Yuffie's group, I don't want to think about it." Suddenly a light bulb went in his head.

"What if we get the main leaders of the towns to create some repellent and destroy them?" he asked.

"You are joking! Barring Reeve, Godo, myself and a few other good timers, do you think that any of the government are going to believe this?" Dyne asked.

No one had an answer to that.

"Damn!" Barret hissed.

Jessie had been in deep thought. What could they do?

She looked at the crew around her, and then the technology before her. Is there anything we can do?

Aeris had been thinking the same thing. Then....

"Hold it. Dyne, have you got something which can channel energy, vast quantities of energy?"

"Well, I have a matter transporter, that can shift planetary energy, but why?"

"Well, I've just got an idea. One of the things I never told you about." said Aeris.

"What?" Reeve and Barret said together.

"As you know, I'm a Cetra. And I can communicate with the Cetra in the Promised Land. What you don't know, is that I can transfer the Cetra's power into myself, which is why some of the attacks I use are able. Thus, as the natural enemy, and thus, repellent to Jenova, I can channel the energy from the Cetra into myself, and via the transporter, I can dispel energy throughout the areas." she said.

Everyone was speechless.

Reeve was the first to break the silence. "Aeris, you would need tonnes of energy to do this, you'll exhaust yourself, may even die!"

Aeris put a hand on his shoulder. "Reeve, the Cetra live in the Promised Land. The power there is practically unlimited. I won't die. I want to stop this alien scum, and I am prepared to do this."

"Oh brother....." thought Barret. Out loud, he said "Aeris, are you sure this ain't dangerous?"

"I can't say. I have had painful side affects from some of my spells, such as Planet Protector and Pulse of Life, as I am actually taking in your pain. However, this is just using up the energy up in my body and my soul. It will harm....(At the sound of the word harm, Reeve was about to try every trick in the book to convince Aeris not to do this but allowed her to continue first.)...but it will stop the natural enemy of the Cetra. That is why I have to do this."

Reeve decided to blurt, but Aeris gave him a look which would have made stone melt. "Let me do this. "

Reeve couldn't say no, even if she was going to perhaps kill herself.

Mind you, death wasn't new for Aeris.......


At the same time as when Aeris was worrying about the Cetra energy transfer, her former boyfriend was worrying whether to crack Reno's skull in!

Zack groaned for the umpteenth time about Reno moaning about working with Avalanche, Elena and Tseng risking their lives and marriage, and Rude being more talkative since meeting Jessie. Zack thought he was in one of those moods where anything could piss him off!

Since arriving in Cosmo, Zack was surprised of the repaired damage done, thanks to Red, Aeris and Chromer, and the observatory had remained untouched.

That was where they had to go.

He cursed the fact that Red wasn't here, but Cloud needed him. The group he had chosen was consisting of their strongest fighters, and they needed him. Zack decided that one of the Elders may be able to help. Also, Rude was quite knowledgable in these exploits, so if Zack didn't have a clue, Rude would probably sort it out. At least that was what he hoped.

Zack and the Turks headed up, with Elena and Tseng holding hands, Rude now silent, and Reno making up the rear, moaning.


The Elder in charge, second only to Nanaki saw 5 figures heading up to the observatory. He was a bit wary especially after all the problems in Cosmo, but he recognised Elena and Zack and shrugged it off quickly.

"Welcome back to Cosmo, my friends." The Elder replied. "I am sorry that Nanaki isn't here....."

"Nanaki has gone to find one of our friends." said Zack. "You, I presume, are the Elder in charge. What may be your name?"

"I am Garut, second in command, and Chief Elder at current time." Garut replied. "You are Elena, I recognise you from the...tragedies.....that happened. And you are Zack, Cloud's friend, but the blue suited men I don't recognise."

"These are the Turks." Zack calmly stated. He wondered what the reaction would be.

Garut studied them. "You are men called Turks, but inside of you, you have good hearts, all of you."

"Even him?" Tseng teased, pointed at Reno.

"Hey, watch your mouth, lard-ass!" Reno retaliated.

"Saying I'm fat?" Tseng said.

"'Course not, for a hippopotamus!" Reno finished.

Zack groaned.

"Your statement didn't fill me with confidence, Garut, the moaning one is Reno, the other one is Tseng, and the quiet bald man is Rude." Zack said.

Rude shook Garut's hand. "I'm quite interested in your work here in Cosmo. There is something in particular we have to find." said Rude.

"What would that be?" Garut said.

Zack, remembering what happened 3 months ago, sighed.

"You won't like it......."


Aeris hooked up with the generator. Dyne and Jessie had helped with the technical side, whilst Lucas and Priscilla looked confused, whilst Barret and Reeve looked very worried.

Aeris looked like she was in deep mediation, except with her eyes open. She had been motionless for a number of minutes now, and the suspense was terrible.

The people outside it weren't much better. Reeve in particular was a nervous wreck. Barret as well, was less calm than normal, without cursing which is highly unusual.

Jessie looked at Dyne who nodded. Jessie flicked a lever to start the process.

At the exact same time, Aeris shut her eyes, and concerntrated even more. The generator started to glow, and hums of electricity filled the area.

Aeris seemed to be speaking, but no words came out of her mouth. Reeve presumed that she was talking to the Cetra.

Aeris' words were coming more rapidly by the speed of her lips and suddenly a white glow emitted around her. The brightness was enough for the company to be blinded. Barret had to use his gun-arm to avoid it. The others just ducked, showing that they did have some intelligence!

Suddenly, the light rose and shone brighter......

And brighter.........

And brighter..........

The light emitting from the chamber now filled the room. The people on the outside had no choice but to duck and close their eyes, but the light was so powerful that it was nauseating. They all seem to feign unconsciousness...........


When they awoke, they saw Aeris barely moving, panting heavily. Dyne quickly removed her from the chamber and turned it off. Her breathing was quiet, and she seemd to be in a semi-conscious state.

Reeve quickly helped her up. "Aeris, are you alright? What happened?"

Aeris mumbled. "The......Cetra.....have......done.....it...." And with that, Aeris passed out in Reeve's arms.

Reeve held her gently, rocking her, the warmth of her body was making him feel euphoric. He didn't want to let her go.

Suddenly, Jessie sprang into life, going back to the computer screen, to analyse if what Aeris said was true, that the Cetra had help them.

"Computer, analyse Jenova spore poison."

A humming of technology was the only sign that it connected. A screen with the DNA scan came up. But this time it was different. It was much clearer.

"They did it. She did it. The Cetra done it. The power has destroyed the spores."

(NOTE: What had happened was the light was the Cetra eminity coming out, during that time, time froze so the destruction of the Jenova spore could occur. However, because of the sudden power, it felt like an unconscious state. )

"How did they do it?" Lucas inquired.

"I don't know, but that's one problem taken care of, ain't it?" Priscilla said happily.

Barret gave her a look which said 'Don't be so sure.'

As if the planet could read his mind, an alarm beeping emitted from the computer.

"WARNING! Jenova enity has been located."

Jessie jerked up. Was it Lucresia?

But it was located not in the sky, like the DNA sample. It was one of the ground, and heading towards Junon.

"Oh......." Barret started and went into a string of curses that no-one, not even Jessie had heard him say before.


They had predicted it before, but the fact that Jenova scared so many people, along with apparently Sephiroth, was still rampant. With people in Cosmo, where their destruction had been part of, Garut was extremely fearful.

"No.....not again....that madman...." he stammered.

Zack tried to control him. "He is part of a young girl named Tifa...."

"TIFA?" screamed Garut. Zack never thought that Garut knew her from many trips here compared to himself and the Turks.

Zack nodded in understanding and continued. "She and a Jenova injection of another woman named Lucresia, are looking to kill a young girl named Aeris Gainsborough. However, currently they are AWOL, and we are trying to find them."

"Why the hell would you like to find them?" Garut said.

"'Cause with the help of Aeris, Cloud and a couple of others, we can remove Sephiroth and finally remove his existence, once and for all." Zack said. The Turks nodded in unison.

Garut stood there looking thoughtful. They had asked if they could use the observatory to see if they were any changes in the planet. At the mention of Jenova, a panic had been stricken to him. However, to change the evil that had been once caused in Cosmo, he would help.

He nodded. "I'm sure old Bugenhagen would have helped you. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't."

He stood up. "Come on. Let's go."

The four Turks and Zack hurried to the area. Reno had stopped moaning by now, and everyone was as quiet as a mouse. The area of tranquility, interest and colour produced by the observatory was a sight to behold. Also, the Master Materia was here still, protected by the planet. It was a good job that Yuffie wasn't here, thought Zack, the temptation might have been too much!


The familiar click of the rising of the platform signified the movement. As it was too heavy for everyone, Elena, Zack and Rude were the ones who went upon it. Tseng wasn't too knowledgable on this and Reno just didn't give a damn.

The four coloured materias still glew with the brightness of before. Of course, none of the Turks or Zack had been hunting for it before so it was a new experience, but the splendour of the observatory made them almost instantly hooked.

Garut stood forward. "Let's see what the planet is seeing, shall we?"

Garut motioned towards the sky. The familiar stars and planets were above, and the shooting stars whizzing by. However, Garut managed to feel something.

"If I'm not disturbing you, there is something over here which may be disturbing." he said.

The three fighters walked over to the area. Towards the above view of this planet, there was a small green glow, not of materia, but of.....pure evil intensity.

"That is unusual." said Rude.

"Where is it coming from?" said Zack.

"Somewhere north......or possibly, very, very, far south." said Garut, a bit of humour added, although no-one found it funny.

"Should we phone Cloud?" Elena said.

"We should......" Zack started, but a scream from down below changed everything.

A man in a white coat, like a doctor came hurtling in. "Garut, sir, something is attacking Cosmo, a huge alien thingy......"

Garut almost was paralyzed from the words, anyhting else from his body refusing to be acknowledged.......


So, despite Aeris' influence, Jenova's have been attacking. Is Seph anything to do with this. I don't know what do you think?

Next chapter, we will see how Yuffie is doing, and how badly is Jenova going to be scarred this time, and what role will young Priscilla and Lucas fit into it, they will have a plotline believe me!

Thanks for reading. Usual comments at usual adress, please.


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