Tifa vs. Aeris Chapter 8


By Chris Homer

The Highwind had been perched as carefully as possible as they landed near the Northern Crater area. Cid Highwind had been through a lot here, and had no desire to repeat the experience.

He thought of Shera as he hefted his good weight down the ladder. In a way, he was glad she was hurt, because as stubborn as she was, she would have wanted to deal with all of this crap.

But oh god, if it was Shera instead of Tifa in control, there would be more than hell to pay.

He glanced over at Cloud. His expression was unreadable. It was a look of concerntration with an edge of anger written through it.

Cloud's feelings at this point were mixed. He was no-way going to harm Tifa. He had to control her even just to delay Sephiroth so that the others could come. He should have brought Aeris here so they could have got it over with, it was obvious that they were coming here.

However, he had not counted on Jenova's many forms. Each of them that called him on the PHS, with the exception of Zack, who hadn't phoned yet. (Still looking for Red's PHS I presume) Cloud wanted to cry, he would not let them harm Tifa. He lov...

The L word stuck in his mind. Did he love Tifa as a friend, or more than a friend. He also remembered Aeris. Both were beautiful, but he stopped to think. He had known Tifa practically all her life. Aeris, he knew for around a month before that incident. Tifa had always stood by him, admittingly, for the time they knew each other, so did Aeris. However, Tifa was gorgeous, loyal, friendly, optimistic, hell, he'd have to be a fool not to go for her.

Yet, why was Aeris still on his mind. Was it guilt for her death, or was it love?

Shaking his head, he removed these thoughts, and concerntrated on the task at hand. He knew Barrett's group would make it here via helicopter quickly, minus any delays. Yuffie's group would also come here via Godo's private helicopter, whilst he didn't know about Zack's group yet. However, both Barret and Yuffie reported about the Jenova's they had to destroy, so perhaps the unthinkable happened.

As he said that, the PHS rang. He lifted it up.

"Cloud, 'tis Zack." Zack said, as Cloud breathed a sigh of relief.

Zack began to relay the details of what happened, and that they would be heading to the Northern Crater via ferry from the Elders. It was primarily used to reach Wutai, but they decided to make an exception for the people who saved Cosmo. However, it was obviously going to be much slower than the other groups.

With another sigh, he planted the PHS down.

"What was that Cloud?" said Red.

"Zack just called from Cosmo. He had a heck of a time trying to find your communications devices, Red." Cloud smiled. "He was also attacked by a Jenova, and almost lost, but Zack and Rude killed it in the end. They are coming via your ferry." he said.

Vincent shook his head. "That is way too long." he said, worry in his voice as what Cloud was feeling for Tifa he was as well for Lucresia.

Cloud looked at him and nodded. He had forgiven him for the shot he had taken at Tifa, and realised that the man does have emotions, sometimes beyond his control.

"I know, but we musn't give up. Barret and Yuffie's groups will be here soon, but in the meantime, we'd better start searching this god forsaken place." Cloud said.

"Here, here! I've got to see if Shera is holding up, and we can't do that by lazing our asses around here waiting for us to be killed!" Cid said.

Despite the situation, Cloud smiled again.


Tifa was concerntrating as much as she could, trying to stop Sephiroth in controlling her mind. Sephiroth's will was still intact, although her's was much stronger than Chromer's, Clouds, Lucresia's and even Aeris'. Sephiroth couldn't believe the strength of the slender girl, couldn't weigh much more than 100 pounds, and yet, stop the mind control of the would-be ruler of this planet?

Sephiroth however knew she couldn't hold out forever. The sweat was taking the toll over Tifa, like she was going to pass out. Inevitably, even Tifa couldn't hold out and slipped into unconscious.

Sephiroth had enough of this waiting game. Despite Tifa fainting, he was still able to will her, and in this state, it was much easier. However, he had to do this many times, when the others were much easier to control. With a loud shriek, Tifa woke up.

"O.K, they are here. What are you going to do?" Sephiroth willed.

"Destroy." she said simply.

'They' turned to Lucresia, now in Jenova form. The spores she had laid for Jenova to grow had been foiled by the Cetra once again, even the creatures had proved to be no match for Avalanche and the Turks. Tifa spat out in disgust, Lucresia was a weak creature, as proved by her inadequates. It would be best just to kill her.

Tifa saw Lucresia scream out 'No......don't come here....' the first time she had spoke since coming here. Obviously she still had some of her will as well, and Tifa would have to knock some sense into her.

Tifa ran and kicked at Lucresia/Jenova and she screamed, before turning into a familar form of the mother alien. She won't be so strong willed now, Tifa mused.

In the back of her mind, though, Tifa screamed at the sight of Lucresia into Jenova. How could they get out of this one?


Zack was busy humming to himself on the ferry. He enjoyed the sea air, but there was no-one to share it with. The Turks were on the other side, and although he trusted them, that didn't mean they were great friends. He got along well with Rude, and Elena and Tseng never through a mean word at him, and Reno just didn't say anything unless it was to rile him up.

He sighed, as he stood at the sea air to face the wide ocean.

Suddenly, he noticed the wind falling.

Oh, shit, it wasn't wind!

His reflexes moved out of the way to see a young woman, her fist outstretched to connect with Zack's gut.

Zack drew his sword to look at the woman. He was in a green emerald jumpsuit, with green stockings, her hair was in a pony-tail, and her face was brought out in stunning features, looking glamorous and dangerous at the same time. However, Zack wasn't worrying about her looks, rather on her skills, how the hell did she get here in the first place?

"Hey, what the hell do you think you are doing?" he said. The girl didn't answer, just drew two sai daggers, and on her back a staff of sorts was certainly there. She ran at Zack, trying to use one of her daggers to disarm his sword. However, Zack had the strength advantage and parried her back. Zack didn't want to kill her, and by the way the girl was attacking, she didn't want to kill him, just disarm him.

Zack however wasn't in the mood to start asking questions. His swipes became more powerful and the girl certainly couldn't hold on forever. With a powerful swipe of his sword, he disarmed her daggers and looked smug as she fell.

However, looks were more deceiving than they could possibly be. She swept Zack's legs from underneath him, before backflipping out of harms way. She drew her staff and attacked more viciously.

Zack had to parry more than attack, she was obviously more skilled with the staff than the daggers. She also moved in a martial arts way, and from the sweep, was obviously some sort of martial artist. Zack struck home, hopefully to snap the staff, but it was stronger than it looked. Soon, they were at a stand-off.

Suddenly, Zack, using superior strength, heaved forward and placed the sword on her throat.

"Now, who the hell are you and why are you here?" he shouted.

To his surprise, the girl giggled, pleasantly. Zack was now even more confused.

When he stopped giggling, she said "Oops....he...he....sorry about that. I guess I just wanted to see your legendary skills against the third student of Zangan!" she said.

Zack stepped off her, still his hand on his sword. "Zangan? As in teacher of Tifa Lockheart?" he said.

The girl nodded. "And Heici Wutai, the second 15 dan student. I am the third. Please forgive my intrusion. I am Mia Jade." Extending her hand, and dropping her weapon. "And you?"

"Zack....Zack Gonganga." he said. He shook her hand, which had an unusually strong grip. "Now, why are you here?"

Mia sighed. "It's a long story......" she said.


Mia at the young age of 23 had finally completed her training. Although not as quickly as Tifa or Heici, she was still happy to become Zangan's third 15 dan student. Now she was ready.

Mia had lost both her parents 8 years ago involved in a car accident outside of Midgar. Shinra had covered it up apparently with some bogus story about drunkiness which Mia had became angry about. Neither of her parents even touched the damn stuff, it was apparently one of Shinra's highest members, someone called Heidegger, but she wasn't knowlegable of details.

Her grandmother took care of her since then, her older brother had gone into a degrading spells and took to drink and drugs. Once, he attacked her on a drunken rage. The 15 year old Mia decided that she had to become someone.

She began training. Hard training to improve her physical fitness. She wanted to make sure that the same fate that befell her parents and her brother would not befall her.

However, when she was 16, her grandmother died of an unknown disease. The doctors at Midgar diagnosed it as a hopeless case, once again, Shinra taking away something she loved.

3 years later.........

"What......Sephiroth burned down that town? Oh God!"

Mia had lived practically alone for the past 3 years, keeping more to a physical stature rather than a social one. She had no friends, everyone were taking the mickey out of her tragedies rather than supporting them. The problem was that she was a smart girl, and would have gone to college, but the tragedies befell them. She used her little money for her health and slept in old abandoned areas now.

It was at that point a middle-aged man literally bumped into her.

"Hey, watch where you are going!" she said. The man didn't say anything, obviously upset about something.

"I'm sorry young lady, I've just been witness to a horrible....."

Mia was so upset with everything she didn't hear him. Instead, she ran and attempt to strike a punch into the gut.

However, the man, with surprising speed sidesteped the attack, before throwing a judo throw on her.

Mia, a bit upset and surprised, ran again, but the man struck quickly and efficient. He hit an elbow, a low kick, another elbow, an open palm and a powerful fist/sweep combination, intending to knock her out.

The man, merely turned away from the girl who had become a way of displaying his agression.


He turned. He couldn't believe it. A man of 300 pound muscle stature would have been K.Oed from those blows. How can this girl able to stand up.

Mia was in so much agony, but her body was well adjusted to that. She couldn't stand up, on her knees. "Just kill me, my parents are dead, my remaining family is a mess and I am alone in this world. No one cares, just kill me!"

The man looked at her. "No, I won't." He placed a hand over her head, some sort of spell came over her and she fell asleep. The man scooped her up in his arms and walked to a port stop.


The girl stirred. "She's coming round master." said a young male voice.

"O.K, Heici. Let her have some room." the older man said.

Mia woke up to see the man with a kind face instead of the sad one she had seen. her bent of aggression failed to this man, and yet, his face seemed to suggest something of forgiveness.

She also saw a young man, no older than 16 surely standing beside her. She was a few years older than him surely, and yet, his body and face certainly were more remminisent of a man around 25.

"Forgive myself young lady." The man said. "It has not been the best day." he said.

Mia sat up. The boy, the man called Heici, said "Would you like something to drink?"

Mia felt empty to the core. She simply nodded whilst Heici got some water.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Zangan Masters, teacher of martial arts, formerly of Nibelheim, before......"

Mia recognised the name and also the incident. "Zangan.....the fighter legend.....oh, I'm sorry...I'm so sorry....."

Zangan sighed. "The burning is not your fault." At this point, Heici had brought in a glass of water.

Zangan continued whilst Maya drunk. "I was planning to go to Heici in this southern area of Midgar, and live a normal life. Heici had been a secret trainer, his skills are almost as good as my best student, Tifa Lockheart....." A pain in his throat was caught when the name Tifa was mentioned, what had happened to her?

Mia obviously saw something had caught in his throat and decided now would be a good time to leave. She was weak, but she wasn't sure what else to do. She got up.

"Hold on, young lady. What's your name?" Zangan asked.

"Mia....Mia Jade." she said.

"Exotic." Zangan mused. "I would like you to stay here." he said.

Mia nearly froze on the spot. She turned around. "What? Why? I just attacked you, out of stupidity. Why would....."

"That is why I want you here." he said. "With Tifa possibly....gone.....Heici and myself would love to have another person to speak to, and possibly, another great fighter."

Mia looked shocked. "Why me?"

Zangan smiled. "Those attacks I unleashed at you were designed to be crippling and unconscious like strikes. However, you remained conscious when men twice your weight and skill would have fallen. You are a tough one Mia, very few of them are left and I would like to teach you."

Zangan pointed at Heici. "He is only 16, but his skills are almost as equal as Tifa. Show her."

Heici beamed as he went into a series of multiple axe kicks, double palms, open palms, elbow shots and flying kicks, quicker than Maya could follow.

Maya smiled. It was nice to be wanted at least........


2 years later........

Mia for nearly 2 years had been on the receiving end of Heici's attacks. Despite Maya being 3 years older, the now 18 year old warrior was devastatingly lethal of his moves. However, in those 2 years, Mia had learned all the basics to the Zangan style of fighting, and was now starting to wear down Heici. Of course, when she was cocky and challenged Zangan, he won going untouched.

Mia was currently practising her fist strikes on her punching bag. Zangan had told her that a male combination strike and a female combination strike can be different. With Heici, his moves were much more power delayed, and his combinations revolved on power. With Tifa, Zangan told, she mastered the speed of her attacks, and developed them into power.

Mia had got the beat rush down to a nail now and had been working on the flash kick (somersault). She had got it down a few times now, and was also working on the waterkick. She had to link in with her enity to execute the water power with it, something which would take time.

"Heici....letter for you." Zangan called. Mia paid it no attention.

A cry of glee later made her notice.

"It's from Soldier, they want me to join, my appliciation was approved." he said.

At the word Soldier, Mia froze. He was going to be in Shinra, her one real hate and fear..........her friend for the last 2 years.......

Zangan was obviously not as thrilled as he was, but still smiled, saying that a man should choose his own destiny. Well, Heici was now a man, and had gone through the final dan effortlessly recently. However, he still felt Tifa was much better.


2 years later......

Zangan sat slowly at a table, looking at the newspaper. Meteor had been stopped and he was obvilious to it. But that wasn't the only thing which ruffled his veteran feathers.....

Mia came in with a look of concern. She had just finished her limit combination at last, perfecting it, and now could do it instinctively. Her training was almost complete. However, Zangan was upset about something.

When Meteor came about, Mia and Zangan were unknowingly training in the dark room. Thus, they were almost obvilious to everything. Until she went outside to get supplies, she almost fainted. However, her strength prevailed.

To keep her mind off everything, she continued training. However, the realisation of possible death had made everything click. Soon, every move of the final dan was being pulled off and her limit break was done to perfection.

However, Zangan looked upset and happy at the same time, if it were possible.

"Master, what's wrong?" said Mia.

The newspaper was laid in front of her. "METEOR FAILS. SEPHIROTH FALLS!" The Headline pronounced.

"So, we know that, the world is saved, so why look so glum?"

Zangan pointed at the main picture. Among it were three figures, a big black man with a gun on his arm, a spiked blonde with a sword and a young woman with dark hair, and a beauty almost unequaled.

It was the girl that had Zangan's attention.

"That's her." he said.

"Her? Her who?" said Mia, confused.

"That's.....That's Tifa Lockheart." he said.

Mia almost fell. "No way.....that's the girl who you lost in Nibelheim. She has helped save the world?"

Zangan nodded. "The very one."

Mia couldn't believe it. One of Zangan's own had not only survived Sephiroth, but had saved the world. Mia sat down. Both sat in silence for a long time.


A week later......

"Your training is complete, Mia. You have become a Zangan warrior of the highest standard. I hope you will remain studious, warrior-like and beautiful for the remaining years of your life." Zangan said, hugging Mia.

"Thank you Zangan. You and Heici became my family, and now, I hope to find another one."

"Remember, knowing Tifa, they will be involved in more scrapes from now on. So, if you see any trouble, they will be there probably." he said with a smirk.

Mia laughed. "What about you?"

Zangan smiled. "In a year's time, when I know you have found them, I will come looking for you. I am not going to be alone for the remaining years of my life. Here."

Mia held a gift. "This is the elixir to allow you to finish the limit break you've worked on. It is known as Final Heaven, and also, take your weapons."

The Staff of Honour was held in his hand. She had been practising with this for 4 years and now was a practical expert, even better than Zangan.

"Thank you." she said simply, tears in her eyes. To hide them, she walked in the sunset, knowing that this may be the loneliest journey for her life......


"So, how long have you been travelling?" Zack said.

"Nearly 10 months. I heard about what happened in Cosmo and came. However, no-one was here. Apparently, you were at a wedding party in Rocket Town. I decided to wait. Before that, I had basically been working as a warrior killing off monsters for Junon and Gonganga. This allowed me to live until I heard about Cosmo. You eventually came, but were disturbed by an alien creature. You killed it, but I lost you. However, I saw you get onto the ferry. I just hitched a ride from above." she smirked.

"So, in a couple of months, Zangan will be looking for you."

"Yeah, I hope so. I returned there to see if he was in, but he wasn't. I hope he's all right." she said.

"It's O.K, Mia, he'll be fine." Zack said, growing attached to this girl and her long trek. A real battler obviously. "Well, looks like I'm stuck with you. Want to get something to eat, and whilst we are at it, I'll introduce you to the Turks."

"The Turks? Here? Shinra?" Mia said.

"Formerly of Shinra. Reeve works them out now, he's also an Avalanche member, don't worry, no shit is gonna happen to you now." he finished.

Mia sighed. "Will I get on with them?"

Zack smiled. "Nope, but then again, no-one does."

Mia smiled.


Dyne's helicopter was heading straight to the danger area. He had to remain in the city so he offered his personal pilot to go. However, the pilot was more scared than....well.....something that was really scared.

Luckily, Reeve took control, as he could fly a helicopter almost as well as Cid could fly one. Both Jessie and Aeris were a bit wary of Reeve's helicopter skills, but they thought it couldn't be worse than Cid. Manoevers wise that is.

Lucas looked on with interest. He was finally doing it. His impressive credentials were finally being put to use. His father never approved of danger, but it was what kept Lucas going, adventure, danger, he was made for something like this.

As he let his mind wander, he heard a bumping. It seemed Barret had heard it as well, but dismissed it.

"Probably killed a pigeon." he said.

Lucas saw it as that, but more bumping was heard. And more.

Finally, they couldn't take it any more. It was coming from the bumper area, and it was too loud to be any damned pigeon.

Barret called for quiet as he raised his gun arm to lift the bumper and Lucas was also there ready.

"1.....2....3!" And he lifted, ready to strike.

And out rolled Priscilla with a stupid grin on her face.

"Hi!" she said, stupidily.

"Damn, you Priscilla!" said Barret, half angry and half smirking. "Your father and Dyne are gonna whip your ass good!"

"So?" she said as Lucas held her. They shared a quick kiss before Lucas slapped her playfully over the head.

"Oww, what was that for?" she said.

"My father isn't gonna be pleased with this. How about if you die, I don't that on my soul......seriously, I care for you. How about if you get hurt....I'd...."

"Lucas....shut up." she said, and kissed him on the mouth.

As she released. Lucas said "O.K, you win, but no getting your ass kicked."

"Of course." she said. Jessie noticed a catapult on her waist.

"Hey, what's that?" Jessie inquired.

"Hey, it may not be much, but the Silver Strike is as effective as any gun." she said. I have materia too. Only Lightning, Restore and a Quake materia I 'borrowed' from Dybe." she said.

Barret smirked. "Reeve, does this sound like anyone we know?" he said.

"I don't know.......but seriously, I think this interuption has put a damper on our plans." Reeve said.

"Why?" said Aeris.

"Well.....we are HERE!" he screamed.

Barret looked at the window, along with the rest of the group.

And outside, the cliff area where the Highwind was situated. He couldn't see Cloud and co yet. Perhaps they were already battling Tifa.

No, Sephiroth. How can they fight Tifa? It was gonna be an uphill struggle, with no good sides. If they won, Tifa had done enough damage and Chromer's usefulness will have been reduced considerably. And if they lost.....

.....he didn't even want to think about that.

"O.K, people. Brace yourselves, we're going in." Barret said.

And then there was nothing.


Chromer's warning to Cloud was the quickest and Godo's was now using his helicopter to transport them to the Crater. One of his pilots was more brave (although that is because he could immediately leave) and was flying through the vast fog.

However, they hadn't figured on......

"SHIT, what was that?" screamed Heici, as a huge rocking of the helicopter got their attention.

Chromer looked outside, they were approaching the Northern Crater, but something was ahead of him. It looked like a WEAPON but smaller, it was grey, with metallic skin, but it was still massive, 10 to 15 feet and blasting away with missiles and lasers.

The helicopter was rocked and damaged. It couldn't carry on.

"Miri, get out of here!" Chromer said.

"But what about you?" Miri (the pilot) said.

"I've got that covered." he said. Chromer's sickles spread out. "Guys, hop on!"

Yuffie was dubious. "What are you doing?"

"Getting us out of here! Now are you coming or not?"

Cait stirred. "Chromer, I can float out of here, I've got a special parachute mode in me, if that helps."

"That's great, less weight." Heici scrambled onto Chromer, who was around 200 pounds, but his wings took the weight, not him. He looked at Yuffie.

"Look, you've got a choice of coming on with Heici, or stay here and get pounded! Your choice." he finished.

When the words, 'coming on with Heici....' left Chromer's mouth, that did it. She wasn't gonna get blown apart. She slid onto the other wing. Together, they didn't weight that much more than Chromer and he seemed at ease.

"O.K. Miri, tell Godo thanks and get outta here!" Chromer screamed.

Miri didn't need telling twice. Chromer whispered something to the two youngsters and leapt out.

The monster was big, but it looked like it taken a bit of a pounding. However, it's weapons looked set to blow them apart.

"Wall!" Cait cried. The weapon shots merely were repelled by the spell Cait had cast over the three of them.

As they got low enough, Chromer shouted "NOW!"

Heici and Yuffie jumped off, holding hands and concerntrating.


The huge Leviathan/Bahamut monster blasted it's holy rays towards the monster, blowing through it. Chromer laughed.

"My turn.........Ice Dragon/Pheonix Fire!"

Two of Chromer's most powerful Psychic attacks, the monster scream as the dragon of ice pierced through it's body and froze it's body. The pheonix (not the one of FF7) flew through it, melting the cold, but burning up the heat in it's body. The power of all three attacks through its heart could not hold out.

It burst, of a broken heart, and fell down, face into the ocean ahead of the Northern Crater.

Chromer swooped down in speed and caught Heici and Yuffie on his wings and landed by the monster. Chromer cast his strongest lightning spell to make sure there was nothing remaining of the monster.

Yuffie looked disgusted as Cait landed by them. "What the hell was that?"

Cait sensed it, or what was left of it. "Unrecognisable. It is obviously a new monster created by Jenova and Sephiroth cells. But Chromer lasted it too much for me to give it a full analysis." Chromer smirked.

"So, what do we do now?" Yuffie asked.

Chromer looked ahead to the crater. "I guess we're heading to the unknown." he said.

"Ready to kick some ass?" said Heici.

"Yeah!" screamed Yuffie.

"Youngsters...." Chromer tutted. "I just hope that I get there in time, otherwise it is our asses which will be kicked!" he said to himself, still in blame for what happened to Tifa. If it meant getting rid of his great power, then so be it. He hoped Aeris would understand......

'Where did that come from?' he thought. His attraction to Aeris was almost natural, but against Cloud, his scarred face and hideous wings were nothing compared to Cloud. Besides, he had done enough harm.

Sighing, Chromer entered, with Yuffie, Heici and Cait trailing behind.


Elena and Tseng were quietly talking in the bar of the ferry.

"Seriously Elena, what happens if we don't survive this? What about our plans? We're giving them up for someone who isn't really our friend?" said Tseng.

Elena smiled. "They may not be our friends, but they saved us from that pervert Lelin, and again, when Tifa went nuts. Besides, we are trying to finish Sephiroth once and for all, he is a threat, even if it is via Tifa and that woman...er....Lucresia....I think."

Tseng started to speak but Elena planted a kiss on his lips. "Just be quiet and know that we are going to get through this." she said. Tseng drew her into his arms and held her tight.

Reno spat in disgust, having a drink by the bar. However, seeing them like that reminded him as a child.

'Reno, you worthless good for nothing....when are you going to do something useful?" the middle-age man screaming at his 17 year old son.

Reno held an angry look and a smirk on his face. His father didn't know about his training with a young Turk named Rude, who he had knew since childhood. Reno was ready to enter Soldier and become the prodigy of Tseng and Rude, but first order of business, was to get revenge on his parents.

When he was 8, his mother left his father for another man. Which was probably the best move, seeing that he was a drunken slob. He had gone through a breakdown of sorts and had been taking it out on Reno. Reno had left many times to work in weapons, item and materia shops, and soon learnt the ways of fighting, for free though.

His best friend was an older boy, Rude. He was the older brother that he never had. He protected Reno through and through and even argued to his fathr about him. Rude got a punch to the cheek for his trouble and Reno never forgot that.

Since then, Rude had got into Soldier and worked his way into the Turks. He taught Reno more pressing issues of strength. He even left home many times to train secretly with Rude, and sometimes, even Tseng helped them. It was one of the few Turks Secrets.

However, as soon as he returned, his father was pissed with him, that chores hadn't been done, that he didn't know where the hell he was, and for a reward, he struck Reno many times. Reno held back the urge to kick his ass, but as he was leaving to become a 'Junior' in the Turk division, the urge had gone to its fullest.

He started to go outside the door.

"Son, where the hell you going now. You want me to give you another beating, get the hell back and do your chores."

"No." Reno said simply.

"You do what I tell you boy, or..."

"No, father. You've treated me like shit since my mother left you, and despite the circumstances, I can't blame her. You've given me more scars than the entire Slum gangs on the planet."

"Listen here..." And swung.

Reno ducked. "And now, it's your turn." His eyes turn intense blue. His fathers next swing swung in mid air and stopped as Reno executed a limit break.

Reno ran in grabbed his father, and struck with many punches in many different areas. As his father was about to fall, Reno's fist turned blue, and he uppercutted his father through the roof, and he fell back down, his neck obviously broken.

"This will be my last chore for you." He picked up the phone and phoned for an ambulance. "Of course, when they pick you up, you're gonna figure how to pay for the injury, and if you say that I did it, they will ask you why. Just remember this, I have had a diary for 10 years with every time you've attacked me. Think about it." And with that, he left.

Reno woke up to see Rude standing over him. "You O.K?" Rude asked.

Reno looked at him. "Yeah, just reliving some bad memories."

Rude put a hand on his shoulder. "Your father?"

Reno nodded. "How did you know?"

"I know whatever your thinking, and that is the only thing which has really made you upset.....well, not until chucking out time anyway." Rude added with a smirk.

Reno had to smile. "So, is Jessie making you speak out that much?"

Now it was Rude's turn to smile, but with a blush attached. The cool-headed Turk was blushing and Reno now had an opportunity to tease, or at least blackmail him.

"We're.....friends." Rude said.

"Sure....." Reno said, but before he could bait him anymore, Zack entered with a young woman by his side, dressed in brilliant green.

Reno looked a bit stunned by the girl, but quickly recovered his voice. "Who the hell is she, Zack? How the hell did she get here?"

Zack smiled. "She is Mia, Mia Jade, and she got here to become a member of Avalanche."

"Just like that." Reno said.

"Oh, there is more than that........." Zack said.

"Like hell, look, Zack, she's a pretty one, but we're here on a mission, not a local brothel. I'll kick her out now and...."

"Try it." Mia said, and drew her fists.

"Whoo! Cat-fight!" screamed Elena, taking the piss out of Reno. Reno looked like thunder.

"I'll deal with you later." he said, drawing his nightstick. "You could be a spy, or something worse, a Jenova shit. If not, it will be a pleasure testing you if you want to be a Shit on Vanche member."

"But Reno...." Zack said.

"No, Zack, it's O.K. It would be good exercise." Mia said.

Reno smirked. "We'll see honey." He ran, swinging his nightstick and his fist at the same time. Mia dodged, surprising Reno, and backswung the nightstick.

With a quick block, Mia kicked the nightstick out of his hand. Reno, a bit stunned, went into a fist fight. He swung once, twice, missed. His third shot was undodgable, his uppercut hit perfectly, flooring Mia. Reno pleased with that, turned away to get his breath.

Mia nipped up and yelled. "Hey, if that's the best you can do, I can be home by tea time." she taunted.

Rude smirked as Reno ran, attempting to hit a fist to Mia's chin. She dodged and tossed Reno over in a judo throw. However, Mia may have underestimated Reno as much as he underestimated her, as Reno landed on his feet, reversed the throw and Mia was on the floor.

However, a Zangan fighter always has an edge. As Reno went to grab her, her foot from the floor hit his face. She nipped up.

As Reno saw her, her fists came down towards his chest. Reno had no chance in blocking. Rude was stunned, that move.....

Mia grabbed him and executed a somersault kick before sweeping him with water magic. Rude knew those moves. They were....

She couldn't finish the combo though as Reno fell in pain, next to his nightstick. he grabbed it, though Mia didn't see it. Rude, however, did.

"O.K, you fight well, but I've had it!" Reno said.

"Zack, toss me your sword!" Rude said.

Zack didn't know what he was planning, but Rude was the one he trusted the most so he threw it at Rude. He caught it at the hilt and threw it in the way, just as Reno fired a blast from his nightstick.

Reno looked at his friend. "Why the hell did you do that?" he said.

"Don't you know what style she is fighting?" he said.

"No, and I don't care even if it was Zangan style!" he said.

Reno looked at Rude in quietness. The realisation sunk in.

"A Zangan master?" Reno said. Both Rude and Mia nodded. Rude recognised that as the start of Tifa's combination attack, and it obviously a Zangan limit break which he had taught her as well as Mia.

Reno stood up in a bit of shame. "I guess.....you would have kicked my ass. Sorry......"

"Mia." she said and extended a hand. They shook......

....and Reno ended on his back.

"What the hell was that for?" he said.

"That was for attempted to shock me, and also just making sure you learn't your lesson." she smiled.

Tseng and Elena were in awe. Reno got his ass well and truely tenderized. "That was awesome!" Tseng said.

"Yeah, that is something I've wanted to do, but I'm glad I witnessed it before I tried it!" she said. Reno gave her a sarcastic chuckle.

"As I was saying, this is Mia. She is Zangan's third 15 dan master after Tifa and Heici. She saw Tifa and co destroying Sephiroth and wants to be part of it now." he said.

Rude grew solemn. "Tifa...."

Mia saw Rude and Zack grow sad. The other Turks looked sad as well.

"What have I missed?" she said.

"You won't like it....." And Zack related the tale to her.......

"I see." she said quietly. Zangan would be upset, but they would win. They always did, didn't they?

A shout from above got their attention.

"Land ahoy!"

"This is it, guys and gals!" Zack finished. "Prepare yourselves."

All members present drew their weapons and went about to face the irrestable force of Sephiroth, against the immovable objects of Avalanche and the Turks.

They stepped ahead, none of them being here before, not knowing what to expect.

What they would get would be a lot more than they expected..........


"They are all here."

Lucresia had been meditating for many hours now, trying to avoid Jenova conquer over her, but Jenova's power was conquering over her. It was going to leave a few surprises for the group so that Tifa could take care of Cloud her/himself.

Tifa sneered a Sephiroth sneer. Her fists instead of the Masamune was the weapons of choice. With the power combined, Cloud didn't stand a chance.

Jenova concerntrated and three green bubbles emitted from her and headed in different directions.

They were so busy concerntrating on what to do, Sephiroth didn't notice four figures come to them.


'Tifa' turned to see Cloud staring at her.

The time had come.


Another climatic battle at the Crater. It's getting boring isn't it?

Two more large parts then this story is finally finished. Phew!

I'd like to thank many of the people who have wrote to me who have enjoyed my works, particularly Materia Chaos (which to be honest, I thought was pretty poor), which has given be the confidence to continue in a 5 part Chronicles.

The character of Mia is a new character (although I said there wouldn't be any others, I lie. Me bad.) so can't be used without permission. Mind you, I won't care.

Thanks and keep reading and writing.


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