Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part III

Weapon Attack

By Christopher Anthony Blair

Max powered up the Epoch, and took off. The ship flew off in the direction Locke had pointed to on the map. It sailed over seas and beachs and towns. " How much farther?" Locke looked at the boy. " Should be coming up soon. There." He pointed to a rual village. The vessel flew over the town, turned around, and landed nearby the city. The two adventurers climbed out and walked into town. People went about their business as they walked through. Locke lead them to a small house at the edge of town. He knocked on the door. A woman's voice came from inside. " Who is it?" Locke smiled. " It's Locke, Terra. With someone who wants to meet you." Max looked at the house. " Did you just say, Terra?" Locke nodded. " Yeah, why?" Max shook his head. " It's nothing." The door open, revealing a tall, slender woman, about twenty-five years old. " Locke, how nice of you to drop in. And who's this?" Max just stared at her. " This is... By the way, never did catch your name." Max shook his head. " Wha, oh, Max. Max Triggara." Locke shrugged. " Well then, Max, this is Terra, Branford, right? Or did you and Nexus tie the knot?" Terra shook her head, smiling." Not yet. But it should be soon. We're already discussing what our first child will be named. Come on in." They walked into the house, Max marveling at the large space in the building. A large beast-like being walked in to the room. " Hi Nexus." Terra hugged the being and kissed it on the lips. Max's eyes widened. Terra saw the look. " Oh, I'm sorry. This is Nexus, my fiance. Nexus, Max Triggara." Nexus smiled and reached out his hand. " How do you......" He stopped as soon as he and Max shook hands. Max felt the sensation as well. They both started to feel dizzy, and staggered back.

Terra caught Max, knowing that Nexus could handle himself. Max shook his head. " Wha, what happened?" Nexus pushed against a wall, regaining his balance. " I don't know. But I had the strangest feeling. As if, we've met, somewhere before. But that's impossible. I've never seen you before in my life before now. I, I guess I was hit by a dizzy spell, and it reverbed into you. I'm sorry if I made you unsettled." Max shook his head. " No, it's alright. I just didn't, realize I had that effect on people. It just, surprised me." Nexus smiled. " I hope you're alright." Man nodded. " I'll be fine. Just need, to sit down." Terra helped him to a seat, and went to get some water. She came back with a full glass and gave it to Max. He was sipping the water, when the glass vibrated. Max was startled. The glass stopped. Max stared at the glass, and it started to vibrate again. He continued to stare at the glass, and it shattered, spilling the remaining water, cutting Max's hand, and startled everyone. " I'm sorry. I didn't think that..." Terra got a towel. " That's alright. As long as you're alright. I hope it didn't hurt you too bad." Max looked at his hand, the cut was already sealing up. ' Then it's already happened.' He looked up at Nexus. " Not to be rude or anything, but was kind of being are you?" Nexus smirked. " No offense taken. I'm an Esper. As Terra forgot to mention, I am the Esper of Time. One of the few remaining Espers in this world. I'm sorry if I startled you at first. I get that a lot." Max nodded. " So I um, saw. You said that you were the what of Time?" Nexus smiled at him.

" Esper. Strange, that you don't know about my kind. Where do you come from?" Max sighed. " A planet called Earth." Nexus nodded. " No wonder I felt that way. You're that person who saw King Edger, no?" Max nodded. " I thought so. I can tell Illumina picked the right person." Max jumped up, feeling dizzy as he did so. " Illumina picked the right person? Wha, what do you mean, Illumnia picked?" Nexus sighed. " Well, not just anyone can wield Illumina. It take a certain kind of person to wield that blade. Illumina must choose you, not you choose Illumina. Only one who is purest heart, and strongest soul, can take Illumina from it's resting place." Max looked at the Esper. " You mean, Illumina has to want to help me? Oh boy. Is Earth in trouble. I have to get that sword to defeat Lavoros, and it has to choose me to use it. This is perfect. Why didn't someone tell me this, before I left?" Locke grinned. " Don't worry. If Illumina chose you, then there should be no problem. If not, your planet's finished." Terra hit Locked on the shoulder. " Don't say that! What of I had thought that way two years ago? Then we wouldn't be here." Locke nodded. " Good point." Nexus looked at Max. " I sensed a power in you. Illumina does need you. Harness your abilities, and learn to them. Only then, can you conquer this evil which threatens your world." He turned to look at Terra. " I must go with him. It is the only way." Terra nodded. " I won't stop you. Just come back in one piece." Nexus smiled. " Don't worry. Not even death can come between us." He hugged Terra, and vanished. He reappered with a battle suit on. " Let's go."

They went to the Epoch and climbed in. Max started it up, and flew off towards the horizen. The ship sailed over a forest, blowing wind through the trees. A creature opened one eye, and saw the thing that had disturbed it's slumber. It crawled out of the ground and flew into the air, chasing the metal bird that had awakened it. It would destroy this thing, for it, was the WEAPON.

The Epoch shot over a large lake, scanning the mountains. " This craft is amazing. It can go faster than ships ten times it's size, engine power too." Nexus was astonished by the lithe vessel. It was incredibly quick and nimble for such a small craft. The scanner let out a large beep, showing something very large approaching them. Nexus looked at the screen. " Damn, I knew we should have gone around that forest." Max turned and looked at the Esper. " What is iiiyaiiiyiyiyiii. Oh, my god!" He pushed the throttle forward all the way. The Epoch accelerated forward, the creature behind them flying faster to keep up. Nexus searched the cockpit. " Is there a radio in here?!" Max nodded. " Look to your right. The CB should be right below the navi-computer!" Nexus looked to where Max had instructed, and found the radio. He turned it on, and punched it the proper frequency. " Come in Talon! Can you read me, over!"

A transmiter in a control room went off. A man walked over and picked it up. " This is the Talon. What's happening?" A squel of static blared from the speaker. " I'm sorry. Say that again?" " I said, this is Nexus!! We're being chased by the WEAPON!! Setzer, please, help us! This ship can't hold up to it's assault!! Please hurr......." The last part was cut off by a blast of static. " Oh crap. Belath, power up the engines! We got an emergancy!!" The airship lifted off the ground, hovering over the surface. It lurched forward, picking up speed, and sped off towards the faint signal of the Epoch.

A large blast flew past the ship. " I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!" Max steered the craft towards a mountain range. The WEAPON seemed to be going twice as fast as them. Another signal came from the scanner. " What now?!" Nexus looked at the screen. " It's about time. Change course to, 117 mark 2!" Max stared at the Esper. " That'll take us striaght at it!!" Nexus nodded. " Don't worry!! I know what I'm doing!!" Max reajusted course, and shot towards the creature. The beast, went right underneath them, then whipped the tiny ship with it's tail. The Epoch swerved from side to side. A large airship came speeding towards them. " Good. Setzer's here." The Talon rammed into the WEAPON, but rattled as the shock went through the ship. The Epoch shook as it glided to the ground. It hit with a screech as the underside scraped the ground, destroying the fragile lift rockets, and damaging the foward thrusters beyond repair. The wings hit the trees, and were ripped off. It crashed into a large bush, and came to a stop. The hatch popped open, and the three passangers climbed out. " Oh man. How am I going to explain this to Lucca? Better yet, how the hell am I going to get off this planet?" The WEAPON landed, causing the ground to shake. It stomped over to the three, and bellowed a mighty roar. " Oh crap." The WEAPON looked at the small band. " No, not today. UL...." A huge swirl of energy surrounded Nexus. " TI..." The energy concentrated into a dark blue orb. " MA!!!!!" The orb shot off towards the WEAPON, exploding into an expanding dome of energy. It struck the WEAPON, causing massive damage to it. The WEAPON stepped back from the being who had injured it. " Thank you Nexus. Bring her about!! Let's finish this thing off. Full ahead!!!" The Talon came around at a blazing speed. It flew right at the WEAPON. " Brace for impact!!!"

The airship rammed into the beast, shuddering and rattling as it flew back towards the ground. The WEAPON roared at the hit, stepping back quite a bit. The Talon stablized, and came around for another attack. The WEAPON was about to strike back, when.... " I don't think so pal!!!" Max remembered what had happened at the house, and stared at the WEAPON just as he had done with the glass. The WEAPON floated off the ground, hovering in mid-air. It shot up, and slammed into the ground. Max almost lost concentration. The beast flew towards a nearby hill and slammed into it, head first. It stood up, growling at the boy who had just thrown it around like a rag doll. Max couldn't hold the grip any longer, and collapsed to his knees. Locke pulled out a deep green crystal, and held it out in front of him. " From the depths of the world, I summon you RAMUH!!!!" Lightning struck the ground, and a tower of rock rose up, an old man standing on top of it. He held up a staff, lightning striking it, a bright yellow ball forming around the top of it. He pointed the staff at the WEAPON, lighning blasting it. The old man and the tower vainshed, electricity crackling around the beast. " That should burn him a bit!" The WEAPON turned to the Talon, and threw a fist at it. The blow grazed the side, but it was enough. The airship went out of control, plummeting to the ground. The WEAPON flew off, and was greeted by a huge dragon that blasted it with an enormous burst of energy. The WEAPON shattered, pieces falling to the ground. Max turned to the time machine. The threat was gone, but the Epoch, was destroyed.


To be Continued......


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