Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Epilogue

By Christopher Anthony Blair

The wedding had went without a hitch. Crono and Nadia were off to their honeymoon, and two other particuler members of the team were finding a little romance as well. Max and Terra walked down the seashore, reminding Max of how he and the two newly weds had first met. He smiled, thinking how much he had become like his ancestors. It had some bad points, but not enough to sway him.

' I'm so lucky to have found someone like Terra.' He thought. ' She's the only one I've ever met that really understands me.' Terra looked at Max, a sparkle in her eyes. ' This really is the boy I want to spend my life with, even if he does outlive me.' She knew that Max would never die, but she didn't really care. As long as she could be with him, she was content. They walked down to the boat house, passing by and walked into one of the restraunts on the pier. They were taken to a table and ordered dinner. The waiter brought their food, winking at Max as he left. They ate their dinner, talking about how they had come to be the team that they and their friends had become. Max was about say something, when the waiter came up and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to the man. The waiter gestured for them to follow him. They stood up and walked to where he was standing. They walked into the doorway, the waiter closing the door behind him. The room was totally dark. The lights snapped on. " Surprise!!" Max and Terra were surprised very well. The team was there, except for Crono and Nadia. Max looked at Terra and blushed. Terra saw it, and smiled. She knew who had set this up. " Um, uh, what's going, um, on?" Max was stuttering. Janus smiled. " It's July twenty-third. Your birthday." That made Max blush even more. " You know I'm not born for another nine hundred and eighty years." Lucca grinned. " So what ? That doesn't mean you can't have a birthday?" She nudged him in the ribs. " And, uh, you have your girlfriend with you, so don't be a stickler." Max's face turned tomato red. Terra was giggling at him. That made him blush even more. His face was a rose color. Janus smiled at the two. " You two make the perfect couple." That just made Terra start to turn red as well. Everyone was laughing. Terra looked at Janus. " You this up, didn't you?" Janus nodded. " What can I say? I'm your culprit." He chuckled at Terra's red face, which was getting redder by the second. Robo patted Max on the back. The waiters brought in a huge cake and gave Max a knife. He cut into the cake, slicing a piece off.

After that night, Max and Terra stayed away from telling their friends about their relationship. They went to the mountains of Terra's time, and Max took Terra to the amusment parks of his. They were riding a tram, when they noticed Lucca. " Oh no." Lucca smiled. " I thought so. You two just can't stay away from each other." They both turned red. Lucca giggled. " Come on. You two haven't kissed once this night. Course, I haven't seen your other trips." Max smiled at Lucca. " Well, let's just say that we've been saving it." He pulled Terra close to him, and kissed her on the lips. Terra's eyes went wide, then slowly closed as she put her hands around Max's waist. Lucca's mouth dropped open. ' Wow. I didn't think they'd do it.' She smiled as muffled sounds came from the teenagers. ' I better let them be alone.' She got off at the next stop, leaving the embracing teens to themselves.


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