The New Turk

By Clara

Yuffie gasped and clutched her precious possessions close to her chest. She found herself in a tough situation, which wasn't unusual. Someone was always chasing her when they found out she stole something valuable to them....which was usually everything. "Shit shit shit!" she cussed quietly as she vaulted over a bunch of garbage cans, landed on a fire escape and shimmied up to the top of the building, panting quietly. "Ugh...." she snorted, a little disgusted. "Don't these guys EVER give up?" She glanced down the fire escape at the man who was chasing her. He had followed her and was panting heavily.

"GIVE ME BACK THAT FOOD!!" the man screamed at her.

Yuffie threw her head back and laughed, making it sound as masculine as she could. It was harder then it sounds. "I'd save your breath, Mister!" she shouted at him in a boyish voice. She was dressed up like a boy, and knew she succeeded making herself look like a young man. She wore an over sized jacket that hid her curves and a hood that hid her feminine face. "You have A LOT of running to do!!" She leapt to the next roof, praying that she wouldn't fall.

Life had been a lot harder for Yuffie Kisaragi after the Meteor. She had a choice to go back with her father in Wutai, but she decided against it, since traveling was in her blood. She had stayed with Tifa and Cloud for a while, but soon got anxious to be outside again, exploring the world. She found herself in a destroyed town, stealing stuff to help her survive.

Not realizing that she wasn't really paying attention to where she was leaping, Yuffie noted that she leapt to soon and now had nothing but air underneath her. Air that was doing _nothing_ to support her small body. Holding in a shriek, she grabbed onto the sill of an open window and swung in, thanking the gods that she was okay. Of course, she was surprised when a pair of shocked green eyes blinked at her.

"Who the hell are you?" a soft, sexy, masculine voice asked. "And how didja get in here?"

Yuffie raised her eyes and drew in a breath, glad her hood covered her face. *Shit......*

The man walked over to her and looked at what she had clutched in her hands. She held it tighter and backed away from him, backing right into the sill. *Okay...this is not good, Yuffie. You're trapped in a room with a potentially dangerous enemy standing in front of you. Luckily, he doesn't know who you are. Will that last? No. Can you get out? No. Does this suck? Yes, yes it does.*

"What's that?" he asked, indicating the items she had clutched in her hands and surprising her out of her death prayer.

"Food," she murmured in a deep voice, only partially lying. She knew who it was, and the first thing she wanted to do was sprint away from him. The last thing she wanted was to be there at the moment. What the hell was _he_ doing here?! Couldn't he have died?! "If you don't mind, Mister, I'll be leaving." She slowly skittered around him, carefully avoiding his gaze.

She was stopped by a hand on her arm. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths, praying that he would let go and she could run like a bitch. She knew he wouldn't be to happy if he found out who she was. The man tilted his head to the side. "You can't be more then 13 or 14," he said quietly. "Quite some kid, managing to get way up here, through a window on the eighteenth floor." He raised an eyebrow. "How DID you manage to get up here, anyway?"

*Just let me go, damnit she screamed in her head. "Long story," she muttered, praying that he would release his grip on her arm. *Kid? Who the hell is he calling a kid?! He's only like four years older then me! Gawd! Men!* She looked at his hand that was still grasping her arm. He looked curious.

"Not very muscular, are you?" he asked, his green eyes dancing. Ooh! How she just wanted to smack him! She glowered at him, even though he couldn't see her eyes. She clenched and unclenched her free fist, entertaining the thoughts of socking him in the jaw. Then she noticed a slightly dangerous glint in his eye and she hurriedly banished the thoughts from her mind.

Yuffie prayed that he couldn't hear her pounding heart, or notice that she was breathing faster then a human usually breathed, or hear her gulp nervously once and a while, or see that her hands were shaking and sweaty. He tilted his head to the side and released her arm, not realizing just how tempting he was at the moment. *Tempting?! HIM?! Yeah, right. probably a sadist or something like that...* She twitched, realizing what she just thought. *Oh dear god..I cannot believe I just thought that..*

Reno stared curiously at the shivering boy who just twitched (or...actually girl...but he didn't know that yet) in front of him and snorted. *Dumb thing,* he thought. *What the hell does he think he's doing? Shit, I should just blow his head off right now!* he tried to look at his face, but the boy averted his gaze. *And what the hell is he doing? This boy is pissing me off!*

Yuffie felt herself blush when his intent gaze bore down on her. Again, she tried to banish the not really innocent thoughts creeping into her mind. Again she thanked the lord that humans did not have the ability to read minds.

"Who are you?" Reno asked.

"N-no one," Yuffie whispered, hoping he wouldn't catch the slight crack in her voice. Damn, was he getting angry. She'd hate to be the one he was angry at. Oh. Wait. She _is_ the one that he's angry with. *Oh boy, this isn't gunna be pleasant..*

"I gathered that," Reno snarled. This boy was really starting to piss him off. Reno did _not_ have a good day, since the cafeteria's beer stock had run to the very last drop, and he had to have a gaddamn wine cooler. Wine cooler, for chrissake! Didn't even give you a damn buzz. He sighed and glanced at the boy again. Oh well, might as well get rid of him....

Yuffie stumbled back in surprise when Reno suddenly punched her not to lightly in the eye. Her hood flew off and she clutched her eye, hissing every cuss word she knew at Reno. She didn't bother to cloak her voice to make it sound more masculine. Reno didn't care, however, since he already saw her face. He just stood there, shocked. Yuffie lowered her hand, revealing her eye that was already beginning to swell and bruise. Oh, this guy is DEAD!!! She was about to attack him, but stopped when she realized that that probably wouldn't be the best idea. Instead, she whipped out a few of her shurikens and threw them at him.

Reno's eyes widened when he saw the shurikens coming straight to him. He was about to dodge out of the way when the shurikens found their marks and pinned him to the wall he was standing near. He stayed completely still for a moment and stared at her. "Yuffie....?" he murmured. That was that chick's name, right? The one at Wutai, right? Yep, yep it is. Shit.

That seemed to break him from his shocked trance and he began to spit every cuss word _he_ knew. Needless to say, Yuffie learned a whole lot more words.

"Long time no see, Reno," she said and saluted him. She ran to the door, opened it, and crashed right into what felt like a brick wall. It was Rude. The last thing she remembered was a sharp pain at the back of her head before the world became black.

Rude stared at the girl lying on the ground and lowered his gun. He had hit her with the brunt of it just to knock her out. He raised his eyes to the cursing Reno who was still pinned to the wall and stepped over Yuffie's prone body. When he got to the spitting Reno, he calmly plucked the shurikens off the wall. Reno growled and walked over to Yuffie, lifting her up and hefting her deadweight body on his shoulder. Rude followed him out the door, thinking *Hell, life is _never_ normal here.*



Bright light.

Really REALLY bright light.

Yuffie slammed her eyes shut and groaned loudly. Damn that hurt. She tried to get up, but for some reason she was incapable of moving. *What's going on? I don't have a hangover, do I? I don't remember drinking anything...*

"She's awake," a feminine voice said. "Jeez...." Yuffie groaned again, the quiet sound of the female's voice sounded like a million drums pounding in her head. *Pain pain pain pain PAIN! This HAS to be a hangover. But wait. Why can't I move?*

Ignoring the sledgehammer pounding in her head, Yuffie slowly opened her eyes. She blinked a couple of times, trying to clear her fuzzy vision. In her eyes, big blurs of colors and shapes were dancing around, annoying the hell out of her. She waited impatiently for everything to solidify.

Yuffie drew in a breath, looking at face to face, recognizing each of them. *DAMMIT!!* she cursed in her mind. *I _would_ manage to get myself caught by the _Turks_. Shit shit shit SHIT!!!*

"Jesus Christ, Reno, didja have to punch her THAT hard?!" Elena snarled at the red haired Turk as she examined Yuffie's swollen eye. It wasn't _that_ bad of a swell, but unless Yuffie didn't find a potion, life would be rather uncomfortable. Reno just snorted.

"How the hell was I s'pposed to know that she was a she?" Reno growled. "'sides, why do you care? She's nothing. We'll probably just get some information out of her then kill her."

Yuffie drew in a deep breath. *Don't let them get anything out of you. _No one_ gets anything out of Yuffie Kisaragi unless she _wants_ to tell them, right? But..uh..having a bullet put through your brain doesn't sound very uncomfortable,* she thought.

Reno poked her with his night stick. She held in the urge to attack him....even if she WAS tied to a chair. Reno was straddling his chair, idly twirling his night stick around and watching her through narrowed eyes. "She sure as hell is quiet," he muttered boredly. "Damn...this is boring. When the hell is the boss gonna get here?"

Rude just watched them behind his sunglasses, privately wondering the same thing. Sure, he could usually cover his emotions, but standing there for about four hours watching an unconscious person could get on _anyone's_ nerves. At least she was awake now.

Elena privately felt bad for the girl. She knew that Reno was probably right and she pitied the girl. She seemed so young! Maybe about eighteen or nineteen.....

Reno was still a little shocked about the incident that happened in his room earlier. It wasn't everyday that one of your worst enemy's friend came bouncing in your room, dressed as a boy and acting like one. He was also really pissed that she was able to humiliate him in front of a Turk like that. Elena wasn't about to let him live that down any time soon.

Yuffie was starting to get really pissed. Annoyed. Furious. Murderous. Down right _mad_. *How dare they?!* she seethed, clenching her teeth. *I'll kill them! I'll murder them! I'll tie them up with their own guts! I'll---*

Her thoughts were suddenly cut short when a door was slammed open. Reno and Elena looked at the door and Rude twitched a little.

A short, stocky man walked around them and looked closely at Yuffie. "Your telling me that all that stuff in the back room, this girl _stole_?!"

"Yes, sir!" Reno cried, not getting up from his chair.

The stocky man cleaned his ear with his pinkie and glared at Reno. "Can we get a little louder?" he asked.

"YES, SIR, WE CAN SIR!!" Reno shouted into a megaphone that reminded Yuffie of Cait Sith. Elena snatched the megaphone out of Reno's hand and tossed it behind her, privately wondering how he got it.

"Shaddup Reno," Elena snarled. Reno glared at her.

The man rolled his eyes and examined Yuffie closely. He tossed something on her lap, making her jump in surprise. *What the hell?! Is that a---TURK UNIFORM?!* She looked back up at him, surprise written all over her face.

"Put that on," the man said. "My name is Reynold, you're new boss. If you don't obey me, then you die. If you try to escape, you die. If you obey me, you live. Sound good?" Yuffie wordlessly nodded.

All the other Turks stared at him in shock. "Is that a good idea, sir?" Elena asked nervously. "I mean, she could tell---" she was silenced by Reynolds cold glare.

"Do you dare question me?" he asked harshly. Elena shook her head. "Good. Reno..." Reno looked up as his name was called. "It's your job to train her, got that?" Reno stared blankly at him for a moment, ground his teeth together and nodded angrily. *Dammit....why the $&^% is he putting me with a %^&*$# rookie? She should be trained with Elena or something! Bastard. Even Rufus woulda killed Yuffie. Damn him....* "Untie her," Reynold instructed to Elena. Elena reluctantly obliged.

Yuffie stood up and looked at her new outfit. *How do I get myself into these messes?* She glanced at Reno, whose green eyes held nothing but contempt towards her. His gaze mirrored Elena's. *Shiiiiiit* she thought to herself. *I have a feeling that I won't really be liked here...*

Yuffie walked over to the nearest door, making a face. *Damn this..* She was stopped by an icy voice. "Where the hell do you think YOU'RE going?" Reno snapped bitterly. Today was _not_ a good day.

Yuffie sighed. "Do you want me to change right in front of you? Yeah, right...." Reno shot a stony glare at her.

"S'not like you've got anything I wanna see...." he snarled.

"Oh really?" Yuffie growled. She stomped over to Rude and grabbed his collar, pulling him down so that they were practically nose to nose. He made no response. "Show me where the goddamn bathroom is." Not saying anything, Rude directed her to the dirtiest bathroom in the building. Yuffie made a face. *I'm going to have a REALLY hard time making friends here,* she thought as she locked the door. She looked at the air vent and thought about escaping. Her lips curved into a rather nasty smile. *No way in hell I'm going to let them win _that_ easily.*

Yuffie looked at the neatly folded outfit and made a face. There was no way she was going to wear it like that lady 'Elena' did. She smirked and started to strip, the nasty smile on her face growing. *I'll show him.....*


Reno lit his second cigarette and made a face. "What the hell is taking that girl so long?" he asked to no one imparticular. Elena just shrugged and leaned against the wall. "Great answer..." Reno said, rolling his eyes. He took a drag out of his cigarette and slouched over. *Damn girl.....*

Reno's thoughts were cut off, however were cut off by a low, sensual voice that pierced into his head. His cigarette fell out of his mouth and his sunglasses slipped down his nose. Rude's mouth also dropped open as he stared at the figure that suddenly appeared. Elena just stared.

"Ahem..." Yuffie said in a low, tantalizing voice. She smiled a little at the look on Reno's face. She had prepared herself carefully, ditching the jacket part of her outfit and leaving a few button's on the blouse unbuttoned at the top and at the bottom. The pants were a little loose on her, exposing more of her slim waist then she had planned. Every now and then, she had to tug on the belt loop to make sure it didn't slip _too_ low.

Like Elena, she didn't have her sunglasses on. However, she had found a potion under the sink and used it to fix up her injured eye.

Yuffie's body had matured the years following the fall of the meteor. Now, instead of being a skinny little runt, she filled out in places she never really thought she would fill out in. Yuffie smirked at Reno and raised an eyebrow. "So?" she asked quietly, not really realizing that she had made her voice sultry. "How do I look?"

*YEOW!* was the only thought that crossed Reno's mind. *She sure as hell has changed!* His gaze traveled down her body and he unconsciously fidgeted with the edge of his shirt, making Yuffie smirk. "Still think I have no body?" she asked and leaned foreword to look at him in the eyes, not really noticing that she just gave him the view of his lifetime. He blushed furiously and kept his eyes on her face, trying to force his gaze _not_ to wander down. Even though it was one helluva view. He played with the thought of her and bed...with chocolate syrup...then mentally slapped himself. After all, he was dead set on hating this girl, right? So how come his damn heart was pounding so hard?

*Hmmm.....* she thought, one again completely oblivious to his thoughts. *So he ain't really the horny bugger that he leads everyone to believe. That raised my respect for him a little bit.*

Reno closed his eyes and shook his head furiously, as if to clear it. "Yes," he said in a husky voice. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Yes. Y-you...shit..." he just couldn't say it. He could lie very easily....after all, he was a Turk, but he just couldn't say that she looked unattractive. Maybe it was because his tongue wasn't working properly. Or maybe it was because visions of her in black lace were still dancing across his mind.

Yuffie just shrugged. After all, she wasn't expecting anything that great coming from Reno, even if she did look really cute.

Rude glanced at her in a gaze full of distrust. That had no affect on her, since his sunglasses were still over his eyes. "Mr. Reynold wants us to show you around here. You'll be staying in Reno's room til-----" Rude was interrupted by a furious Reno.

"What?!" he yelled angrily. "You want me to share a room with HER?!?! Are you kidding me? She probably snores!"

Yuffie, who had calmed down, blew up all over again. "What the hell are you talking about?! I'd rather share a room with Don Coreno!" her face turned a little green at that. "He's probably less perverted then this red haired freak here!" *Ugh.....I think I'm going to have nightmares for a looooong time cuz of this.*

Reno spun around and glared at Yuffie. "You're comparing me to that fat bastard, Coreno? What shit are you on?!"

"The same one your on, apparently!" Yuffie rolled her eyes. "The only difference between you and Coreno is that he's older and fatter and you're cuter!" She slapped her hand over her mouth when she realized what she just said. *I did NOT just say that* she looked at Reno's smirking face. *Yep...I said it. DAMN!! He's never going to let me live this down!*

Reno raised an eyebrow. "So you think I'm cute?" he asked, enjoying the fact that she was getting totally flustered by this. *I'm NEVER going to let her live this down.*

Yuffie completely composed herself and brushed past him, waving her hand like she was chasing off a pesky fly. "Don't flatter yourself," she mocked. "ANYone is better looking then that damn Coreno. Don't go thinking your all great cuz you look better then him."

She walked over to Rude and glowered at him. "Well, are you going to take me to Prez Reynold or am I going to have to look for him myself? I'd bet you'd like that, right? Have some crazy ROOKIE walking around your precious headquarters?"

"--til your own room gets finished up," Rude finished and raised an eyebrow, the only emotion showing on his stone-cold face. However, he was rather beginning to like this girl. It wasn't everyday you saw someone as cocky like Reno get so frustrated. He spun around, hiding his smirk from them. *This should be interesting......* Unlocking the door, he led her to toward President Reynolds office. Without another word, he walked away from them, dragging Elena with him. Reno was about to walk with them when Elena pushed him back towards her.

"You have to show her around, Reno," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Boss's orders!" She winked at Yuffie and made a face at Reno. Like Rude, she was beginning to like Yuffie, happy that their was finally a decent person to talk to. Not to mention, another girl. Scarlet hadn't been the best person to have a mature conversation with.

"Tomorrow," Yuffie said and yawned. "I've been up for two nights straight. I want to SLEEP!" Elena giggled and walked over to her own room, glad she didn't have to deal with THAT girl.

Reno rolled her eyes and led her to his room. "Whatever," he said and unlocked his door. It swung open and Reno stormed in, flicking on the light switch as he walked past it. He knew what she was probably going to say...something along the lines like "Damn this room is MESSY!" but he was greeted by silence. He shrugged and walked into the bathroom, stripping off his shirt and tossing it over his head, not paying attention to where it was going. That was until the shirt came flying back into the bathroom and on his head.

"What the %^&$?!" he cried angrily. Tearing the shirt from his head, he walked out of the bathroom, only to be greeted by a sleeping Yuffie, who had claimed the bed for herself. *Damn...she looks innocent...* he grinned deviously, walked back into the bathroom, changed into his sweats and walked back out.

Walking on cats feet, he quietly snuck up to the side of the bed. Careful not to wake her up, he raised his hands and.....

.....pushed her off the bed. "Oof!" Yuffie cried, as she was rudely pushed out of a really nice dream about materia hunting. She shot up, just in time to see just _why_ she was pushed out of her dream.

Reno was now lying comfortably on his bed, with his eyes closed and a content look on his face. *Grrr....if that dude thinks he's going to get away from waking me up from that dream, he has another thing coming!* Yuffie put her hands at the bottom of the bed, let out a quiet grunt and smoothly flipped the bed over.

"Holy---!!" Reno cried when he suddenly found himself on the ground... with a bed above him. The bed, however, was dragged back away.

By the time he regained his composure, Yuffie was peacefully lying on his bed. But this time, her eyes were wide open and staring at him, a bit smugly. Reno could feel his anger level rising about ten points.



Elena and Rude walked past Reno's room. Each blinked and glanced at each other. Elena cracked a smile and tilted her head to the side. "I think that this should be a VERY interesting night for those----" she was cut off by a loud crash and a string of furious cuss words. "----two." She sweatdropped and stared at Reno's room, trying to see through it so she could tell what the hell was going on there. Rude just nodded in silent agreement.


"What the hell do you think your doing?!" Reno shouted as he pushed at Yuffie, who was clutching to his bed with a viselike grip. "This is MY bed and MY room!"

"Not true!" Yuffie denied, shaking her head. "This is now my room and my bed too!"

"This was my shit first!" Reno yelled, shaking her. That only made her hold on tighter.

"I don't give a %@#$!!" Yuffie snarled and tightened her grip on the bed. "I'm guest so I get to do anything I damn well please!"

"You ain't guest!" Reno shouted as he increased his efforts to get her off the bed. He lifted her up, sweatdropping when he realized that she had taken the bed up with her. The bed, having one part stuck to the floor, didn't move an inch. "You just a damn rookie! Now leggo, dammit!"

"Never!" Yuffie cried and held the bed all the more tighter. There was a loud creeeeeeeeeaaaaakk as Reno doubled his efforts.

"Leggo, dammit!" he growled, slowly trying to back away.

Yuffie glanced down and realized that the bed wasn't going to stay stuck the whole time and was, in fact, looking ready to become unstuck. She didn't quite want to get flattened by a bed so she just shrugged. "Whatever you say, Reno-baby." She let go of the bed, right as Reno tripled his efforts. They went flying against the wall, just as the bed crashed to the ground. There was a loud explosion as the bed shattered to splinters, not quite able to handle the abuse any longer.

Yuffie, who was still in Reno's arms, glanced at him, just as he glanced at her.

"This is all YOUR fault!"


Yuffie sighed and stared up at the ceiling, cursing Reno for the hundredth time for "recking the goddamn bed." They had argued for half an hour just who's fault it was before Reno threw her a pillow and blanket, saying "Shut the ^%$# up and go to sleep." She had thought about taking the mattress, but that idea was ruined because it was pretty torn up and it had sharp splinters sticking out from it. No way she was about to sleep on _that_. Let Reno have it for all she cared. But Reno had just set up his own little makeshift bed beside hers, apparently coming to the same conclusion about the mattress. That was an hour ago.

Yuffie sighed and glanced at Reno. He SEEMED to be asleep. Oh well, might as well check. "Psst!" Yuffie whispered and poked him. "You awake?"

No answer.

She tried again. "Hey, you awake?" she whispered. Reno just grunted and rolled over. Yuffie sat up and shook him, startling him out of his rather pleasant dream about a pitcher of beer and a waitress with legs that seemed to go to her chin. "YOU AWAKE?!" she whispered loudly.

Reno shot up and glanced wildly back and forth. "Wha---hey! Why the hell didja wake me up?!"

Yuffie just shrugged and lay back down. "Just makin' sure you were asleep," she said sleepily. Reno stared incredulously at her, thought about ripping off her head, decided against it and fell back against his pillow. Yuffie turned and looked at him, propping her head up with her hand. She stared at him, obviously bored.

"Ugh..." Reno groaned. "I thought you were tired!"

"Happens to me every night," she said, shrugging.

Reno just covered his head with his pillow and let out a low groan. "Let me sleep..." he groaned from beneath his pillow.

"Hey, Reno....can you sleep?!" Yuffie asked a few minutes later, poking him in the ribs and ignoring the fact that he was shirtless.

"NOW I can't," Reno growled angrily. He had been thinking about a hundred different ways to kill someone, and wondering if he try some on the brown haired girl lying beside him. He lifted up the pillow from his head and glared at her. "What do you want?"

Yuffie grinned and tilted her head to the side. "Have you ever been in love?" She asked, making him blink at her.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Reno asked, staring at her in shock.

She whapped him with her pillow. "Just answer the damn question." Silence. "Reno? You there or did I kill you?" she asked.

"Never been in love," Reno finally murmured. "Never have, never will, never plan too."

"Oh, well you just ruined my night!" Yuffie said, sarcasm oozing from her voice. She received a stony glare that she could barely see with the dim lighting.

It was Reno's turn to whap her with a pillow. "Why'd you ask? Did you ever love anyone?" he asked, genuinely curious. Well, he sounded curious, but in reality he was thinking about the girl who had legs that went to her chin again. Yuffie shrugged, oblivious to his train of thoughts.

"I dunno...not real love, I guess. Just a silly crush..." she murmured the last part. "...but it sure as hell felt like love..."

Reno propped himself up and stared at Yuffie. "And who was this 'boy' you were so infatuated with?"

"Why the hell do you want to know?" she asked, her light tone suddenly disappearing. She was suddenly regretting asking him that question.

"Enlighten me."

Yuffie rolled her eyes. "You'll never let me live it down...but I kinda sorta liked Cloud...."

Reno's hand slipped from his face and his head dropped on his pillow. He shook his head. "I'm not really surprised," Reno said. "Seems like every girl has liked Spike one time or another."

Yuffie sighed and nodded. "Too true."

"I have one thing to say to you though," Reno said in a serious tone. Yuffie looked at him curiously, silently urging him to go on. "You have BAD taste in men."

Yuffie looked at him in surprise, not really expecting him to say that. She contemplated hitting him with her pillow, but decided against it. "Must be true..." Reno blinked at her. "After all, I did say _you_ were cute."

Reno's mouth dropped open. *...#$@% (&^$@...* He closed his mouth and smirked at her, once again propping his head up. "I didn't need to have you tell me that," he said, snobbishly. "I already _knew_ I was sexy. Admit it Yuffie, you think I'm sexy too. I bet the reason you couldn't sleep was cuz you kept on picturing me naked."

This time, Yuffie really did hit him with her pillow. Reno grabbed it and tugged it out of the surprised girl's hands. He sat up a little, flipped the pillow under his head, and lay back down again, expecting his other pillow to be under him. All he found was the cold, hard floor. He blinked and looked around for his pillow, til his eyes fell on Yuffie, who was fast asleep on his pillow. He shook his head slightly and closed his eyes, soon following her to dream world...images of young, materia stealing ninja's often passed through his sleep induced mind.

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