Chrono Trigger: Dare Epilogue

Fate moved the pieces around a bit, then decided that they had had enough manipulation for one lifetime. He picked all the victors up and placed them back in their box then closed the lid. They would now live out normal lives without his interference. Later, he would be bored again and bring the pieces out, start a new game from the very beginning. Only then, it might be different. He might have the other side win that time, if he was bored enough and if the pieces made the game interesting. Who the victor was never mattered to him so much as the entertainment he received from making their lives interesting. He might switch the roles around a bit as well. There were an infinite number of things he could do to an infinite combination of people, but all of them involved this chess-like game. Leaning back in his chair, he savored the moment after the game ended. One always learned something new from these people and Fate like to sit around and ponder the events. After all, what else did he have to do? What else could Fate play?

* * *

Queen Zeal woke up in darkness.

"Where am I? Who am I?"

For a fleeting instant, she remembered that she had recently lost to that kid with the spiky red hair and his friends, the ones who insulted her time and time again, throughout history, throughout worlds. She knew he in particular would always be there, taunting her, always standing between her and what she wanted. Sometimes, he would win, other times, she would win, but they were always on opposing sides. And this time, as had happened in the past several times, he had won.

"Next time, I’ll win. I’ll win, next time," she said as she lost consciousness. Her piece, one of those that Fate had put away in the loser’s box, smiled evilly. There was always next time. One should never give up. There would always be a next time.


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