Chrono Trigger: Dare Prologue

By Crono_12

Fate sighed as the most recent being departed with the knowledge of his future, knowledge he had gleaned from Fate himself. He sighed again. That his visitors never bothered to question the validity of whatever he told them annoyed him. They simply accepted the fact that they would die in two weeks, or win the next battle, or whatever the case may be. None of them dared to challenge his verdict. In this case, the being wanted to know if he would finally get his revenge. Fate answered as truthfully as possible, saying that the being would get his revenge. Of course, Fate spoke the ‘if’: if circumstances did not change, revenge would be within his grasp.

Mortal beings were a pain. They seemed to have an endless amount of problems, and they all wanted to know how to solve them. On the other hand, the mortals always provided him with good entertainment. This last one would be more fun than usual to toy around with; several of the pieces waiting for him on the board had been playing for a good long time. They might actually put up an interesting fight.

In reality, this last visitor would simply extend the already drawn-out battle and perhaps, perhaps, finish it. Eagerly, Fate repositioned the new piece on the board, moving it from his box of insignificant pieces, for it was fairly significant now, to a place on the board where it would be under his nearly undivided control. Smiling and with bated breath, Fate started the game, moving three pieces: a red haired man, a stunningly beautiful woman, and a purple haired inventor, onto a new square. Then, on another part of the board, he moved three more pieces, three more people. When he finished, he sat back and thought out his next move.

"Yes, this will be fun. I just hope that these mortals manage to surprise me again," he said under his breath.


Chapter 1

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