Cloud's Past

By CronoZ5910

Honestly, this is my first fanfic, and I got inspired by all the other fanfics out there. This was also inspired by the secret cinema in the final fantasy 7 game. You can see this cinema after Cloud recovers from the lifestream by going into the library in Nibelheim.


What the hell am I doing?

You know what you're doing.

Am I going crazy?!


Those were part of the thoughts which raced through Cloud's mind after he laid Tifa to the side and took Zack's Buster Sword. He had thought that Zack was dead, and Tifa was mortally wounded. His body flowed with anger, as he went through the door leading to Jenova. Sephiroth turned around.

"Wha---ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cloud had critically wounded him by slashing him in the stomach. Cloud proceeded to use the pre-emptive materia he took from Zack to freeze Sephiroth and slash him again.

"My family... my hometown... Tifa... give them all back." Cloud snarled at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth started to laugh.

"Heh heh heh..ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!" Cloud was dumbfounded. How could Sephiroth laugh when he was so mortally wounded. Then he remembered. Zack had told him about Sephiroth's reactions when they went to check the Mako reactor in Nibelheim. Sephiroth wasn't human. "Do you think your weak blows will stop me??!!" Sephiroth sneered. Sephiroth blew Cloud clear across the room. But Cloud refused to give up. With his last ounce of strength, he hurled the weapon, the Buster Sword, at Sephiroth. The sword went clear through Sephiroth. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Noooooo!!! How can you, a mere Shinra Soldier, beat me, the best SOLDIER officer?!" Sephiroth had no more energy to cast spells, as he used most of his power to blast Zack away, and the rest to blow Cloud across the room. He staggered out.

"You haven't... s... seen... th... the last..." Sephiroth stammered, and left Zack, Tifa and Cloud behind.

Cloud ignored the pain his broken ribs gave him, and ran down the steps, as vigorous as usual, to deal the finishing blow to Sephiroth.


!!!! Cloud was stunned. "Who is it?!"

"Cloud...its me... Zack... ugh" Zack was coughing up blood.

"Cloud... k... kill Sephiroth... he... almost killed m.. me... a... and Cloud... it's t... too late... for me... help... Tifa." With that, Zack fainted.

"Zack... Tifa... I promise I will avenge you two..." Cloud said, tears forming in his eyes.

"Sephiroth!!!!" Cloud screamed as he neared his enemy.

" Hmph!!!" Sephiroth stuck his sword through Cloud's stomach. "Don't... push... y... your... luck."

"DAMN!!!!!!" Cloud cursed. The pain was brutal.

"Heh... go to hell" Sephiroth said.

"No... that's what you should do." Cloud said. Cloud lifted him up.

"What the...?!"Sephiroth was astounded.

The last thing Sephiroth saw was him, and his sword, plunging into the Mako pool below.

"Zack... Tifa... I have avenged..." Cloud fell, unconcious.

* * * * *

Zangan went to the Mako plant to look for survivors. He was surprised, and shocked to see Tifa lying there. There were no signs of any other people, no even dead ones, so he took Tifa away to help her.


Hojo snickered. It had been a long time since he he good specimens. He injected them with Jenova cells, and they were getting stronger physically, too.

"Here's you food." He snarled. He was not in a good mood today. But the he saw something hat filled him with horror. One of his specimens had escaped and was standing before him. He ran toward the specimen, and the specimen punched him so hard, he was sent into the next room. Zack help Cloud out of his prison. Zack carefully dragged Cloud away from Nibelheim. He saw a truck moving towards them. He stuck histhumb out.

"Yo! You young folks lost?"

* * * * *

"Yo, old guy! We at Midgar yet?!" Zack demanded.

"Not yet! Shut up and sit down!" the old guy snapped. He went back concentrating on driving, mumbling something about getting no respect in these parts.

"Cloud. What'll you do after you get to Midgar?" Zack teased Cloud.


" Sorry, buddy. Just Kidding. I won't let you hang like that. Hey old guy! What do you think we should do?" Zack asked.

"Decide yourself" Was the reply.

"Hmmm...I know! We can be mercenaries! Yeah, that's it." Zack yelled, snapping his fingers.

" Uh....O...K..." Cloud stammered.

"Mercenaries, Cloud. That's what you and I are gonna be. Marcenaries." Zack said.

" Cloud... we are friends, right? Forever?" Zack asked.

Cloud could only nod in response. Zack accepted this and saw Midgar.

"Alright. This is our stop." The truck stopped.

Zack jumped out, and dragged Cloud out carefully.

Zack was approaching Sector 7 when some Shinra troops spotted him.

"Yikes!! Cloud, wait here." Zack took out his Buster Sword. He ran towards the Shinra soldiers.


Zack ran back to Cloud. He felt Cloud's pulse. Good. Still has one.

"Augh!!!!!!!" the soldiers gunned him.

"Uhhh..." The soldiers let loose all their ammo on him. Zack was dead.

"Captain! What'll we do with this one?" one soldier asked.

"Leave him alone. Let's go" The captain and the soldiers left. A heavy rain poured in.

"Z... Zack..." Cloud stammered. He crawled up to Zack. He grabbed Zack's sword. Blood-stained.

He felt Zack's clothes. Smothered with blood. Cloud couldn't hold back the tears. Why Zack? Why?

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" He let out a scream audible through out the 8 sectors of Midgar.

That's it! Sorry, this fanfic was my first, so I know it was crummy.I would like to thank Krazy Sam and Saul, for letting me know how "Broken" came to be, and Brian, for posting this on his page.

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