A Chrono Trigger Christmas

By CronoZ5910

It was a beatiful December day in Truce, the date: December 24. Crono got up groggily, and slumped down the stairway. Half asleep, he checked the calender.

"Hm...? December 24, 1003." He muttered.

"Wha...?" The message finally hit him (He is kinda slow, you know).

"December 24???!!!!" He checked the calender again.

"Gawd, it's Christmas Eve! Oh no! I forgot that everyone is supposed to come to my house for Christmas dinner!" He ran outside.

"Gotta work, and fast!!" He started chopping down a tree (a small one, mind you) from Fiona's forest. Fiona came out.

"Yahhhh!!!! What the heck are you doing?!" she screamed(Geez, how'd she get there? Oops, I forgot about the gate key.) Fiona got an axe (which appeared out of nowhere) and chased after Crono, who was bounding away, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

* * * * *

"Hey, you! I'm in a hurry, so get those ornaments and boxes here!!" Crono sneered.

"Fine, fine! Just shut up, will ya?!" The shopkeeper snarled in return.

"Even the moon's getting tired waiting around for your butt!" Crono retorted.

"Shut up!!!!"

* * * * *

"Let's seeeeeee... next on the list...presents!!! Darn! I forgot about that! It'll take me a year to get presents!" He ran off to the nearest shop.

"Let's see...this silk dress for Marle, and this Science/Technology book, complete with all the tools you need for Lucca, the silk dress is $180!!!!??? The Science thingy is...$179.99??!!!!!" Crono quickly paid for his items and left.

* * * * *

"Let's see...anything else? Darn, the food. Mom's not gonna be here today...hmmmm...." Crono snapped his fingers.

"Hi, I'd like one of your Christmas specials, please."Crono told the chef

"Okay. That comes to $267."He told Crono.

"...." Crono paid for the food, and left, mumbling something about being bankrupt.

* * * * *

"Oh nooo!!!!!!" Crono gasped.

"It's ten minutes till the party at my house, and I'm in the middle of nowhere!"

Crono had ran all the way to Porre, then to Medina, and now there wasn't any way to get back. He had no money for the Ferry to Truce, and he couldn't use the gate key. A light bulb lighted up in his mind.

" I got it!" He quickly ran to visit the mayor of Medina.

"Boy, am I lucky!" Crono thought. The elder was able to spare a few G for him to ride the ferry, and it was 2 minutes to the party.

"I have to get my house cleaned up!" He thought, his mouth dropping open.

* * * * *

:That's it! I can store the stuff in the storage house I built." He quickly gathered up everything, and shoved them into the storage house.

"Crono? What are you doing?" He heard Lucca's voice.

"Uh...nothing! Heh heh..." He said nervously.

"The party is about to begin! Even if there is only three people, it'll still be fun!" Lucca said. The party only had room for three people, and the time gates weren't functioning. Fiona came out of a red time gate, and wnet back after she chased off Crono.

The party started at 5:00. Marle, Lucca, and Crono had a wonderful time together. Marle and Lucca were delighted (hee hee) by Crono's presents, and Crono's present from Lucca was: a sword she made with the rainbow shell, sun stone, and Shiva Edge. Marle's present from Lucca was a "Radio" which could be used to talk to people long distances away.

* * * * *

After Lucca went home and Crono and Marle was alone, Crono spoke up.

"Marle, I have another present to give you, but this one is special." He said.

"Crono, I haven't give you my present yet, so I'll give it to you now..." She replied.

"No...not now...wait till I take you to a special place I have in mind." Crono said.

"Okay." Marle said sweetly.

Crono led Marle to a cliff, where a beautiful sunset awaited them.

"Marle, I brought you here for one reason" Crono took something out.

Marle gasped.

Crono knelt down.

"Marle, will you marry me?"

Tears formed in Marle's eyes, as she replied.

"Yes! Of course I will, Crono!" She said.

The couple enjoyed a long embrace and kiss under the stars, where the moon shined brightly overhead.


Yes, I know this story is crappy, but it is one of my first. Thanks to Brian for posting this on his page.

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