A.Z. - After Zeal Chapter 5


By Crystal Zeal

The ground shook violently, and flames erupted near Truce. The faint outline of a ship could be seen floating on the sea, and long shots of fire burst from it, shooting at the land.

Lucca growled, drawing her gun.

"It's those damn Mystics!" She shouted, turning her head to Crystal.

The girl blinked, confused. "Mystics...?"

"Pathetic monsters! Follow me!" Said Lucca, heading for her house. Crystal followed, still very confused. She tucked her staff into her belt.

Lucca pushed open the door, barging inside. She cupped her hands around her mouth, (even though her gun was still in one) and shouted.

"Glenn! The Mystics are attacking!"

A green haired man soon came running into the room.

"I heard!" He said bleakly, "we have to go help!"

Lucca nodded, taking Crystal by the arm. When the girl tried to pull away, Lucca told her, "We need your help!"

With a slight grimace, Crystal allowed herself to be pulled out of the house and down the hill, towards the ever-growing inferno.

"Crono and Nadia should be along soon! I'll try to put out the fire, you try to stop the Mystics! Who is this girl?" Asked Glenn, looking to her.

"Help," Lucca replied, "a fellow magic-user. I'll explain later!"

Glenn shook his head. "Very well..."

Lucca ran to the shore, stumbling onto to the beach. She instantly sent a wave of flames to the ship.

Well, girlie," said Glenn, "let's get to work! Water!" Streams of aqua shot from his fingers, dousing the flames. Crystal followed him, and started casting water spells.

The fire slowly started to become smaller. Within ten minutes, another joined them, dressed in a long gown. She started to freeze the flames. They had acquired village and soldier help by then. People were putting out the fire with water from the sea.

After a half an hour or so, the fire was completely put out. When Crystal looked to Lucca, she wasn't surprised to see a man with spiky red hair standing next to her.

"Lightning!" He shouted, and a bolt of lightning fell down from the sky, crashing down onto the boat, which was starting to retreat.

"COWARDS!" Crono shouted, casting another lightning.

Queen Nadia put a hand on her husbands shoulder, whispering something to him. He growled, kicking the ground. Nadia turned to Lucca, a worried look on her face.

"Lucca, is my daughter all right?" She inquired, tilting her head slightly.

"Tyrin and her are in my house, safe and sound," the inventor assured her queen and friend.

Nadia managed a smile. "Good."

"Who's this?" Crono butted in, motioning to Crystal.

The girl stepped forward, taking her staff into her hands. "I remember you. You were a lot younger though...and you, also." She motioned to both Crono and Nadia. "I'm not surprised you don't remember me. It was a long time ago for you, I'm guessing, and I wasn't too important of a person."

Crono arched an eyebrow at the girl.

Crystal blinked slightly, grinning. "My name is Crystal... I'm from Zeal."

This brought blinks from both Glenn, Crono, and Nadia.

"Err...Gaspar sent me to this time." She put in.

Lucca nodded, and told them that she was searching for Schala.


This turned all of their attentions to Tyrin and Marle, who were running to them.

Crono frowned. "What are you two doing here?"

"Saw...it was safe...came...to see you...guys," Tyrin said in between gasps for air.

"Yes! And we wanted to know what happened!" Exclaimed Marle, once she had caught her breath.

"An attack by the Mystics," growled Glenn, eyes flicking to the sea.

"Hold on one second!" Shouted Crystal, "what are Mystics?"

Crono looked to the girl, blinking. "We think they're somehow related to Enlightened One's in a way. They are basically monsters...except for the ones with magical abilities. The resemble humans and Enlightened ones...Like Flea, Ozzie, and Slash..." He looked down, as if he was remembering something. The others did the same.

"The Mystics were peaceful..." continued Marle, "but two years ago, they suddenly became very violent. They've been attacking us left and right. All we know is that it's because of a group of people who appeared from nowhere."

"These creatures were once stupid monsters. Somehow, they gained intelligence, and can speak. They have their own community now. I recognized some of the monsters from your time to be related to some from our time. The change, intelligence wise, was shocking," Lucca explained.

"We want to know how these monsters suddenly became smart. How they were able to go from brainless monsters to community with a culture and organized system is beyond us. But, in a nutshell, those are Mystics," Glenn finished.

Crystal stared at them for a few moments, before deciding something.

"All right," she concluded, "I guess I'll have find out."

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