A.Z. - After Zeal Chapter 7

Secrets Told

By Crystal Zeal

"Mother, what exactly happened with you and Zeal?"  The purple haired boy demanded.

Tyrin was sitting backwards in a chair, staring at his mother through the think glass of his glasses.  Marle sat on a box next to him, leaning back. 

Lucca grimaced, looking to both the two monarchs and her husband for support.  

"Thou art the best at describing our adventures, my dear," Glenn put in, slipping slightly into his archaic accent.  He did that every now and then.  This won fervent nods from both Crono and Nadia.  The former amphibian smiled ruefully at his wife's glare.

"Ahem.  Fine."  Lucca adjusted her glasses and leaned against a wall.  "Where to start... Where to start..."

"The beginning sounds good, mother."  The boy was acting rather cold towards his mother.

The scientist nodded.  "Yes, the beginning... That's works..." She cleared her throat.  "When we were just a little older than you, the Millenium Fair was going on.  Now, father and I had worked on an invention that would teleport people across short distances, which we called the Telepod."  A glance to Crono made him continue.

"While Lucca was at the Fair near her Telepod, I was exploring.  I was a bit preoccupied looking around, so I accidentally ran into your mother here while approaching Leene's Bell.  The two of us decided to join up, and after a while we headed over to Lucca's Telepod." 

Nadia picked the story up from there.  "Crono tried the invention first.  When he reappeared correctly, I went and tried.  Something went wrong, though.  My pendant reacted to the Telepod and sent me through a portal into the year 600.  There I was discovered by soldiers and taken back to Guardia Castle, mistaken for my ancestor Leene."  She looked back over to Crono.

"After seeing Marl-- Nadia here disappear, I grabbed the pendant that she had dropped and went after her.  I appeared in the year 600 as well.  I made my way to the castle and found out that "Queen Leene" was really Nadia.  She disappeared while we were talking, and I rushed downstairs, only to run into Lucca here."

Lucca continued, "I had gone and researched and whatnot after seeing them both get transported and was able to make a key to activate gates.  I then realized that Nadia was really the princess.  I used the Gate Key and rushed to Guardia Castle, only to explain to Crono what had happened.  We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off until we final stumbled into the Cathedral that once stood in the Western Forest.  We eventually found the Queen's precious pin and the nuns who were in the church transformed into monsters and attacked us.  We defeated them and were talking when another appeared and was about to slice me in half.  Luckily for me..."

"I dropped down from the rafters and sliced the demon in twain."  Stated Glenn with a grin.  "The three of us joined up in our attempts to rescue Queen Leene.  After a long and grueling test of skill, we were able to recover her and bring her back to the castle safely."

Crono sighed, adjusting the leather strip that kept his hair pulled back.  "We figured that now that we had saved the Queen, your mother would come back.  Lucca and I rushed up to her room and she reappeared."

"It was...cold.  And dark."  Nadia's eyes were dark.  "It was as if I was being ripped apart."  The Queen shuddered, and Crono pulled her close to him.  She let herself be wrapped in his arms thankfully.

Holding his queen closer, Crono continued.  "We made our way back to our own time using the Gate Key.  Your mother and I," he directed to this to Marle, "headed back towards the castle while your mother," his eyes met Tyrin, "went off on her own.  I'm sure you both know of the false chancellor and kidnapping scandal that took place.  Once I escaped, the three of us went through another gate.

"This one lead to the distant future.  It was very bleak...and utterly destroyed.  After much exploring, we were able to discover that in the year 1999, a massive entity known as Lavos ripped the world apart.  Life was scarce.  The three of us then pledged that we would defeat Lavos and safe the world."

"Which we did," Lucca cut in.

Crono chuckled slightly.  "Yes, we did, with the help of four other people. Tyrin leaned forward in his chair more, giving each of the adults present a glare.  "So who else helped you guys?"

Glenn grinned.  "I took part in the salvation of the world, as did a woman from the Prehistoric Era name Ayla, the robot Robo from the future, and a relative of the girl you saw, the Great Sorcerer Magus of the Middle Ages and also former prince of Zeal, a kingdom from the Dark Ages."

The two children exchanged glances.  Tyrin finally spoke again.  "Well, you guys seem to have been everywhere.  Too bad you didn't bother to tell your children something so important."

Lucca was startled when she saw the resentment in her son's eyes.  "I never meant to shelter you.  I just didn't want you learning of what happened and trying to find some way to time travel as well."

       "But why?  History's safe, as you said.  Plus, there's no easy way?  We don't have magic.  You should have told us."  With one last nasty glance, Tyrin nodded to Marle and stalked out.  The princess hopped up from her spot and rushed out after him.

       Lucca watched them go, eyes clouded over with concern.

       "It's ok, my dear.  They shall get over it.  Thou needn't be too worried."  The former frog hugged his wife close.

       "You're speaking like that again..."  The scientist mumbled, burying her head in his shoulder.


       "I can't believe her!"  Tyrin kicked out his leg, coming into contact with the trunk of a tree.  Growling, he kicked it once more, shedding bark everywhere.

       Marle stepped closer to him, hands on h hips.  "Tyrin!  Calm down!"

       He glanced furiously at her.  Catching her stern glance, he let out a sigh and slumped against the tree, crossing his arms over his chest.  "It's not fair.  They kept something so important from us!  We're not kids!"

       Placing a hand on his shoulder, Marle caught his eyes once more.  "Then we'll just have to go ahead and show them that we can handle the information."

       "Hmm?"  Obviously confused, Tyrin brushed her hand away.

       "Well, the Mystics didn't attack in the future, so we know that it happened as a result of their tinkering with time, correct?"

       The boy's face lit up.  "That's right!  Which means there must have been a disturbance within the space-time continuum to cause such an event!  If we could just travel through time and find the source of the disturbance we'd be able to show them that we're not just kids, right?"

       Giggling, Marle put a hand onto her hip and brushed her hair back with the other.  "I didn't understand part of what you just said, but sure!  We could follow that girl and get her to transport us somewhere."

       "Marle, you're a genius!  But we'll need weapons.  Let's sneak into the castle armory.  I'm sure we can find something there."  Turning around, the boy started in the direction of the castle.

       Scowling slightly, Marle walked behind him.  "That boy gets bossier every time we talk..."  She muttered, shaking her head. 

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