A Holy Knight's Tale Chapter 2

Life and Death

By Crystal Zeal

Slash. Thrust. Parry.

I must win. I cannot stop.

Duck. Slice. Sidestep.

I don't know the meaning of giving up.

Strike. Sweep. Lunge.

I am Beatrix of Alexandria.

Falter. Trip. Fall.

I am a loser.

"Yield, Beatrix," said a young-looking man. Crisp black hair was tied in the back of his head. Bright green eyes flashed down at her. He wore an elegant cream colored silk shirt, and long black breeches. Top-quality leather boots reached up to his shins, while beautifully crafted gloves adorned his hands. A belt hung on his waist, with a leather sheath and dagger attached to it. He was a very attractive man, standing at six foot six inches. All-in-all, he appeared to be the age of twenty-seven.

"I shall not give up..." Beatrix whispered, and rolled to the side quickly. She jumped up, drawing down on him with a downward arch. He deftly stepped to the side, sliding his blade to meet her wrists. Beatrix's sword was easily plucked from her hands, and sent flying across the room. The man then pointed the tip of his blade at his student's nose.

"I said, yield," his voice was cold, his gaze narrowed.

She nodded, replying, "I yield, Master Calix."

When former-General Shey Rallinton had died seven months, her training had been transferred to his son, Kane Rallington. After an attack on Alexandria City, he too died, impaled by a Burmecian soldier. She went through one more training master, who unexpectedly fell ill, before she was taken in by Colonel Raelin Calix, a natural born swordsman. After all of the deaths of her training masters, he was the only one who would train her. The rest felt she was cursed, or it was a sign from the Gods saying that females shouldn't be knights.

Unfortunately, he loathed the sheer sight of her. This did not make training an easy thing for Beatrix.

Lime hues flicked over the girl's thin but slightly muscular body. Crimson lips curled up into a sneer.

"Go," he said with disgust. "Get out of my sight. I don't want to see you until dinner tonight.

Beatrix kneeled, forehead touching the cold wood floor. "As you wish, my Master." She rose, gave a small bow, and retrieved her sword before fleeing from the room.

The man laughed without warmth, taking a sip from a flask that hung from a rack on the wall. Orbs sparkled with delight. He had such a wonderful night planned for the pathetic girl.


Beatrix was a deep crimson when she stormed down the Trainee's Barracks. That...that intolerant pig! She would show him. He would one day regret the day he disgraced Beatrix of Alexandria. She was no toy -- she was training to be a knight! That fool could not see that.

She was halfway back to her room when she realized that she couldn't just sit around. The girl paused by a training room, peering inside to see if it was occupied. It was -- by a pale and bleeding Adeline.

Beatrix's eyes widened in shock, and she practically flew over to the girl. She was crumpled in a small heap, cuts running over her whole body. She was heavily bruised and battered, and sported a black eye. Adeline was unconscious, and drew in small ragged breaths.

"Adeline! Adeline!" Beatrix yelled, deep blue eyes brimming with tears. "Wake up, Adeline!" She was shaking her now, sobbing. When Adeline showed no signs of waking, she collected her in her arms, running from the room. She charged out of the Trainee's Barracks, and into a back door of the castle. Beatrix raced down the hallways, as fast as she could, and practically ran into the healer when she entered the infirmary.

"My friend..." She whispered, tears dripping from her face.

The healer's eyes opened wide, and she beckoned the girl to bring Adeline into a room with him. Beatrix did so, and set her down onto a bed.

"What happened?" The man asked, looking to Beatrix, shock lining his face.

Beatrix croaked a reply, before shaking herself. "I..." she managed to say, "I don't know... I just found her like this!"

"I'll do what I can, but this is severe. Please wait outside in the waiting room," he told her, beckoning an assistant healer towards him. Beatrix nodded, and exited the room.

She spent the next few hours pacing around the room, hues flicking to the door to the room where her friend lay every minute. She finally decided that pacing would do no good, and settled herself down onto a bench. There she sat for another three hours, before the healer and his assistant made their way to her. Both faces were pale, and extremely gloomy.

"I'm sorry..." said the healer, looking Beatrix in the eyes, "but she didn't make it..."

Beatrix could only stare back at him, astonished, tears silently leaking down her face.

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