A Holy Knight's Tale Chapter 4

Kindness of Strangers

By Crystal Zeal

"It will take months for her to recover, but she's coming along fine."

"Great! I hope, when her strength is renewed, that we can find the man who did that to her!"

"The poor, defenseless girl. We'll keep her safe."

When Beatrix had regained conciousness, she heard a group of females talking. Weakly, she tried to open her eyes, but all she could make out was utter blackness. Her body ached from all of the bruises, but she felt...oddly strengthened. She felt better than she had in months. Her left eye hurt exedingly. With a groan, Beatrix attempted to sit up.

"Oh dear, I believe she's awakening," one of the woman said, rushing to Beatrix's side.

Beatrix managed to sit up, head indicating confusion. She could faintly make out differences in light, but that was it.

She attempted to speak, but all that came out of her mouth was a hoarse croak.

Another woman arrived at her side, pushing a flask of water to her mouth. Beatrix accepted the pure liquid gratefully, finishing the whole whole container. The woman hurried to refill it.

Beatrix sucked in a gulp of air. This time, when she went to speak, sound came out.

"Wh-where am I? Why can't I see?" She managed to squeak out.

A woman layed a hand on Beatrix's shoulder. "You are in the Temple of the Goddess. We found you unconcious outside, so we brought you in and are healing your wounds. Unfortunetly..." her tone took a sumpathetic edge, "your right eye was badly damaged. You may never regain use of it. Currently, both of your eyes are extrememly sensetive. To take off the bandages after three weeks of complete darkness would drink perminent damage to both eyes. Also, it would be quite painful. We'll have to remove the bandaged gradually."

Beatrix's heart skipped a beat.

"Th-three weeks? I've been unconcious for three weeks?" She stuttered in amazment.

"Yes, yes...and you're just about all recovered. All exept for that eyes of yours...But you'll have scars, remember. You were pretty beat up when we found you."

Beatrix gritted her teeth together. She would get her revenge for all of that...only death could stop her.

"You must be starved. Do you think you can keep down some food?" Asked the closest woman to her.

Food...food would helped. She just realized that she was hungry.

"Food would be appreciated greatly," answered the soldier, giving out a small sigh.

A bowl was brought up to her lips. Blushing deeply, she drank in the hot soup that was offered to her. She was being fed like a child... Beatrix felt foolish. She drank what seemed to be half a bowl of warm broth before she started to drift back to sleep.

"Sleep, my girl." One of the nurses whispered, and Beatrix instantly fell back, taken over by the sleep powder that had been placed in her soup.

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