Please, Tell Me the Answer: Is Fate Unchangable?

By Crystal Zeal

It's amazing to see how much my life has changed.

I used to be the popular, handsome, spoiled son of one of the five generals. My life was perfect. I had my best friend Ted, my servant and sometimes is seemed older brother Gremio, and my father was rich and admired by all. It didn't matter much that my mother died when I was young, because I always had Cleo there to council me. I even had Sonya, who I still wish could be my mother.

Yes, I had it made. Even the Emperor liked me! I was so nervous when I went to see him the first time. He seemed so wise and powerful. I guess my eyes were clouded at that point...That, or the fact that I was sheltered.

Emperor Barbarosa was a good man, I suppose. He was a great ruler for a while. His generals were loyal, as were many of his subjects. Windy seemed to twist everything, though. She controlled him, and poisoned the court's minds. Windy was truly evil, along with Neclord and Yuber.

...I've always wondered who Yuber was. I don't think I'll ever know, though.

Neclord, on the other hand, was one awful guy. I suppose it comes with being a vampire. Then again, Neclord was the only vampire I've ever met, so saying that could be a bit stereotypical. Anyway, he was really hard to kill, as well. I'm glad that he's dead, though. Viktor sure saw to that!

Hmm. Viktor and those were two great guys. I hope they're still alive. After Gregminster Castle collapsed we didn't see hide nor hair of the two. I'm sure, though, that they're off having a blast somewhere else.

Somewhere else, which is where I want to be.

I can lead an army, I've found, but I could never rule a kingdom. That's more Lepant's thing than it is mine. I'm also too young to be cooped up. I want to adventure, to be free! The "Toran Republic," as it is now called, is such a small place when you compare it to the rest of the world. I want to explore Highland, walk the Grasslands, and visit the villages of Zexan! I've heard the Crystal Valley in Harmonia is an amazing place. I need to go out and see the world!

I wonder how they'll react when they find me and Gremio gone. I hope I won't cause too much of an uproar.

Gremio... I was devastated when he died. He died to save us all... He is truly a hero. Gremio even knew enough to realize that I was going to leave. My adventures will be much better with him at my side.

I owe Leknaat so much for bring Gremio back, and all else she's done for us. I still don't know exactly who she is. I knew there was something odd about her, from the day I met her when I was playing delivery boy for that pervert Kraze.

My only regret is leaving everyone behind. I'm sure I'll see them again, however. We're all wanderers, the 108 Stars of Destiny...

I guess this is only the beginning.

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