Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 1

Crono, Marle, and Lucca

By CuteLucca

July 1, 1003. It has been three years since our time-traveling adventure. I really want to see our old friends again; Frog, Ayla, Robo, even Magus... But since the Epoch is damaged we can't. That's why I'm working on the time gate machine. It's my latest invention. You insert the gate key into the keyhole and poof... It just needs a few more tweaks. Maybe dad will finish the Epoch soon.



"Lucca!" Her mother called from downstairs. "Your friends are here!"

"Coming, mom." Lucca walked down the stairs, into the kitchen. Marle and Crono were there. "Hey, guys, what's up?"

"We were wondering how the Epoch is coming." Crono stated.

"Well, if you'd just follow me into the workshop, I'll show you." Lucca led them around piles of books, through capsules connected to each other by hoses, into a room where the dismantled Epoch was being worked on by a very dirty Taban.

"Hey, Lucca!" Taban crawled out from under the Epoch and wiped his hands on a towel. "Crono! Marle! It's been ages! How are you doing?"

Crono reached out to shake his hand, and Marle did too. "We were wondering if the Epoch was fixed yet." she said.

"Oh, man!" Taban laughed. "You have no idea how hard it is to find parts for this thing!" He affectionately patted the Epoch's metallic sides, and they sounded an energetic clang. "These parts are made out of materials I've never seen before, so I have to improvise. See these bolts?" He rummaged in a pocket and removed two practically identical bolts. "The one on the right is the original. The one on the left is the fake. Not bad, huh?"

Marle took the bolts and looked them over. "Wow. The resemblance is incredible! but these weren't damaged when we crashed, so why did you make them?"

"Just practice. There were so many other parts damaged that I wanted to practice on something that wasn't particularly picky." He turned to Crono. "And you, young sir, you had better be more careful when you take the Epoch out for a joyride. This isn't exactly easy to fix."

Crono turned, humiliated. "We were lucky no one was hurt." He cleared his throat, and changed the subject. "So, Lucca, how's your time gate machine?"

"It's coming along quite well." She walked over to her workbench and removed a dropcloth from a metal box. "I just need to perfect the portal transmitter. It only creates a portal the size of an apple."

Taban appeared behind them. "Well, Lucca, you had better put that away for now. Lara is calling for supper. Crono, Marle, you can stay if you want."

"That's all right, sir. We'll get back home. See you tomorrow, Lucca!" Crono and Marle walked outside, hand in hand.

Taban watched them go. "They make a wonderful couple, don't they, Lucca?"

"Yeah. They do, don't they."

"Why aren't you jealous? I thought you liked Crono?"

Lucca reached out and pushed her father. "Dad, you know we've been friends too long. It would be too, well, weird." At that, Lucca and Taban went to the kitchen and a hot supper.

* * * * *

Later that night, when the moon was out and everyone was asleep, Lucca went back down to the workshop. She tinkered with the time gate machine very quietly, not wanting to disturb her parents. Finally she turned the Gate key in its slot... and a portal appeared. It was the right size, too.

She turned the key again, and the portal disappeared. Satisfied, she went back up to her room and to bed.

She was disturbed by dreams that night, dreams of her old friends. In them, they were destroyed by Lavos.. But that was impossible. They destroyed him. It was still happening, though... The last one to be dragged into the maw of the evil Lavos was Robo. He turned towards her, as he was crushed in the closing jaws of the creature, and said "Help me, Lucca."

She awoke in a cold sweat. It was morning, and her mother was calling her down for breakfast. Shaken, she went downstairs.

* * * * *

Later that day, when Crono and Marle were over, she told them of her dream. They were all concerned, and they agreed to use the working time gate machine to check in on Robo.

Taban supplied them with food and they got all their weapons, and with a wave goodbye, they disappeared into the portal.


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