Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 14

The Battle With Lavos

By CuteLucca

Crono was kneeling on the ground, injured. Through his sweat-stung eyes, he watched Lavos knock Robo to the floor. "Oh, man..." He saw Magus cast a spell on Lavos. The creature flew backwards, but got up and casted a counterattack spell on Magus. Crono knelt on the floor, awaiting the finishing blow.

It never came. In a flash of bright light, Marle, Lucca, Ayla and Frog with the three Gurus appeared. Lavos, momentarily stunned, was interrupted in his spell.

Marle ran over to the injured Crono. "What happened?" She urgently cast a cure spell on him, then went over to attend to Magus and Robo.

He called back to her. "He's strong. He must have been conserving his energy for the last three years." He stood up, and watched as Lavos overcame his shock and gathered energy in his hands.

The three Gurus ran towards the monster, joining their powers to create a powerful cage. It did not trap the pure evil known as Lavos, but it did freeze him for several seconds.

That was all the team needed. In one great leap, they attacked Lavos with their most powerful spells. He bent under their relentless attacks, but with his last ounce of energy, created a gate and warped away.

Everyone sat back, immeasurably angry that the monster got away again. It was Gaspar who noticed that Magus was gone.


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