Things Left Undone Book 1 Epilogue

By CuteLucca

Before we bid our friends farewell for now, we join a conversation in the End of Time...

"So, man. You still missin' this Gaspar guy?" Toma nudged the blubbering Spekkio.

"Yeeees!!" Spekkio broke down into racking sobs.

"Geez, some God o' War you are." Toma looked at the pitiful Spekkio.

"B-but I'm so lonely!!" Spekkio stared out with watery eyes at the blackness of the End of Time.

"Hey, man." Toma's face lit up when he thought of an idea. "What if, like, you come back to Choras with me? We can go and meet some lucky ladies..."

Spekkio dried his tears, and smiled at Toma. "Ladies? I like ladies..."

Soon, the two were headed towards the gate like old friends.

"Okay, Spekkie. Listen to this joke, man. Okay, are you ready?" Spekkio, between bursts of laughter, said okay. "All right. This grasshopper went into this bar, right? So like, the bartender comes up to him and says 'Hey, we've got a drink named after you! So the grasshopper is shocked, right? And he says 'You've got a drink named Steve'!!! Nyah, hah, hah!!!" Toma and Spekkio rolled on the floor, they were laughing so hard.

"Hey, Toma, buddy, I've got a pretty cool joke too, man." After Spekkio took a deep breath to quell his laughter, he began. "These two guys walked into a bar. (snort, guffaw) And, boy did it hurt!!!"

The laughter of Spekkio and Toma faded away as the gate took them to Choras. The now abandoned End of Time disappeared, to the very inhuman screams of the not-quite-dead Lavos.


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