Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 12

Ghostly Revenge

By CuteLucca

About five minutes later, they were standing at the entrance to Hero's Grave in 1004 AD. This was the place where Cyrus, a brave Guardia knight and friend of Glenn, was buried after his lost battle to Magus. That was when Magus was truly evil. It was also where Glenn powered up the Masamune to its full power.

Now, though, Glenn wasn't there, and it was a mallet instead of a sword.

As they walked the darkened halls, they felt the reach of heroes past enter their souls. They were filled with a new life. They went to the bottom floor, and opened the heavy oak door leading to the room with Cyrus' grave.

The room was as they remembered it. The eerie blue flames that had been burning steadily for over 400 years flanked the large marble tombstone and provided the underground chamber with its only light. The stone was raised slightly by a platform, and the walls and floor were decorated with simple yet elegant tapestries dating from the 600's. The amazing thing was that even though every article in the room was over four centuries old and had been exposed to damp, warm air, there was no sign of age on any of it.

They reverently approached the stone and knelt before it. Lucca laid the mallet onto the ground in front of her, and she began to speak. "Cyrus, if you can hear me, I need your help. This mallet is the only thing that can hurt Karter, the evil creature who threatens to destroy the planet. But without your help, this mallet is nothing more than a twig. We ask you, Cyrus, to return from beyond just long enough to power the mallet of thunder so we can kill the alien Karter." She lifted her eyes, and was confronted by the luminous ghostly form of a knight in full armor.

"Yes, Lucca, I hear you and will assist you in any way possible." Cyrus' mouth did not move when he spoke, yet the words echoed hollowly through the room. Cyrus then looked around. When his eyes caught those of Magus and Flea, he glowed a bright orange instead of his neutral blue/white. "You dare to bring these two, who caused me suffering, into my presence?" His voice sounded exactly the same as it had before, but with it came a freezing chill that seeped into the bones of all who watched.

"Cyrus, they come as friends, not enemies. What happened was a long time past, and they ask for your forgiveness." Lucca was still sitting on the altar before the stone.

"I cannot forgive, even if I wished to. A ghost's curse is to forever seek and destroy the cause of their suffering. Though Glenn saved my soul from becoming a wandering spirit, I must finish the job." He turned to Magus and Flea, who were staring at Cyrus as he pronounced their death sentence.

"N-no, please-" Flea never got to finish as Cyrus shot a ghostly white beam of plasma from his eyes into hers. She never made a sound, as her body was changed to a hollow husk of her normal self. The onlookers swore that they saw her spirit leave her body, and float over to join that of Cyrus. Her body fell onto the floor, but now it was simply skin stretched taut over bone. Flea was no more.

The same fate befell Magus, and his spirit also joined Cyrus in the Netherworld. Before they left, though, all three of them reached to the mallet. Cyrus was first, and his touch caused the mallet to glow white. Magus and Flea both touched the mallet at the same time, and it changed from white to a black that rivaled that of the darkest night, the blackest velvet, the most powerful Shadow spell. And much to the surprise of all those assembled there, Magus and Flea were sucked from their spots beside Cyrus into the head of the mallet itself.

"This I leave you with." Cyrus lifted the enchanted mallet and handed it to Lucca. It shook with power. "Magus and Flea are cursed to provide the power for the mallet, for the day when it is needed. When the mallet is shattered in its' final blow, the souls of Magus and Flea will return to their bodies and become alive once again." He began to fade. "Until that day, you may speak to them through this. He tossed them a silver coin, embossed with the image of a mallet. The mallet of thunder. "It can only be used three times." He was little more than a cloud of vapor. "And, it is necessary to have at least one use left for them to return to their bodies. Farewell. I am now free of my curse, and will not be in this plane of existence again. Say goodbye to Glenn for me... Farewell... Fare... Wellll...."

Cyrus the knight was free of his curse, but at what price?


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