Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 3

To Help a Nu

By CuteLucca

"I did em' last night!!" Crono yelled.

"Yeah, but you never do anything except the dishes every other night! You need more responsibility!!" Marle held the dirty plate in front of her husband's nose. "And since I'm not gonna wash them, either you do it or be prepared to eat out of your hands!!"

"I can't believe you!! I have no responsibility!?! Who goes to work as a soldier every day? Huh? Who?"

"Yeah. You. But who got you that job, huh? Certainly not your caring wife!!!" Marle yelled, enraged at her husband's stupidity.

"Well excuse me!!" Crono stalked off.

"There's no excuse for you!!" Marle yelled after him. She sighed, and threw the plate back in the washbasin. She sat at their table, and eyed the weapons mounted on the wall with longing. "Those were the days, huh?" she asked herself.

She jumped two feet in the air when the door slammed open, and Lucca slid into the room. "Marle!!"

Marle jumped out of the chair and ran to her friend. "Sit down! What's wrong, Lucca?" She got Lucca a drink and sat across from her at the table.

Crono barged into the room. "What the- Lucca? What are you doing here? What's wrong?"

Lucca sighed. "Have you two been arguing again?" Crono and Marle glared at each other. "Guess so. Anyway, there's this hole out by my house that-"

"You burst in here like that because of a stupid hole!?!" Crono said. "You had me worried!"

"Crono, shut up and let her finish talking!" Marle yelled.

"Don't tell me to shut up, woman." Crono growled.

"Both of you!" Lucca shrieked, aghast at their behavior. "Just a year ago, you two were the cutest couple in Guardia kingdom!! Marle, what would your father think if he saw you two arguing? Crono, don't you remember the days when you two fought together to destroy Lavos? You couldn't have done it without each other!!" She took a deep breath. "Now listen to me and stop fighting!!"

Crono and Marle folded their arms and turned away from each other.

"Fine. If you two are so stupid that you can't stop bickering long enough to help me, you're welcome to stay here and argue all you want. I'm leaving to find some real heroes." Lucca got up to leave.

Crono reached out to stop her. "Wait... Lucca, I'm sorry. It's just... Sometimes we get on each other's nerves." He turned to Marle. "We'll help her, won't we."

Marle smiled, avoiding Crono's eyes. "Yes. We'll help you, Lucca."

Lucca grinned. "Finally! This is the first step on the long road to marital bliss!"

"So, just what are we helping you with?" Crono asked.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. There's a hole in my backyard. Very fishy. Wasn't there yesterday. Deep, perfectly round. Come on, I'll show you." Lucca grabbed their hands and began to drag them to the door.

"Wait." Marle released herself from Lucca's grip and went over to the weapons on the wall. She lovingly removed Crono's Rainbow sword and her Valkyrie crossbow from their places, and returned to Lucca and Crono. "We... We might need these." She handed Crono his sword, and the three of them walked to Lucca's house and the mysterious hole.

* * * * *

"So here it is." Lucca was kneeling by the hole. "Who's the lucky one to go down it?"

All eyes turned to Crono. "Me? Why me?"

Lucca pushed him to the hole's edge. "Because you're a man, that's why." She tied a rope around his waist, and lowered him down the hole. Shortly, Crono tugged on the rope, using the agreed signal for the bottom. Marle went down next, followed by Lucca. At the bottom, they lit a lamp and began to inch through the horizontal corridor. After what seemed like hours, they came to a chamber.

Crono lifted the lamp and let its light display the cavern's features. It was a dirt cavern, roundish, nothing special, so by far its most interesting feature was its resident. Leaning against the back wall was a blue creature, with an oval body/head, a green tuft of hair, and spindly arms and legs. It was a Nu, one of the most powerful creatures in history.

They shook the Nu, who was also one of the deepest sleepers in history, to try to wake him up. Finally with a yawn and a sigh, it did. "Nu!! Who are you?"

"I'm Marle, this is Lucca, and this is Crono. Why are you here, in a hole?"

"Nu!! Perhaps I should ask you the same thing."

"We're in this hole because it's in my backyard." Lucca stated.

"Well, that's a good reason. Nu!!"

"So why are you here?" Crono was getting annoyed.

"Well, I don't quite remember. Nu!! Tell me, what year is it?"

"1004 AD." Lucca said.

"Nu!! Gasp!! Drat! I knew I never should have taken a nap in that gopher hole four hundred years ago. Could you somehow return me to my own time? Nu!!"

"Well, I suppose so." Crono said. "Come on. We can't help you in this hole."

They led the Nu out of the hole it had been sleeping in for four centuries and to the Epoch, the time machine which helped them greatly in all their adventures. In the flick of a switch and the press of a few buttons, they were shooting through time. They emerged in 604 AD, near Ozzie's fort. They let the Nu out, and after being thanked, Crono, Marle and Lucca's attention was drawn to the fort, where strange noises and lights were emanating from.

"Hey!" Crono said. "Maybe this is another adventure!!"

"Let's go check it out!!" Lucca set the Epoch down outside the fort, and the three of them disembarked and journeyed through the fort, finally emerging in the farthest room.

"Magus? Frog, er, Glenn?" Lucca, Marle and Crono rushed over to Magus and Glenn, who were still and sickly looking. Magus weakly lifted an arm, pointing at something. They followed the gesture, their sights settling on the evil aura of...



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