Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 6

Tough Luck

By CuteLucca

"No! Robo!!" Lucca rushed over to the shattered shell of their robot friend. She began to gather the pieces into a pile, to take back to Doan.

Flea and Magus were in shock, and could only watch as the others attacked Lavos.

Crono leapt at the monster, and sliced at it with the Rainbow sword. It just laughed as the blade went straight through its body, and Crono dropped back, eyes wide and teeth gritted. "How do we kill it? Our weapons don't touch it!"

Glenn attacked with the Masamune, with similar results. Marle's crossbow bolt shot straight through Lavos, and imbedded itself in the far wall.

"I told you!! You cannot hurt me!" Lavos' voice was malicious, and it whapped Glenn to the floor with a swipe of its arm. It laughed, but that laugh mutated into a bloodcurdling scream. Lavos clutched its head, in obvious pain. Crono, Marle, Glenn, and Ayla hung back as Lavos dropped to the floor, writhing and still screaming. It was clawing at its head, as if something was in there, devouring its brain.

Finally, Lavos stopped writhing and became still and silent. Out of its body poured a black fog, and it collected in the air above the creature. The fog thickened, and formed a figure. It became solid, and suddenly it flashed a bright light. Everyone watched, dazed, as the flash blackened and melted the stone, and destroyed the body of Dalton, which harbored the spirit of Lavos. The new creature was all black, with glowing yellow eyes. He dropped out of the sky and landed casually in the chair that Lavos had been sitting in.

"He won't be bothering you anymore." the creature said.

"And who are you?" Lucca said, finishing the task of picking up Robo's parts.

"You can call me Karter." The creature said. "I've been watching you fight my friend, here." He kicked the pile of dust that was all that remained of Lavos/Dalton. It flew into Lucca's face, and she fell to the floor, coughing. "Lavos unfortunately was an idiot. A powerful idiot, yes, but too stupid to be of any use. I never should have made him my second-in-command." Karter sighed, and lounged in the chair. "He did, though, have wonderful fashion sense."

"Second-in-command!?! For what?" Crono was kneeling with the still-choking Lucca.

"For conquering worlds, of course. I sent him to destroy this one, but I underestimated you humans."

"Why would you want to conquer worlds?" Crono was glaring at Karter, who was much more evil than Lavos ever dreamed of being.

"Heh, heh. I'm a collector." Karter waved a hand in the air, and jars materialized beside him. In them, floating in a pinkish liquid, were various creatures, one of which looked just like Lavos. Noticing the stares of his audience at the Lavos jar, Karter explained. "Yes. I conquered his world, and preserved a resident. Lavos begged for my mercy, so I let him live. He was quite useful, until I sent him here. I kill those who are of no use to me." He narrowed his eyes, and turned to Slash and Ozzie, who were trying their best to sneak away inconspicuously. "No, no, no, boys. Just because Lavos is dead doesn't mean that your bond to him is over. Now you're truly privileged. You get to help me." Karter yawned and began to drag them back, and they cried out for Magus to help them.

"Magus, sir!! Please help us!! I don't want to be a slave!!" Ozzie shrieked.

Magus turned to Karter, fire in his eyes. "Let them go, Karter. They are of no use to you."

"Oh, but they are, Magician. They will make wonderful additions to my collection." He laughed, and brought a jar out of the air. It was filled with the pink liquid. He levitated Ozzie and Slash, and before everyone's eyes, dropped them yelling and struggling into the jar. Then, all the jars disappeared, and Karter sat alone in the center of the room. "I know that you all are ready and willing to attack me. I welcome your attempts with open arms." He closed his eyes, and spread his arms.

Crono, unable to contain his anger, jumped to attack Karter. Ayla leapt, too, following Crono, and so did Marle. Glenn followed, but not to attack. "No! Crono! Ayla! Marle! It's a trick!" He could say no more, as Magus, Flea, and Lucca watched Karter make their friends disappear.

Magus jumped up. "Where are they? Where did you send them?"

"To a place where they can cause me no difficulty in my collecting. Karandash, my native planet." Karter laughed as Flea, Magus and Lucca huddled together in a corner. "Let me tell you a story..."


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