Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 8

To Begin a Quest

By CuteLucca

"Oh, great." Magus sighed. "How are we gonna kill that guy? Lavos was hard enough!"

"I don't know, but I do know that we can't let him destroy any more planets." Lucca stood up and carried Robo's parts to the Epoch. That the Epoch was there concerned them, because it usually followed Crono and Marle. "Maybe it knows that we need it more."

Flea, Lucca and Magus walked out of Ozzie's fort, depressed at the severity of their mission. "And this time we only have three people and a broken robot." Magus sighed. "We have to rescue the others."

"We can't." Lucca turned to face them. "Not only do we have no idea where this 'Karandash' is, but I have a feeling we only have a limited amount of time. The others are completely able to take care of themselves until we rescue them. I have faith in them."

They boarded the Epoch, and having nowhere else to go, they left to drop Robo's parts off at Doan's.

"By the way, Magus..." Flea said, "I'm actually a girl."

"What!?!" Magus cried as they flew off to 2304.

* * * * *

"I'm sorry, Doan. Robo was... Kind of destroyed." Lucca handed the bag containing Robo's parts to the flabbergasted Doan.

"You mean, I'm gonna have to fix him again!?" Doan carried the bag into his house, and shut the door.

Flea turned to Magus. "So where do we go now, fearless leader?"

"I don't know. We could go visit the gurus in 12,004 BC, I suppose. They might know something." They boarded the Epoch and blasted off, emerging in 12,004 BC. They explained to Gaspar, the Guru of time, about Lavos and Karter. Gaspar had never heard of Karter before, and never imagined that there was a more powerful force behind Lavos. He sent them off to talk to the one person in history that might know about Karter, the ancient seer, Roth, from 600 AD.


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