Things Left Undone Book 2 Prologue

By CuteLucca

June 1, 1004.

It hasn't quite been a year yet since we vanquished Lavos... Again. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned, although I wish I could just age in peace. Age. I'm twenty-one now, as are Crono and Marle. They're married, you know. They were bonded about six months ago. It's been going steadily downhill from there, though. I think that they're restless. As they say, relationships born of adventure never work out. I hope it isn't true, for their sake. I'm still single. I probably always will be. After all, men don't like women to be smarter than them. Pigs. Heh, heh.

Wonder how Frog is? He and Magus were getting to be good friends, back in our previous adventure. In fact, Magus has probably changed Frog back to his human form, Glenn. Robo's probably the same old Robo. Robots don't age like we humans do. Someday, I want to build myself a robot, patterned after Robo. I could probably do it, too. Just gotta find the stuff...

And then there's Ayla. I think she was carrying a kid last year, which means that if all went well, she has a son, or daughter. No older than a few months, though.

I can't wait to see everyone again. Just to see if all my suspicions are correct. I do love to assume!



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