Things Left Undone Book 3 Epilogue

By CuteLucca

Sydney yawned, stretched, and looked around. This palace of light in a world of dark stuff was exciting for the first few minutes, but now it was getting boring. She looked over the edge of the platform again, and saw a boat about to capsize in a storm in 352AD. Feeling nice, she dispelled the storm, saving the sailor's lives.

She looked over another part of the edge, and saw a poor, True Karandian child begging for quarters in the street. Sydney briefly jumped into the body of a passing man, and made him toss the child a fifty-dollar bill. Satisfied, Sydney left the body and returned to the palace.

The do-gooding was fun, but even it got monotonous, and she sighed and slumped into her throne. Then, a flash of light echoed through the palace, and before her stood a being as bright as herself. She recognized him immediately, and stood up to face him.

Krono stepped forward and held out the black horn necklace. Sydney took it, and tied it around her neck, and Sydney finally, gratefully, embraced the man she loved.

From that day forth, the only spot of darkness in the palace of light was the black horn, eternally worn around the neck of the Lightrunner.


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