Things Left Undone Book 3 Prologue

By CuteLucca

Magus woke up on a cold, hard floor. He couldn't remember ever being so tired in his whole life. Denying his body of the pleasure of sleep, he sat up, pried his eyes open and looked around.

He was in hero's grave, 604 AD. What am I doing here? He asked himself. After a minute or so, his brain sorted out the details of what had happened over the last few days. Cyrus had sucked him and Flea out of their bodies, and locked them in that mallet. They stayed there for a while, but then, all he could remember was going unconscious and then waking up here. He looked to his left, and Flea lay curled on the floor, snoring happily.

He grunted as he tried to get himself off of the floor, and after popping several joints and making use of several handholds, he dragged his exhausted self to its feet. He shuffled over to Flea's side, and after unsuccessfully yelling for her to wake up, he booted her in the ribs. She jerked up, and then collapsed back onto the floor. "Whuja do that for?" She whimpered.

"We've got to find a way to get back to Karandash and help the others out." Magus yawned, and through half-closed eyes and hazy vision, lifted Flea to her feet.

"Why am I so tired?" She leaned on Magus and let him help her out of the fortress. The glare of the sunlight outside threatened to blind them, but after blinking a few times, their eyes adjusted and they walked to Choras, just south of the grave.

"Oh, Magus, can we just stop and *yawwwn* take a nap? I'm so tired, and the others can survive by themselves for a little while longer." Flea was dead on her feet, and so was Magus.

"When we get to Choras, we can get a room at the inn." He sighed.

Finally, after what seemed like days and days, they arrived in Choras. But the exhaustion had finally gotten to them, and they collapsed snoring to the ground, right in the center of town.

* * * * *

Magus rested in the comfortable bed for a little while before getting up. He didn't know where he was or whose house this was, and frankly, he didn't care. He was just glad to have gotten some much needed sleep.

Finally, after hunger and the call of nature made it impossible to lay there anymore, Magus flipped the covers off and rolled out of bed. He went to the bathroom, and after getting dressed, he went back into the bedroom to get Flea up.

He wasn't halfway to the bed before she rolled in her sleep, and slammed right onto the floor, dragging the covers with her.

"GYAAH!" she yelled, and jerked up, rubbing her head. "Ouch!! I hate it when that happens!" She got to her feet, and after shaking herself off to remove the last traces of sleep, she went to get dressed as well.

Five minutes later, a knock at the door interrupted a conversation about Karter, the evil alien which they killed, and their friends, still on Karandash. Magus went to the door, and let Toma Levine in, followed by Spekkio, the master of war.

"Hey, guys. Yer' finally awake, eh?" Toma plopped himself down into the chair that Magus had just been sitting in.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Magus picked him up, and set him gently onto the ground, reclaiming the chair. Spekkio sat on the floor.

"Well, I heard this big thump! It sounded kinda like a slab of beef being thumped on the floor of a butcher shop." Toma looked at Flea, who was glaring at him. "Anyway, I found you laying on the ground. You know, you attracted quite a crowd. I took the liberty of getting Spekkio, here," Spekkio waved at them. "to carry you to the inn. You owe me twenty bucks for the room."

Toma took the money Magus handed to him, and laughed. "I thought you two would never wake up!! What's it been, two, three days!"

Magus gasped. "That long? No wonder I'm starving. This place wouldn't happen to have breakfast ready, would they?"

* * * * *

After several helpings of bacon, eggs and toast, Magus realized something that put a damper on their plans to return to Karandash and help their friends. "We have no way to get there!! The Epoch time machine is still in 2304, and we have no way to get to that time without the Epoch, but it's there, and we're here, and... and..."

Flea sighed. "Well, Magus, I guess we're just gonna have to sit out on this battle. They're gonna have to find a way to get back home by themselves."

Having nothing better to do, the two disappointed magicians returned to their beds, and fell asleep.


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