Of Magic and Mayhem Chapter 5

Life Festival: Part One

By CuteLucca and Ghost

“We had parties that Nero would have been ashamed to attend.”

-Ronnie Hawkins

Jacious walked to the shed in the back, avoiding a few ant hills hiding in uncut patches of grass.  “So you keep Epoch in a shed? What if someone broke in and stole it?  I was sure you'd have something a bit more elegant than a shed.”

Lucca said nothing, deciding to let the truth remain hidden for now.  As they crossed behind the house, Jacious soon saw that the 'shed' was, in fact, almost a bunker made of concrete and locked with about twenty different devices.  It was obvious that Lucca was into personal security.  “Kindly turn away while I open these,” she said calmly and coolly, turning her head so Jacious could see the slight grin on her face.

Jacious jaw seemed to lose any strength it had and promptly hung open.  “Holy mother...that....that...I know people who know people who know people who would pay for that...do I HAVE to turn around?”  He caught himself drooling and stopped, “That's a nice piece of security....I could lock up anything in there.”

“Indeed you could.” Lucca said with a glare.  Just turn your ass around already!

Jacious caught the look and waved his hand in a dismissive gesture, “Fine.  Fine.  I'm turning, see?”  He reluctantly did so, crossing his arms in defiance.  He let out a sigh, “Can I look now? I mean, don't you have a special button you push or something?”

Lucca shook her head, “Unfortunately, no.  Besides, that'd defeat the purpose if somebody could just waltz over and push a button.”

Jacious pointed out the obvious, “Well, it's your security...I would have backdoor that'd be reserved for me...retina scans...finger prints, and the works.  That’s me, though.”

Lucca finally undid the last lock with a click, “There.  Don't have that technology in this period, remember?”

Hearing her turn the last lock, he turned around, “Well, you can always make the technology.  You know how to do it.”  He began walking closer to the shed, “So...can I drive?”

The door slid open on a well-oiled track.  “HAHAH! Yeah, right.” Lucca laughed.

Jacious found himself close to begging but tried reasoning first. “Oh come on. How hard can it possibly be?  I mean, Crono flew it, didn't he?”

“And I didn't let him out of my sight when he did,” Lucca said, poking Jacious in the chest.

He crossed his arms, feeling like he lost the chance of a lifetime. “Sour puss. Just gimme a chance.”

“Maybe when you're more mature.”  She grinned at him and slid into the pilot's seat, motioning for him to sit in the copilot's spot.

Jacious followed her gesture, sliding into the copilot’s seat, studying the arrangement of the pilot's controls, and he smirked.  “Alright...I'll be mature...when you lose your ego.”

“Ain't gonna happen in your lifetime, bucko,” she said.

“Drat...” He crossed his arms again with a grin, not refusing to lose the joy of the experience.  “Alright then....drive, James...we don't have all day.”

Deftly and with amazing speed, Lucca flipped levers, switches and dials, and the Epoch whirred to life under her expert touch.

Feeling the vibrations of the engine, Jacious found himself having second thoughts as he grasped his seat feeling Epoch hum under him.  “Umm...this won't come apart will it?”

She hardly even needed to look at what she was doing.  Finally, Lucca pulled the last lever, a large one near her right thigh, and the engine kicked in, bathing the shed in deep orange light from the jet exhaust.  The heat almost instantly became unbearable.

Jacious cringed, somewhat fearful since he didn’t know what was supposed to happen.  “Lucca! You're going to kill us!  I'm still a virgin, dammit!  I can’t die!”

The roar of the engine even drowned out thought, and with a jolt, the ship lifted into the air.  She heard nothing of what Jacious said which would be to his comfort in the future.  Epoch flew forward, into the brightness of the morning, and the dew immediately evaporated from the grass as a palpable haze.

Jacious shut his eyes, feeling his stomach do circles, “It's just an airplane...a roller coaster?”  He looked down, seeing Epoch going faster from the blur on the ground.  Epoch was going faster than any jet he'd been in.  “Epoch's capable of this?”

The look on Lucca's face was that of nearly orgasmic joy.  Any outsider would be able to tell she had missed the experience a great deal.  As they began to soar, the engine knocked back a few notches, relying mostly on momentum to keep it in flight.  Lucca turned to him, with an ear to ear grin, “Whaddaya think?”

Jacious looked back to her, his eyes catching the joy in her own.  He felt settled down now that the actual take off had finished.  “I think you're truly happy again.  You missed Epoch didn't you?”  He turned back to look at the forward sky. “I have a feeling she's missed you too.”  Jacious placed his hand against Epoch and ran it along the dashboard. “Isn't that right, baby?  You missed Lucca at the stick.”  He leaned back in his seat, “And I think I almost lost my lunch, but had the best damn kick I've ever had in my life. I'm in love with Epoch already.”

Lucca laughed, “Hahaha!”  She threw her head back, hair flying in the breeze.  “A great piece of work, this thing.”  She caressed the steering levers as she would a lover.  A devilish look formed on her face.

Jacious shook his head.  “Epoch is not a thing...she's a lady who's got to be handled with care...Lucca...Lucca what's that look...oh no!”  Though he wasn’t much of a religious man, Jacious made a cross in the air. “I'm gonna die!”

Without a word, she flicked her fingers in the air, and pushed the buttons on a small analog dash display.  “Lucca...what did you do....” Jacious asked, a tinge of fear in his voice.  Throwing a second lever forward, Epoch instantly accelerated to Mach Five, sending a powerful sonic boom across the kingdom.  Crono and Marle, of course, knew by now exactly what she was doing, and though she was glued to her seat, Lucca pulled the lever sharply back to the rear, and the world faded away with the sound of breaking glass.

Jacious reflexively grabbed a hold of his seat, a feeling of dread coming up in him, his body shaking with fear.  Nothing can go this speed.  “Dammit Belthasar!” he yelled, “You should have installed stabilizers in this thing!”

As the Epoch decelerated, Lucca peered out of the cockpit.  “Well, this is highly unusual.”

“Unusual?” Jacious’ voice was cracking from the new experience, “...what's unusual?”  A bit hysterical, “Lucca what's wrong!”

“It looks like we're in 65,000,000 BC.”  She tapped the dash display.  It read 12,000 BC.  “Lemme try that again.”  Lucca reset the display, rerolling the numbers and making sure each one locked in place.

Prehistory? Wait a sec, why would it be here...Epoch has never made a mistake as far as I know...  Jacious nodded his head in agreement, “Let's try again then.  If we come back here, I say we disembark and see what's going on.”  He looked down at the volcanic activity and barren ground.  The land seemed to be dying.  “So this is what the ice age first looked like.”

Lucca pulled the lever, relishing the stomach-churning experience.  In response, Jacious was thrown back into his seat, feeling his own stomach make loops. “I...I'm not used to this!”  He turned a bit green, “And I thought I was used to roller coasters!”

A sharp flash and the breaking glass sound accompanied the time switch.  Unlike in the game, there was no 'blue tunnel of swirling light,' just nearly instantaneous change in scenery.  Only a bit of blurring marked the line between times.

By now, Jacious’ breaths were quick and sharp. “Lucca, please tell me we're there....oh please tell me.”

But yet again, Epoch found itself hovering in the air above the smoldering ruins of the Reptite lair, now halfway immersed in lava from the overly-active volcano in the center of the continent.

Jacious’ voice had a hint of urgency to it. “Lucca...just land...land now before I hurl!”

Sighing, Lucca began working the controls. “Not all over Epoch! Jeez, everyone pukes in this thing.”

Jacious growled, holding his stomach with two hands, “Why the hell do you think they’d do that?  I bet even Crono had issues!”

“Damn weak-stomached pansies,” Lucca grumbled.

“Damn foolhardy....” Jacious didn’t finish.  His hand went to his mouth as his body threatened to spill his lunch all over the floor.  Within moments, the Epoch set down in a grassy clearing about a mile from Ioka village. The landing wasn't so smooth, but it didn't hurt anyone either.

“Get out, get out! Get out before you ruin the upholstery!” Lucca was screaming.

Not even paying attention, Jacious made a gymnastic leap from Epoch, running to some bushes and retching loudly.

Trying not to listen, Lucca deactivated Epoch and slid out of the cockpit, waiting patiently for Jacious to finish wasting the waffles she'd made.

A few moments later, a pale looking Jacious walked out. His unruly blue hair waved in a slight breeze as he wiped his mouth off onto his sleeve.  “I feel...a lot better....”  He frowned, catching a look in her eyes, “I'm really sorry...it wasn't the waffles.  I swear it.”

She crossed her arms, unbelieving, “I knew it was too good to be true.  Breakfast, I mean.”  She crossed in front of him, looking at their surroundings.  “Well anyway, appears we're stuck here for some reason. Don't suppose you have any ideas?”

Feeling a bit better, he shrugged, examining the new habitat which surrounded him.  It felt a bit cooler than he expected, but he blamed that on the coming ice age.  “I guess I get to meet Ayla...a bit early, but still. Let's pay her a visit,” he said matter-of-factly.  “We could take Epoch...if you don’t go too fast...or if you let me drive it'll be better. I hear that being in the pilot seat helps with driving and submarines and such.”

Lucca knew the area well so didn’t hesitate to reply, “We're not far from the village. Besides, I prefer to keep too much advanced tech out of the sight of the villagers. They're still cave people, after all.”

Jacious gave a slight nod. “Agreed.  Which way, Lucca? I haven't been here before, though I'm guessing...”  He pointed southwest, “That we want to go in that direction?”

Lucca smirked, “Lucky guess. This was the place where we had the…that party…with the poi.”

The male scientist snickered and walked off, leaving her behind as he called out, “Oh this will be good...the place where Lucca Ashtear got drunk!  Heh...and table dancing! WOO HOO!”

“You're just pissed cause you weren't there to see it, loser!” she yelled, running after him.

“Haha! You're right!”  He began to run at a jogging pace, allowing her to barely keep a foot behind him, “I'd love to see you sway those hips...ooh....did you strip too? Hahaha!”

Lucca kept running, and though she couldn’t catch up, she kept pace.  “Why don't you ask any of the other guys who were lucky enough to see?”

Jacious thought about that a moment, “Umm...the only guy I know was there was Crono...and I forgot to ask.  Besides, I like going to the horse's mouth for information.”  He continued running, though Jacious started to find himself tiring a bit from the ordeal after Epoch.  “Dammit,” he mumbled with a breath.  He looked behind to see Lucca catching up.

“Sorry, think I'll keep this story to myself. I don't want to add to any of your personal time with your right hand; you're months away from arthritis as it is!”  She grinned with victory when she saw herself catching up to him and stuck out her tongue for Jacious to see as she passed him.  “Come on, pasty!”

Jacious slowed to a walk, holding his stomach, “Yeah yeah....I'll catch up...my right hand needs exercise.  He couldn’t help but grin, “Or maybe you'd like to watch?”

“I might, if I wouldn't need a microscope to see anything.”  She had stopped several feet away, crossing her arms in utter defiance.

He narrowed his eyes and wore a thin line for a smile. “I could say the same about you, you know....”  He realized his mistake, but a bit too late.

Lucca scoffed, “Kind of futile to compare penis size with a girl, you know. But then, you've never seen a grown woman naked.  I can understand your confusion.  Born of naiveté, too bad, so sad.”

Jacious could only stand there, attempting to come up with a retort. “At least I got the balls to admit to the devil that my balls are bigger than her breasts. Sad isn't it? Of course, I always knew the devil was a woman.”

Lucca rolled her eyes, tired of the breast comments.  “If your balls are as big as my breasts, I'm rather amazed that you're not walking at a straddle right now.”

“Wait, you have breasts?”  He squint his eyes as if looking.  “Don't kid me. Those are just bags of silicon. They're fake boobs”

Lucca countered, “And your testicles are golf balls you taped to your underwear. You stuff socks down there, too?”

Jacious extended his hand, pointing, “Better than you stuffing your bra with grapefruit. I think you'd make a hooker blush with everything you do to yourself.”

Lucca placed her hands on her hips, glaring.  “Now hold it right there. You just said my boobs were silicone.  Now it's grapefruit? Get your insults straight, amateur.”

“Dammit…”  He bit his lip, angry to lose such a pathetic argument.  He couldn't even insult people correctly.  “Look, they're nothing I want to deal with okay?”  He walked up to her, his stomach feeling a bit better.  Jacious tapped her chest as he passed her by, “They don't even feel real.”  With that, he continued toward the village.

Why that... that... he touched my boobs!  Angrily, she ran up behind Jacious, tackling him and sending him to the dirt.

Jacious let out an oomph, Lucca’s weight holding him down for the moment. “What do you want?” he asked dryly, positioning his hands to push himself up.

She leaned over him, an icy tone in her voice, “Hands off.”

“Fine”, he said coldly, “nothing to grab...now if you excuse me...I'm not feeling very well...”

“Rah! You men are all so infuriating. It's a wonder I'm not a lesbian yet!” Lucca screamed.

Jacious’ lips turned upward, “Well I'm sure that would be interesting to watch.  Hmm....wonder if Marle would like a night off to show you how to be a woman.”

Lucca stood up and began to walk away, leaving Jacious on the ground without helping him up. “Well, that's why I'm visiting Ayla, you know.”

Jacious gave a small grunt as he stood up, walking behind her, “Well I don't think Kino would approve. They are married you know.”  He smiled lightly.  Take that...  He continued, “Besides, I'm afraid Ayla is too much for you anyway.”

“You're mistaking me for someone weaker. I'm kidding anyway, idiot,” she called over her shoulder.  “Probably get off on that stuff, perv.”  She did a crappy imitation of his voice, “‘Oh no, I don't look at that kind of stuff’ My ass!”

“Heh.. I go for guy/girl situations,” he said joyfully, “those are the best anyway.  Oh yeah,” he imitated her voice, “‘I'm kidding anyway, idiot.’”

Lucca growled, “And how would YOU know? I recall the story of a social reject, at the bottom of someone's prom date list...”

He clenched his teeth walking past her as he sped up, “Oh look it's the village....and at least I didn't keep looking to a married man for years....hmm...bet you'd love to have him in the sack.”

“Wouldn't I though. But oh look! It's making you jealous.”  She laughed at the thought.

Suddenly a harsh voice rang out at them from the woods off the path.  “Stop! Who near Ioka village? Announce names!”

Jacious turned to the woods, his defenses up, and his anger and hurt hurt temporarily forgotten. “Seems we've stumbled across guards.”

Lucca stopped in her tracks, knowing what to do.  “Lucca Ashtear, friend to Ayla and Kino.”

“Umm....Jacious Sram...friend of Crono and Marle?”  Jacious yelled out, mimicking Lucca’s approach.

“Wait there,” the voice commanded.

“You're a cold hearted bitch you know that...that hurt like hell,” Jacious whispered to her.

Lucca whispered back, “And your comments didn't, you bastard?”  She kept a smile glued on her face, “This is neither the time nor the place for us to argue. We'll sort it out later.”

Jacious found himself smiling slightly, “Most definitely...when we won't be interrupted.”  Someone approached from the center of the path.  It was a tall woman, and she had the most exaggerated set of feminine curves EVER seen to man and woman alike.

Jacious’ jaw felt like it would fall off. “I've died and gone to heaven.  Now THAT’S a woman!”  He coughed, “I mean...she's rather cute.”

The woman’s hair fell to the middle of her back in bleach blonde curls, and her flesh, though scarred, is only more beautiful for the imperfection.  As Ayla approached, her eyes widen at the sight of Lucca, whom she hadn't seen in years.

Jacious managed to get a hold of himself. “How....do you do?”

Ayla took off running towards the two.  She was fast.  Extremely fast.  “Luuuuucca!” Ayla yelled for joy.

Jacious stepped back, rethinking the situation, “She's, uh, she's flocking this way.  We should run.”

The cares drop again from Lucca's face as she holds her arms out, “Ayla! How have you been?!?”

“Lucca! Lucca! Lucca!”  Ayla tackled Lucca, wrapping her in an embrace that lifted the poor girl off her feet and threatened to crush her spine.

“Ayla?  I thought she looked familiar,” Jacious said, recognizing the woman now.  He sighed as he waited for the emotional moment to end.  “I guess it's a joyous reunion.”

“Cough!  Cough!  Ayla!  Okay!  I missed you!  Cough!  Too!”  Having regained her footing, Lucca smiled and gestured at Jacious.  “Ayla, I'd like you to meet Jacious. He's a bit slow, so be gentle with him.”

“I'm not slow, Lucca, and you know it.  He nodded by way of introduction to the woman, “Ayla, protector of Ioka. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Ayla approached the traveler standing tall, and unnerving as it was, she circled him three times, alternately nodding and shaking her head.

Jacious blinked with confusion, keeping his eyes on her, “Umm...like what you see?”  He couldn’t help but grin, “Or maybe just unsure of what you see with a blue-hair guy?”

“…You smell like Magus. But if Lucca trust you, Ayla trust you too. But Ayla keep her eye on you.”  Ayla said, her expression revealing both caution and pleasure at once.  Jacious kept that in mind, figuring her eyes were a true reflection of Ayla’s soul.

Jacious gave Ayla a small smile, “That's easy to explain. I was born in Zeal after all.  After over twenty years of not being there, though, I'm surprised I still smell like it.”

Ayla clapped her hands once.  “Today happy day! You tell Ayla story later.  Tonight party!  Eat!  Fight!  Fun!”  She clapped Jacious and Lucca both on the back, and they both nearly fell face first in the sand.  With that, Ayla took off on all fours towards the village.  “Come, Lucca, Jacious! Welcome home to Ioka!”

Jacious coughed from the impact on his back. “Well...at least there will be fighting...this should be fun.”

Lucca rolled her eyes. “Oh, like we don’t fight enough already.”

He ran a hand through his hair, “Well maybe we can finally let out all that tension with some fun before we go back to arguing.”

Lucca then remembered what Ayla had said.  There would be poi.  “Mmmmm. Poi.”

It was Jacious’ turn to roll his eyes, “Let’s just hurry and not fall behind so you can get drunk already.”

Looking a bit too eager, Lucca grinned to herself and walked the rest of the way to the village.

He shook his head a bit as they walked. “Why am I not surprised, Lucca Ashtear... oh well, might as well see what it's all about.”

Lucca became rather defensive. “Hey, these guys know how to party.”

He rubbed his temples, “I know, I know. Dance...sing...eat...poi.”

“Don't knock it till you've tried it,” she challenged.

Making up his mind, he nodded, “I won't.”  He then grinned, “I could say the same thing about you and other guys.”

About that time they reached the village, and a herd of people swarmed around them. For some reason, Lucca and Jacious were separated; Jacious was grabbed by the men, and Lucca by the women.  After catching a glance at Lucca, Jacious saw she was as confused as he was, but he wasn’t given a chance to speak with her before she disappeared from view.

He was dragged, against his will, to a large tent, where throngs of men moved purposely around him.  He was bathed, groomed, his clothes were folded and he was given new ones, and finally one caveman placed a fang necklace around his neck with a flourish.

“You know....if you try to sacrifice me, I'm going to kick some ass...” Jacious said off handedly.  He looked down at his chest, “I think the necklace needs some work.”  And he considered the clothes they were dressing him in.  “Is this too seductive?”

The caveman who was applying some sort of deep scented musk to his neck grunted in surprise.  “You no like necklace?  Hyro, finest artisan in village, make it for honored guests.  It is rude guest who insults hosts.”  He added, “No worries, friend. We do this many times. You not be hurt.”

Jacious bowed his head in apology, “I'm sorry. This was just all sudden.  I'm just...not used to such honors.  He looked to his hosts with a smile on his face, “I appreciate everything you are doing, and I'll wear this necklace with pride tonight.”

“In Ioka, honored guest of chieftain is honored guest of village. It pleases us to hear you say this, and know that you will act with honor this night.”  Despite all this, Jacious felt the man was not telling him something.  It was as if he assumed Jacious already knew.  When Jacious tried to press him in conversation, the caveman just smiled and shook his head.  Jacious crossed his arms.  Something’s up...what are they hiding....it's times like these I wish I could read minds.

The sun had been down an hour and Jacious had been well taken care of.  Finally, they pulled him out of the tent, laughing with joy, and escorted him to the meeting grounds. There were no women there yet.

Jacious gathered in his surroundings.  “Hey...aren't there supposed to be other people here?  Umm...”  He looked to the guy who'd mainly been in charge of dressing him.  “So where is everyone?”

There were several tables along the sides of the clearing, overflowing with deliciously unhealthy food, and the great sputtering bonfire kept the chill of the evening and the forest animals at bay.  The man turned to him, “Patience, friend. The best gift of all is one which comes after long wait.”

Jacious licked his lips and eyed the food with a lustful gaze, “You're right...I'm sure I can wait a while before I eat.”  He nodded, “Besides, you can't eat without everyone present after all.”

His guide escorted him to an area where some furs and cushions had been spread on the ground. “You wait here. I get you drink.”

“Umm...alright...thanks.”  He took a seat on the cushion, cross legged, “Why do I get the feeling I'm really being left out of the loop...something just doesn't add up.”  He scanned the area, “Lucca...wherever you are, do you have any idea what's happening?”

Most of the men were milling about the fire, talking happily amongst themselves, and casting knowing glances at Jacious.  Some of them separated and began tuning instruments.  In moments, Jacious’ guide returned with a small cup of a thick golden yellow liquid which looked a bit like watered down honey.

Feeling a bit sweaty, though the night air was cool, he took the cup, staring at it and looking to the guide.  “Sir, what do you call this drink?”

“That... is poi.”  His guide winked, “Drink slowly.  It your first time.”

Jacious looked at the cup.  “Well...Ayla once said that it needs to be drunk like a man...not a mouse, and I'm a man so....”  He swallowed the contents in a few large gulps and smacked the cup to the ground, gasping for air.  It didn't seem alcoholic, but the drink was potent. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to make any man gasp.  He looked at the now empty cup, with a few words to say, “Damn...that was just awesome!  No wonder Lucca likes it so much.”  He grinned to his guide, “I guess this stuff is...very likable, yes?”

The caveman smiled, “You drink like man.  Poi very likeable, yes, but not as likeable as woman.”

Jacious blinked and felt himself turn red with embarrassment, “Huh? I...um...really wouldn't know. I never had a girlfriend, you see, but poi...” He laughed, “Poi I know I like!”

Jacious stopped laughing, his ears picking up a sound in the distance.  He looked in the direction of the sound and noticed the light of torches coming from the village.  “Huh? what could this be? A parade?”

The noise was a hundred women singing a song, but they were not trying very hard, and were having far too much fun with it to be anywhere near on key.  One voice, though, echoed out above them all, a voice Jacious knew all to well.

Jacious winced, “Why am I getting a bad feeling about this...oh my god...Lucca?”

“Let me go! I don't want to! Please, please, let me go!” she struggled to no avail, being carried by the women.  She wasn’t struggling in pain or fright.  It seemed more like agitation from the way she was yelling.  Severe agitation.

He caught himself staring, “Since when can she look so sexy...and why is she struggling?  I thought she had fun at these things.”  Jacious looked to the guide, “Hey, why is Lucca being carried in like that?”

The guide glanced down at him, grinning, “She your mate, yes? You two here for life ceremony, yes?  Today is happy day!”  The man was practically dancing for joy.

Jacious dropped the cup, and it made a thump as it hit the pillow, “Life...cermemony?”  He looked to Lucca, who was being dragged towards him. “Holy mother of Zeal, she's going to kill me...and I think I don’t mind right now.”  He got up, thinking of an excuse to leave. “Umm... I have to use the bathroom...”

The women reached the clearing, a disheveled Lucca held above them, teeth clenched. She caught his eye and gave him an indiscernible look.  Jacious’ guide clapped him on the shoulder and forced him back on his butt.  “It rude to leave when girl enter.”

He winced from the contact, “Wait, you've got the wrong idea...she's not my mate...we haven't even kissed.”

“There first time for everything, no?” The guide seemed more focused on the party than Jacious.

Jacious smacked himself on the head. “There's no convincing them. And what happens if we don't want a life ceremony?”  Somehow Jacious had gotten the idea of marriage into his head at the term “life ceremony.”

The women tried to place Lucca gently on the ground, but because she was struggling so hard, they dropped her, and she fell in a heap on a deep mound of pillows right next to Jacious.  She laid still, apparently resigned to her fate.

“You refuse hospitality it is very rude.  You worry too much.  This no marriage!”

“Err...Lucca...translate.”  He turned his head and was stunned at her appearance.  He actually blushed.  “Not bad looking tonight either.”  She looked up at him, and he could see surprise wash over her face, “What? I have poi in my teeth or something?”

Lucca sat up quickly and adjusted herself.  The women had put her in some sort of simple but elegant red dress, obviously cut far too low for her taste, as she kept trying to pull the neckline to cover more of her cleavage.  “You... you look... good.”

That didn’t help his blush.  Nor did her cleavage and rest of her body.  “Thanks. It seems we're stuck tonight.”

She shook her head, “I'm really sorry about all this. I have no idea what's going on and they wouldn't tell me. And Ayla disappeared after we saw her on the path.”  She sighed, deflated. “I need some poi.”

He looked down to his empty cup, “I had some...it's strong, but it's great...maybe if we drink ourselves to sleep, nothing will happen.  Maybe it's just a dream.”

“Right... drink until it doesn't matter... good idea.”  Her tone wasn’t sarcastic.  She actually agreed with him.

Jacious called to his guide, “Could we have poi please...lots of it? My...future mate and I would like to have a contest to see who is stronger.”  Meanwhile, the men and women of the village had begun the party in earnest. For the time being, they were pretty much ignoring their 'special guests.’  Perhaps we could escape...but that would be rude...oh what to do....

The guide nodded, “Yes, I return shortly with little poi. But not much until Chieftain arrive.”

Jacious gave a short nod of his head, whispering, “Crap...with Ayla being the Chieftain, she'll be doing the ceremony which means when she arrives...I don't think I need to fill that in.”

Lucca just sat with her head in her hands, watching the crowd and the fire, quiet. She looked pretty miserable.  Jacious scooted closer to her. “You alright. Lucca?”  He mentally slapped himself.  “Sorry that's a stupid question....I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to bring me time hopping.  Feel free to kick my ass.”

“I'll hold you to that when I'm in clothing more conducive to kicking,” she groaned.

He grinned despite the situation. “Well you have to admit that's a...well...table dancing dress.  I mean... it's not bad looking on you.”

“Yeah, right,” she snorts and falls silent, watching the crowd. The music was catchy and most of the people were dancing.  “Stupid Ayla. What is she thinking?”

“Who knows... look, while we think of a plan...”  He looked to the crowd, watching all the others around the bonfire, “Would you... um.... want to dance at least... I mean with me?”  He looked to the fire, “I could understand if you didn't. We've been terrible to each other.”

The guide chose that time to return with two more cups of poi.  Lucca downed hers in one great gulp, and Jacious practically watched the color flood her cheeks.  She took a deep breath and looked at him, eyebrow raised. “Okay, you're on.”

Jacious smiled and gulped his poi, feeling a bit more relaxed with the potent drink.  He looked to her with a smile.  “Great.”  Standing, he offered his hand to her. “Shall we show them how it's done?”

Feeling relaxed, Lucca let him lift her up though she had an evil glint in her eyes, “You don't strike me as the dancing type.”

His eyes had the gleam of a challenge. “Oh I've taken classes...and a bit of DDR never hurts.”  He led her to the dance floor. “I guess this is one of those beats where you dance on your own accord.”  He listened to the music, getting a feel for it.

Meanwhile, Lucca muttered, “R X LY dance... Hope I remember it...”

Jacious began to dance to the beat, letting his feet, and some poi, move him on the floor along with the other dancers. He stayed next to Lucca the whole time.  Lucca, on the other hand, started out a bit jerkily, but soon found her groove. While she wasn't especially graceful, she was deliberate with her moves and the smile on her face completely overwrote any mistakes she made.

Jacious’ eyes stayed on Lucca the whole time, honestly enjoying himself with her. Despite what she thought, Jacious believed her to be well endowed and just a dream. It was a wonder to his mind why she didn't get love letters at least.  “Having fun?” he called over the music.

She laughed, “Even though you're here? I suppose I am.”

Jacious was also laughing, “Same to me...I think we need more poi.”  He looked around through a 360 degree dance move wondering where they stashed the stuff.  “I bet I could drink more than you in a heartbeat.”

“Yeah right. Your first time it knocks you out cold in just a few cups.”  Lucca was having a blast.

He smirked, “Hey, I gulped two...like a man for sure, and I feel...just fine.”  Despite his words, if he’d looked in the mirror, he would see that his eyes gave away that the poi was having its way with him.  “Or maybe you're afraid a newbie might beat the great Lucca.”

“Afraid?  Of you?  I think not!”  She was not stumbling or unfocused, but she was a bit louder, with more exaggerated movements than usual.

His hands were on his hips, performing some more complex moves, “I say we finish this and get some poi right now.”  He did a turn to the beat and looked her square in the eyes.  “You game?”

“Pfff. You won't be any fun if you pass out.”  She matched his movements, trying to one-up him.

Jacious went into a more complicated routine, pretending he was on a DDR mat, “I'm obviously at your level if I'm reacting better after two cups.”

“Everything's a competition with you.”  She tried her best to keep up with his steps, but since she wasn’t a dancer, she tripped over his foot.

He caught her before she fell.  “You alright, Lucca?”

“I was better without you manhandling me.” She snapped.

He sighed, rolling his eyes, “Please.  Don't make a scene. They'll think we're married or something.”

“You're telling ME not to make a scene??? You're the one who always starts it.”  She got back on her feet steadily. “Ah. screw it!”  She headed over to a large bowl, where a man handed her another cup of poi.  That one, like the last, was gone in one shot.

Jacious groaned, “Maybe I should lay off...she seems to be drinking enough for the both of us.”  He walked over to the large bowl, giving her a motherly look. “You know what's going to happen if you keep drinking?”

“That was only my second,” she said innocently, “so lighten up.”

“Alright.  What do you suggest?  I drink a few more cups?”  He knew the outcome before it happened.

“Whatever you think you can handle. It's not like we have anywhere to be in the morning.”  Taking another cup of poi, she wandered back to the fire.

Jacious made sure to get a shot from the man, “Might as well keep going.”  He drank the shot and left it at that.  That was his third, and he held wanted a clear head if he was to continue with the evening.  Nonetheless, he started to understand what Lucca meant by its affects and he wandered over to her.  “So I guess we'll be here a while....wonder when Ayla will show?

“The same time she always does. When everyone's too drunk to argue.”  She grinned, “Why do you think everyone gets along so well here?”

Jacious thought over the tactic, “Well I'll be...that's one damn effective method.  I better not argue then. But I'd like to see how martial arts go up against her…”

“Smart boy.”  She grabbed his hand and led him in another dance.

Jacious didn’t fight as he was dragged to the dance floor, “So you think she would mind a friendly spar?”

“She'd wipe the floor with you,” Lucca said matter-of-factly.

“Well, it'd still be fun.  Ayla likes strong people.  I want to earn her respect through my own abilities and not my relations.”  He gave a small shrug, “Besides, you might like to watch me getting owned by the woman.”

Lucca laughed slightly drunk, “You're right, that would be funny.”  She tapped her lips, “Although I own you all the time.”

The two continued to dance, surrounded by cave people who knew how to party and enjoy the life they lived.

Chapter 6

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