Last Exit for the Lost Chapter 7


By Damodred

Cloud surveyed the town coldly. They were following him, and there was only one place where he could go. He needed to gather his strength if he was to destroy them all. First, he would need a sword. His mind made up, he walked on unquestioningly, towards the town.

Rufus frowned as he looked at Midgar from his office window. He knew it would be a few days before things were back to normal and his ascension to power was complete. For now, he ordered the damaged floors to be restored. The losses were considerable. He slowly went over the damages again. Three floors considerably damaged, several irreplaceable specimens lost (he shrugged; those were only of use to Hojo anyway. He'd get him some new least, if he could be found - Hojo himself had disappeared), as were his head of weapon development, the leader of Avalanche he'd captured earlier, and his highest ranking SOLDIER. This was definitely not a good day.

Elena leaned on Tseng's arm. She didn't blame Rufus for reassigning them to this backwater; no, she really didn't. Cid may have been ecstatic over the chance to work on his pet project (and get out of Rufus' sight), but she preferred places with a bit more...well, people, for one thing. She looked around the plains and sighed. Even though they were currently stationed within 50 miles of Junon in a ShinRa outpust and thus theoretically *close* to civilization, Elena knew there was absolutely nothing to do, unless one counted getting sloshed with the other soldiers at the ShinRa bar, in Junon. She groaned theatrically. Soldiers made such fascinating conversation partners. On the other hand, the getting sloshed part.... Elena brightened visibly and murmured to Tseng. Tseng raised one eyebrow and nodded. Cid could play over here all by himself.

In the void which is neither here nor there, but somewhere in between, Sephiroth was aware of Aerith's presence, a comforting golden warmth close nearby. Speech was impossible here, but communication wasn't. He heard her thought, and it felt warm I rather like them. They're so...innocent and idealistic. I hope they stay that way Sephiroth's reply was jaggedly amused, If they live that long. Aerith's comeback was fuzzily exasperated, Damn it...why do you always have to be so pessimistic? They sped through the nothingness as Sephiroth's laughter rang around them.


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