Shinra Reborn Chapter 5

By Dan Schmidt

Cait Sith stepped into Cosmo Canyon. He was stopped at the entrance by the usual guard. Cait told him he was here to see Red XIII. The guard acknowledged, and let him pass. Cait headed up towards the observatory, where Red was likely to be. When he reached there, he did not find Red. He did find of the elders in the observatory though. Cait asked the elder where Red was, and the elder told him that Red was in the Hall of Records. Cait hopped back down to the Hall of Records. There he found Red, nose buried in some book.

"Hey Red, how ya doing?"

Red looked up. "Hello Cait, what brings you here?"

"We’ve got trouble. Reeve’s been kidnapped, and Cloud, Barret, and Tifa have gone looking for him. But, they went after the Turks. But, it wasn’t the Turks who kidnapped Reeve. I was hoping we could use the buggy to find them."

"Hmm…seems logical that we should find them. The Turks are dangerous, and if they don’t even have Reeve, Cloud, Barret, and Tifa would be fighting for nothing."

"So, let’s hurry! Get the buggy! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!"

"Alright, I’ll go get the buggy. I’ll meet you out front." With that, Red headed off to get the buggy. Cait hurried out to the entrance of Cosmo Canyon. He stood outside on the reddish canyon entrance waiting for Red. He waited for what seemed hours. It was probably only a few minutes, but Cait was so worried and nervous, it seemed to take forever. Suddenly, Cait heard a noise. He turned around and saw two strange looking creatures staring back at him. They charged towards Cait. Cait leaped out of the way, taken by surprise. He quickly recovered, and pulled out his megaphone. The creatures charged again. Cait stepped out of the way, and slammed his megaphone on to the head of one of the creatures. The creature yelped in surprise, but quickly recovered. The uninjured creature started charging toward Cait. Cait side stepped him, and then bashed the creature with his megaphone. Then, both creatures charged toward him. He stepped out of the way, but tripped over a rock. He fell to the ground, and the creatures turned to face him. The creatures snarled, and prepared to go in for the kill. Cait closed his eyes, and waiting for the creatures to tear him apart. Suddenly, the buggy crashed into in the creatures. Both creatures were thrown backwards. They recovered, and ran away. Cait got up and went over to the buggy.

"What took you?" Cait asked.

"I had to get some gas," Red said, "Shall we go?" Cait hopped into the buggy.. Suddenly, they heard the loud roar of an engine. The Highwind appeared over the canyon. It set down only about 10 feet from the buggy. Cait was almost blown off his feet. The ladder lowered, and Cloud, Cid, Tifa, Shera, and Barret climbed down.

"What are you doing here?" Cait asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," Cloud said.

"Hmm…why don’t we discuss this inside," Red said. With that, they went inside.

* * *

Red sat down in the Hall of Records. Cid, Cait, Cloud, Shera, Barret, and Tifa all sat around the room.

"Now, what did you want to discuss?" Red asked.

"We want to know about a person named Waylon," Cloud said. Red gasped. His eyes went wide.

"Waylon." Red’s voice was full of anger and hatred.

"Who is he?" Cloud asked.

"Waylon is Hojo’s brother." Red let his words sink in. Nearly everyone in the room gasped. Everyone started mumbling, and then they all turned towards Red..

"Waylon was the one who actually caught me. Waylon worked with Hojo for a long time. They got along very well, until they caught me. Waylon wanted to head the research on me, considering the fact that he was the one who caught me. Hojo refused, and he became the head researcher. Waylon was furious. He shot Hojo, and left Shinra. Hojo survived, and he continued to research me. Secretly, Waylon plotted the downfall of Shinra and Hojo. He started his own little organization. He took a few small shots at Shinra and Hojo, but never did much. He disappeared for a while, but from the last I heard of him, he was doing some research. Research that he thought would put him way beyond Hojo. After Hojo was killed, he still continued it. He disappeared shortly after Meteor was destroyed, but he had a new idea for his research shortly before that. I don’t know if he ever completed this research, but I sincerely hope he didn’t"

"What was he researching?" Cloud asked.

Red took a deep breath. "He was looking for a way to bring someone back from the lifestream. After Sephiroth was killed, he starting looking for a way to bring him back. He thought this would be the final insult to Hojo, reviving Hojo’s own creation. But, he didn’t realize that if he did bring Sephiroth back, it could mean the end of the world."

* * *

Reno of the Turks stepped out of a bar in Junon. It was late, and he should be getting back. He had gotten all the information he needed for the night. He headed back to his hotel room. Suddenly, he was jumped from behind. He was knocked on the ground. He turned around, and saw three men standing behind him. They were all wearing masks. Reno stayed on the ground, but sweep kicked one of the men, and he fell to the ground. Reno leaped up, and jabbed his nightstick into the gut of the second man. The third man caught a back kick in the face. The three men quickly recovered. Reno stepped back. The three men charged at him at the same time. Reno ducked out of the way, and put his nightstick around the neck of the first man. He drove his knee into the man’s back, and pulled harder on the nightstick. The man collapsed in a heap. The two remaining men charged at him. Reno dropped to the ground, and lifted his one leg off the ground. Both men tripped over him. Reno leaped out, and jabbed his nightstick into one of the fallen men. A shot of electricity hit the man, and he jerked, and then was still. The final man looked at his fallen comrade in surprise. Reno quickly stepped up behind him and wrapped his arm around the man’s neck. He pulled back sharply, and the man passed out. Reno looked down at the three fallen men.

"Get some better fighting lessons, and then maybe we can go another round later," he said. Reno turned around and left, brushing the dirt off his suit, and his usual smirk plastered on his face.

A man stepped out from the alley and looked at the three fallen men. On his face was a look of disgust.

"Waylon will not be pleased with this," he said. Then, he slipped back into the shadows.

* * *

Reno stepped into his hotel room in Junon. He had been careful not to wake Rude or Elena. He had met with a man in the bar. For a fair price (the man would live if he told Reno what he wanted), Reno had gotten plenty of information about the man called Waylon, who had tried to frame them for Reeve’s capture. Reno got into bed with his suit still on. He was pretty tired, and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to sleep in his suit. Reno was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

At about 4 A.M., Rude stepped into his room. Rude was dressed, and Elena was behind him.

"What’s going on?" Reno asked.

"There are some men here. They’re carrying weapons, and apparently, they are looking for us."


"I dunno, but you better get dressed and come down here." Reno hopped out of bed, still wearing his suit from last night. It was a little wrinkled, but didn’t look too bad.

"Let’s go," Reno said. The Turks snuck across the hallway. There were four men in the lobby pacing.

"How do you know they are looking for us?" Reno asked.

"I heard them say our names. And they didn’t sound very happy about us. I don’t know why."

"Yeah, who doesn’t like the Turks," Elena said sarcastically. It was true, the Turks weren’t very good at making friends. Reno peeked out from behind a banister. The men didn’t seem intent on leaving anytime soon.

"These guys aren’t gonna leave anytime soon," Reno said, "We should try to find a way to get out of here." The other two nodded in agreement. The Turks tiptoed back into Reno’s room. Reno looked at the window, and got an idea. He walked over to the window, and opened it slowly and silently. The drop from the window to the street was too long of a drop, but Reno spotted a pipe going down the wall next to the window.

"Rude, Elena," he whispered, "Come out the window. There’s a pipe on the wall outside. Climb down it. I’ll meet you at the bottom." Reno stepped up on the windowsill and grabbed onto the pipe. It was a little slippery, but it would do. Reno unbuckled his belt, and wrapped it around the pipe, and the buckled it around his waist again. He kicked his feet out, slid down a little, than planted his feet back against the wall. Using this method, he was down in no time. Rude did the same thing. Elena slowly climbed her way down. She slipped and fell off about halfway down, but Reno and Rude caught her. The Turks then ran off towards their car.

* * *

Rufus looked at his newly finished office. It was far more glamorous than his old one. Rufus has just left that hospital that day. It had taken him much less time to recover than the doctors predicted. Heidegger had a big smile plastered on his face when Rufus sat down in the chair.

"You like it?" Heidegger asked.

"Not bad, Heidegger," Rufus said. Rufus had a cast on his left arm, and the doctor said he should avoid walking much, but who was he to give Rufus, President of Shinra, Inc, orders? "This office surpasses my expectations, excellent work, Heidegger."

"Thank you sir, the pleasure is all mine."

"Now, what about this Waylon fellow I’ve been hearing a lot of about recently. He seems to be causing quite a bit of trouble. Kidnapping Reeve, framing the Turks. How is your investigation coming along?"

Heidegger’s smile faded. "Well, I, um, I’ve placed the Turks on this assignment. We haven’t found much, but we think his headquarters are located somewhere in Midgar."

"Hmm…this fellow is working right under our noses. Where are the Turks now? They’re aren’t in Midgar."

Heidegger looked nervously at the floor. "The Turks are in Junon right now, getting information from a, um, source. They should be back soon, sir."

"Good. Until then I want Midgar placed under martial law. No one enters or leaves without ID confirmation and clearance. Is that understood?"

Heidegger smiled again. "Yes sir! I’ll get on it right away. I’ll put troops in every sector!" Heidegger turned to leave.

"Oh, Heidegger," Rufus said, "One more thing. We’re going to re-start the Neo-Midgar plan. But, the Promised Land is to full of monsters for us to build there. I have a new idea of where Neo-Midgar should be."


Rufus smiled. "On Solack."

"Solack? But, that’s…"

"Yes, the planet only 200,000 miles from our planet. Almost like a moon to us. It’s smaller than this planet, but our satellites we sent there show that it is very fertile. And if it’s fertile…"

"There’s gotta be Mako!" Heidegger exclaimed, "Mr. President, you are a genius! This is far better than President Shinra’s idea of Neo-Midgar!"

"Yes, it is," Rufus said, "I want to build a space station between this planet and Solack. That way, people won’t have to travel 200,000 straight miles. Oh yes, one more thing. If we’re going to go into outer space, we’ll need a rocket. I want you to personally go to Rocket town and ask Cid Highwind to pilot his new rocket to Solack. If he refuses, use force to take the rocket from him. Take a squad of troops with you and make him surrender the rocket to Shinra, Inc."

"Yes sir!" Heidegger turned and walked out of the room.

* * *

Unbeknownst to Heidegger and Rufus, something had just awakened under the city of Midgar. The huge creature opened its eyes for the first time since before Sephiroth was defeated.

It slowly crawled out of its sleeping place, and began to head back to the surface. The creature had one goal: destroy everything to protect the planet..


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