Shinra Reborn Prologue

By Dan Schmidt

The crisis was over, and the planet had been saved from Sephiroth. Cloud Strife moved back into his old house in Nibelheim, where he had grown up, and where he has first met Tifa, and heard of Sephiroth. Tifa moved back to Nibelheim also. She lived next to Cloud, in her old house. Barret lived in Kalm with Marlene. Reeve ran Midgar, which now used solar energy, instead of Mako energy. Cid lived in Rocket town with his new wife, Shera. Vincent lived in Gongaga with Lucrecia. But, he never told Lucrecia the truth about her son, Sephiroth. Red XIII, or Nanaki, lived in Cosmo Canyon, and continued to protect it. Yuffie lived in Wutai with her dad, Godo. Wutai had turned into the #1 tourist site in the world. The Turks disappeared into the underworld of Midgar.

Three weeks has passed since Meteor’s destruction. The Shinra building didn’t look like it had once housed the most powerful corporation in the world. The first 60 floors weren’t that bad, but from floor 60 and up, it was a wreck.. Scavengers raided the building, and took everything worth a dollar. Broken computers were strewn everywhere. Pieces of scrap metal hung from the ceiling, and littered the floor. Shinra executive’s bodies were found everywhere. Meteor and Diamond Weapon had hit this part of the building the hardest. Although, no one could get past the 68th floor. The door was sealed, and only a few certain people knew the code. Most of those people were dead.

Rufus’s body was never found, nor was Heidegger’s. It was peculiar though, because Scarlet’s body was found, but not Heidegger’s. Both of them were in the Proud Clod when it was destroyed. After Heidegger, the next in line to be President of Shinra was Reeve. Reeve dismantled Shinra, and created a new company, Avalanche, Inc., named after the group of people who had saved the planet. The old Shinra building was left to rust. The cannon, though, could still be seen hanging above Avalanche, Inc.’s new headquarters. It was left to show that Shinra was truly evil, and that people should never have trusted President Shinra, nor Rufus. The only high-ranking Shinra exec left was Palmer. Palmer, though, went insane after Heidegger’s death. Palmer lived the Sector 5 Slums. He got to be close friends with Elmyra, Aeris’s foster mother.

Corel was rebuilt. Junon was still controlled by the remnants of the Shinra army. Former SOLDIER members lead small battle groups that fought against each other for control of Junon harbor.

Other than Junon, the world was a safe and peaceful place. But things were about to take a turn of the worse....


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