A New Threat Part 10

The Five Stones (3)

By Dark Magus

***65,000,000 BC

Amox stared at the map that Ayla had laid out in front of him. It was very primitive, and he could hardly read it. He saw a shade of red up by what looked like the volcano.

He pointed to it and Ayla remarked, "That it! That dreamstone!"

"Then let’s go get it!" Amox shouted.

"OK. But first, I need weapon. It in very dangerous area and monsters there tough." Ayla said concerned.

Amox and Ayla went up to the hunting range. First they stopped by Laribu. It did not have much progress. Only a couple of huts. Then they headed for the hunting range. Instead of taking the normal path, Ayla walked into the woods.

Ayla spent about an hour knocking on trees and shaking her head. She finally walked up to a strange tree that Amox had never seen before, which was unusual because he lived in a forest. Ayla pointed to it and shouted excitedly, "Amox, this tree! Cut it down!"

Amox drew out his daggers and approached the tree. He stood for a while, then, out of the blue, took a swipe at the base of the tree. It fell down. Ayla, with her super-human strength, picked up the whole tree and walked out of the hunting range.

Amox followed, she was surprisingly fast for carrying a big tree. He struggled to keep up. They finally arrived at Ioka. She carried the tree to right outside of her hut. She set it on a bench and went inside. She and Kino came out, both carrying whittling knives. They got to work right away. Amox watched as the two skillfully carved, but then got bored.

Amox awoke to what sounded like thunder. He opened his eyes to see Ayla smashing a club into the ground. It was a nice club. Rough and pointy, but nevertheless a good weapon. "Can I see it?" Amox asked curiously.

"Sure!" Ayla responded. Amox walked over to where the club lay and bent down. He gripped the club with both hands. He lifted. The club didn’t budge. Over to his left he heard a laugh.

"You funny." Ayla chuckled. She then walked over to him and picked the club up with one hand. "Let’s go get dreamstone."

The two of them set out to the volcanoes. As they began to climb the mountain, they heard a scream. They looked up to see a dactyl flying above them to the right. Amox effortlessly made a rock fall on the stupid creature and continued climbing. They reached the top of the mountain after a long and grueling climb. Amox looked at the surroundings. Right in front of him was the old cave where he had fought his first battle. Behind it were the volcanoes. They looked menacing. Amox pulled the map out from his animal hide pack. He looked at it and the surrounding landmarks. He figured out that the mine was about a mile or so to his right. He began walking there. Ayla followed.

By the time that they reached the spot where the mine was, it was about dark. Amox started a fire with his forest survival skills and rose up the earth in the form of two recliners for the two of them. Ayla set down her huge club and flopped down in one of the "chairs." Amox took off his pack and took off the strap of cloth that his daggers hung from. He also flopped down in one of the "chairs" and watched the fire. The flickering of the flames slowly lulled him to sleep.

Amox was awaken by a terrible scream and looked over to find Ayla gone. He turned to where the screech had come from just in time to see Ayla raise her club and bring it down upon a monster’s head. It let out a terrifying squeal and fell to the ground.

Amox ran to where he had put his daggers and quickly retrieved them. He joined the battle. A monster ran at him and was quickly put to sleep, permanently. He saw Ayla shake and kick a rather large monster. She used the impact of her first kick to bounce down on the monster again, and finally deliver a final blow. The monster fell to the earth unconscious, but not dead. With the help of her club, Ayla changed that.

Amox looked at the horde and realized that they were outnumbered. Amox pushed his magic to the furthest limits it could go. Ayla heard a rumble in the distance and watched as the volcano next to the old Tyrano Layer erupted. Showers of molten material rained down upon the monsters. Strangely, they did not hurt Ayla. The monsters screamed out in pain and fell down dead. Ayla heard a groan as another creature fell down. She caught Amox just before he hit the ground. Ayla carried him over to his chair and laid him back in it. She headed for her own chair and was soon fast asleep.

Amox awoke again with stiff muscles. He tried to remember how he got them and remembered. How did he do that eruption? Maybe, in time, he would learn how to control that great power and be able to use it without blacking out.

Amox picked up his bag and shouted, "Hey Ayla. Wake up!"

"But mommy… me no wanna go to school today. The reptites there tease me…"


Ayla woke up with a start. She usually wasn’t the one to oversleep. Ayla walked over to pick up her club. She started out for a day’s work. Ayla, the one who knew what dreamstone looked like, found a pebble of it and showed Amox, so he would know what it looked like. Amox nodded and set out for his job. Amox lifted up the ground easily looking for dreamstone. He had no luck.

All of a sudden Ayla shouted out, "FOUND SOME! OVER HERE!"

Amox ran over to the spot where she was pointing. It was a little crystal of dreamstone sticking out of the ground. Amox concentrated and the soil parted for him, leaving a wide vain of dreamstone open. He stared in awe at the site of the rock. It shone brightly in the sunlight. He didn’t know its true potential, but he had a guess. This was one powerful rock.

Amox found his power incredibly useful on this trip. He concentrated once more and felt a vibration. A chunk of dreamstone came out of the ground. It was about the size of a person. That was too big. He sliced it in half using his magic once more. Ayla picked up the stone and started to head off. Amox followed her. She led them back to the cliff. To Amox’s surprise, she threw the rock over the edge. Amox stared in horror as the dreamstone tumbled down the mountain. He then remembered his power. He was using magic more than he liked to this trip. He saw the ground move up into a soft, cushion like pillow. It softened the blow of the rock.

"Oops." Ayla said sheepishly.

Amox and Ayla started down the cliff. Amox got sick of climbing about halfway down and formed the earth into a somewhat slide. He was starting to enjoy this power. He was sure getting a lot of practice with it. He stepped onto the slide and flew down the side of the mountain, screaming the whole way in fun. Ayla watched him and cautiously stepped onto the same slide. Ayla screamed the whole way down too, but her scream was of terror. When she reached the bottom, she was overjoyed. She had never seen a slide before that, and she never wanted to see one again. Ayla picked up the dreamstone and headed for the mountain range. She got there and climbed to the top of yet another cliff, with Amox following close behind. Ayla raised the gate key that she had and a gate formed on the edge of the cliff. She dropped the dreamstone in and then jumped herself. Amox reluctantly followed.

The two of them found themselves in the end of time. They walked down the steps and saw Gaspar talking to two new people.

"Hello. Who’s this?" The old man asked.

"Gaspar," Crono answered, "This is MAGUS. He just reverted back to a human. As for her," he pointed at the other person, "This is Schala."

Gaspar ran for the first time ever from his lamp post to hug Schala. They exchanged stories of what had been happening for a while, then Gaspar turned, finally noticing Ayla and Amox.

"Good. You are here. You have the dreamstone?" Gaspar asked. Ayla set the big rock down by the lamp post. Soon after, Schala and Crono deposited their rocks by the post.

"OK. Now Frog, take the gate key with you and go get Lucca and Marle." Frog received the gate key from Ayla and found the right pillar. He disappeared into the white ball. Ayla and Amox took their seats by Gaspar and joined in on the conversation that he and Robo had been having…




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