A New Threat Part 5

The Last Of The Reptites

By Dark Magus

Ayla was watching the night sky with her boyfriend Kino. It was beautiful, but Ayla was getting bored. She made this known to Kino, "Hey Kino, this boring. Let’s go find something fun to do."

Kino answered, "Me hoped you say something like that. Let’s go back to village." Kino and Ayla headed back towards Ioka village. They were stopped right in their tracks by a bright flash.

"What that?!" Ayla asked in awe and fright. Kino noticed she was ready for battle. Before Kino could answer, Ayla identified it, "It Epoch! Crono back!"  Crono stumbled out of the ship and gave his eyes time to adjust. Before he could even see, a body slammed into him with a lot of force. He fell over. It was Ayla all right.

As Crono got up, Amox asked a question, "Where is this place?"  

Kino, not knowing what was going on, answered, "This Ioka village. Welcome."

Amox realized his mistake and answered, "I mean when is this?"

Crono answered this time, "We are in 65,000,000 BC."

Crono was slammed into again and fell over again. "Hello Ayla. Nice to see you too."

"Ayla happy now that Crono back."

Crono answered, "That’s nice, but I’m afraid I have some bad news for you."

Crono told Ayla the whole story, "Lavam… new magic… Magus stole… Amox followed… If we don’t succeed we will all be destroyed."

Ayla answered, "I like to help, but Ayla need to help Laribou get rebuilt, and they out of wood."

Crono answered, "Maybe we can help."

"Maybe no," Ayla answered. Wood high up. Need many strong people to carry down mountain."

Crono answered, "We have a flying machine. We can get the wood down."

"Ayla no remember. You help then?"

"Yes, we will."

"Then it settled. You help in morning. First get rest though." The four headed back to Ioka village. Ayla showed them the guest quarters. Crono and Amox slept hard.

They awoke to the sound of Ayla’s voice, "Wake up. Crono oversleep. Must get wood." Crono sleepily got out of his bed. Amox stayed in. Crono walked over to Amox and shook him as hard as he could. Amox got up. Crono and Amox walked out of the grass hut and were blinded by the sunlight.

Ayla said, "The rest have already started up mountain. We meet them at top." Crono, Amox, and Ayla stepped in the Epoch. The Epoch went skywards. Crono sat at front steering while Ayla was giving him directions. The Epoch ended up on top the same mountain where the Tyrano Layer once stood, but where a big crater now was.

The three of them stumbled out of the craft and waited up top the mountain for a little while waiting for the rest of the workers. Crono explained more in depth the story of Lavam and even taught Amox some skills for his daggers. In return, Amox taught Crono how to control two blades at once. Crono went back to the Epoch to get his spare sword from the compartment. He now had two of them.

Finally the group of workers arrived. They spent a good six hours chopping wood, loading it to the Epoch, and flying it back to the spot where Laribu once stood. The three headed back for the last trip, only to find a deserted area where the workers once were. Crono heard a "ROAR" in the distance. It sounded like that of a reptite. Ayla recognized it too.

She exclaimed, "I knew those reptites still alive. Now they take best warriors!"  Ayla took off in the direction of the sound. Crono and Amox followed. They found themselves at the base of the crater.

"The sound came from in there." Amox remarked. "Let’s see what’s in there." The three entered the cave and found a cage with Ioka’s warriors in it. Ayla quickly hurried to it.

Crono shouted, "No Ayla, it’s a trap!" Ayla turned around and looked at Crono. She had already stepped on a button. Creatures flooded the room. There was everything from a reptite to a megasaur. Crono drew his swords; Amox took out his daggers; Ayla took a battle position. The fight began.

A creature leapt toward Ayla and was stopped short by Amox’s daggers, piercing through its chest. Crono called forth lightning. A bolt struck him and was amplified, shooting in all directions. The dinosaurs were only shocked, and the fight went on. Blades clashed with scales, Ayla fought with her fists. The fight took a turn. Crono and Amox focused one attack on what seemed to be the leader. They charged and sent four blades through the monster. It cried out in pain and fell to the floor, dead. Hearing their leader’s cry, the dinosaurs mostly retreated. Some of the brave ones stayed. Ayla went savage on one of the five remaining. It was dead. Crono attacked two at once, driving his katanas through them. Amox threw his daggers. They went spinning through the air and met the two remaining monsters.

Crono, Amox, and Ayla looked around them at the corpses on the floor. They had won. They looked at each other. Each of them needed medical attention FAST, attention that none of the primitive doctors could give. They freed the warriors and quickly bolted for the Epoch. The dial was set for the end of time and the Epoch took off.

Gaspar watched as three bloody figures stepped through the gate. Marle and Frog saw it too. The two healers rushed over to them and applied their healing magic. Crono, Amox, and Ayla were going to be OK.

Crono reported in to Spekkio, "Amox is trustworthy. He has proved he is willing to fight."

Spekkio replied, "OK then. I have given this thought and I have decided to give you the magic of earth. It is powerful so learn to use it wisely."

Spekkio waved his hands and Amox felt a surge. He had learned the long forbidden to human kind power of magic. He and Crono stepped back into the main room.

There Gaspar told them what to do next, "Now you must go recruit Robo. I will be waiting for you." He pointed to Lucca and Marle and Magus. "It is dangerous so I am sending three of you. Here is the gate key." He handed Lucca her invention. "Good luck."

The three stepped into the Epoch. Magus sat at the controls. He turned the machine on. He set the dial to 2300 AD and hit the button. Instead of seeing the waves as they passed through time, Magus heard a voice. It was Marle.

"My pendant, it’s vibrating. Something’s happening! It’s like it’s… talking… to a twin."

Magus spoke, "Schala…" It went unheard.

A beam shot forth from Marle’s pendant to the controls. They lit up. The Epoch was sent sprawling to an unknown time…




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