A New Threat Part 8

The Five Stones (1)

By Dark Magus

"The fight against Lavam will be hard for you, and your current weapons, aside from the masamune, wonder shot, and rainbow won’t work. Even those three won’t work too well." Gaspar explained. "There is a way to make better weapons though. The opening to Calsa’s time has given us access to two more kinds of rocks. We can now get a hold of the illumina stone and darkstone, two precious minerals that can be found only from 257 BC- 391 AD in all time. The illumina stone stores the power of lightning, while the darkstone stores the eternal shadows. Your goal is to retrieve more dreamstone, the sunstone, the rainbow shell, the illumina rock, and some darkstone. When you get the rocks," Gaspar explained, "Bring them and your weapons to Melchior and see what he can do with them."

"The best way is for you to split up. Crono, you will go to 100 BC and get the darkstone. Calsa, ride with Crono but break off to find the illumina stone. Ayla and Amox, go to prehistoric ages to find some more dreamstone through those pillars of light. Lucca and Marle, use the pillars to go to your time and retrieve the sun stone and the rainbow shell. I will send Frog to you with the gate key when Ayla and Amox are back. Go."

With that word, Crono and Calsa headed for the Epoch. Gaspar shouted out to them, "GET MAGUS WHILE YOU'RE THERE!" Crono acknowledged him and the two took off to 100 BC. The Epoch slipped through the air with a flash. Meanwhile, Ayla, Amox, Marle, and Lucca found the right pillars. Amox and Ayla stepped into one and disappeared in a white ball. Marle and Lucca walked into theirs and disappeared the same way. Gaspar started up conversation with Robo and Frog.


***100 BC

Schala and Magus were watching the sky together, making up for all the years where they were separated. They were on the castle tower, overlooking the kingdom. Magus’s skin had gotten some color in it. After finding Schala he had started to revert from mystic to human again. He was half way there. His hair had started to grow out the normal way and his ears had lost their points.

Suddenly Magus saw a flash in the sky over one of the other continents. He recognized it, "That’s the Epoch. Crono is back for me. I have to go. Will you see me off Schala?"

"Sure Janus. It’s the least I can do for my long lost brother." The two of them headed out of the castle and to the water’s edge. Magus saw a dock. On the end of the dock was a small boat. Schala walked on the dock and boarded the boat. Magus followed.


Crono and Calsa stepped out of the Epoch.

"So Calsa, have you ever heard of these stones?" Crono asked.

"Yeah. I think I have." She replied, "I heard a rumor that there was a shadowy stone on one of the continents. I heard something about a cave connecting it to the southern continent."

"Magus’s castle…"

"What?" Calsa asked.

"Nothing. I just know where that place is." Crono shot back.

"OK. Just checking. As for the other stone, I think I’ve heard that the mystic president of Medina village, is that the name? I mean, the president of Medina village has a rock that he claims can get rid of unwanted visitors by shocking them. That sounds promising enough. The problem is that the mystics are at war with us."

"So it happens in this time too?" Crono asked, "We are still on a bad note with the mystics in our time. As for the rocks, I’ll go after the darkstone, you go after the illumina stone. Let’s go." Crono and Calsa started their separate ways.


***65,000,000 BC

Looked at the sparkly dot on the rock ledge. He went there every day at high sun to see if his love Ayla had returned yet. He had been waiting for an hour and gave up for the day. He sadly walked back to Ioka village for another boring day without Ayla.

He got back to the village and dealt with the matters at hand. How was he going to get Laribu rebuilt? He didn’t have the drive that Ayla did. He needed her.


In the deep mountains, a sparkle expanded to a great white portal and two figures emerged. The first one stepped out and braced herself for a fall. The second one flopped out. Ayla hit the ground first with a thud. She turned around and caught the surprised Amox in her arms.

It was Amox who spoke first, "Thanks Ayla."

"No problem."

"Now, onto the subject. Where do we find this dreamstone stuff?"

"Ayla don’t know. We have to go back to village and look at map. It tell where dreamstone found."

The two of them headed back to Ioka. Ayla walked up to her normal tent and was knocked over by an excited person.

"Ayla back! Kino miss! Happy now!"

"Kino!" Ayla threw him off, "Me not back for very long. Me must get red rock for Crono."

"Then you stay for while?" Kino asked hopefully.

"Yes. Me stay for one, maybe two sleeps."

Kino ran up to Ayla and embraced her. Happy that she was back.


***1000 AD

Marle and Lucca stepped out of the gate. They found themselves in the long abandoned Leene’s Square, where their adventure first began. Marle could still remember the fright she had when her pendant started glowing. Lucca could remember the hours she spent assembling the telepod, which after four months was still standing. She would have to take it down some day.

"Hey Lucca, let’s just get the stones and get out of here." Marle suggested.

"We’ll at least have time to get one night in our own beds, won’t we?" Lucca begged.

"Probably." Marle said, "But let’s just find the stones first."

Without a word they headed their separate directions. Lucca started south for her house and Marle started west for the castle.


***End of Time

"Good. They are all in the midst of finding their stones. It is only a matter of time before we will destroy you Lavam…"




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