A New Threat: Epilogue

Amox looked up at his house. It was the first time he had been near it in years. Calsa was waiting about a hundred feet back. Everybody else had been dropped off, and Amox had to make his decision. Would he go back to Calsa’s time and live there with her, or would he stay in his time and live with his parents.

Amox got up the courage to go to the door. He opened it up and stepped inside. His mother and father were sitting there, at the table ready to eat. They looked up from what they were doing.

"And who might you be?" his father asked warmly.

Amox hesitated, then answered, "Uh, I think I got the wrong house," he lied.

"It’s OK," his mother reassured. "Just remember that you’re always welcome. Ever since we’ve lost our son we’ve opened our home to the youth. It’s kind of a way that we can pretend he’s still with us. He died about two years back."

‘I’m… uh… sorry," Amox said quite sincere. He was sorry he had caused his parents so much trouble. Amox didn’t know what to do. He stepped outside for a second and thought. He thought some more. It was the hardest decision he had ever made. If he stayed home he would never see Calsa again. If he went with them he would have to know that his parents sincerely missed him.

Finally, after about twenty minutes of deep thought, he signaled Calsa over. "Calsa, I’m sorry, but for me to go back is to tamper with time. I think it would be best for me to stay here."

"I understand Amox," she said sweetly, "It’s the best choice for you I think." Calsa leaned over and hugged him. They stood there in that position for about five minutes, then Calsa kissed him on the cheek and left for the Epoch. Amox watched as Calsa and Lucca boarded. He waved one last time and watched as the ship took off. It gave a shudder and passed through time. Then he walked back into the house.

"Oh, it’s you again," his mother said ever so cheerfully.

"Mom, Dad, it’s me… Amox"

Not a word was said, but his parents walked over and hugged him. Tears filled the room at the reunion. Everything was good.


***The End of Time

"The world is safe for now, Spekkio, but Lavam is not the last. Lavam is

the first of a whole race. There are many more battles to be fought…"




Hello Chrono Trigger fans. It has been fun writing these stories, and I will start a new series pretty soon. I have to do some research first. There have been a couple of people who have helped me, and I will give their names.


***Shadow Magus- who borrowed me the game in the first place.

***Christopher Anthony Blair- who sadly is not writing anymore, but inspired me to write the stories.

***Icy Brian- who hosted a page I could write my stories for.

***Don Eskridge- who told me to keep writing when I was about to stop.

***Nanaki- who gave me the idea to bring Zeal into the story.

***My parents- for buying a computer.

***And of course Squaresoft- for making a pretty darn cool game.

All characters, places, and things such as Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Epoch, Medina Village, etc. are property of Squaresoft Inc 1995. I take no credit in making them. Give it to Squaresoft.