Kairos Trigger Intro and Notes

By Dark Magus

2399 AD

The world of Guardia is at war. The main war is between the Kingdom of Guardia and Porre. Other allies have joined the teams though.

The reason for the war: Porre has engaged in un-ethical practices. They are trying to re-create the monsters of the past by cloning from DNA samples they acquired. Guardia finds this ethically wrong and asks Porre to stop this cloning event. After Porre refuses countless times to stop this project, Guardia declares war on them.

Meanwhile a robot, deep in a factory, is observing the practices of Porre. The robot's serial number is R-66Y, its nickname is "Robo". Being one of the original seven time travelers, Robo recognizes the threat that these monsters could pose to human kind. He takes up his concerns to the mother brain of the factory, explaining what the monsters could do to the human and robotic race.

Hearing this, the mother brain decides to become allies with Guardia in their fight against Porre, sending in many R-units, Protos, and other robots to help.

The battle wages on with the Guardia/ Robot army against the Porre army. Porre refuses to give up.

Meanwhile, a teenager, looking for a way to feed himself and his family, comes down to the last resort of joining the army. He is a good fighter, but deep inside all he wants to do is keep peace and right some wrongs. He agrees that what Porre is doing is wrong, and fights with all his heart to stop them, but when will he get his chance…




Hello everyone who reads my stories. If you haven't figured it out by now I am Dark Magus. I realize I may have let some of you down by not concluding my story, The New Generation. The truth is, my plot took a wrong turn and I have no idea, or desire, to find my way back. In other words I am facing a monumental writers block that I don't want to put the effort forth to get out of it.

In this story, Kairos Trigger, I may be re-using some names from The New Generation, considering it will never be finished anyways. The plot may also end up looking somewhat like the joint fanfic by the Legion of Fantasy, a group that I am in. This is because at first my plot idea was rejected, so I changed it around quite a bit and made a story by myself. Now it is possible the plot could be used, so both stories might have some similarities. The name of the main enemy may look familiar too because the name originally belonged to my story, and I can't think of another one.

For those of you wondering, Kairos, from the title, is an old Hebrew word that means literally; the quality of time. That word fits perfectly in with my story.

And now, with no further adieu… KAIROS TRIGGER


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