The New Generation Part 1

The New Generation

By Dark Magus

Kaira stared down the path to the museum. It was a building that looked a lot like a castle. In fact, it used to be a castle some 200 years ago. The only thing that suggested that it was no longer a castle was the shiny steel add-ons they had built when the building came back into shape about 6 years back.

Kaira hated the building with a passion, but her best friend Carr was interested in history for some odd reason. She owed the trip to him from the day she had made him go to the battle arena with her. She had done fine with her sword, but Carr had nearly gotten killed with his bow. His arrows weren’t sharp enough to pass through the metal of the battle robots. He had been knocked unconscious and had to be dragged out of the arena. Carr wasn’t a wimp, he just had a bad choice in weapons.


She started to run down the path, eager to get in and get it over with. Her hair, which was sticking out of her head in a ponytail, was spiky as normal. She liked the single strand look going every which way out of a ponytail. It made her feel wild and untamed. She wore a baggy blue shirt with also baggy black jogging pants which ended up tucked into a pair of hiking boots. Her sword was in its sheath, hanging from her waist. She liked to carry it around for those spur of the moment trips to the arena. She also had a pendant made of a shiny red rock hanging from her neck. It was passed down through generations until it got to 1500 AD, when her mom gave it to her.

Kaira met Carr about half way down the path. He looked normal, for him. He was wearing his favorite outfit, a tan kiwala skin shirt, with a blue vest. He had on green pants and was wearing a gold chain with HUGE links around his neck. His hair was clean cut and tamed to go back. A couple of rebellious strands fell over his glasses. His arrow case was on a strap that went around his shoulder. It was small, but it could hold quite a few arrows in with a clamp so they didn’t fall out. Kaira saw a bulge in his pocket. It was probably his bow. He had used his inventor skills which he practiced a lot to make a bow that could fold up and fit in his pocket.

"You decided to show I see," remarked Carr.

"Yeah," answered Kaira, "I was thinking about staying home too, but I was afraid you might use it as blackmail so you could try an invention on me."

"You know me too well," joked Carr. Then he led the way to the museum. They stepped up to the gates. On them it said, Guardia Museum.

"Wonder where they ever got that name." Said Kaira unenthusiastically.

"This used to be Guardia Castle back around 1300 AD." He replied without sensing the rhetoric in her voice. Kaira shrugged and stepped through the gates.

She was met by a stone wall with inventions lined around it. "Let’s take the tour," suggested Carr. Kaira groaned. Tours took SO long. She owed it to Carr though. She agreed. They met in line for the tour. The guide showed them the way to go. The guide was blabbing on about some invention called the telepod. What a stupid name. Carr seemed to be mesmerized. She was staring off into space, bored out of her mind. She started walking around. She still wasn’t watching where she was going and bumped into someone. Kaira fell over. She was embarrassed.

"Sorry," said a voice. Kaira looked up to find a guy that she didn’t know. He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt. He also had on dark blue pants and a red scarf tied around his neck. Also there was an amulet. He also had at his side a pair of daggers. He reached down a hand to her. Kaira took it and stood up.

"Thanks," she replied meekly, "What are you here for?"

"My parents wanted me to come along with them. Then they spring on me that they want to go on the tour," he answered. It was amazing how alike they were. "My name’s Jase. What’s yours?"

"I’m Kaira. Um, I think our tour’s moving to the next room."

The two of them followed the group. They were still on stuff in the 1000 AD category. "And this is something also made by the famous Lucca called the gate key." She pointed down to an empty display. The tour guide saw a man run out of the room with something in his pocket. "Hey you!" she yelled. The man sped up.

Jase saw what was happening and ran after him. He pinned the guy and checked to see what he was holding. It was a key shaped item. The guards took it from there and Jase took the key back.

"Now apparently," the guide continued while he was still walking, "When about five feet from a time gate, the gate key will expand it and you can go to a different time…"

Kaira stared up blankly. This was very boring. Jase hadn’t heard what was being said and held the gate key up above his head. He kept running across the room. He got to the telepod. In the middle of one of the tubes, a blue ball formed and surrounded Jase. He dropped the gate key and was sucked in. Kaira stared in horror. She had just met Jase, but she already liked him.

Carr stepped up beside her. "Now what?" he asked.

"Now we go get him," replied Kaira bravely. She grabbed Carr by his chain and held up the gate key. They stepped in. The tour guide watched as she lost her third customer that day. Her boss was going to have a fit.




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